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Updates and deep dives: A new way to learn about Triptease innovation

Triptease Blog·30 January 2019
Have you noticed anything different about Triptease today? As part of a major rebrand to reflect our evolution to a full-funnel direct booking channel we’ve improved our website, platform and now - the way that you’ll receive product news from us.

Does your hotel offer value parity?

Triptease Blog·18 January 2019
Metasearch auctions give hotels a chance to compete with OTAs for your high-value customers. But there are also other opportunities in it for brand-savvy hoteliers. Joe Pettigrew, Director of Revenue Maximization Europe Hotels at Starwood Capital Group, believes that evolved features on metasearch sites allow hotels to have better control over their content than five years ago.

Does price parity affect your cost of acquisition through Google?

Triptease Blog·18 January 2019
Most hotels have long since accepted the crucial importance of price parity to the success of their business. Its impact on website conversion rate is well-documented. But while many understand the connection between poor parity and reduced direct bookings, fewer are thinking beyond that scenario to its other harmful effects.

Are we on the verge of a parity nightmare?

Triptease Blog·16 January 2019 appears to have rolled out its Booking.basic feature to European hotel listings, six months after it was first spotted on listings for hotels in Asia. Booking.basic is an accommodation tier that periodically appears on’s hotel listings when the rate provided to is not the cheapest available online.

Online travel in 2019: Smart distribution, wholesaler solutions and more

Triptease Blog·20 December 2018
We've been gazing into our crystal ball over the festive period, looking ahead to the challenges and opportunities on the horizon for hoteliers in 2019.

Best of 2018: The new tools every hotelier should use

Triptease Blog·18 December 2018
Yes - this is an end of year ‘best of’ blog. You probably guessed that from the title. But the difference between this end of year blog and all the other end of year blogs that are landing in your inbox right now is that this one isn’t going to go on and on about how busy we’ve been. We know hoteliers will have been busier. That’s why we’ve put together a quick overview of all the most useful new tools and features that you might have missed this year.

Metasearch, A/B testing and OTAs: The most popular topics of 2018

Triptease Blog·14 December 2018
Another bustling year is drawing to a close for the hospitality industry. So much has happened since the beginning of the year, but one thing has stayed constant: hoteliers are as hungry as ever to seek out new direct booking strategies, new challenges, and new solutions to their most complex problems.

[WATCH] How to turn guest behavior insights into conversions

Triptease Blog·12 December 2018
Watch Triptease and FASTBOOKING in this exclusive webinar on how hotels in APAC can optimise their site based on guest behaviour data.

The best way to benchmark your hotel's performance

Triptease Blog·11 December 2018
Benchmarking is a way for you to understand how you perform against your peers in terms of a specific metric. It's an analysis which allows you to determine your areas for improvement based on what your competitors are doing well.

Push for direct bookings 'the best movement a hotelier could wish for

Triptease Blog·11 December 2018
The inaugural Direct Booking Summit: Asia-Pacific will be touching down in Singapore on February 27-28. In anticipation of what promises to be an unforgettable event, we've been catching up with our best-in-class speakers about direct bookings, the APAC hotel industry and what the future holds.

Keep your digital simple: Why less is more when it comes to digital marketing

Triptease Blog·11 December 2018
The term 'less is more' makes a lot of sense when applied to the principles of digital marketing. There’s something to be said for simplicity: Steve Jobs noted in the first marketing brochure for Apple, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Catering to a customer's love of options doesn't mean that hoteliers have to overdo it on offerings. Now more than ever is the time to Keep Your Digital Simple - or in short, #KYDS!

The U.S. Hotel Website Handbook: Florida update

Triptease Blog·30 November 2018
In August 2018 we published the first edition of The U.S. Hotel Website Handbook. From common searching habits to device preferences by region, the report is crammed full of useful benchmarks and actionable insights for American hoteliers.

[SURVEY] The role of the website in a hotel's distribution mix

Triptease Blog·27 November 2018
It's that time of year again. As we wind down 2018 and head into a brand new year, the Triptease content team is hard at work tracking down trends to cover for the hotel industry.

What hotels can learn from Google's mobile booking experience

Triptease Blog·26 November 2018
Google makes no secret of its focus on mobile users. At the beginning of 2018 it rolled out mobile-first indexing and with it an entire ethos of mobile-first prioritization to reflect the fast-changing preferences of its user base. By comparison, online travel has always been at the tail-end of mobile optimization: a relatively high-value product coupled with the prevalence of legacy systems and attitudes has typically meant hotel websites in particular have skewed heavily towards prioritizing the desktop experience.

Are your rates leaking? Charlie Osmond at HSMAI ROC Middle East

Triptease Blog·22 November 2018
One of the most influential events in the Middle East, HSMAI ROC, will be taking place on December 4 at Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai. Triptease CEO Charlie Osmond will be taking to the stage to moderate a panel called Are your rates leaking?

[WATCH] Drive your conversion rate with intelligent website testing

Triptease Blog·20 November 2018
In our latest webinar Justyn Hornor, Senior Product Manager of a Las Vegas Fortune 250 Hotel, sat down with Chief Tease Charlie Osmond to discuss hotel websites, conversion rates, and evidence-based design.

"Hoteliers have a lot of catching up to do"

Triptease Blog·20 November 2018
The inaugural Direct Booking Summit: Asia-Pacific will be touching down in Singapore on February 27-28. In anticipation of what promises to be an unforgettable event, we've been catching up with our best-in-class speakers about direct bookings, the APAC hotel industry and what the future holds.

Direct Booking Summit 2019: new locations announced

Triptease Blog·19 November 2018
Today we are thrilled to announce two new exciting chapters of our industry-leading conference: the Direct Booking Summit.

Make every dollar count: The power of Guest Acquisition

Triptease Blog·15 November 2018
Metasearch is changing how guests book rooms. But from Google's ever-evolving travel ecosystem to increasingly sophisticated bidding on the part of OTAs, there's a lot going on that makes it hard for hotels to keep up.

Less is more: What real guests told us about website messaging

Triptease Blog· 9 November 2018
At Triptease we’re committed to helping hoteliers drive direct bookings on their websites. There’s nothing we like more than speaking to our clients about what’s working well and what we could build next to make their lives easier. But there’s another group of people we’re just as focussed on - your guests.

The future of Chinese outbound travel

Triptease Blog· 7 November 2018
160m outbound trips were made by Chinese travelers this year - an astonishing 16% rise year-on-year. Among these trips, the percentage of journeys ending in countries other than Macao, Taiwan and Hong Kong are starting to dominate.

"China is the wild west of hotel distribution"

Triptease Blog· 6 November 2018
The inaugural Direct Booking Summit: Asia-Pacific will be touching down in Singapore on February 27-28. In anticipation of what promises to be an unforgettable event, we've been catching up with our best-in-class speakers about direct bookings, the APAC hotel industry and what the future holds.

Drive your conversion rate with intelligent website testing

Triptease Blog· 5 November 2018
"We as hoteliers have to do so many things. OTAs only have to do one thing really well: conversion, conversion, conversion." That was Justyn Hornor's opening message at the Direct Booking Summit: Americas in Dallas earlier this year. As the Senior Product Manager at a Las Vegas Fortune 250 hotel, Justyn is no stranger to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) - but was surprised by the lack of product-focused thinking he found upon joining the hotel industry.

[WEBINAR] How to visualize your data to drive success

Triptease Blog· 2 November 2018
This one's a treat. Calvin Anderson, Chief of Revenue Optimization, sat down this week with Charlie Osmond to talk all things revenue management and data visualization. Calvin is a true believer in the power of data, but his approach is refreshingly free of the usual jargon or over-simplification that we're often exposed to in the hotel industry.

November events update

Triptease Blog· 1 November 2018
Do you want to learn more about Triptease? We've got you covered! Meet us at one of the many events we attend globally or register for a webinar to enrich your industry knowledge. Here's where you can find Triptease around the world!

How hoteliers can turn audience insights into a higher conversion rate

Triptease Blog·26 October 2018
Among the many challenges that hoteliers face, being able to quickly amend content on their direct channels ranks high on the list.


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