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4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Makes Travel Smarter

mycloud HOSPITALITY·19 March 2019
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere these days—from smart assistants, cars and homes to investing, advertising, security and medicine—and it’s evolving rapidly.

A New Chapter for Jerusalem

mycloud HOSPITALITY·19 March 2019
By day, Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda Market (nicknamed “The Shuk”) is buzzing with hundreds of vendors selling spices, freshly baked sweets, and fresh produce piled in colourful stacks on tables lining the streets. At night, the scene transforms as the market tracing back to the 19th century takes on a more modern feel with craft beer bars and gastropubs.

Oversupply drives down profits across Middle East, North Africa

mycloud HOSPITALITY·19 March 2019
The latest HotStats report suggests the recent boom in development could be making MENA hotels less profitable.

Zero-G Hospitality: What Are the Opportunities for Hoteliers?

mycloud HOSPITALITY·19 March 2019
Investors are stargazing. A multi-planetary society has become a likely reality. Every market will be affected, but mainly hospitality and tourism. Consumers will want to experience zero-G, visit the moon or even Mars, which will replace the white sandy beaches in travel agents’ catalogs and tourists’ fantasies.

Analysis of hotel services by their symmetric and asymmetric effects on overall customer satisfaction: A comparison of market segments

mycloud HOSPITALITY·19 March 2019
This study aims to examine how performance of hotel services symmetrically and asymmetrically affects overall customer satisfaction. For this purpose, data were collected from Turkish, German and Russian hotel customers staying at a five-star golf hotel in the Belek area in Antalya-Turkey. Data were first analyzed by multi-variable regression analysis for clarifying the symmetric impacts of eight service dimensions on overall customer satisfaction.

Election in Indian Ocean Archipelago Comoros Spurs Talk of New Tourism Investments

mycloud HOSPITALITY·19 March 2019
AccorHotels and Club Med declined to comment about whether the outcome of the presidential election in Comoros would dictate their investment decisions in this archipelago in the Indian Ocean. We're skeptical of the campaign talk.

Hilton's Clean the World Challenge Raises the Bar on Sustainability

mycloud HOSPITALITY·19 March 2019
According to Bill Duncan, Hilton’s global head, All Suites and Focused Services category, the global hospitality company’s decision to participate in the Clean the World Challenge to collect guests’ discarded soap and recycle it into 1 million bars of new soap by Global Handwashing Day (October 15) is an effort to step up the company’s longstanding commitment to sustainable practices.

Ireland's Tourism Success Is Under Threat by Brexit: A Skift Deep Dive

mycloud HOSPITALITY·19 March 2019
Whatever happens over the next few weeks, months, and years, Brexit has brought back some unpleasant memories and risks damaging the very united tourism that the north and the south in Ireland have worked so hard to build.

CBRE: Investors look to secondary markets in 2019

mycloud HOSPITALITY·19 March 2019
Investors in the Americas—98 percent of them, to be exact—still plan to remain active in real estate markets, but they will be more conservative in their acquisitions this year. That’s according to a survey of about 300 investors focused on the region who were surveyed as part of the “CBRE Americas Investor Intentions Survey 2019.”

The Secrets to Overcome the Growing Challenge of Turning Content Marketing into a Revenue Stream for Your Hotel

mycloud HOSPITALITY·19 March 2019
For many Hotels, content marketing is a big challenge with Social Media. Either it is not working, or they can’t figure it out, or simply traditional Hotel Marketing is just doing fine for them.

Space Tourism Could Be Big for Travel Industry

mycloud HOSPITALITY·18 March 2019
For this to happen, the cost of space travel will have to fall enough that more than just the ultra-wealthy can afford it.

FIS to Buy WorldPay for $35 Billion

mycloud HOSPITALITY·18 March 2019
Fidelity National Information Services has reached an agreement to buy the payment processing company WorldPay for about $35 billion in the biggest deal to date in the payments industry. Including the assumption of Worldpay’s debt, the deal is valued at about $43 billion.

$34 Billion Purchase of Worldpay May Shake Up Travel Payments

mycloud HOSPITALITY·18 March 2019
Worldpay is of the biggest players in processing cross-border payments, especially for travel companies. Fidelity National Information Services (FIS) will buy Worldpay in a $34 billion deal that will be one of the largest transactions yet in the fast-consolidating payments sector. But if the merger distracts Worldpay from expanding in emerging markets, rivals might steal share.

Cyber Breaches Lead to Cutbacks in Dividends and R&D Spending

mycloud HOSPITALITY·18 March 2019
Not many institutional investors question an issuer’s approach to cybersecurity, but maybe they should. After a cyber breach, companies are likely to suffer only a short-term hit to their share prices, according to a new study. But in the long run, they typically pay lower dividends and invest less in research and development, amounting to a “loss of their competitive edge.”

The Hotels, Airlines, and Cruise Brands Using Premium Content to Build Loyalty

mycloud HOSPITALITY·18 March 2019
Some innovative hotels, airlines, and cruise operators are using premium content to deepen their connection with guests and enhance consumer experience.

Best Western's New Corporate Brand BWH Hotel Group Signals Big Changes

mycloud HOSPITALITY·18 March 2019
BWH Hotel Group? That's Best Western's new corporate identity, the first change in decades and one that is designed to build its new image as a chain that can offer everything from mid-market to luxury.

Top 5 Weird Superstitions Hotels Have To Deal With

mycloud HOSPITALITY·18 March 2019
Whether they arise from a fear of the unknown or just from a misunderstanding of cause-consequence, superstitions are a part of every culture, the world over. While some superstitions are extreme and, perhaps,specific to certain regions of the world, some others are harmless and more widely practised.

How to increase online hotel bookings

mycloud HOSPITALITY·18 March 2019
“How can I increase online hotel bookings?” is one of the most searched for questions online by hoteliers, especially those coming from independent and small groups. And for good reason. Smaller hotels are reliant on these bookings to keep their business alive, and it can be challenging to juggle the task of driving more direct bookings whilst managing the hotel’s day-to-day operations.

Cvent: An Intuitive Tool for Event Management and Site Design [Review]

mycloud HOSPITALITY·18 March 2019
Cvent’s new site designer allows event planners to create, manage, and publish branded content and responsive sites using an intuitive WYSIWYG (‘what you see is what you get’) editor. Responsive websites and customizable registration workflows are at the heart of this redesign.

Hospitality Brands that are Open to Change Can Win In the Long Run

mycloud HOSPITALITY·18 March 2019
As the implementation of technology in the hospitality industry continues to become more commonplace here in 2019, it is increasingly important for hotel and restaurant owners and operators to understand how to incorporate these advancements into their own facilities - whether they are operating just one location, a local franchise or a global brand. Many brands might be hesitant at first, as the investment for some technology can be substantial and change is always a gamble, but if implemented in the right ways, the cutting-edge innovation can prove to be wildly successful.

FoodMaven Announces New Sustainability Initiative with Local Hospitality Partners

mycloud HOSPITALITY·18 March 2019
FoodMaven, a Colorado-based startup, announced an initiative aimed at helping hospitality institutions source local, sustainable food products for their kitchens in Colorado and Texas. The initiative is already in place at Hilton properties in Denver including DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel-Westminster, Hilton Denver City Center, and Hilton Stapleton North.

Does a Tour Operator Really Need Its Own Airline?

mycloud HOSPITALITY·18 March 2019
TUI clearly thinks having an airline is crucial, but what about its big rival Thomas Cook?

Smart Hospitality Industry Business: Impressed Guests Are Return Guests

mycloud HOSPITALITY·18 March 2019
Any hotel manager who has tried to increase year-on-year sales is familiar with the marketing investment needed to achieve even modest incremental growth. And always, those marketing dollars could also be well spent on facility repairs and upgrades or a range of other business needs.

Workplace Canteens Take a Leaf from Healthy Food Outlets

mycloud HOSPITALITY·18 March 2019
Once known for its limited choice and stodgy food, the office cafeteria is undergoing a major makeover with healthier options and all-day dining increasingly on the menu.

Over forty percent of millennials say researching a vacation is overwhelming

mycloud HOSPITALITY·17 March 2019
Are we there yet? North American travelers are spending an average of eight hours researching their vacations despite being bored after just 40 minutes.

How to Identify the Right Room Pricing Strategy

mycloud HOSPITALITY·17 March 2019
When it comes to hotel revenue management, getting room prices right is arguably your biggest priority. And while you may be aware that there's a science to it, there's so much to do on a daily basis that it can be difficult to determine a starting place.


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