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Five ways to avoid the Summer lull in Group business

Tambourine Blog· 7 August 2018
For many hotels, summer can be a time when group business dwindles to a crawl. The large national association and annual company conventions tend to dry up during the summer, and if you're located in a warm-weather destination, convincing guests to bask in the heat may be a tall order.

Friday Freebie: Three easy ways to tighten the bond between marketing and revenue management

Tambourine Blog· 3 August 2018
The days of hotel marketers and revenue managers working in separate silos are over. Opening up dialogue and combining intelligence between these two departments are the first steps towards becoming a profit powerhouse.

20 free tools every hotel marketer should know about

Tambourine Blog·31 July 2018
Whether you want to supplement your current paid marketing programs or if your hotel owners didn't allocate enough to your marketing department this year, here are 20 free hotel marketing tools to use: The post 20 free tools every hotel marketer should know about appeared first on Tambourine.

Friday Freebie: One Secret Your Booking Engine Wants You To Know

Tambourine Blog·27 July 2018
This week’s freebie: Smart hoteliers are pulling the curtain back on their booking engines to find which room types are highest in demand by the day. This vital piece of data allows them to price each room type accordingly for maximum revenue.

Friday Freebie: Stop Hidden Costs From Driving Customers Away

Tambourine Blog·20 July 2018
This week’s Freebie: Don’t wait until guests press ‘Book Now’ in your booking engine to announce new charges. Present all costs, including resort fees, as soon as possible.

What is 'programmatic advertising' and why should hotel marketers care?

Tambourine Blog·17 July 2018
Most hotel marketers associate traditional ad buying as a hit-or-miss strategy. Buy space in a magazine… pray for an unknown return. “Programmatic advertising,” which has generated a lot of buzz in the last few years, is data-powered and designed to help hotels target their audience with remarkable accuracy, provide greater insight into who’s responding to the ad and eliminate the guesswork behind hotel ad buys.

Friday Freebie: Ditch the Extras to Clear the Path to Purchase

Tambourine Blog·13 July 2018
Each week we share one impactful hotel marketing tactic that you can implement immediately to drive more conversions and more revenue. This week’s Freebie: Stop cluttering the booking experience with too many options. Want to drive guests to make quicker transactions? Stop offering too many options to sift through!

The 10 Commandments of Hotel Email Campaigns

Tambourine Blog·10 July 2018
Email marketing is one of the best ways to retain customers by engaging with past, present (and future) guests. Smart hotel marketers prioritize keeping up-to-date on email marketing best practices in order to continually improve their programs and reap a growing return on investment.

Friday Freebie: An Extremely Costly Fix to a Common (and Costly) Hotel PPC Mistake

Tambourine Blog· 6 July 2018
This week’s Freebie: Reap more ROI from pricey PPC campaigns with this simple fix: Replace broad, generic keywords with targeted, long-tail phrases. One of the most widespread mistakes that hotel and resort marketers make with their hotel PPC campaigns also happens to be one of the most costly.

Why Is Hotel Marketing so Hard? (And What to Do About It)

Tambourine Blog· 3 July 2018
If you’ve been in the hotel industry long enough, you’d remember when having a few wholesalers’ contracts, a fancy brochure and a telephone number were pretty much all you needed to stay in business.

Friday Freebie: Download The Hotel Power Couple

Tambourine Blog·29 June 2018
Tambourine uses technology and creativity to increase revenue for hotels and destinations worldwide. The firm, now in its 34th year, is located in New York City and Fort Lauderdale. Please visit:

Friday Freebie: 7 Cool Google Hacks for Hotel Marketers

Tambourine Blog·22 June 2018
This week’s freebie: Stop wasting time researching on Google and wading through useless pages. Efficient hotel marketers know how to properly tweak their marketing questions to get the most targeted and relevant results.

Smart hotel marketers are going 'old school'

Tambourine Blog·19 June 2018
It’s graduation time. And as we sit on uncomfortable auditorium chairs watching our kids, nephews, nieces or grandkids beaming with eagerness for the road ahead… we can’t help think back to the good ol’ days of our own high school and college experiences.

Take this piece of hotel marketing advice from your Dad

Tambourine Blog·15 June 2018
Welcome to the Friday Freebie! Each week we share one impactful hotel marketing tactic that you can implement immediately to drive more conversions and more revenue.

Metasearch: is it right for your hotel?

Tambourine Blog·12 June 2018
While OTAs have long been a dominant source of indirect hotel bookings, metasearch sites like Kayak, Trivago, TripAdvisor, and Google have recently become much more relevant in hotel marketing and distribution channel discussions.

Friday Freebie: Focus On, Then Fix Your Booking Failures

Tambourine Blog· 8 June 2018
Welcome to the Friday Freebie! Each week we share one impactful hotel marketing tactic that you can implement immediately to drive more conversions and more revenue.

Which Direct Booking Incentives Actually Work?

Tambourine Blog·29 May 2018
As hotel and resort owners strive to improve margins by reducing the cost of guest acquisition, hotel marketers are increasingly focused on driving direct hotel bookings, with the major brands spending millions annually to evangelize the benefits.

Friday Freebie: Amp Your Hotel's Authenticity with Hyper-Local Emphasis

Tambourine Blog·25 May 2018
Each week we share one impactful hotel marketing tactic that you can implement immediately to drive more conversions and more revenue.

The rising cost of hotel PPC...and what to do about it

Tambourine Blog·22 May 2018
As owners and asset managers struggle to offset the rising costs of debt service, brand fees, energy, staff and insurances, marketing costs have also come under intense scrutiny. For many hoteliers, reducing the cost of guest acquisition is the only way forward to improving margins.

Friday Freebie: Follow These Digital Breadcrumbs To Find Out What Guests Really Want

Tambourine Blog·18 May 2018
You can easily discover what travelers are seeking in a hotel experience by listening and monitoring the right places. The post Friday Freebie: Follow These Digital Breadcrumbs To Find Out What Guests Really Want appeared first on Tambourine.

What's Hot (and What's Not) in Hotel Marketing Right Now?

Tambourine Blog·16 May 2018
We all know hotel marketing moves at a rapid pace. Tactics that crushed it last year may no longer even be relevant today. So, what’s worth exploring and expanding… and what needs to be jettisoned?

Friday Freebie: Don't Miss This Channel When Monitoring Your Hotel Comp Set

Tambourine Blog·11 May 2018
Hotels are forever locked in a battle for bookings. Savvy hoteliers are always aware what their comp set is up to. Besides monitoring rate, they keep one eye focused on what competing hotels are doing to draw more direct bookings and group business. One of the easiest ways to watch your competition is to sign up for their emails and follow their social media accounts.

Why are hoteliers asking CRS vendors so many tough questions?

Tambourine Blog· 8 May 2018
Hotel marketing and revenue management execs are pushing their tech vendors to do more… Your central reservation system (CRS) is one of the most important assets in your hotel’s overall marketing arsenal. (Yes, marketing… because pricing is one of the four “Ps” of marketing)

Friday Freebie: You have one chance to make a good impression

Tambourine Blog· 4 May 2018
Mom was right. Our moms are always dishing out sage advice. And, it turns out their quips hold a lot of hotel marketing wisdom. In honor of Mother’s Day and all our wonderful mothers out there, we’re celebrating one of our favorite mom quotes: “You have one chance to make a good impression.”

Are comments about your hotel falling on deaf ears?

Tambourine Blog· 1 May 2018
Hotels take reputation management seriously when it comes to guest feedback on TripAdvisor, but often underappreciate the need to closely monitor other social media channels. This is a lost opportunity to gain short term insight and long-term goodwill. Here are 3 reasons hotels need to prioritize social listening.

Friday Freebie: How to Uncover Guests' Hidden Instagram Photos

Tambourine Blog·27 April 2018
Your guests are creating FREE ultra-creative marketing content almost every day. Here’s how to uncover that treasure trove of evangelism! Right now as you read this, a guest is documenting their stay at your property and posting it on Instagram for all their followers to see.


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