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[Infographic] Hotel Guest Satisfaction Industry Insights

Revinate Blog - Key Trends in Hospitality· 3 October 2016
Did you know that hotel guest satisfaction has improved for a fourth consecutive year and that luxury hotels are leading the charge? This is according to the J.D. Power 2016 Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index, and it’s one of the many insights surrounding hotel guest satisfaction in the report. Some other insights? Interestingly, satisfaction is higher among hotel loyalty program members compared to non-members. This is largely felt within the older generation with two out of three Baby Boomers belonging to a loyalty program.

Stop, Collaborate and Test! Simple Steps You Must Take Before You Hit 'Send'

Revinate Blog - Key Trends in Hospitality·30 September 2016
Stephen King novels, a zombie apocalypse, clowns. I can think of only a few things more frightening than pressing “send” on an email campaign that is about to go out to thousands of subscribers. The fear of sending out something that isn’t 100% perfect is enough to make your heart race and palms sweat. However, pressing “send” doesn’t have to be scary. By following these simple steps below, you can feel confident that your campaign will go out error free and packed with valuable content.

Exclusive Interview: Effective Hotel Revenue Management Strategies

Revinate Blog - Key Trends in Hospitality·23 September 2016
Revenue management is one area that is evolving rapidly to keep pace with an increasingly technologically complex hospitality environment. To get some insights on the future of revenue management and new best practices for hoteliers, we spoke with Nick Molitor, the Director of Account Management at IDeaS, the global leader in revenue optimization technology. Nick, the topic of (big) data in revenue management is a hot one in the hotel industry these days, but it seems that many hotels are still struggling with the concept of data collection and using the right data to improve the hotel’s strategy.

Hotel Digital Marketing Optimization in 2017

Revinate Blog - Key Trends in Hospitality·20 September 2016
As hotels begin to budget for next year, it’s a perfect time to look at their digital marketing mix. While many vendors ask about size of budget, allocation, and guest acquisition strategies, a hotelier actually needs more context on return on investment (ROI) to make an informed decision on 2017 spending. In other words, what are the highest converting and retention-driving digital investments? How can your digital marketing efforts support your hotel or owner’s broader goals of maximizing revenue and profit?

[Infographic] Why Some Twitter Hashtags are Totally Worthless

Revinate Blog - Key Trends in Hospitality·19 September 2016
When thing about your hotel social media marketing strategy, Twitter is an essential part of real-time customer service and guest marketing. Hashtags are generally considered integral to the success of any Twitter campaign. Similar to keywords, hashtags were designed to help Twitter users organize, filter, and search for content. They are supposed to help your brand and its content get found by users who are looking for what you have to offer.

How to Make Your Hotel's Website Easy to Find on Google

Revinate Blog - Key Trends in Hospitality·15 September 2016
Most hoteliers we talk to are well aware of the importance of their website’s ranking on Google. But the question we often get is, how do I get to #1? Ranking high in search engines isn’t just about the magic behind the scenes. The content of your page plays a large role. We’ve talked before about how important it is to create unique, engaging content for your site. In addition to headers and content, your website also has to be easy to use. If your potential guests cannot quickly find what they are looking for or do what they came to do, you’ll lose business.

How review sites can protect against fake hotel customer reviews

Revinate Blog - Key Trends in Hospitality·12 May 2016
Recently, an article published in ehotelier alleged that around 20% of online hotel customer reviews may be unreliable or fake, according to research conducted by Dr Markus Schuckert and Professor Rob Law of the School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

How This Hotel Ownership Group Maximizes Its ROI

Revinate Blog - Key Trends in Hospitality·11 May 2016
At the end of the day, the overarching goal for every hotel that is part of an ownership group is to maximize its return on investment (ROI) for its owners. This is the primary KPI to which the hotel general manager is beholden. Guest satisfaction, online reputation, and targeted marketing are ways to increase ROI, but unless all of these initiatives are working together to achieve this ultimate goal, the hotel will fail to reach its maximum profitability.

The Most Effective Subject Lines for your Hotel's Mother's Day Email Campaign

Revinate Blog - Key Trends in Hospitality· 3 May 2016
If your hotel hasn’t already run a Mother’s Day campaign in the past few weeks, here’s your last chance! This is a huge opportunity for hotels to benefit from the $21.8 billion that US consumers plan to spend for Mother’s Day in 2016. The possibilities for potentially successful promotions for hotels are endless. Do your guests want to give Mom a day at the spa? A weekend away? Does your hotel have a restaurant that would be a popular brunch destination for guests who live locally?

What Facebook's Algorithm Change Means for Hotels on Social Media

Revinate Blog - Key Trends in Hospitality·28 April 2016
When the focus is on engagement, hotels on social media need to keep up-to-date on the latest best practices. Facebook made that a little more difficult this week. The social network grabbed headlines with two big algorithm changes that aim to reward high-quality content. The first algorithm change puts a greater emphasis on engagement time, ... Continued The post What Facebook's Algorithm Change Means for Hotels on Social Media appeared first on Revinate.

Next Gen Hotel Revenue Management

Revinate Blog - Key Trends in Hospitality·26 April 2016
The practice of hotel revenue management is constantly evolving. As the space moves towards automation and more intelligent, dynamic pricing, many revenue managers that I speak with are looking for new ways to optimize revenue growth and profitability. However, achieving a consolidated view of data and actual guest spend across disparate systems and reports is ... Continued The post Next Gen Hotel Revenue Management appeared first on Revinate.

Cornell Finds Revinate Delivers Impressive TripAdvisor Results, Increased Occupancy, and Further Revenue Potential

Revinate Blog - Key Trends in Hospitality·25 April 2016
A recent study conducted by Chris Anderson, an associate professor at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration, found that hotels using Revinate Surveys™ experienced outstanding performance gains. The study consisted of data from 80 hotels across five global hotel brands, with properties in the U.S., Europe, and Asia Pacific. The hotel brands were Danubius Hotels, GCH Hotel Group, IDM Hospitality, Landmark Hotels Group (Makena Beach Resort), and TFE Hotels.

Hotel Email Marketing: 6 Ways to Get More Responses

Revinate Blog - Key Trends in Hospitality·21 April 2016
It’s not that hard to notice when you’re dealing with a customer support rep who is less than sincere, they tend to say some of the same things over and over, such as, 'I can understand why you would feel that way and we are sorry for your inconvenience.' It’s as if they are reading from a script… because most of the time they are. I actually had one customer service representative repeat that phrase so many times that I asked them to not to say it anymore. They aren’t really sorry. At least they don’t appear to be. What they appear to be doing is regurgitating the responses they learned in their customer service training classes or what’s printed on a piece of paper. Maybe they really are sincere; but their company forces them to appear to be insincere, because they are required to go by the script.

3 Takeaways for Hotels: How UCDavis Mismanaged its Online Reputation

Revinate Blog - Key Trends in Hospitality·15 April 2016
Hotels can learn a lot about online reputation and marketing from other industries. This week, a great example of what not to do emerged, when breaking news online revealed that the University of California Davis has spent around $175,000 to clean up its online reputation following an incident in 2011 where campus police pepper-sprayed student protesters.

Review Response Examples: What Not to Do

Revinate Blog - Key Trends in Hospitality·12 April 2016
We recently hosted a webinar for hoteliers, How to Respond to Online Reviews (Click the link to access the recording). We cover this fairly often, since it’s one of the topics hoteliers ask us about most frequently. One attendee had a great question about review responses that I thought I’d highlight in a blog post this week, because it’s so critical for every hotelier to have the answer. The question?

This Hotel Group Improved TripAdvisor Ranking for Multiple Properties

Revinate Blog - Key Trends in Hospitality·11 April 2016
Many hoteliers are still uneasy about the public nature of online review sites. Where guest feedback used to be a private communication between a hotel and its guests, it now exists on dozens of different sites online where other consumers can see it and use it to make booking decisions. The thing is, times have changed and online reviews are not going away. The best thing hoteliers can do is leverage that feedback data to improve their services. But, did you know it can also help you to be transparent and make even more of your guest feedback public?

3 Types of Keywords That Can Help Guests Find Your Hotel's Website Faster

Revinate Blog - Key Trends in Hospitality· 5 April 2016
We’ve written a couple of times on the importance of a holistic search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and some best practices on the important elements of SEO. For hoteliers, search engine optimization (SEO) doesn’t have to be hard. But, finding the right keywords is a critical and often challenging part of this process.

Hotel Loyalty is Dead

Revinate Blog - Key Trends in Hospitality·29 March 2016
Did I get your attention? Guest loyalty as a concept is not dead, but it is rapidly evolving. Points and redemption-based models are antiquated and failing to impress the modern traveler. Instead, hotels are more likely to have success building loyalty with today’s guests with more personalized surprise and delight experiences. This shift is not unique to hospitality. According to research by loyalty-focused agency MBLM (2015), travel brands have the least loyal relationships with consumers compared to other industries. In other words, consumers don’t feel as loyal to travel brands and hotels. This is also supported by research from Wyndham which shows that the structure of many hotel loyalty programs leaves travelers “confused and disappointed.”

The ITB Berlin 2016 Experience

Revinate Blog - Key Trends in Hospitality·22 March 2016
As VP of Marketing for Revinate, one of the things I love about my job is getting the opportunity to travel and speak with customers about the challenges and opportunities they face in 2016. In fact, we recently published a white paper that summarizes this. This month I had the chance to attend the world’s leading trade show for hospitality and travel professionals, ITB Berlin. What better place to learn from and build an understanding of my customer’s challenges? A variety of themes were highlighted this year, from continued industry consolidation, to OTA’s as service providers, direct booking strategies and digital marketing. With all these topics being discussed, I found four recurring conversation themes.

This Hostel Improved TripAdvisor Ranking by 200 Places

Revinate Blog - Key Trends in Hospitality·20 March 2016
In March 2015, the TripAdvisor TripBarometer study reported that investment in online reputation management by hotels is expected to increase by 60% in 2016 compared to the previous 12 months. Additionally, 73% of hoteliers rated Online Reputation Management as ‘very important’ to the future of business in 2015.

Addressing the Whole Guest Experience: A Multi-Channel Strategy to Driving Direct Bookings

Revinate Blog - Key Trends in Hospitality·15 March 2016
We have been hearing a lot of buzz, and frankly, confusion, about the role of Google in the booking decision process. While Google is one important touchpoint, the guest journey is much more complex, involving a wide range of channels and key decision points. In order to address the needs of your potential guests as they make travel decisions, it’s important to have a holistic view of the guest experience at each stage, across all channels.

Know Your Guests: How to Optimize Your Social Profiles

Revinate Blog - Key Trends in Hospitality·10 March 2016
As many of you are aware, digital marketing is a rapidly evolving space. To help hoteliers stay relevant and be a strong contender in the online marketing world, we’re publishing a series of articles on the nuances of digital marketing in 2016. If you missed the first article in the series, CLICK HERE to get up-to-speed on our first tip – how to pick the right places to market yourself.

This Hotel Got 51 Direct Bookings with One Email

Revinate Blog - Key Trends in Hospitality· 9 March 2016
93% of hoteliers agree that increasing direct bookings is one of the most important objectives to the futures of their hotels, according to the 2015 TripAdvisor TripBarometer. The same study found that 95% of hoteliers agree that increasing repeat business is also an objective of top importance.

Why Hoteliers Should Support Legislation on Customer Reviews

Revinate Blog - Key Trends in Hospitality· 3 March 2016
Things in real life are rarely as clear-cut as good fighting against evil, like we see in the movies. Moreover, there's often value in understanding the differences between dark and light, and the nuances behind a positive or negative review on sites like TripAdvisor. There is much you can learn about your hotel and your ... Continued The post Why Hoteliers Should Support Legislation on Customer Reviews appeared first on Revinate.

Know Your Guests: Where to Manage Your Online Reputation

Revinate Blog - Key Trends in Hospitality·29 February 2016
Digital marketing is rapidly evolving. Today, as many hoteliers are well aware, we’re living in a different world. The way guests choose to interact with brands, consumer behaviors, and guest expectations have all changed. Whereas recommendations from friends, location, and price used to be the primary determining factors for booking decisions, we’ve seen a shift in consumer behavior over the last five to ten years. Digital sources like online reviews and social media are becoming the new word of mouth.

7 Ways to Improve TripAdvisor Performance

Revinate Blog - Key Trends in Hospitality·24 February 2016
Today, online reputation is everything, and TripAdvisor is one of the major players in the hotel reputation space. When asked by TripAdvisor, 93% of travelers said that online reviews impact their booking decisions, and that 53% of travelers say they won’t book a hotel that doesn’t have any online reviews. Additionally a study by Cornell University found that a one-point increase in a hotel’s average user rating on a 5-point scale makes potential customers 13.5% more likely to book that hotel. It’s pretty clear that online reputation should be a critical objective for any business in the service industry, as online reviews affect bookings and revenue. Here are some action items for hoteliers looking to improve on TripAdvisor


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