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The Marketing Message That Works with Republicans but Not Democrats· 9 August 2018
Luxury goods are instrumental to status signaling - our hope that people will recognize the insignia on a suitcase, or the stitching on a pair of jeans, and see us a certain way. For the $262 billion luxury market, tapping into consumers' fundamental need for respect or admiration from others is a very powerful tool. It's no accident that a brand such as Audi invites you to 'update your status' by buying its cars.

Research: Business School Really Does Influence How Students Make Decisions Later On· 8 August 2018
The overarching goal of most business schools is to train future leaders to lead. But how well schools meet this goal, and to what extent their teaching influences their students’ leadership, is an open question. Does business school education really shape students’ minds and behaviors many years later, when they’ve reached decision-making positions at major corporations and financial institutions?

Why Even AI-Powered Factories Will Have Jobs for Humans· 8 August 2018
It was going to be the factory of the future. Dubbed the “Alien Dreadnought,” Tesla’s new manufacturing facility in Fremont, California, was designed to be fully automated — no humans need apply. If all went well, AI-powered robots would enable the company to achieve a weekly production of 5,000 Model 3 electric cars to keep up with burgeoning demand.

How Smart Speakers Are Poised to Reinvent the Travel Industry· 7 August 2018
Marriott recently teamed up with Amazon to offer a hospitality version of the e-commerce giant's Echo devices in select hotel rooms. Now, when guests want to order room service or housekeeping, they can simply ask Alexa, the voice of their disembodied personal concierge. Travelers with an Alexa device at home can book a car rental or hotel through Expedia and Kayak.

Research: To Be a Good Leader, Start By Being a Good Follower· 6 August 2018
There is no shortage of advice for those who aspire to be effective leaders. One piece of advice may be particularly enticing: if you want to be a successful leader, ensure that you are seen as a leader and not a follower.

Why AI Will Shift Decision-Making From the C-Suite to the Frontline· 3 August 2018
Hardly a day goes by without the announcement of an incredible new frontier in Artificial Intelligence (AI). From fintech to edtech, what was once fantastically improbable is now a commercial reality. There is no question that big data and AI will bring about important advances in the realm of management, especially as it relates to being able to make better-informed decisions.

How to Earn a Reputation as a Fair Manager· 3 August 2018
At some point in your career, you likely encountered a manager you believed was unfair. You probably thought to yourself, 'When I'm a manager, I'm never going to be like that!' Now that you've been promoted to a management position, you're probably dedicating significant amounts of time and energy to making unbiased decisions, but no doubt finding that the right balance is elusive. Sadly, there is no objective measure of fairness. Instead, each time you attempt to level the playing field on one dimension, you throw it off balance on another.

The Right Way to Spend Your Innovation Budget· 3 August 2018
Innovation is famously difficult - many projects end up losing money, frustrating employees, and going nowhere. And yet corporations and governments spend billions of dollars annually pursuing innovation. This huge spending would generate more value for businesses and societies if the innovation success rate were just a little higher. Is there a way to increase the success rate without spending more? We think there is.

How Managers Can Prevent Their Teams from Burning Out·31 July 2018
No organization wants to burn out its employees. And yet, according to new research, companies' efforts to prevent prolonged stress among their staffs are falling short. When Deloitte recently surveyed 1,000 full-time employees in the United States, we found that that 77% had experienced burnout at their current jobs, and more than half said they'd felt it more than once.

3 Ways AI Is Getting More Emotional·31 July 2018
In January of 2018, Annette Zimmermann, vice president of research at Gartner, proclaimed: “By 2022, your personal device will know more about your emotional state than your own family.” Just two months later, a landmark study from the University of Ohio claimed that their algorithm was now better at detecting emotions than people are.

The Biggest Obstacles to Innovation in Large Companies·30 July 2018
jul18-30-122901983-jessica-solomatenko jessica solomatenko/Getty Images It turns out that the word 'innovation' is not a Harry Potter-esque magical incantation that, once spoken, renders companies more inventive, creative, and entrepreneurial. The word can be uttered by a CEO speaking to employees or Wall Street analysts. It can be emblazoned on the door to a new innovation center in Silicon Valley. It can be inserted into people's job titles. (Yes, even Toys R Us had a head of innovation.) But there are thorny cultural, strategic, political, and budget issues that must be confronted by CEOs and other leaders if they want to ensure that their organizations can be hospitable to - rather than hostile to - new ideas. In a survey fielded earlier this year for Innovation Leader, an online resource for corporate innovation teams of which I am editor, we asked about the most common obstacles to innovation in large companies. (To be constructive, we also asked about the things that foster inno

How AI Is Changing Sales·30 July 2018
Companies are using AI in all kinds of innovative ways to advance their businesses. If you've ever searched Netflix to watch a movie, AI (a recommendation algorithm) was no doubt used in your decision about what to watch.  If you've shopped on Amazon, your decision about what to buy was also influenced by AI (via an association algorithm).

Why the U.S. Trade Deficit Can Be a Sign of a Healthy Economy·27 July 2018
“We lose $800 billion a year on trade, every year,” President Trump said in March when he announced his new tariff plan, referring to the size of the U.S. trade deficit in goods. Trump has lamented the U.S. trade deficit repeatedly, tweeting that as a result of it, “our jobs and wealth are being given to other countries.”

4 Ways Women Can Build Relationships When They Feel Excluded at Work·27 July 2018
A male friend of ours recently had a realization. He was walking through the bar at a private golf club, looking for a colleague he was meeting for dinner. The dark-paneled bar was filled with men and they all seemed to know each other.

The Democratization of Data Science·27 July 2018
Want to catch tax cheats? The government of Rwanda does — and it’s finding them by studying anomalies in revenue-collection data.

A Quick Review of 250 Years of Economic Theory About Tariffs·26 July 2018
As the saying goes, “History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.”

How to Advance in Your Career When Your Boss Won't Help·26 July 2018
I recently moderated a panel at a conference and asked the group of successful executives to describe someone who has been instrumental in their careers. Two panelists eagerly jumped in with stories of bosses who had mentored, encouraged, and opened doors for them. Then, hesitantly at first, the last person shared a far different experience.

AI's Next Great Challenge: Understanding the Nuances of Language·25 July 2018
Language is a uniquely human capability and the manifestation of our intelligence. But through AI — specifically natural language processing (NLP) — we are providing machines with language capabilities, opening up a new realm of possibilities for how we’ll work with them.

If the U.S. Gets Into a Trade War with the EU, It Will Lose an Ally in Pressuring China·24 July 2018
The European Union's recent announcement that it is preparing to retaliate if the Trump administration imposes tariffs on EU-made autos leaves no doubt that EU-U.S. cooperation on global trade will be compromised for some time if the tariffs go into effect. Besides whatever damage the conflict could do to U.S. jobs, industry, and consumers, this conflict will jeopardize essential allied collaboration to confront Chinese state capitalism, the underlying cause of much of the current trade conflict.

The Most Creative Teams Have a Specific Type of Cultural Diversity·24 July 2018
Culturally diverse teams, research shows, can help deliver better outcomes in today's organizations. This is largely a good thing: Diverse teams have the potential to be more creative because of the breadth of information, ideas, and perspectives that members can bring to the table.

A 5-Part Process for Using Technology to Improve Your Talent Management·24 July 2018
At the law firm Allen & Overy, the idea of replacing traditional, annual performance appraisals with a technology-enabled continuous feedback system did not come from human resources. It came from a leader within the practice. Wanting something that encouraged more-frequent conversations between associates and partners, the senior lawyer read about what companies like Adobe were doing, and then asked his firm to help him create a new approach.

In Collaborative Work Cultures, Women Carry More of the Weight·24 July 2018
In any organization, people apply unspoken rules and understood norms to get collective work done - in other words, they collaborate. Over the past 15 years, my team and I have observed and facilitated thousands of meetings and helped hundreds of teams come together to do work, and we have found that collaboration looks different depending on a variety of factors.

Shoppers with Strong Religious Beliefs Spend Less and Make Fewer Impulse Purchases·23 July 2018
Although religion is a central aspect of life for many people across the globe, there is scant research on how religion affects non-religious routines like grocery shopping. But using both field and laboratory data, we recently found that grocery spending decreases as religiosity rises. For companies in industries with razor-thin margins, as in the grocery business, responding to these dynamics may help increase the volume on which success depends.

The Productivity Booster You Have in Your Pocket, But Probably Don't Use·19 July 2018
The world's 230 million knowledge workers are frazzled. Modern life is an interminable cacophony of emails, notifications, messages, alerts, feeds, data and information. 70% of us look at our phones within 30 minutes of waking up. All this causes stress. With multiple notifications on multiple apps on multiple pages of our devices, where do we start? Who will help us?

How to Build Trust When Working Across Borders·18 July 2018
In countries like India, South Africa, Italy, and the United States, institutional trust is declining. People have less faith in businesses, governments, and the media. But this is not a global trend. The 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer reveals that China, the UAE, and Sweden are experiencing dramatic gains in their faith in institutions while the United States has seen a drop of 37 points. So how can companies successfully navigate this complex state of affairs?

How Managers, Coworkers, and HR Pressure Women to Stay Silent About Harassment·13 July 2018
Sex-based harassment is pervasive in the workplace, and it’s disproportionately experienced by women. It can include sexual harassment but is more broadly defined, including any behavior that derogates, demeans, or otherwise humiliates someone on the basis of their sex. One study of women in the military and law found that nine out of 10 had experienced gender-based harassment in their careers.


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