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2019 Internal Communication Trends for Non-Desk Industries

Beekeeper Blog·15 January 2019
2.7 billion workers don’t work at a desk and only 13% of them feel engaged at work. What’s more, a whopping 84% of these under-engaged workers don’t believe they get enough information from management, and 75% feel out of the loop when company policy changes or other impactful events occur.

Hotel Tech Report Ranks Beekeeper Among the 'Top 10 Best Places to Work in Hotel Tech 2019'

Beekeeper USA, Inc. ·14 January 2019
San Francisco -- Coming on the heels of a widely-successful 2018, Beekeeper was named among the "Top 10 Best Places to Work in Hotel Tech 2019" by Hotel Tech Report. The award recognizes technology companies with an exemplary vision, mission and team and that helps fast track diligence for hotel tech buyers who want to learn about the best vendors to work with.According to the ratings and reviews group, "creating a great work environment is the single biggest determinant of success for any business. Companies that foster great work environments attract the best people and the best people build the best products."Beekeeper was ranked on the following criteria:Work-life balancePersonal development of employeesGender equalityEmployee confidence in the future of the companyValues alignment with the culture of the organizationEmployee engagement and how passionate employees are about the companyGrowth prospects and opportunities for internal advancement"We are elated that our employees consider Beekeeper an outstanding place to work," said Connie Rheams, Beekeeper Vice President Hospitality. "It's fitting that we earned this recognition because Beekeeper was built with the sole purpose of connecting employers and employees through technology. We understand that businesses struggle with employee engagement due to a lack of high-quality, engaging tools for internal communication. Therefore, we built an operational communication platform that ensures employer/employee engagement, makes employees happy, and keeps them wanting to come to work day after day."Beekeeper couldn't develop the best employee app in the industry if it wasn't the best employer in its own right," Rheams said. "Not only do we help hoteliers and their non-desk workers to exchange information, share property updates, and communicate best practices within or across departments in 30 languages, but we use it ourselves as a team app, employee portal, group messaging app, and workforce platform. On behalf of co-founders Cris Grossman, CEO, and Flavio Pfaffhauser, CTO, we want to thank our employees for their recognition of our commitment to making Beekeeper a great place to work, and we commend them for their dedication to improving employer/employee engagement for businesses around the world."The Beekeeper culture is built on the following five principles:BEE Brave -- Every time we fail, we have a new opportunity to learn. Getting it wrong is a great way to find out if what you thought you knew was correct. If we keep learning and moving forward, then we're doing it right.BEE Open -- We are open to new ideas, constructive feedback, and different perspectives. These are the best drivers of innovation; they help us find the best solutions and propel us forward to continually improve.Bring out the Best in Each Other -- We believe in the power, potential, and value of every. single. employee. Especially for our own team here at Beekeeper. It's important to work together, bee positive and inspire each other because we succeed when our team does.Keep IT Simple -- This means not getting lost in processes, hypotheticals, and theories. It means making small changes and trying things out to see if they work before spending more time on a project that might not have the results we expect.BEE Proactive -- By definition, this means influence situations by making things happen rather than waiting and reacting after.Beekeeper is currently looking for bright, bold talent to build and sell the digital workplace of the future. For more information on joining the Beekeeper team, click here.In 2018, Beekeeper was named "Most Innovative Technology of 2018" by Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG); voted "People's Choice" at HITEC Houston 2018 as part of the Entrepreneur 20X Competition hosted by Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals (HFTP); and earned the "Most Innovative Hotel Technology" 2018 designation during the Tech Pitch at HX: The Hotel Experience. It was named the 59th Fastest Growing Company in 2018 by SaaS 1000, and raised an additional $13 million in funding as a part of its Series A extension round to invest in hospitality market growth.

Beekeeper Workplace Software Wins Top 100 Startup Award

Beekeeper Blog·11 January 2019
We are proud to announce that Beekeeper workplace software has ranked 8th in the Top 100 Startup Awards, and that we have been recognized as one of the most promising Swiss technology startups. The employee app is considered the number one mobile solution for optimizing internal communication for non-desk workforces.

Top 5 Ways to Make the Most of Beekeeper

Beekeeper Blog·10 January 2019
Choosing an employee app involves careful research into the best digital tools out there to best meet your business goals. How do you cultivate continued success after implementing new technology? Luckily, the evolution of your communication strategy doesn’t have to stop there; digital transformation is an ongoing process that should be continually re-evaluated.

Beekeeper Named One of The 10 Best Places to Work in Hotel Technology

Beekeeper Blog· 9 January 2019
What does it take to create a thriving and innovative workplace? Here at Beekeeper, we spend our time contemplating this question as well as how to best connect and engage teams everywhere with amazingly simple mobile communications management and optimized hotel operations.

How to Make Internal Communications Simplified for Hotels

Beekeeper Blog· 8 January 2019
Low employee engagement. High turnover. Inconsistent guest experiences. With dependence on dispersed, mobile workforces, the hotel industry is easily susceptible to these less-than-desirable outcomes. There’s a common denominator that directly impacts every element of a hotel’s performance: internal communications.

How Beekeeper CSR Helps the World's Struggling Bee Population

Beekeeper Blog·27 December 2018
Corporate social responsibility (commonly referred to as CSR) can be interpreted in a number of ways, but is generally known as the way a company holds itself accountable beyond financial self-interest and participates in the larger civic realm.

4 Ways to Create an Innovative HR Technology Stack

Beekeeper Blog·26 December 2018
With such a vast ecosystem of HR software available today, it can feel overwhelming for HR professionals to know where to start, and what to look for, when researching HR technology for your organization.

Best Ways To Spark Innovation in Your Workforce

Beekeeper Blog·20 December 2018
Companies that are the most competitive among their class have some key characteristics in common. Their employee engagement is high. They have transparent, two-way internal communications. They’re driven by a strong culture. They’re highly adaptable, and they have an environment brimming with innovation.

Beekeeper Reflects on its Landmark Accomplishments in 2018; New Year Looking Equally as Promising

Beekeeper USA, Inc. ·18 December 2018
San Francisco, Dec. 18, 2018 -- When you've had a banner year like Beekeeper, it's difficult to see it end. Looking back on 2018, the leading communication and employee operations platform company is seeing an impressive list of accomplishments, yet it is even more excited for what is coming in 2019. Beekeeper is one of the most talked about and recognized technology providers today due to its ability to digitize hospitality workers who don't sit behind a traditional desk and don't have access to work email. By connecting operational systems and communication channels within one secure, intuitive platform, Beekeeper is helping hoteliers exchange information, share property updates, and communicate best practices within or across departments in 30 languages.Here are just a few Beekeeper highlights from 2018:Beekeeper was named "Most Innovative Technology of 2018" by Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG); voted "People's Choice" at HITEC Houston as part of the Entrepreneur 20X Competition hosted by Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals (HFTP); and earned the "Most Innovative Hotel Technology" designation during the Tech Pitch at HX: The Hotel Experience.Beekeeper executives spoke at the following industry events: The Americas Lodging Investment Summit (ALIS), Asian American Hotel Owners Association Convention & Trade Show, Boutique Hotel Investment Conference, HITEC Amsterdam and Houston, HR in Hospitality, HT-NEXT, HX: The Hotel Experience, and New York University International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference.Beekeeper was named the 59th Fastest Growing Company by SaaS 1000.1 Hotels, SIXTY Hotels, the iconic Watergate Hotel, Feather Falls Casino, Lodge & Brewing Co., and InterContinental Miami hotel chose Beekeeper to communicate more effectively with its employees.Beekeeper raised an additional $13 million in funding as a part of its Series A extension round to invest in hospitality market growth.Beekeeper became GDPR compliant and achieved ISO 27001 Certification to protect intellectual property, employee details, and information entrusted to Beekeeper by third parties. ISO certifies that Beekeeper's product and services will reduce its customers' risk significantly in the digital workplace.Beekeeper added the following companies to its growing Marketplace: ADP, BambooHR, Gustaf, Microsoft Azure, Mirus, Swisscom eAlarm, UltiPro and Workday. The company also partnered with Hapi, a disruptive data streaming, integration and enrichment platform at HITEC to create the #BeeHapiBus.Beekeeper hired Connie Rheams, named one of the most influential women in hospitality technology by HFTP, to serve as the new Vice President, Hospitality.Beekeeper continued its Bee School webinar series that brings knowledge on workplace dynamics and behavior out from behind the paywall of an MBA certificate, ensuring that managers in non-desk industries can lead their teams to unprecedented success. The series was taught by Best-Selling Author and Employee Engagement Expert Jill Christensen. The company also hosted an Employee Engagement webinar with ALICE, a hotel operations platform that manages staff work and guest communications across departments."2018 was a banner year for Beekeeper," Rheams said. "It will be difficult to top these successes, but programs and partnerships are already underway that will make 2019 even more momentous. We will continue to drive innovation through technology and look for new opportunities to help hotel companies empower their organizations and deliver personalized end-customer experiences. Earning hospitality's top-three technology awards this year signifies that Beekeeper is truly the next frontier for hospitality. Our team looks forward to connecting with more hoteliers in the coming year and leading conversations at industry events about connecting hotel employees to their companies and culture."

Leonardo Hotels Wins European Excellence HR Award for Employee Engagement

Beekeeper Blog·18 December 2018
Employee engagement is an essential ingredient in effectively managing dispersed hospitality teams, and a key indicator and strategic goal for HR managers. In recognition of their outstanding employee engagement efforts, Leonardo Hotels was chosen for the European Excellence HR Award in the Employee Engagement category from over 200 participants, including companies such as SAP, L'Oréal, and Nestlé.

Industry 4.0: Keeping Humans at the Center of Manufacturing

Beekeeper Blog·17 December 2018
IIoT. AI. Robots. Modern manufacturing can sound like a science fiction movie. One of the biggest fears that keeps companies from adopting new technology is the assumption that it will eliminate production jobs.

These trends may deliver the results you need to meet your operations management goals in 2019

Beekeeper USA, Inc. ·17 December 2018
AutomatizationThe automating processes throughout your hospitality business can save money and increase efficiency when it comes to all areas of hotel management. Online reservation services, automated chatbots, inline translation functions, and mobile hotel check-in features are only a handful of examples of business dependency on technology. In 2019, these features are poised to continue to mature and grow.By dedicating machines to specific business tasks, companies are freeing up employee time for focusing on their products and their customers. Rather than assigning an employee to monitor the company website and answer the same questions multiple times, programming a chatbot to respond to FAQs saves company time and resources.Performance MeasurementDetailed analytics give companies a baseline for implementing changes in areas from development and production to customer service. In the coming year, recent innovations will allow for these metrics to be reported in even richer detail. Delivering comprehensive measurements, hotel owners will be able to make more informed decisions regarding business practices and priorities looking ahead. hbspt.forms.create({ portalId: "506469", formId: "4eae38d1-0b94-4a56-85de-987e7ce67638", css: "", sfdcCampaignId: "7010B000001hcgiQAA"});

Beekeeper Unveils 5 New Features Including Anonymized Surveys and Locations

Beekeeper Blog·13 December 2018
Winter is often described as a time when life moves at a slower pace. Snow blankets the ground, animals go into hibernation, and humans spend time indoors drinking tea, reading, or watching their favorite series. This is not the case in the Beekeeper Engine Room! We’ve been firing on all cylinders for the final three months of 2018 and are proud to present five–yes, five–huge new capabilities that will revolutionize how our users interact in their digital workplace and enhance workforce management.

Digitally Engage Your Mobile Workforce for Better Business Returns

Beekeeper Blog·12 December 2018
Imagine you could increase your business revenue by better engaging your employees. What would that mean for your company? For starters, it would give you a competitive advantage, and boost your value proposition. Achieving that goal is easier than you think. Engage your workforce with a mobile solution such as a team app and you’ll start to see the monetary benefits as well as the employee engagement rewards.

2019 will be a year for IT to uphold international security compliance across all digital properties and tools

Beekeeper USA, Inc. ·12 December 2018
Increased Security and ConfidentialityAs the EU puts GDPR into effect this May, ensuring the security of your internal communications channels will be more than just a trend in 2019--it will be an absolute necessity. Adopting a private platform for internal messaging will help employees discreetly convey necessary information amongst themselves without unnecessarily involving guests. As nowadays these sensitive messages can take many mediums (email, direct message, video, image, etc.), adopting a platform that can support a variety of media formats will be important in the coming year.With a secure chat tool in place, any confidential company or HR information will remain protected. While corporations can establish confidential communication solutions within internal apps, they can also document employee activity and collaboration for posterity. For teams that work in customer service, this can prove invaluable as information is readily accessible yet discreet should employees require it.Smart RoomsWith more people using voice-activated devices in their homes, it's only natural to use these same devices to make rooms more "smart." In 2019, IT departments should anticipate the adoption of technologies that allow guests to control lights, temperature, and other features in a hotel room can be difficult to decipher.Adding a voice-activated device like a Google Home or Amazon Echo can eliminate the risk of a poor Yelp rating or a middle-of-the-night complaint to the front desk. The guest can control specific functions of the room, just like at home.According to The Wynn Las Vegas, over 4,700 of their rooms will be equipped with an Amazon Echo to help guests control things like lighting and temperature with ease. Don't be surprised if you start seeing rooms with "smart" beds that can determine whether or not a guest is asleep or awake and heat or light a room accordingly.BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) ProgramsWith the rise of mobile communication apps for the workplace comes the expectation that messages will be responded to in real time, or at the very least, in a timely manner. While it is up to your company to establish rules of engagement so that employees don't burn out or rack up overtime while dealing with off-the-clock internal communications, it's also important to make the digital workplace app as accessible to all employees as possible. For many, this means using whatever mobile phone is in their possession. In the coming year, it will be of critical importance to ensure that your digital workplace provider can function on a wide variety of devices.An Increase in AI PresenceDepending on who you talk to, artificial intelligence (AI) is either met with excitement or skepticism and worry. While there are many industries that will eventually be dominated by AI, the hospitality industry isn't likely to go full-automation in 2019, or ever for that matter.With that said, many businesses within the hospitality industry have begun to incorporate some friendly robots to help out with some of the house keeping and other tasks that don't require a lot of face-to-face interaction. AI will ultimately help the guest experience by improving the quality of any person-to-person exchanges.Automation is not meant to threaten a booming industry but rather keep it streamlined, error-free, and maintain high standards in what it does best; striving to make the customer experience as impeccable as possible. hbspt.forms.create({ portalId: "506469", formId: "4eae38d1-0b94-4a56-85de-987e7ce67638", css: "", sfdcCampaignId: "7010B000001hcgiQAA"});

How the New Housekeeping Law Impacts Hotel Safety Policies

Beekeeper Blog·10 December 2018
Aimed at preventing and reducing the occurrence of musculoskeletal injuries and mishandling of hazardous chemicals in the hotel workplace, California has amended a safety and prevention law. The new law requires hotels to embed specialized trainings on the correct use of equipment and handling of hazardous chemicals used by housekeeping staff into their workforce training.

Beekeeper and ALICE to Host Employee Engagement Webinar

Beekeeper USA, Inc. ·10 December 2018
SAN FRANCISCO AND NEW YORK -- Are your hotel employees disengaged? If so, Beekeeper and ALICE are inviting hoteliers to attend a Webinar on Wednesday, December 12th at 1:00 p.m. EST, that will address one of the biggest problems in hospitality today: Employee Engagement.With 43% percent of Millennials envisioning leaving their jobs within two years and only 28 percent seeking to stay beyond five years . . . and 61 percent of Gen Z having even less loyalty, saying they would leave within two years if given the choice (Deloitte) . . . hoteliers are finding themselves desperate to implement innovative ways to reach and retain their workforce. Employee Engagement: The Heart of Hospitality Innovation for the Next 10 Years is a 30-minute online informational session designed to answer hoteliers' most pressing questions, including: What can I do to make team-member jobs easier and more fulfilling?"Employees are the heart of the hospitality business, and employee engagement is crucial for it to thrive," said webinar Co-Presenter Connie Rheams, global head of hospitality for Beekeeper, an award-winning digital workplace app that engages employees by connecting a hotel's operational systems and communication channels within one secure, intuitive platform. "By digitally removing any and all communication barriers, hotel staff can provide an exceptional guest experience."As a company dedicated to helping deskless hotel workers better communicate with departments, management and each other, Beekeeper is co-hosting this event with ALICE to reveal to hoteliers how they can cultivate an undeniably empathetic employee experience using technology," she said. "The current state-of-the-industry as it relates to employee retention is dismal. I will share relevant data regarding employee turnover and discuss how today's fragmented and ineffective communication processes can be quickly, securely and radically enhanced with Beekeeper."Through this webinar, participants will learn:The state of hotel employee turnover and disengagementHow to cure poor communication across shifts and locations in a 24/7 business environmentWays to improve task management and daily operationsThe importance of a simple user experience when it comes to employee technology"While hoteliers recognize the value of task management tools for service delivery and preventive maintenance, they often overlook the employee-engagement benefits of the technology," said Co-Presenter Alex Shashou, president of ALICE, a hotel operations platform that manages staff work and guest communications across departments. "Hotels by nature are filled with mundane, repetitive, impersonal tasks, yet the people who choose to work in the hospitality business do so because they like to interact with others. A hotel employee who considers himself or herself to be a 'people person' may feel uncomfortable or unfulfilled working in a fine-margined business environment focused on speed and efficiency. When this happens, the employee may feel checked out or leaves, and guest service suffers."During this webinar, I will discuss how operational communications and task-management technologies can work together to relieve the mental clutter of everyday tasks, enabling employees to be more present with their teams and guests," he said. "We hope you will join us."To register for "Employee Engagement: The Heart of Hospitality Innovation for the Next 10 Years," click here.About BeekeeperBeekeeper is a digital workplace app where operational systems and communication channels live within one secure, intuitive platform. Beekeeper connects desk and non-desk employees across locations and departments in real time via mobile or desktop and includes an intelligent dashboard to help companies improve internal communication and streamline business processes. The company is based in Zurich and San Francisco and supports users in more than 137 countries. For more information, visit www.beekeeper.ioAbout ALICEALICE has created the first complete communication, cost savings and revenue generation operations platform for hotels, which enhances the guest experience and connects all points within the hotel to simplify guest service - and make it more cost-effective.Since the company was founded in 2013, ALICE has gained serious traction in the industry, working many of the world's leading hotel brands. For more information, visit Media Contact:Lola Feigerlola@aliceplatform.com212-579-2861 hbspt.forms.create({ portalId: "506469", formId: "4eae38d1-0b94-4a56-85de-987e7ce67638", css: "", sfdcCampaignId: "7010B000001hcgiQAA"});

In the realm of HR, 2019 will see an uptick in employee engagement strategies

Beekeeper USA, Inc. ·10 December 2018
Reevaluating Payroll and SchedulingThanks to the slow demise of payday lenders and other high-cost cash advance services, many companies, especially those with large hourly workforces, will be looking for ways to digitally deploy earned wages on demand in 2019. Just like the HR software integrations mentioned above, organizations will build payroll software directly into their digital workplace hub so employees and managers can quickly access pay stubs, tax forms, check deployment, and any other task involving compensation.Similarly, the use of digitized scheduling will also increase in the coming year. Using digital and mobile scheduling services saves time, minimizes confusion, and makes it easy for employees to request time off or swap shifts. Being able to access schedules on demand and on-the-go leads to more agile, efficient, and productive team communication.A New Chapter for HR TechnologyAs the future of work continues to crystalize for the non-desk workforce, the evolution of HR tools will play a crucial role in maintaining employee engagement and satisfaction amidst rapid changes to many industries. While more processes and workflows may be automated or redistributed, the basic human need to feel connected and fulfilled at work will remain an evergreen priority for employees and managers on the front lines.AI Preparation and TrainingsYou already know we're big on workforce digitization around here, and from the looks of it, there are no signs that this trend will be slowing down in the coming year. The continued rise of predictive analytics and automation technologies will further catapult productivity to new heights, especially for non-desk workers. In particular, 2019 will be a big year for streamlining operations and communications in one virtual space, giving employees quick and easy access to all the tools they need to succeed. Bonus points if this digital hub is accessible from any device, particularly their own.As artificial intelligence takes on more company tasks, it will also be up to HR departments in 2019 to both ensure that their workforce is properly trained up on the new tech, as well as finding ways to expand or elevate current roles that will be taken on by automated tools. With proper training programs in place, building a successful digital workplace becomes an intuitive tenant of company culture.Corporate Well-Being ProgramsIn our hyperconnected world, it's no secret that burnout is a real issue. In fact, Harvard Business Review reports that nearly 50% of employees report frequent or constant exhaustion due to the high stress levels, physical demands, and social isolation of work. A recent study cited a national revenue loss to the tune of $30 billion thanks to stress-induced lost work days. The antidote? Taking an active role in the well-being of your workforce. hbspt.forms.create({ portalId: "506469", formId: "4eae38d1-0b94-4a56-85de-987e7ce67638", css: "", sfdcCampaignId: "7010B000001hcgiQAA"});

Why Retailers Should Embrace the Digital Age

Beekeeper Blog· 6 December 2018
As digital technology continues to permeate every aspect of the retail experience, how can retailers best adapt to cater to and meet today’s consumer where they are? In our webinar with ecomdash, we discuss the influence of mobile accessibility on consumer shopping behavior, and the increasingly crucial role smartphones play in the retail environment.

Visible and empathetic corporate leadership team will continue to hold strategic importance for the hospitality business in 2019

Beekeeper USA, Inc. · 5 December 2018
Embracing the Bleisure ClassAs millennials continue to be a hot target demographic, the hospitality industry is working hard to cater to this customer base. This year, expect to see a continued interest in bleisure, also known as business travel mixed with leisurely travel.For young professionals, bleisure is the perfect opportunity to take an extended vacation after a week of mandatory meetings and networking mixers (kind of a "kill two birds with one stone" attitude). Not only do these extended vacations help keep hotels full and dinner reservations booked, but a happy millennial in vacation mode is also more likely to spend money on other amenities. It's a win-win for every category within the hospitality industry so be sure to utilize resources properly and take advantage of it.Playing to the Instagram CrowdAs influencer-based visual marketing continues to dominate in 2019, going the extra mile with aesthetics and amenities could be game-changing for your hospitality business. Some travelers are completely content to stay in a standard room with minimal amenities, but if you're offering very little, the price tag must match. People who pay for a hotel room, whether it's at a chain or a small boutique hotel, want a place with character and unique features.While hotel bars may seem a little "hokey" and outdated, don't be surprised if we start seeing more places that have a 24/7 "grab n' go" eatery or an art museum attached to the hotel. Even if your guests are only staying for eight hours, they should have access to the same variety as someone who stays for two nights. Imagine the business that a hotel-sponsored experience museum like the "Museum of Ice Cream" might attract.Strategic social spend will also continue to be a great way to stay on top of digital marketing trends in 2019. Allocating resources to explore the current roster of popular social apps allows companies to constantly put their best creative foot forward. Thinking long and hard about your company's public persona will help you further define your key verticals and customer co-horts, ensuring that all digital marketing efforts going forward are supported by hard and fast data. hbspt.forms.create({ portalId: "506469", formId: "4eae38d1-0b94-4a56-85de-987e7ce67638", css: "", sfdcCampaignId: "7010B000001hcgiQAA"});

In 2019, hoteliers should prepare for a strategy shift in the realm of internal communications

Beekeeper USA, Inc. · 3 December 2018
Peer-to-Peer, Top-Down, Bottom-Up, Cross-Cultural Engagement Perhaps once considered optional investing in a centralized digital workspace has become a mission-critical tool fostering employee engagement across the hospitality landscape. When the backbone of a hotel is rooted in a rich sense of purpose and positive company spirit, staffers at all levels will be far more likely to provide a positive atmosphere for guests while simultaneously yielding high productivity levels within their respective workflows.While maintaining this high level of employee satisfaction may seem like an obvious step toward productivity and high employee retention, gathering anecdotal data to measure employee satisfaction is nearly impossible without digital automation. Heading into 2019, the use of pulse surveys to gather quick feedback from hotel staffers, taking the temperature of your workforce before, during, and after any policy shifts or times of crisis will be essential.Confirmation campaigns will also prove helpful, ensuring that key memos and announcements are read and understood, and employees can confirm their safety. This is especially important for the hospitality industry, as guest are constantly reliant on hotel employees to have accurate and up-to-date information. Communication streams also help disseminate real-time updates among the organization at large.In addition to pulse surveys and confirmation campaigns, chat campaigns are a more low-stakes but equally crucial trend that hotel employees will utilize more in the coming year. Chat campaigns allow employees to send personalized messages, allowing staffers to engage in empathetic exchanges with leadership and each other. Peer-to-peer and group messaging help specific subsets and departments get things done quickly through direct communication.For staff bases that may hail from different countries, inline translation tools will also make a prevalent appearance across mobile internal communications strategies. Inline translation uses artificial intelligence to translates any message sent in real time, ensuring that employees from diverse backgrounds are able to fully comprehend important messages in the language they feel most comfortable speaking.Crisis Communications PlanningDue to the fact that hotels have proven uniquely vulnerable to crisis over the past year, it will be more crucial than ever to have a robust internal communications plan in place in 2019. If a company experiences a local natural disaster, has a PR crisis, or suspects that competition is about to launch a negative narrative, advanced communication methods are a necessity. In critical situations, mobile communication can prevent a major crisis. Mobile communication via team communication apps streamlines the process of disseminating vital information quickly, whether your crisis is of the natural or PR variety. Group messaging lists, network connections, and even media alerts keep you and your team informed and connected. hbspt.forms.create({ portalId: "506469", formId: "4eae38d1-0b94-4a56-85de-987e7ce67638", css: "", sfdcCampaignId: "7010B000001hcgiQAA"});

How Mobile Solutions Improve Hotel Internal Communication

Beekeeper Blog·29 November 2018
When it comes to managing hotel workforces, the hospitality industry faces two primary challenges: internal communication and employee engagement. From completing real-time tasks to coordinating operations across a network of interdependent departments and managing guest expectations, effective internal communication between highly-mobile and dispersed hotel employees is easier said than done.

How to Get Construction Crew Buy-In for a Digital Workplace

Beekeeper Blog·27 November 2018
Construction workers are often surrounded by the most advanced machinery, but they’ve been reluctant to adopt digital workplace solutions to manage the administrative side of the industry. An operational communication platform could revolutionize how construction companies operate, but the change has to happen from the inside out. You need employee buy-in for a digital workplace to be successful.

How IIoT Maximixes Manufacturing Efficiency

Beekeeper Blog·20 November 2018
The industrial internet of things (IIoT) is changing every facet of manufacturing. As factories automate data collection and communication, they create an interconnected network of machines and systems, opening up an information superhighway. IIoT makes a factory more efficient, and cost effective, with elements like predictive maintenance, lean manufacturing, and AI integration.

Feather Falls Casino, Lodge & Brewing Co. Improves Communications Management with Beekeeper

Beekeeper Blog·13 November 2018
During historic heavy rainfall in February of 2017, the main and emergency spillways of California’s Oroville Dam experienced extensive damage, resulting in the evacuation of more than 180,000 people living downstream along the Feather River there. Those evacuated included some of the 520 employees of the Feather Falls Casino, Lodge & Brewing Co.


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