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Where will hotel guests in the United States travel to in 2019?

SiteMinder Blog·21 November 2018
Each year new travel trends emerge that can change the fortunes of global hoteliers very quickly. Just like clothes, music, and art, certain destinations can go in and out of style – and in again – over time. Travellers discover a new ‘it’ destination or follow gradual societal shifts and all of a sudden some places are more popular than ever while others are wondering why results have dipped.

Overheard in the hotel industry: 5 key quotes from the world of travel

SiteMinder Blog·14 November 2018
The travel world is made up of industries within industries, with so much happening in the realms of tech development, guest demographics, marketing and sales innovations, digital strategies and much more.

The questions you need to ask your hotel tech provider

SiteMinder Blog·13 November 2018
Selecting the right hotel technology is critical, particularly in a world where consumers are relying more heavily on their devices with each passing day. An investment this important to your overall success as a hotel operator requires you to do some research.

Chief French hotel management system VEGA joins SiteMinder's network

SiteMinder Blog·12 November 2018
As EquipHotel Paris, one of the most important trade shows in France, gets underway, SiteMinder announces it has secured a partnership with one of France’s leading provider of property management systems (PMSs), Groupe QuatuHoRe, to further cement its position as the global hotel industry’s leading guest acquisition and connectivity platform. The partnership will provide the more than 2,000 properties and about 10,000 hotelier daily users of Groupe QuatuHoRe’s VEGA PMS with access to SiteMinder’s vast network of distribution channels to maximise their visibility online and ability to win guests from around the world.

Patented hotel rooms: Inside two of the world's most exciting

SiteMinder Blog· 7 November 2018
A standard issue hotel room usually includes (rather crucially) a bed, a TV, guest bathrobes and slippers, a phone, a hairdryer and, increasingly, free wifi. Throw in a copy of The Bible tucked away in the bedside table and there’s not much missing from this regular hotel room description.

What's on with SiteMinder: Your November 2018 events guide

SiteMinder Blog· 5 November 2018
There's always plenty of ways to get involved with SiteMinder, wherever you are in the world. Here's what events are on this month in November.

SiteMinder's TrendTracker: Hotel news and stats you might have missed in October

SiteMinder Blog· 5 November 2018
So much happens every month in the hotel, travel, and hospitality industries that it's extremely hard to keep up. SiteMinder's TrendTracker is here to keep you up-to-date with the most interesting stats and facts from the previous month.

Tourism shortcomings: SiteMinder's new head of France invites hotels to "sell their destination"

SiteMinder Blog· 5 November 2018
The new head of France at SiteMinder, the global hotel industry’s leading guest acquisition platform, is inviting hotels to help distribute tourism more evenly across the country by using technology to “sell their destination”. Antoine Aubrun, a Bordeaux-native and travel passionate, says a wider adoption of hotel marketing technology could be pivotal in avoiding overtourism from arising in popular hot spots and driving tourists to rural areas where they are needed most.

20 global travel stats you may not know: A guide to why they're important for your hotel

SiteMinder Blog· 2 November 2018
Even localised trends can grow to have impacts around the world. It's important for hoteliers to always be aware of market trends, traveller movements, and industry statistics.

Top 6 hotel technology trends for 2019: What opportunities exist for your business?

SiteMinder Blog· 2 November 2018
Being aware of trends and understanding the opportunities they provide is vital for any hotel business that wants to stay competitive within the current state of the industry. With so much evolution, each new year is exciting for the potential it holds.

Is your hotel encouraging staff gender equality?

SiteMinder Blog· 1 November 2018
In the last several decades, the business world has come a long way when it comes to gender equality. While there are more women in the work force, there’s still a lot of work to be done to achieve true gender equality. The hospitality industry has made strides, but is your hotel where it needs to be? What can you do to encourage gender equality among your hotel staff?

What are the requirements for a hotel reservations system?

SiteMinder Blog·31 October 2018
A hotel reservations system is an extremely valuable piece of technology for your hotel, should you choose to install it.

TrustYou becomes 100th hotel technology brand to embrace SiteMinder Exchange

SiteMinder Blog·31 October 2018
The world’s largest guest feedback platform, TrustYou, has become the 100th hotel technology provider to sign up for SiteMinder Exchange, a powerfully-simple solution launched in June by the global hotel industry’s leading guest acquisition platform, SiteMinder to solve the connectivity problem for hotel property management systems (PMSs) and hotel applications.

The generational divide between business travellers: Where can your hotel capitalise?

SiteMinder Blog·30 October 2018
With obvious differences in lifestyle choices between young and older generations, it’s only natural for these to flow over into travel choices. Research shows some clear divides between the habits and preferences of millennials compared to baby boomers and Generation X, especially when it comes to business travellers.

5 of the world's best hotel restaurants (and why guests love them)

SiteMinder Blog·25 October 2018
They say food brings people together and research from Oxford University recently confirmed that communal eating “…increases social bonding and feelings of wellbeing, and enhances one’s sense of contentedness and embedding within the community”.

3 lessons our industry learn from the world's most sustainable hotels

SiteMinder Blog·23 October 2018
There’s never been a more important time to talk about humanity’s impact on the environment and the dangers we face if we don’t start initiating more sustainable practices. A number of world leaders and public figures have spoken about the issue and many within the hotel and travel industry take the matter very seriously.

SiteMinder partners with hotel management system pioneer AutoClerk

SiteMinder Blog·23 October 2018
More than 1,500 hotels across North America now have the opportunity to enrich their distribution and revenue management strategy, thanks to a new partnership between two hospitality technology leaders – SiteMinder and AutoClerk. SiteMinder, the global hotel industry’s leading guest acquisition platform, and AutoClerk, one of country’s most enduring property management system (PMS) companies, have developed a sophisticated interface between their two platforms that will help mutual hotel customers enhance the online distribution of their rooms and thereby grow their revenue.

The five-star guest experience: How to deliver the best hotel service

SiteMinder Blog·22 October 2018
Your guests’ expectations are getting higher with every trip they take. They want it all – a great localised experience delivering something new and all for a convenient price with the key necessities thrown in. But what separates a good hotel experience from an outstanding one?

Hotel Chain Watch: What's new with the big players in October?

SiteMinder Blog·19 October 2018
Regardless of the industry, it’s always important to know what the best in the business are up to. When it comes to hotels, the biggest brands are always innovating and have some exciting news to share.

Does your hotel have the opportunity to boost revenue with guest experiences?

SiteMinder Blog·17 October 2018
The world’s most popular landmark is being visited by a staggering 30 million tourists a year. It’s not The Great Wall of China. And it’s not the Egyptian Pyramids. It is in fact Niagara Falls on the border of the US and Canada.

Revinate joins SiteMinder Exchange

SiteMinder Blog·16 October 2018
Revinate, the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that helps hotels transform guest data into revenue, today announces it has partnered with the global hotel industry’s leading cloud platform, SiteMinder, as the latest hotel application to connect into SiteMinder Exchange. The connection will make Revinate Marketing accessible to the multitude of leading property management systems (PMSs) integrated into SiteMinder Exchange, a powerfully-simple solution launched this year to solve the connectivity problem for hotel PMSs and hotel applications everywhere.

How social media use is changing (and how your hotel can keep up with it)

SiteMinder Blog·16 October 2018
Social media has come a long way in a very short space of time (and hopefully so has your hotel social media strategy). Still relatively young, the original networking and sharing ideals of platforms like Facebook are largely being replaced by brand advertisement and business pages. With so many people using Facebook and Instagram, it was a natural evolution that brands would use them as a marketplace, where they can target potential customers all in the one place.

What do these shifting consumer profiles mean for your hotel?

SiteMinder Blog· 9 October 2018
New data from Euromonitor International shows the ever shifting nature of consumer profiles, detailing eight personality types that influence the motivations behind the purchases customers make.

Shellharbour Village Motel gains bookings boost from SiteMinder's simple, smart, platform

SiteMinder Blog· 8 October 2018
Just an hour of Sydney, Australia, is the Shellharbour Village Motel; a 22-room boutique hotel that provides its guests with amazing views of the natural beauty of the NSW coastline. For 17 years, this hotel has been welcoming guests from around the world, and has been offering them premier access to Shellharbour and the pristine beaches along the coast.

Exploring hotel food and beverage: A look at the burning issues

SiteMinder Blog· 8 October 2018
Food and beverage services in the hotel and hospitality industries have long been a target for protesters of waste and energy consumption. Recent statistics seem to confirm these concerns. Let’s follow the story through this insightful infographic.

GDS by SiteMinder helps launch boutique Portuguese hotel to the main stage

SiteMinder Blog· 8 October 2018
Noting that visitors to Lisboa, Portugal, were craving a more authentic and immersive experience, the creators of Santiago de Alfama got to work. They wanted to offer a boutique hotel experience to travellers who wished to stay in the heart of the city without sacrificing their ability to experience the flavour of the local culture.


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