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What You Need to Know About Pre and Post Stay Email Communication to Enhance Your Guests' Experience Blog·14 August 2017
The guest experience extends far beyond the property itself. Pre and post communication is essential for many reasons, but in short, it helps extend your property’s service and enhances the guest’s overall stay. Every property is unique, and the amount of communication you have will largely depend on your guests’ needs. Whether travelers are coming to your property for business or pleasure, there are ways better communication can enhance their stay.

Rady School of Management Venture Fund Invests In One Of Its Own Blog· 9 August 2017
The Rady Venture Fund at the Rady School of Management University of California San Diego, announced their recent investment in Cloudbeds, their first investment in a company co-founded by a Rady MBA. The Rady Venture Fund provides investment capital to entrepreneurs, education opportunities and hands-on learning experiences for Rady MBAs and other UC San Diego graduate students. Their investment was part of Cloudbeds’ oversubscribed Series B round of $9+ million led by PeakSpan Capital.

The Power of a PMS: 5 Ways It Secretly Makes You More Money Blog·27 July 2017
A property management system (PMS) can save your property money in more ways than you might think. With the right PMS, you can gain more revenue without increasing your revenue per available room or average daily room rate (even though a PMS usually improves those key performance indicators as well). A PMS allows you to organize your property and create new processes that help account for lost revenue and identify potential problems. We went through and found five areas where your property can benefit from a property management system, even without realizing it.

These Are the 4 Reasons Every Property Benefits From a Channel Manager Blog·14 July 2017
Channel managers are invaluable to properties of all sizes. Once just a “nice-to-have” channel managers have become a virtual “must-have” over the past decade. Large hotels have been using channel managers, or something like it, for decades, but now they’re available at a low cost to even the smallest hostel or boutique hotel.

How Hotel Technology Can Work for You Blog· 3 May 2017
The amount of software that is available to hotels is increasing every year, and many of the newer technologies are extremely useful in terms of saving time, increasing operational efficiencies, improving the guest experience, and even cutting costs. But with a sea of vendors and offerings, it can be complicated, stressful and time consuming for a hotel to choose which solutions will best fit their business needs.

How to Attract More Direct Bookings in 2017 Blog·17 April 2017
Distribution management remains one of the most important things a property has to oversee in 2017. While we believe a good distribution strategy is a healthy mix of third-party distribution partners, we want to focus on how properties can win more direct bookings. Depending on your property, you may have varying opinions about direct booking strategies and their importance to your revenue and brand.

What Software Your Hotel Needs in 2017 Blog·31 March 2017
It takes a lot of technology and software to run a business in 2017. Software as a service has transformed small businesses by providing powerful software at competitive price points. SaaS platforms are ever changing and regularly add new features at no extra cost. Now there are more options and services tailored to small and medium-sized businesses. Finding the right solutions takes time and effort, but thankfully there are sources dedicated to reviewing and suggesting software.

How Hotels Can Get the Most out of Social Media Blog·16 March 2017
Businesses have long since recognized the benefits of using social media, and the hotel industry is no exception. When done right, hotels will be able to reach thousands of potential customers, keep in touch with guests and build a loyal following, resulting in repeat bookings. But how can hotels make the most of social media?

10 Unique Properties Bound to Give You Wanderlust Blog· 9 March 2017
Cloudbeds works with some incredible properties all around the world. We’re constantly amazed at the creativity, attention to detail, commitment to the environment, and general wow factor that these properties create every day. From the top of a rock to the Carribean jungle to Gers in Mongolia, you probably won’t believe that some of these properties really exist.

Your Property's Guide to Pricing Intelligence Blog·10 February 2017
In today’s market, there are thousands of metrics pouring into property owners and revenue managers’ spreadsheets. Properties use data to make pricing decisions on a day-to-day, seasonal, and yearly basis. Pricing intelligence is all about using the best market data to make decisions. It’s impossible to manually pay attention to each and every one of your competitor’s listing on every OTA, and that’s where software can play a meaningful role. Here we’ll walk through the different aspects of pricing intelligence and the impact they can have on your property whether you’re a hostel or a large scale hotel.

How to Make a Good Comp Set for Your Property Blog· 2 February 2017
A competitive set is an essential piece to any property’s overall strategy. It influences several different aspects of your property that have a larger impact than you might think. A comp set helps you keep an eye on the competitive landscape a few different ways. First, it helps keep your rates competitive. And second, it influences the types of services and amenities you might offer. Keeping up with changes in your comp set will help fuel your yield management strategy and help you make more money, both in the short and long term.

Cloudbeds' Myallocator Partners with Only Apartments Blog·30 January 2017
Cloudbeds' Myallocator Partners with Only Apartments to Empower and Optimize Vacation Rentals January 31, 2017 Cloudbeds and Only Apartments have The post Cloudbeds' Myallocator Partners with Only Apartments appeared first on Cloudbeds.

How Technology Enhances the Guest Experience Blog·26 January 2017
Technology has the ability to enhance the guest experience in ways that often we don’t talk about. Sure, in-room entertainment, fancy tablet-operated rooms, and in-mirror bathroom TVs are nice, but technology can make a huge impact from an operational standpoint. The guest experience starts before a traveler even books a room and doesn’t end when they leave your property either. There are so many customer touch points in today’s world, that you want to make sure you’re always putting your best foot forward.

4 Ways to Decrease Your Property's Waste Blog·20 January 2017
As a frequent traveler, I get the opportunity to see how different properties operate. And, one of the side effects of working and writing for a hospitality company is you begin to notice things that the average traveler may not. Like how long check-in takes or their insane use of pape. On a recent trip to Mexico, I witnessed some ridiculous wastefulness that all is all too common for a lot of properties.

Hotel Key Performance Indicators for 2017 Blog·12 January 2017
One of our top hospitality marketing trends for 2017 was a greater focus on data-driven marketing. There are hundreds of different calculations your property can use to gauge how your property is performing. From simple metrics like ADR and RevPAR to benchmarking the competition to conducting a sentiment analysis, there are a variety of data points that can help you make better decisions.

16 Hospitality Marketing Trends for 2017 Blog· 5 January 2017
2017 is set to be a rewarding year full of growth for property owners around the world. This year, your property’s marketing will be more important than ever and more influential to your business practices. Last year, we predicted what we thought would have the most marketing influence in 2016. Everything from video to online reviews had a huge impact on the competitive landscape. We’ve refreshed our list for 2017 with 17 difference marketing trends we expect to see this year.

5 Tips to Create the Best Hostel Website Blog·15 December 2016
What makes a hostel website amazing? Most would say the design. But that, like beauty, is subjective. And as in art and beauty, there’s no right or wrong way to present your hostel, but there are a few things you can implement on your website that can generate more bookings and make both your life, and your guests’ lives, easier. With that in mind, we came up with five tips to improve your hostel’s website. Some of them are simple, while others may take a little bit of work.

A Definitive Guide to Working with Travel Bloggers Blog· 9 December 2016
So you want to cast a wider net with your marketing efforts, getting your hotel or resort in front of as many engaged and interested potential customers as possible. You’ve checked all the boxes for the usual marketing channels, and you’re looking for something a little more social, more digital, more 21st century. Sounds like it may be time for your hotel to jump onto the travel blogging train.

A Year in Review: Hospitality Industry Trends 2016 Blog· 1 December 2016
Last year, we predicted what we thought would be the hospitality industry trends that would define the year. For the most part, our predictions were accurate to some degree. The industry is still in a growth phase, technology continues to evolve, the sharing economy shows no sign of stopping, niche marketplaces continue to provide bookings, and owning your online presence is becoming more important than ever. Let’s discuss how each of these trends played out this year.

How Travel Startups Come Full Circle Blog·28 November 2016
Every year people obsess over the so-called startup unicorns and the major players in technology. For the past few years, the travel industry has made a name for itself as large companies, namely Airbnb, have consistently made headlines. Airbnb promised to disrupt travel by challenging online travel agencies and the way people think about travel. And in a large way, they’re delivering on their promise.

5 Reports That Are Essential to Your Property's Success Blog·18 November 2016
Information is power and reports give you the ability to make decisions and judgments about your property’s performance. We’ve created guides on the best reports to run for your property and which ones you should run every day. Cloudbeds recently added five heavily requested reports that help property owners get a more broad overview of their property. Here, we’ll walk through each of these new reports and show why they’re useful.

The Revenue Management Game Blog·16 November 2016
Whenever we present at a conference or give a talk, we play a little game to break the ice. It’s called The Revenue Management Game and it helps property owners and managers think about the impact of revenue and yield management.

How to Optimize Your Property's Front Desk Operations Blog·11 November 2016
The front desk is one of the highest traffic locations inside any property. At some point, each guest will have to interact with your front desk and staff throughout their visit. Often, the front desk is a bottleneck, meaning it takes a set amount of time to check-in, check-out and help guests. Different types of properties use their front desks differently.

Four Common Email Templates to Build Better Relationships With Your Guests Blog· 3 November 2016
Email remains one of the best and easiest ways to stay in contact with your guests before, during, and after their stay. It also gives you the ability to build a relationship with your guests even while they’re not on the property. We’ve previously written about the best types of emails to send to build relationships, but we wanted to follow-up with email templates that will help you get a sense of what to send. Here you will find five email examples that will help you create your own emails. There are hundreds of different types of emails you could send to your guests, these are the most basic ones that every property should send.

Why You Should Allow Guests to Book Specific Rooms Blog·19 October 2016
Property owners use several different strategies when it comes to room and/or bed allocations. Some properties prefer to manually assign rooms, while others let technology auto-assign them. But, what many properties don’t do is allow guests to choose their own rooms. Airlines have long allowed passengers to choose their own seats, letting them strategically choose window, middle, or aisle or front, back, or middle on the plane.

How Shared Inventory and Yield Management Work Together Blog·13 October 2016
Revenue, distribution, and yield management are an ongoing battle for most property owners and managers. There are countless different strategies and tactics you can create to distribute your inventory to the best places at an ideal price. Yield management strategies are a combination of distribution and revenue tactics. Yield management is the practice of selling the right rooms or beds to the right individuals at the right times. Here we’ll walk through the basics of yield management and explore how technology like shared inventory can positively influence your property’s approach.


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