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Nostalgia Marketing in the Hospitality Industry

Koddi Blog ·20 February 2018
What if your vacation could truly transport you – not just to a new place, but rather to a past moment in time? In recent years, leaders in the hospitality industry have started to promote “nostalgia tourism” – trips that take travelers back to the “good old days” by allowing them to re-experience places and activities that they loved once before.

The Year of the Dog: Digging into China's Booking Trends

Koddi Blog ·16 February 2018
As a Taiwanese immigrant now residing in the US, I personally get into the “holiday spirit” during this time of the year. If you’ve heard that 2018 is the “Year of the Dog,” you may already know that another side of the globe is currently celebrating Chinese New Year, which is also called “春节” (Chūn Jié): a week-long traditional holiday for families to welcome prosperity, fortune, and happiness for the lunar new year together. In fact, it is one of the world’s most prominent and celebrated holidays, and a major holiday in China and its geographic neighbours, such as Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and many more.

Metasearch Defined: A List of Industry Terms for Travel Advertisers

Koddi Blog ·14 February 2018
On my first day at Koddi, I wondered if I would ever be able to grasp what seemed like an unending catalog of acronyms and unique terms that make up the metasearch vernacular. While the granularity of metasearch allows for some of the most in-depth and accurate reporting in the travel marketing space, as the industry continues to grow, so does the broad scope of terms used every day in metasearch reporting.

Google Updates the Travel Search Experience on Mobile

Koddi Blog ·10 February 2018
Earlier this week, Google launched a new update for its mobile travel platform which combines flight and hotel search into a shared navigation bar. In addition to this most recent update, late last year, Google gave a facelift to the hotel search filters as well as an update to how Hotel Ads were incorporated into the mobile search for users booking hotels on their mobile phones. These recent updates streamline the travel search on Google to be more of a one-stop-shop for the trip planning process.

Immersive Ad Experiences with Facebook Collection Ads

Koddi Blog · 7 February 2018
Facebook made the Collections ad format available for Dynamic Ads for Travel last October. And just last week, Facebook released a case study highlighting IHG’s successful launch of the dynamic collections format for travel. The initial test results were impactful, driving a 3x higher ROAS and 11% increase in CTR. Since piloting this ad type, we’ve been able to roll out at scale and the results warrant attention from all travel advertisers.

The Growth of Experiential Travel

Koddi Blog ·31 January 2018
You’re scrolling through your friends’ Instagram posts, wondering how they have so many vacation days, when you feel this need building. You see them riding camels through the Sahara and tasting salmon nigiri in Shinjuku, and then glance at your desktop background of a three-year-old picture from Cape Cod, which pales in comparison to such exotic adventures.

Blockchains in the Travel Industry

Koddi Blog ·29 January 2018
As blockchain technology continues to grow in popularity, it’s only natural that we will see it in more industries. And with all the blockchain buzz, we have been asked, “How can this technology be applied to the travel industry and will there be any perceived benefits?”

Announcing Support for Bing Hotel Ads

Koddi Blog ·22 January 2018
As metasearch marketers say goodbye to 2017 and prepare for 2018, one question on everyone’s mind is, “What is new in metasearch for 2018?” One answer to that question is Bing Hotel Ads! In 2017, Bing rolled out a controlled beta test of their new Hotel Ads offering to select advertisers. With the start of the new year, Bing is gearing up to bring this beta test into a general release. This is a big change in the marketplace giving customers more booking options when booking a hotel through and giving advertisers a new metasearch channel to directly display ads to Bing customers.

How to Leverage User-Generated Content for Metasearch

Koddi Blog ·15 January 2018
The world of digital marketing is always evolving as travel brands try to keep up with consumer needs and the growing demand for transparency and authenticity. One strategy that’s growing in popularity amongst suppliers is leveraging user-generated content (UGC), such as photos and tweets that are shared publicly by customers across various social media sites. By leveraging user-generated content, new audiences are introduced to brands and experiences that they wouldn’t have otherwise explored, thus giving suppliers an additional market to focus on.

Aspirational Travelers and New Year's Resolution Demand

Koddi Blog ·11 January 2018
Every year, millions of people around the globe ring in the New Year and set new goals for themselves filled with optimism. Though weight loss and quitting bad habits are often top of mind when we think about common New Year’s resolutions, more general or vague goals like “try something new” or “enjoy life to the fullest” might be interpreted by some as a chance to take a fun trip in the new year, and we’ve identified a few data points that may reveal a subset of aspirational travelers: the New Year’s resolution aspirational travelers.

New Year, New UI Update on Google Hotel Ads

Koddi Blog · 4 January 2018
With the new year underway, we noticed a user interface update on Google Hotel Ads. What stands out visually is the blue “Book A Room” button that now appears on the top of the Hotel Ads metasearch auction on desktop. This button is identical in form and function to its counterpart on mobile (which launched about six months ago). Clicking the “Book a Room” button leads the user to the same location as clicking “View more rates” twice.

The Impact of Christmas on Metasearch Performance

Koddi Blog ·28 December 2017
Christmas is an important time of the year for digital advertisers, and there is no shortage of importance when it comes to metasearch performance during Christmas. With Christmas signaling the last week of the year, it’s important to keep a close eye on performance to ensure your properties spend to their budget while maintaining all of your KPIs. Now that the Christmas holiday has come to a close, it’s an appropriate time to reflect on performance and determine: were you on the naughty or nice list this year?

What You Need to Know About Facilitated Bookings

Koddi Blog ·13 December 2017
When looking at how to improve a metasearch campaign, there are a good number of levers at our disposal regarding bidding. However, there are also a lot of external factors outside of our direct control–such as whether or not an advertiser’s landing page is optimized to help guide customers through the booking funnel.

Scaling Koddi's Travel Solutions

Koddi Blog · 7 December 2017
Today is a tremendous day for the Koddi team. This morning, we announced the acquisition of the former HookLogic travel business from market leader Criteo. Here’s a link to the announcement we made this morning. I wanted to provide additional color as to why this is not only important for the growth and success of Koddi and the new team joining us, it’s an important step to help our travel partners do a better job connecting with their customers.

Koddi Acquires Former HookLogic Travel Business From Criteo

Koddi Blog · 7 December 2017
Koddi, a cloud-based marketing technology company for travel brands, today announced the acquisition of the former HookLogic Travel Business from Criteo (NASDAQ: CRTO)- including all employees, technology, services and customers. This addition gives Koddi a larger footprint with the ability to deliver far more visibility and intelligence for existing and new travel brands – leading directly to real business value, scaled bookings and increased revenue.

Five Ways to Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

Koddi Blog · 4 December 2017
If the goal of your metasearch campaign is to get clicks that turn into bookings, it’s important to create a smooth booking experience for users once they land on your website. We looked at multiple hotel sites to gather data on some of the ideal practices to improve conversion rates for bookings.

Google Launches Updated Mobile UX

Koddi Blog ·20 November 2017
As of this morning, we are seeing multiple new additions to the Google Hotel Ads mobile user experience. Most notably, we noticed a widespread implementation of the room booking module, a price trend overview, other locations, and a question/answer portion. As with all Google experiments, it will be interesting to see how pervasive this is. The room booking module could drive a small degree of traffic away from the conventional metasearch placements. The price trends overview could provide a lot of important information for leisure travelers who can easily adjust their check in/out date. The “other locations” portion could be incredibly valuable for hotels that have high brand loyalty or great loyalty rewards. The questions and answers portion is a great tool for upper funnel consumers that are still in the early stages of their trip planning. Let’s look at these additions in more detail:

Metasearch in 2018: 10 Things You Need to Know

Koddi Blog ·14 November 2017
It has been a big year for metasearch, and with so much growth in 2017, we can’t help but be excited about a new year. To prepare for 2018 and the future of metasearch, we’ve been collecting insights from industry experts. Through our recent survey, we gathered opinions from across the industry, collaborating with digital marketers at online travel agencies, digital marketing agencies, hotel suppliers, tech brands and others. We heard from a diverse industry and experience mix with over 45% of our respondents holding a position title of director or higher.

New Features on Dynamic Ads for Travel

Koddi Blog ·13 November 2017
Facebook recently announced new features for DAT which include new ad types, creative options, and targeting capabilities. By introducing new Dynamic Ads for Travel features, Facebook is helping advertisers increase their ability to reach customers where they are and accomplish marketing objectives like gaining awareness, generating leads, and driving booking volume.

How AI is Changing the Travel Industry

Koddi Blog · 2 November 2017
Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and neural networks are words that are often seen in today's business technology headlines. Are robots taking over the world? Or are they just here to help you find the best hotel for your next holiday? Artificial intelligence may seem like the bane of some futuristic, The post How AI is Changing the Travel Industry appeared first on Koddi | Metasearch and Facebook Ads for Travel Brands.

TripAdvisor Launches New Special Offers Functionality

Koddi Blog ·27 October 2017
When booking a hotel, customers seek confidence that they are making the best purchasing decision. Whether that is booking the lowest price or taking advantage of a promotion, on-site messaging that helps a buyer feel confident can help increase conversion rate.

An Update to the New Experiments on Google Hotel Ads

Koddi Blog ·26 October 2017
Earlier this month, we wrote about new experiments we were seeing on Google Hotel Ads. We are now possibly seeing an update to this experience where Google is using ‘Book a Room’ on the call to action button instead of ‘Reserve a Room,’ and the page displays ads when it previously showed no ads.

Kayak BOB V2 and You

Koddi Blog ·23 October 2017
At Koddi, we get excited about being able to gain the most granular insights into our metasearch campaigns bookings, so the more data we are given, the better we are able to optimize. One publisher, in particular, has taken this feedback and gone above and beyond in providing granular data for our clicks. Kayak recently launched an updated version of BOB (called BOB V2), and it came with incredibly precise insights into where your clicks are coming from and an increased ability to bid with multipliers on these various levers.

What is the Future of Metasearch?

Koddi Blog ·19 October 2017
This question has become a favorite topic at the Koddi office, and it’s one we plan on answering. With 2017 quickly coming to a close, the Koddi team is hard at work preparing for a new year. We are putting together a study that will help metasearch advertisers prepare for impending travel, digital marketing, and technology trends that will shape the metasearch landscape.

Highlights from Facebook's Global Partner Summit 2017

Koddi Blog ·12 October 2017
Our team traveled to San Francisco last week to attend the Global Partner Summit, Facebook's annual event for Partners to hear about product roadmaps, trends and best practices for Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. The theme for this year's summit was 'Build Beyond,' an invitation for Partners to be bold in The post Highlights from Facebook's Global Partner Summit 2017 appeared first on Koddi | Metasearch and Facebook Ads for Travel Brands.

New Experiments on Google Hotel Ads

Koddi Blog · 5 October 2017
The Google Hotel Ads experiments are bountiful today. We’ve noticed multiple tests occurring across mobile and desktop traffic. It is always exciting to see Google implement changes that have the potential to improve the adoption of the Hotel Ads product by users. We’ve outlined some of the tests we’ve noticed below and look forward to measuring the impact these changes have on our campaigns.


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