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What is the ROI of Hotel Website Live Chat?

Lodging Interactive Blog·14 October 2017
“I am often asked by hoteliers what is the return on investment, or ROI, when implementing a live chat service on their website,” stated DJ Vallauri, Lodging Interactive’s Founder and President. “Like any new product or service that is leading the way to something new and better for an industry, there is always a hesitation at first, as business operators attempt to justify the return on investment of this shiny, new thing.”

Hotel & Travel Inspirations via Instagram

Lodging Interactive Blog·10 October 2017
The best travel stories are relayed through visuals. But where once it was common to look for travel inspirations through magazine photos and enticing advertisements, we now use social media to search out those new experiences and adventures.

How Hotels Can Make the Most of the Guest Mobile Experience

Lodging Interactive Blog·26 September 2017
Two-thirds of the world’s population has a mobile phone and, with this global rise of mobile usage, people have higher expectations from their mobile exchanges with hotels. When guests or prospective guests have a great mobile experience with a hotel, it sets a high service level they expect to get every time. It’s when this level is not met that it can start to impact negatively on your hotel. As a result, it has become critical that hoteliers learn to leverage their mobile marketing to capture those mobile bookings.

Is Your Hotel 'Customer Service Ready' for the Holiday Season?

Lodging Interactive Blog·20 September 2017
No matter the time of year, good customer service is vital to a hotel’s survival. And as people start preparing for holiday vacations, there is a ramped up effort to be on one’s best behavior and providing great service is more critical than usual. During the holiday season, everyone is anxious to make just the right arrangements and in time for celebrations, vacations – emotions get charged, hotels face short staffing or low supply issues, guest inquiries and complaints increase in volume, employees get distracted by their own events or travel plans. All these distractions present challenges to providing quality customer service.

What Motivates Travelers to Create and Share Content?

Lodging Interactive Blog· 4 September 2017
Summer is synonymous with vacation. What better way to create memories of that vacation than to document it with photos, videos and commentaries that are shared with friends and family? This begs the question: What gives the vacationer the motivation to go one step further and share their content online via social networks?

The Changing Face of Customer Service for Hotels

Lodging Interactive Blog·29 August 2017
Customer service has come a long way in the last hundred years but the most dramatic changes have happened - and quickly - in the last thirty. We have gone from brick and mortar shopping to online shopping - from using travel agencies for vacation bookings to searching social networks and using messaging apps.   The post The Changing Face of Customer Service for Hotels appeared first on Lodging Interactive.

The Rise of Messaging Apps for Hotels

Lodging Interactive Blog·16 August 2017
Messaging apps are changing the way people communicate and, as messaging companies like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat build out their services, there are greater opportunities to reach out to guests by connecting hotels with users.

Lower Hotel Guest Satisfaction Associated with Bookings made through OTAs

Lodging Interactive Blog· 1 August 2017
The 21st annual J.D. Power 2017 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study was just released. The study measures overall hotel guest satisfaction and this year’s study showed that guests are more likely to be less satisfied with their stay when booking through independent travel websites.

Takeaways from Google's Presentation at 2017 SMX Advanced Seattle

Lodging Interactive Blog·27 July 2017
The mecca for search marketers are the SMX conferences where they find sessions and training workshops covering all things SEO and SEM related. At the June 2017 SMX Advanced conference held in Seattle, Google’s presentation did not disappoint search marketing gurus.

Hotel Booking Tracking Issues

Lodging Interactive Blog·13 July 2017
What happens when a web developer doesn’t implement your e-commerce tracking code properly? Your hotel booking engine is vital to your online success. We all know the importance of data but what is even more important is that the data you are tracking is correct. Your success hinges on not only the figures in your account but also that the figures you are seeing are accurate.

Is Facebook Still a Relevant Platform for Hotel Social Media Marketing?

Lodging Interactive Blog·11 July 2017
Most social marketers still consider Facebook their most valuable hotel social media platform and it shows by the amount of ad revenue poured into the platform. 2017 ad revenue for Facebook is nearly three times as much as Google.

User-Generated Content (UGC) Influence on Hotel Bookings

Lodging Interactive Blog· 6 July 2017
User-generated content (UGC) means digital content created, uploaded and shared publicly online by consumers or end-users through pictures, videos, blog posts, discussion boards, product or service reviews, comments, tweets etc. UGC can initiate a conversation among unpaid contributors through popular social platforms that include the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and so many other social networks. So what does this all mean for your hotel and the possibility of encouraging bookings? Now-a-days just about everything!

Google's Focus on AI-First and the Implications for Your Hotel

Lodging Interactive Blog·21 June 2017
What seemed like something far into the future is right here, right now. Alexa, turn off the bedroom lights. Siri, find me a luxury hotel in downtown Chicago. Hey Google, show me photos from my stay at Hotel ABC. Asking assistance or search using your own voice simplifies what you want and the right result should happen, right? Read on for Google’s Focus on AI-First and the Implications for Your Hotel.

#AskDJV Episode 58 - Hotel Reputation Management HSMAI Panel Discussion

Lodging Interactive Blog·14 June 2017
Hello Everybody and welcome to the #AskDJV show. This is episode 58! I’m so glad you joined us today. On this week’s episode, we’re going to do something a little bit different. I was on a panel discussion just a few weeks ago, on the HSMAI Greater New York (Hotel Sales & Marketing Association) related to Hotel Reputation Management and Best Practices and we had a hotelier with me as well as someone from TripAdvisor. So, the first question was:

Airbnb Web Traffic Highest Among Travel Sites: Hotel Brands in Check

Lodging Interactive Blog·13 June 2017
If hotel brands were in a chess game with Airbnb, they would now be in check position. According to Bloomberg, Airbnb Inc. was valued at $31 billion this past March and is looking to raise funds for expansion. With this kind of growth, hotel brands now consider them more like a rival than a business partner and as a hindrance for direct relations between hotels and their guests.

Social Media Consumption and Your Hotel

Lodging Interactive Blog· 5 June 2017
At the risk of sounding like my father, there was a time when it would take months for news to reach the other side of the world but the Internet has brought the world closer and made it a smaller place. We literally now have the world at our fingertips.

Social Influencer Marketing Impact: Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat Stories

Lodging Interactive Blog·29 May 2017
In October 2013 Snapchat updated its app to include Stories which allowed users to build a sequence of content that could be viewed an unlimited number of times over a 24-hour period. Then in 2016 Snapchat updated this feature to include Snapchat Stories auto-advance allowing users to move to the next story after one story has played. Snapchat Stories became a big hit with its younger audience and quickly took hold with millennials.

Hotel Customer Service Through Social Media Channels

Lodging Interactive Blog·24 May 2017
In today’s digital world we all communicate through social media to one degree or another regardless of generational differences. It has become the medium we use to exchange ideas or opinions and create or maintain relationships with not only friends and family but with every industry including, and perhaps especially, when discussing hotel customer service in the hotel industry.

Top 5 Reasons Live Chat is a Must for Hotel Websites

Lodging Interactive Blog·21 May 2017
Lodging Interactive, an award winning digital marketing and social media engagement agency exclusively serving the hospitality industry recently launched CoMMingle Live, its fully managed Live Chat service for the hospitality industry. Over the past 6 months, the company has gained valuable insights on how consumers interact with hotel Live Chat agents and now shares the Top 5 reasons Live Chat is a must for hotel websites.

Snapchat Marketing for Hotels

Lodging Interactive Blog·12 May 2017
In 2011 Snapchat launched as a fun and simple messaging app that reached out to a young teenage audience. The concept was to share images with users’ friends that then disappeared in seconds. Then they introduced Stories: A chance to put together all user images into a succession of snaps to tell the user’s story. It was a big hit with the younger crowd and quickly caught on with millennials.

Conversational Commerce is The Future of Hotel Customer Service

Lodging Interactive Blog· 8 May 2017
Use of messaging and chat apps at hotels are fast becoming the preferred means to communicate with guests and, with this, come the endless possibilities to build relationships and increase sales. Hotel guests can chat in real-time and receive valuable and convenient customer service. This builds a trusting relationship that will go a long way toward loyalty and guest retention as well as lower overhead costs with efficient daily operations. The technology is not new but primarily it is the exponential increase of mobile usage in recent years that is at the heart of the resurgence of messaging and chat apps. A Forrester Research study shows consumers spend nearly 78% of their time on smartphones and more than 3 billion consumers world-wide are heavy users of instant messaging platforms.

#AskDJV Episode 55: Social Influencer Marketing

Lodging Interactive Blog·26 April 2017
On this week’s episode, I’d like to talk about Social Media Influencer Marketing for the hospitality industry. Now it’s going to be a two-step show because this week we are going to focus on what actually is defined as Social Media Influencer Marketing and next week we’re going to actually tell you how to do it yourself and the pitfalls to avoid.

Conversational Marketing: The Future of Hotel Customer Service

Lodging Interactive Blog·25 April 2017
Use of messaging and chat apps at hotels are fast becoming the preferred means to communicate with guests and, with this, come the endless possibilities to build relationships and increase sales. Hotel guests can chat in real-time and receive valuable and convenient customer service. This builds a trusting relationship that will go a long way toward loyalty and guest retention as well as lower overhead costs with efficient daily operations.

Hotel Social Media Marketing to Different Generations

Lodging Interactive Blog·18 April 2017
Whether it’s Generation Z, Millennials, Generation X or Baby Boomers, your hotel social media marketing strategy needs to include plans that effectively reach out to your desired target audience. What motivates them? What is their purchasing power and disposable income? What are their inspirations and expectations on social media?

The Benefits of Internet Marketing for Hotels

Lodging Interactive Blog·11 April 2017
As we are so entrenched in the digital age, it seems logical that your hotel advertising should be as well. For many years hotels have relied on print marketing in newspapers, magazines or paper mailers to get their message to potential customers. There may still be a few hoteliers out there using these methods, when in fact, the benefits of Internet marketing for hotels greatly outweigh any other means of advertising. As a hotel owner/manager your goal is to increase room revenue. You want more “heads in beds”. To achieve this you need to think like the consumer and understand how they purchase goods and services. In this day and age, more and more people are on their mobile devices conducting research and comparing prices because it’s quick, easy and right in the palm of their hands. If you’re not in the digital world you are missing out on many opportunities to grab the attention of these users.

Latest Facebook Mobile Apps and What They Mean for Your Hotel

Lodging Interactive Blog· 6 April 2017
Social media marketing for hotels is ever changing and mobile usage is becoming the norm for searches and social interaction. At the forefront of these changes is Facebook Mobile Apps. With more than 1.65 billion active users, this global social media giant has changed the way people communicate and engage with each other. So it’s a natural progression that Facebook recently introduced the mobile app version of their two popular features, Facebook Events and Facebook Recommendations.


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