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Hyper-personalisation: all talk but little airline action, says McKinsey·Requires Registration ·15 November 2018
A stream of wake-up calls in McKinsey’s Travel & Logistics: Data Drives the Race for Customers report includes the dire fact that most major airlines struggle to provide customers with complete, easy to use digital services. Among the 25 major airlines it assessed, ‘none excelled’.

Hotel metasearch platforms have everything to play for, says a new report·Requires Registration ·14 November 2018
A new white paper from EyeforTravel finds that 73% of travellers regularly compare hotels, which are increasingly turning to the search giant for their marketing needs.

Press Releases - The State of Hospitality Distribution Report Series: Metasearch·Requires Registration ·14 November 2018
Metasearch Is critical to the travel research process now finds new report, with 94% of travelers reporting that they use metasearch when booking hotels and 73% doing so regularly.

Lost in machine translation? Call on Jeenie·Requires Registration ·13 November 2018
Travel can be stressful. From long-haul flights and lack of sleep to explaining your dietary requirements and negotiating ground transportation, the last thing you need is to get lost. Lost on the way to the hotel or, for that matter, lost in translation.

Thanks SAS, but not only travellers deserve simplicity!·Requires Registration ·12 November 2018
Business deserves simplicity too. In Stockholm airport Joerg Esser, who is no ‘extravagant freak’, was delivered a marketing message by Scandinavian Airlines that inspired him to expand on why.

How happy customers are revving the Busabout engine·Requires Registration · 1 November 2018
A hop-on-hop-off bus company is effectively using AI to aggregate and curate user-generated content to drive cost efficiencies and brand engagement.

3 tips for managing travel data breaches·Requires Registration ·30 October 2018
Since GDPR and the UK Data Protection Act 2018 came into effect in May there have been some high-profile airline data breaches. Data and cyber-security expert Keith Dewey shares some recent lessons.

APIs, AI, getting hyper-personal and the human touch·Requires Registration ·22 October 2018
Whether you are focused on data, technology, marketing or RM the message from Day 2 of EyeforTravel North America was that you need to understand the ‘why’.

Weird, dynamic, unpredictable': into the future with online travel·Requires Registration ·19 October 2018
From ‘dated’ industry comeback kids to the Google factor, and doing things differently with loyalty and personalisation, it is all happening in Las Vegas where EyeforTravel North America kicked of yesterday.

How EasyHotels is making a neat bed in budget·Requires Registration ·17 October 2018
As prices continue to rise in travel, the future looks bright for budget, and the future looks orange.

AI and why the lucky ones get to play musical chairs·Requires Registration ·16 October 2018
The artificial intelligence genie is out the bottle but it needs to learn kindness and sensitivity, but travel reps may not be the best people to learn from!

Deutsche Bahn builds start-up culture into its digital DNA·Requires Registration ·15 October 2018
How does an established megacorp like Deutsche Bahn (German Railways, DB) develop the toolkit needed to drive its next phase of growth in the rapidly digitalising travel market? For a start, its strategy includes teaming up with digital start-ups.

A free Friday video for the last mile to Las Vegas·Requires Registration ·12 October 2018
What are the most pressing issues facing travel marketers in a mobile and digital age? How to deliver a superior customer experience and delight your customers at every turn is the challenge facing marketers everywhere. But how do you achieve this in a mobile and digital age?

Expedia lets Google in on the voice action·Requires Registration ·11 October 2018
In the week that one of the world’s biggest OTAs adds Google Assistant to its voice offering, Pamela Whitby catches up with Expedia’s head of research

Ctrip: a force to be reckoned with·Requires Registration ·10 October 2018
It may not be the biggest, yet, but it is the world’s fastest growing OTA, and next year Ctrip will celebrate 20 years in business. To mark this significant milestone, EyeforTravel has published a comprehensive report detailing the impressive growth trajectory of China’s biggest online travel agency.

When marketing and RM walked into the sunset·Requires Registration · 8 October 2018
RM and marketing have typically been two distinct functions but with new ancillary fees, the drive towards personalisation and greater demand for clever merchandising, this is changing, writes Tom Bacon.

Mobile storytelling: the missing piece in the platform domination puzzle?·Requires Registration · 2 October 2018
There are online platforms for everything from digital media to retail, music and entertainment, but is the world now ready for a dedicated mobile storytelling platform?

Wedded to the mobile and making it work·Requires Registration ·27 September 2018
The battle to drive mobile engagement throughout the travel journey and connect with customers in an intelligent way is not won yet.

Words of wisdom for hotel distribution·Requires Registration ·27 September 2018
EyeforTravel recently interviewed distribution executives at Hyatt and Wyndham. Here is a snappy summary of just some of their insights.

Purpose of trip: it's time for airlines to get granular·Requires Registration ·24 September 2018
Travel purpose is sometimes categorised at a fairly high level – is the trip for ‘business’ or ‘leisure’?

How cruise liners are going high tech·Requires Registration ·17 September 2018
Scepticism there may be on the extent of millennials’ enthusiasm for cruise, despite lines’ expensive shopping sprees to kit their ships out with technology targeted at them. The US-based Cruise Lines International Association, however, has no doubts and certainly no one can deny that this travel sector is currently booming.

AI, machine learning, blockchain: for the many not the few·Requires Registration ·11 September 2018
Big, big data is needed to power worthy AI predictive models, but that is still a work in progress, says a former lead investor in Google DeepMind.

3 counterintuitive ways to drive smart travel conversions·Requires Registration ·10 September 2018
For almost every travel brand, the marketing and sales funnel is notoriously porous. Fickle consumers are known to hop from one site to another in the planning phase, and low numbers ultimately deliver those all-important bookings.

Customer-centricity: the new competitive edge for airline RM?·Requires Registration · 4 September 2018
Traditionally, revenue management has sought employees with expertise in pricing and economics if direct RM experience is unavailable. Understanding the basic economics of supply and demand, the application of price discrimination, different approaches to market segmentation, and the process flow of customer purchase decision-making, are all useful in forecasting flight demand, and allocation of scarce seats across different price points.

Distribution dilemmas, beastly rate parity and Google 'the travel company·Requires Registration ·30 August 2018
A day in the life of somebody dealing with hotel distribution involves fighting lot of fires. “I think distribution teams are becoming more like guardians for rate and inventory parity as we look at what is happening across channels overall,” says Inderpreet Banga, senior director, e-distribution and wholesale strategy, Wyndham, who will be speaking at EyeforTravel Las Vegas.

Is blockchain the golden ticket for tours and activities?·Requires Registration ·29 August 2018
“Blockchain is no more than a database so get over it,” says Mike Croucher, a travel industry veteran and the chief architect at Travelport. That is not to say, however, that Croucher, who has 34 years experience in IT in travel, including as head honcho of IT at British Airways, as well as in various roles at Galileo and Scandinavian Airlines, is not interested in the potential for blockchain.


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