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The Hotel Yearbook launches first-ever Special Edition on hotel technology

HYB ·10 September 2013
founded in 1972. HFTP also awards the only hospitality specific certifications for accounting and technology --the Certified Hospitality Accountant Executive (CHAE) and the Certified Hospitality Technology Professional (CHTP) designations. HFTP was founded in the USA as the National Association of Hotel Accountants. Visit

Hotel Yearbook teams up with Hsyndicate to publish special edition on the future of technology

HYB · 1 May 2013
founded in 1972. HFTP also awards the only hospitality specific certifications for accounting and technology --the Certified Hospitality Accountant Executive (CHAE) and the Certified Hospitality Technology Professional (CHTP) designations. HFTP was founded in the USA as the National Association of Hotel Accountants. For more information visit

The coming Asianization of the spa business

HYB ·By Ingo Schweder
Over the next decade, the global spa industry will be influenced more and more by trends emanating from Asia, writes Ingo Schweder, the CEO of Bangkok-based spa consultancy GOCO. Not to mention the fact that outbound travelers from that part of the world will account for an ever-growing proportion of the world's international tourists - and their expectations will be high.

Wellness: Five health needs of hotel guests

HYB ·By Sara Steward
Are hotels in tune with the health and well-being needs of their guests - especially those that have just arrived following a long and tiring journey ? Not always, says Sara Stewart, Managing Director of Jax Coco UK. By making five simple improvements in the things they offer their guests, hotels could make a real impact on their well-being - not to mention demonstrate their attentiveness.

Spas In North America In 2020 - An increasingly integral part of hotel development

HYB ·By Ralph Newman
As in the rest of the world, the spa industry will face some interesting challenges in the next decade in North America. How will the industry cope? How could it evolve? RALPH NEWMAN is the Chief Operating Officer of Rockville, Maryland-based WTS, a spa consultancy, and here he shares his insights with us on the outlook for the ten years to come.

Africa, luxury, power and responsibility

HYB ·By Christopher H. Cordey
Christopher H. Cordey, strategic foresight adviser and founding director of the Sustainable Luxury Forum, asks what role luxury companies play, and could play, in solving endemic environmental, economic and societal issues in emerging-market countries. Food for thought for key segments of the global hotel industry.

South Africa Situation Report

HYB ·By Michele de Witt
International tourist arrivals in South Africa are estimated to have increased by approximately 10.5% in the first seven months of the year (Overseas: +16.4%; Africa: +8.5%). Domestic tourism is estimated to account for about 70% of the total visitor market and about 35% of total tourism spend. Yet in spite of a weaker domestic economic outlook and moderating domestic visitor market, the South African hotel market has shown some evidence of a recovery in 2012.

What will it take to serve the needs of the spa consumer in 2020?

HYB ·By Alison Howland
That's the question we posed to Alison Howland, President of Spa Success Consultants in Palm Beach. To answer it, her systematic approach was to look at the special characteristics of each age segment, fast-forward to 2020, and visualize their future expectations. Here are the fascinating results of her thought process.

Engaging your employees in 2013

HYB ·By Steve Lawler
In the year ahead, hotel employees will have ever greater access to more and different ways of understanding their company's performance, culture and leadership, writes Steve Lawler, Managing Partner of St. Louis-based Opinions Incorporated. New social media technologies will catalyze changes in the relations not only between employers and employees, but also those between employees and guests. Engaging employees will therefore be a key objective for enlightened managers.

Americas Regional Outlook 2013

HYB ·By Horwath HTL
As the world's largest economy, much of what happens in the United States is felt worldwide. This is why there is great concern both in the US and elsewhere over the expanding size of this country's national debt, which has now topped US$ 16 trillion and is currently expected to climb higher. Given the recent election results, it appears that much of the gridlock experienced in Washington will continue. The looming "fiscal cliff", so often discussed these days, does not appear to be going away but rather becoming a reality if Congress does not act before the end of 2012 to avert a potential double-dip recession. Genuine concerns remain on the part of most economists that action needs to be taken quickly to cut the deficit spending and/or increase revenues, or the country could indeed experience a second recession, which may in fact be more severe than the last.

Global branding is dead. Micro-branding is next

HYB ·By Youri Sawerschel
For a generation or more, branding has been regarded as an absolute must by hotel marketing professionals. But have we focused on branding the right things? Youri Sawerschel of Geneva-based consultancy bridge.over thinks maybe we have been missing an opportunity. Often in the hotel industry, branding is perceived as the "art of putting a logo everywhere." By placing their logos on every napkin, pen, bathrobe and amenity, hotel brands have become so ubiquitous that they have somewhat lost their soul and uniqueness.

Exploring the terrain of 2023 in 2013

HYB ·By Woody Wade
More and more hotel companies are turning to a technique called scenario planning to help them visualize how their future "business landscape" could develop over time. According to Woody Wade, author of the recently published book "Scenario Planning : A Field Guide to the Future", this creative yet logically structured approach allows companies to envisage alternative ways their competitive environment could realistically unfold, enabling them to shape more flexible long-term strategies today.

Online Travel Agencies: the empire strikes back ?

HYB ·By Peter O'Connor
What can the hotel industry expect to see in the rapidly evolving OTA arena in 2013 ? We asked Prof. Peter O'Connor, the Academic Director of the MBA in Hospitality Management at France's prestigious ESSEC Business School and a sharp observer of this market, for his thoughts on the coming year's possible developments.

2013 Europe Outlook for the hotel industry in key European markets - Horwath HTL

According to HORWATH HTL, 2013 will be a year when most European hotel markets finally emerge from the doldrums they have been in for the past 4 years. That's not to say the situation will be rosy - far from it. But the indicators are looking better than they have for quite some time. To get an idea of the outlook in the key markets across the continent, The Hotel Yearbook asked 13 different offices of Horwath's international network to contribute their professional assessment of where we are and where we are going.
Article by

Interview with Steigenberger's CEO Puneet Chhatwal: We have to meet the demands of future generations

HYB ·27 February 2013
Following a meteoric career in development at Rezidor, Puneet Chhatwal was named the new CEO of Germany's renowned Steigenberger Hotels AG in September 2012. The Hotel Yearbook contacted Puneet just after his appointment was announced and asked him to share his thoughts on the outlook for the hotel business and his plans for the company, in both the short and long term.

The view from the top

HYB ·By Gene Ference
Employee engagement and guest interaction have been key elements of the success of the Dorchester Collection under the leadership of its CEO Chris Cowdray. To find out more about the ideas and values behind his winning management style, Dr. Gene Ference, President of Ference Leadership & Strategy and Center for Survey Research sat with Chris on behalf of The Hotel Yearbook and talked about the role of a leader in hospitality - and what we might expect in 2013.

The Future of Spa - Lisa's wonderful world

HYB ·By Susie Ellis
How could spa develop between now and 2020? What trends are at play, and how could they influence the shape of the business a decade from now? We asked SUSIE ELLIS, President of SpaFinder in New York and the founder of the Global Spa & Wellness Summit, to gaze into the future and describe the scenarios she sees. Her ideas make for some fascinating food for thought.

2013 Outlook for Hotel Business in Key Asian Markets - By Horwath HTL

HYB ·22 February 2013
Horwath's 2013 Outlook for Hotel Business in Key Asian Markets includes coverage of China, Singapore, Japan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailans, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Myanmar, Philipines and Vietnam. Horwath HTL is the the world's number one hospitality consulting firm and are the industry choice; a global firm offering complete solutions, in markets both local and international.

Africa Outlook: Better and better and better

HYB ·By Trevor Ward
Trevor Ward, Managing Director of Lagos-based W Hospitality Group, has been one of the Hotel Yearbook's perennial contributors - truly "our man in Africa". Here once again, he casts his eye for us on the continent's prospects in 2013.

Size matters

HYB ·By Nicolas Graf
In 2013, size will matter even more for hotel chains, writes Nicolas Graf of France's ESSEC Business School. The Hotel Yearbook asked him to explain why, and how he expects the hotel chains will achieve it.

2013 Edition of The Hotel Yearbook Analyzes Near-Term Outlook in 30 Markets and Looks at the Spa Industry in 2020

HYB ·25 January 2013
Lausanne, Switzerland - January 25, 2013 - The Hotel Yearbook, published by Lausanne, Switzerland-based Wade & Company, a hospitality strategy consulting firm, announced the launch of its 2013 edition available January XX, 2013. More than 50 hotel operators, owners, analysts, and C-level executives based around the world contributed a wide range of analysis, views and opinions on key trends expected to impact the hotel industry in the year ahead.In addition, a special supplement - Spa 2020 - brings together leading executives from the spa industry to conjecture on the future of this exciting part of the hospitality business a decade from n ow.The 2013 edition - The Hotel Yearbook's seventh - is available in print and digital versions. The digital edition can be read online or downloaded in PDF format. The 140-page print edition can also be ordered online. Both offer the identical content.High-level perspective on this year's industry trends"Senior managers and experts from all over the world use The Hotel Yearbook to describe the trends and developments that they believe will impact the performance of the hotel industry in the next 12 months," said Woody Wade, founder and publisher. "The depth and breadth of their analysis and ideas is outstanding."Joining the line-up of editorial contributors this year are Chris Cowdray, CEO of The Dorchester Group, Puneet Chhatwal, recently named CEO of Steigenberger Hotels, Giovanni Angelini, former CEO of Shangri-La Hotels, Susie Ellis, President of SpaFinder, faculty members from Lausanne and ESSEC, as well as senior consultants from 27 offices of Horwath HTL, who each prepared insider country outlook reports exclusively for The Hotel Yearbook.For more information, to download sample articles, or to buy The Hotel Yearbook 2013 in its entirety, please visit:
Article by Maria Rosa Barcia

Condominium Hotels in Spain

HYB · 9 March 2012
In Spain, "Aparthotels" have typically followed the traditional hotel operation, a formula well adapted primarily to a high Spanish demand, as well as foreigners' demand when in Spain.Condo-hotels saw their first real development in the USA, and the model was soon a winner in France. They should not be confused with timeshare, however, where the owner owns a "piece" or percentage of an apartment, along with other owners who own their "piece" as well. Timeshare is part ownership of a particular space in time each year, and the owner may use that apartment for a contracted number of weeks, or exchange his time for a similar timeshare in another destination. This type of owner does not receive any income from the rental of "his" apartment. In traditional Apartment Hotels, the building has one owner, and the apartments are rented out much as is done in a hotel.
Article by Ulrike Glueck and Hugh Zhou

2012 Legal Issues for Hotels In China: Flexibility on the horizon

HYB · 9 March 2012
What will be the key legal issues facing the hotel industry in China next year? We asked Dr. Ulrike Glueck (pictured) , Managing Partner of the Shanghai office of the international law firm CMS, and her Senior Associate Hugh Zhou, to share their expectations with The Hotel Yearbook. What will be the key legal issues facing the hotel industry in China next year? We asked Dr. Ulrike Glueck (pictured) , Managing Partner of the Shanghai office of the international law firm CMS, and her Senior Associate Hugh Zhou, to share their expectations with The Hotel Yearbook.
Article by Tom Page

2012 Legal Issues

HYB · 9 March 2012
As OTAs (online travel agents) have become bigger and more powerful, they have not only drawn fire from the hotel industry but have also been scrutinized in terms of their impact on competition, and this will certainly remain a hot topic in 2012. We asked Tom Page, Head of the Hotel & Leisure Groupfor London-based CMS Cameron McKenna LLP, to give Hotel Yearbook readers an overview of the issues.
Article by Michaela Papenhoff

Smart hospitality IT: inspiring new ways to communicate

HYB · 2 March 2012
Revenue management, social media, IT and communication are tightly linked together, says Michaela Papenhoff, Managing Director of Dusseldorf-based consulting firm h2c. She recommends using the year 2012 to gather the information you need about these rapidly evolving services so that investment decisions can be made for 2013 and beyond.
Article by Dexter Moren

Expectations for key design trends in London Hotels

HYB · 2 March 2012
The 2012 Olympic Games are giving London the impetus to complete a number of hotel projects - which in turn is giving interior designers the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity in some interesting new spaces. Dexter Moren, Director at London-based design practice Dexter Moren Associates, shares his expectations for the key design trends he sees for the year ahead in this dynamic hotel market.


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