With Brexit Looming, The UK Hospitality Industry Must Invest To Retain Talent, Study Suggests

13 November 2018


With two-thirds of hospitality works planning on quitting their jobs in the near-future, but what can be done ahead of Brexit to retain employees?

Invest in your staff in order to retain them is the clear message to employers in the hospitality industry in light of new research from Caterer.com. A survey of 21,000 global hospitality workers released today reveals that two thirds (65 per cent) of hospitality workers plan on quitting their jobs in the near future. Worryingly, over half of those workers (59 per cent) plan on moving in the next six months.

The research explored the key attributes which tempt hospitality workers to explore new pastures. Findings demonstrate that career progression is the most important factor (16 per cent) showing employees want long term prospects within a company. Surprisingly, salary (14 per cent) came in second, followed closely by training & development (13 per cent) - showing staff want to feel invested in by their employers.

"The industry is facing increased staffing and recruitment pressures due in part to uncertainty ahead of Brexit."

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