New HTNG White Paper: Blockchain for Hospitality

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19 October 2018
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The hospitality industry has limited knowledge of blockchain technologies, including technical capabilities, variations in form, governance models, use cases and where it may or may not provide value to hospitality enterprises.

Over the past 12 months, HTNG's Blockchain for Hospitality Workgroup has created a white paper to establish a practical knowledge framework for hospitality business leaders and the technology vendor community, as well as to assess where blockchain can be applicable in hospitality.

Sections of this white paper discuss:

  • What is blockchain and why does it matter
  • The difference between private and public blockchains
  • How blockchain works
  • Technical limitations and challenges to overcome before blockchain can be widely adopted
  • Potential general use cases and use cases specific to the hospitality industry

Next Steps: HTNG's Blockchain for Hospitality Workgroup will host a webinar series from November 2018 - January 2019 to provide additional relevant educational materials to help the industry stay current on blockchain developments.

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