How Hotels Need to Balance the Amenities We Want Versus Those We Actually Use

21 September 2018

Our anticipated use of certain hotel amenities is often greater than our actual use, according to the findings of a new study from the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration's Center for Hospitality Research.

More often than not, researchers found, guests expect to use certain amenities such as an alarm clock, spa, and in-room dining than they actually do use them. And for other amenities, such as lobby seating, valet parking, and concierge service, guests tend to underestimate their use.

To calculate anticipated versus actual use of amenities, researchers gathered data from a total of 724 guests who stayed at 33 different hotels in the U.S., operated by six different hotel brands that are all owned by the same undisclosed hotel company. The six brands included one upscale hotel brand, two upper upscale brands, and three luxury hotel brands.

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