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22 August 2018

MDG Advertising

What is the return on investment of your social media efforts? Are your audiences taking the right actions on the right platforms? Which social tactics are truly helping your brand achieve its marketing and sales goals?

Even now, many years into social media having become nearly ubiquitous, these seemingly simple questions continue to vex many firms. In fact, according to a recent survey, only 23% of senior marketers say they can quantitatively determine the impact of their social efforts.

Often these struggles are rooted in the belief that measuring social media ROI is a nearly impossible task, involving endless measurement and analysis.

The truth is that it is relatively easy and is achievable for firms of all sizes. MDG Advertising's new infographic, How to Measure Social Media ROI: A 4-Step Plan for Marketers, outlines a clear approach you can take to determine the impact of your engagements across platforms.

Check out the infographic to find out how your brand can measure its social media return on investment using a simple four‑step process:

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