HFTP CEO Frank Wolfe Honored as Most Influential Hospitality Association CEO 2018

Honor awarded by AI Global Media, a European Digital Media Publication

25 July 2018


Frank I. Wolfe, CEO for Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP®), was recognized as Most Influential Association CEO 2018 in Hospitality by the European-based corporate finance publication Acquisition International (AI). Published by AI Global Media, AI is a monthly magazine that seeks to inform and shape the global corporate conversation through a combination of high quality editorial rigorous research and an experienced and dedicated worldwide network of advisors experts and contributors.

"This is truly an honor, but is really a testament to our talented staff as well as the HFTP Global Board of Directors and our Executive Committee. The past few years have been marked by significant progress for HFTP, as we have established long-planned events that place us as an internationally influential organization. This honor is a notable recognition for all the efforts we have put in," says Mr. Wolfe. "We have also made available our signature services such as quality education and resources to the global hospitality finance and technology community. I am proud that our efforts have been recognized by such an esteemed publication, but I also know that we have much more to accomplish."

Recipients of the brand new honor are internally researched, shortlisted, judged and selected. The publication's in-house research team looks into the global industry thoroughly in order to determine those most deserving of the accolade. Some factors the team takes into consideration include the nominee's significant achievements over the past calendar year, company and career profile, commitment towards innovation and company performance under the individual's leadership.

Wolfe has been with HFTP since March 1991, and assumed the CEO position in 1994. He has overseen the positive evolution and growth of the association. Under Wolfe, HFTP has made a number of bold moves towards global expansion, new club conferences, and many organized clusters of members around the world. In 2017, HFTP also expanded its Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC®), the largest hospitality technology conference brand in the world with two additional events in Europe and Dubai, in addition to its annual North American event. He also spearheaded the hospitality-specific search site Pineapplesearch.com and HFTP news sites, topic specific sites for hospitality finance, technology, club, food and beverage, GDPR and the HFTP association.

To read more about Frank Wolfe, including articles he has written, visit his bio page on the HFTP web site. For more information about HFTP, visit www.hftp.org.

About HFTP

Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP®), established in 1952, is a hospitality nonprofit association headquartered in Austin, Texas USA with offices in Hong Kong, United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Dubai. HFTP is recognized as the spokes group for the finance and technology segments of the hospitality industry with an international network of members and stakeholders. HFTP uniquely understands the industry's pressing issues, and assists its stakeholders in finding solutions to their challenges more efficiently than any organization. HFTP offers expert networks, educational resources, career development programs, research, leadership opportunities and conferences and events. HFTP produces international events throughout the year, including the world's largest hospitality technology tradeshow and conference brand: HITEC. The association also owns the world's only hospitality-specific search engine: PineappleSearch.com®. For more information about HFTP, visit www.hftp.org.For the latest news, visit the HFTP News page at news.hftp.org and the HFTP Connect blog at blog.hftp.org.

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