Free webinar: Your Data Security in a Post-GDPR World

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11 July 2018

One and a half months after the recent GDPR regulations went into effect, and we are all still in tact. No major shakeups and no doomsday scenarios that we were all dreading. Lucky for hotels, since many have realized that they are still not GDPR compliant.

It is no surprise. Hotels use a plethora of different software, all of which store guest data in various formats. How could hotels possibly keep track of all this data in a way where they could provide it back to the guest, or worse, delete all the guest's data upon request?

dailypointTM is launching an all new webinar on July 13th to help hotels navigate their data in this new, post-GDPR era. In it, Michael Toedt, Managing Partner and CEO at dailypointTM will explain:

  • What the new GDPR regulations are
  • What the implications are for hotels
  • Best practices for hotels to handle the requirements
  • How to simplify compliance with all your data in one, centrally managed source

The webinar will take place on July 13th at 10am CEST in German and at 11:30am CEST in English. Register now, as space is limited.

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Michael Toedt

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