Corinthia Hotel London Is Offering Guests A Look Into The Future

16 April 2018 external

Getting noticed in the ever more crowded field of luxury and lifestyle hotels is very, very hard. There are of course deals, such as fourth night free, room upgrades, free breakfasts and spa credits. But, what about people who aren't just looking for a deal? Hotels try everything from bringing in a Michelin chef to a popular food truck for a pop-up restaurant. In the spa, the more obscure the better. You'll find treatments using everything from chocolate to caviar and stuff you wouldn't want to read about if you happen to be sipping a coffee. And a normal butler is no longer enough. Let's try a bath butler, or a technology butler, anything to get a bit of PR. Whether most of these things actually are of interest to travelers is up for debate.

The former general manager of a Four Seasons hotel once told me, "What guests really want is a nice, spotless room, a good bed, fast WiFi, and coffee that's hot and a croissant that's still warm and flaky when it's delivered by room service." I tend to agree, so out of the dozens of press releases that hit my inbox daily, virtually all of them are deleted after reading the headline. Sure it's nice that your pastry chef handcrafted some type of delights exclusively from artisan, locally sourced, farm to table ingredients and they are being served on china designed by a local artist who previously only worked with billionaires and royalty.

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