The Queen Mary Opens Up Its Haunted Hotel Suite For An Overnight Ghostly Experience

16 April 2018 external

The Queen Mary once labeled as one of the "Top 10 most haunted places on Earth" by Time Magazine, has launched its famously haunted Stateroom B340 for overnight guests starting this month. The first time I visited the ship I personally felt its ghostly vibe and was eager to explore areas previously not made available to visitors.

The infamous stateroom has a large number of recorded paranormal activity with numerous stories of haunted encounters recorded in the ship's logs. Its dramatic history proves many lives were lost aboard the ship adding to the mystery of the famed ship.

When WWII began in 1939, the Queen Mary was converted into a transport ship for Allied troops and was nicknamed "The Grey Ghost." Throughout the war, she transported 800,000 troops to Europe and in 1942 while carrying 10,000 troops she collided with her escort, the HMS Curacoa slicing it in half. Because of the threat of the enemy nearby, the Queen Mary was forced to leave the 239 crew and ship to perish beneath the sea. The Queen Mary was retired in 1967 after failing to attract popularity due to the advancements in air travel.

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