Removing The PMS Nightmare: How One Hotel Set Up a New PMS and Fully Integrated Revenue Management Tool in A Matter Of Minutes

19 February 2018
apaleo GmbH

Ask many hoteliers about their biggest technology headaches, and they will tell you about the painful procedure of setting up their PMS. It is an expensive process where the set up alone can take months, sometimes even years. And, once set up, many hotels find that other core software does not integrate. Most often, this is due to legacy software with on-site installations, complicated interfaces, and limited features. But even PMSs that boast cloud-based solutions tend to have a complicated set up and onboarding process. It leaves hotels stuck – on the one hand, they want a new and better solution, on the other hand, they don't have the time to invest in such complicated setups.

One hotel, unsatisfied with its current setup, decided it was time to make a change and searched for a better way.

Hotel Uhland, an independent property located in the heart of Munich's city center, struggled with its legacy PMS. The system itself was clunky and did not offer simple, integrated solutions for managing rates, channel management, and more. The team was spending too much time and manual work on its pricing, taking away from time that they could be spending with guests.

Susanna Wörle, General Manager of the hotel, notes, "We are a rather small team with a very personal touch to the guests. A challenge we are facing is positioning our unique offering on the competitive Munich market. Technology is playing a critical role to stay in the race. But as a small team it has become nearly impossible for us to deal with the increasing complexities integrating the tools we really need."

Wörle began her search for a flexible PMS that could be set up quickly and could easily connect to core revenue management tools. Her goal was to find a solution to optimize the hotel's rates using data like competitors' rates, events, historical data and business on the books, without manual work and the possibility of human errors.

After extensive research, she settled on apaleo, a fully cloud-based PMS with a pre-integrated marketplace of applications in a variety of hotel software categories. Through the apaleo marketplace, Wörle selected Hotellistat for its revenue management tool, which provides a simple drag-and-drop interface to adjust prices and update rates in the apaleo PMS.

To Wörle's surprise, the entire set up was a breeze. She notes, "It is amazing how easily we can manage our prices with Hotellistat – not to mention that the rates are automatically updated in our apaleo PMS and synchronized with our OTAs without a channel manager. Because Hotellistat is pre-integrated with apaleo, the setup was done in less than one hour."

With numerous comparison and filter options, Wörle and her team were able to analyse the price of room per category, length of stay, occupancy, cancellation policies and included services. What's more, by a simple drag-and-drop, Hotel Uhland can adjust prices to its competitors' rates. And with a click of a button, optimize and update rates into the apaleo PMS, saving countless hours of work without the need to hire additional staff.

Download the entire case study here.

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About apaleo

Hotels need the right technology and systems to manage all the complexities of their business. At the core of these systems is the property management system (PMS), which manages hotel inventory and reservations, rates, accounting, invoicing and payments, and more. Then there are all the additional systems like CRM, CRS, upselling, review monitoring, distribution and channel management, forecasting, business intelligence reporting, and so forth. Hoteliers rely on all these tools yet struggle because many of them don't integrate.

apaleo's PMS platform connects all these systems quickly and seamlessly. As the first PMS which is purely based on a fully open 2-way API, hotels can grant applications access to all the information stored in apaleo, as well as allow them to write back data to the PMS. apaleo's public API allows hoteliers to innovate without major risks, integration hassles, long wait times and hidden fees. Developers and software vendors can easily connect to apaleo, and hotels can even develop their own, custom apps with ease. Applications are housed in the apaleo Store, opening the possibilities for hotels to connect to pre-integrated, innovative apps - guest facing or staff facing - with one click. Learn more at

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