Omni-Channel Guest Messaging and Engagement Solution Released at HITEC 2017

Integrations with Facebook Messenger and a new SDK give hoteliers cutting-edge tools and channels to connect with guests and improve social standing.

26 June 2017
Benbria’s Loop® Guest Engagement Solution Now Integrates with Over 60 Hotel Property Management Systems.

Toronto, Canada – Benbria® Corporation, the makers of the industry-leading Loop® mobile guest engagement solution for hotels, unveiled enhancements to its product suite at HITEC 2017 as part of its Loop® 2.0 release.

These new enhancements serve several purposes: to make it easier for guests to communicate with hotels on their preferred messaging channels using their mobile devices; to help hotels improve their social ranking by increasing the number of positive reviews received; and to enable hotels to develop an omni-channel approach to messaging across multiple customer touchpoints.

Integration with Facebook Messenger

With Loop Messenger™, hotel guests have always been able to send hotel staff messages via SMS text and web-based messaging, but as a result of this update, they are now able to connect via Facebook Messenger as well. All the guest needs to do is click the "Message" button on the hotel's Facebook page to begin a conversation. At that point, the Loop® bot asks the guests a few simple questions in order to acquire the information needed to log their message. The Loop Inbox provides a unified messaging experience, allowing hoteliers to receive and respond to all guest messages from a single solution, regardless of message source or format.

Loop® SDK

The new Loop® SDK allows hotels to integrate Loop® into any guest-facing interface connected to the internet. It enables hotels to use messaging and ordering regardless of technology that is being used now or will be used in the future.

Whether a hotel's guest engagement strategy involves a native app, a need for basic web-based messaging, texting, or integration with physical devices such as kiosks or in-room tablets, the Loop SDK allows guests to communicate in real time using the industry's first omni-channel solution.

"Omni-channel is a term the retail industry has used for years to describe the delivery of a consistent brand experience across multiple customer touchpoints," said James Geneau, Head of Marketing at Benbria. "With our new Loop® SDK, we are bringing that same ideology to messaging within the hospitality industry. Whether you want to incorporate real-time messaging and ordering into a native app, or want basic texting and Facebook Messenger management from a single inbox, Loop® 2.0 is flexible and scalable, and can be incorporated into any guest-facing channel."

Benbria will showcase these and other new features in Loop® 2.0 at the booths of a variety of strategic and technology partners — including Digital Alchemy®, Mitel®, and Verizon® — during HITEC 2017 in Toronto.

Loop®, by Benbria Corporation, is a mobile messaging and engagement solution that helps brands to enhance the customer experience. Leveraging the customer"s preferred choice of communications — texting, web chat, native app, email and kiosk — Loop® allows customers to communicate directly with a brand to make requests, resolve issues and share their experience before, during and after their visit. Closing the loop through on-the-spot staff action helps brands to improve customer satisfaction, save at-risk customers, increase revenue and drive long-term loyalty. For more information, visit

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