The Hotel Yearbook announces first-ever publication dedicated to sustainability; partners with IUBH’s Prof. Willy Legrand as Guest Editor in Chief

30 November 2016
Hotel Yearbook 2018 - Sustainable Hospitality

For the first time in its 11-year-old history, the publication The Hotel Yearbook will launch a special edition focused entirely on sustainability in the hotel industry. Featuring editorial contributions submitted by some 50 internationally respected senior executives, consultants and academics, this edition will examine trends and challenges that the hotel industry faces as it explores and implements ways to operate more effectively as green enterprises. Spearheading the project as guest editor is Prof. Willy Legrand, a leading expert on corporate environmental management.

Lausanne, Switzerland – 25 November 2016 – Over the last few years, hotel companies have made a determined effort to deal with the impact their business activities have on the environment and communities. Both international hospitality chains and small hotel businesses recognize the tangible benefits in being proactive in mitigating environmental and societal impacts, including real efficiency gains and an enhanced corporate reputation. And in the hospitality industry, as in all industries, a good reputation cannot be bought, it must be earned.

In June 2017, The Hotel Yearbook will address these issues by publishing its first special edition focused on sustainable hospitality. Along the same lines as previous editions of The Hotel Yearbook, this special edition gathers the thoughts and research from a wide-ranging group of senior executives, analysts, consultants and opinion leaders from all over the world to ask, "What lies ahead for the global hotel industry in light of the ever-changing and challenging environmental, societal and economic dimensions?"

Covering topics ranging from decentralized energy production alternatives to on-site waste management technologies; from the use of passive solar design to impacts of green technology usage; from sustainable food systems to the evolving nature of corporate responsibility strategies; this publication will be an essential read to everyone involved in the hospitality industry.

Functioning as Guest Editor in Chief of this new edition is Dr. Willy Legrand,

Professor of Hospitality Management at the IUBH School of Business and Management in Bad Honnef - Bonn, Germany. Prof. Legrand's academic background combines studies in geography and hospitality management with a master's level specialization in corporate environmental management. Prof. Legrand then obtained his PhD from Manchester Metropolitan University. He has worked in the hospitality industry in Canada and Germany, before joining the International University Bad Honnef (IUBH) where he lectures on sustainable hospitality development and management, hospitality facilities management and marketing at undergraduate and graduate levels. He is also a visiting professor at reputable universities in Singapore, India, Dubai, France, Peru and the United States.

"Whether motivated by potential cost savings, improving their corporate image, the possibility of increasing market share, or through purely intrinsic motives, the hospitality industry is joining the unprecedented mobilization across the globe in mitigating negative environmental impacts and facing the many societal challenges ahead," states Prof. Legrand. "We aim to make The Hotel Yearbook 2017 - Sustainable Hospitality the prime source of information on current and future sustainability best practices".

"We're very pleased to welcome Willy Legrand in his special role as Guest Editor in Chief of this new publication," said Woody Wade, founder and co-publisher of The Hotel Yearbook. "The subject is of vital – and still growing – importance to the hotel industry, and Prof. Legrand has the perfect credentials and experience to reach out to opinion leaders all over the world and put together a volume presenting their valuable ideas and expectations."

"Sustainability is a key challenge for the industry, and our new edition will address it in all its facets," said Henri Roelings, founder & CEO of Hsyndicate, and co-publisher of The Hotel Yearbook. "With around 50 editorial contributors, it will surely be a must-read publication for anyone making these important decisions – whether within a single hotel or at group level."

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