The Marriott deal isn’t done; it’s only beginning

26 September 2016 (HNN)

It’s taken nearly a year to get from point A in Marriott International’s acquisition of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide (last November’s announcement) to point B (today’s official word that the deal is done).

But wait a second—that word, “done.”

Nothing’s “done” yet. Sure, papers have been signed, some details are set, but the hardest part has just begun, and the real news will happen over the next few months, even years, as these companies come together.

So many times over the past year we have heard executives from both companies say variations on the same lines: “It’s business as usual for now” and “We can’t begin to merge X and Y until the deal is actually done.”

Well, it’s go time, Marriott.

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