hospitalityPulse to Unveil Room Assignment Tools for Waitlists and Mobile Check-in at ITB Berlin

NEW pulseQueue and pulseMobile match room-feature requests with optimal rooms available for guests waiting to be assigned a room remotely or upon arrival; Visit Hall 10.1 / 112a at the Messe Berlin Exhibition Grounds March 9 to 12

8 March 2016

Santa Cruz, Calif., and Berlin, Germany -- hospitalityPulse, the technology leader in automated room-assignment solutions, will be unveiling two products this week at ITB Berlin that significantly enhance traditional and mobile check-in processes for hotel guests. pulseQueue is a check-in solution for the front desk that automates the wait-list process; when guests are ready to be assigned a room but rooms aren't ready for guests, pulseQueue goes to work. Functioning in tandem with pulseQueue is pulseMobile, a mobile tool that leverages the room assignment and queue-handling process to assign rooms checking in online based on the features guests' requested at the time of booking. Both solutions will be on display at the Messe Berlin Exhibition Grounds March 9 to 12 in Hall 10.1 / 112a.

"It's quite common for guests to arrive at the hotel expecting to check in to their rooms, but the rooms are either not vacant, not clean or not yet inspected for a number of reasons; perhaps guests arrived early or they checked in online prior to arrival, at which time not many rooms were available," said Pierre Boettner, HospitalityPulse CEO. "pulseQueue and pulseMobile monitor all rooms that become available and then match those rooms with reservations that are held within the pre-check queue. Guests waiting in queue are automatically assigned the most optimal room, based on guest value and time spent in queue. Then, front desk staff and guests are notified automatically by the system."

Although many mobile check-in solutions provide nice functionality to the guest, few resolve or improve the workload for front-desk staff after mobile check in has been requested.

"Mobile check in is intended to eliminate the need for guests to wait in long lines at the front desk just to obtain a room key," Boettner said. "While this process may alleviate stress and time for travelers upon arrival, it actually increases the workload at the desk because rooms still need to be assigned. Sure, hoteliers can text room numbers to guests when they check-in remotely, but they still have to deal with the issue of queue assignments and optimally finding available room types matching their booking requests. Until now, this has been the missing piece of the mobile room-assignment puzzle."

pulseQueue solves conflicts that arise from front desk agents directly competing with queued arrivals for available rooms, he said.

"When there aren't enough rooms available for pending check-ins, or when rooms that are available do not match guests' requests, it's a significant problem," Boettner said. "Guests will not be happy that the rooms they are walking into are not the room types they requested and expected. Although guests may perceive an early arrival or a mobile check in as an advantage, it may quickly prove to be a disadvantage when their requests can't be fulfilled. Only after guests complain do front desk staff rush last minute to accommodate their original requests. pulseQueue and pulseMobile remove these issues altogether."

Hoteliers looking to heighten guest service, boost satisfaction scores, increase loyalty and raise revenues should experience pulseQueue and pulseMobile at ITB Berlin. Both solutions complement the company's legacy solutions, roomPulse and pulseLink.

roomPulse is the first real hospitality solution that dynamically optimizes each room assignment in real time, all the time. pulseLink, an extension of roomPulse that is designed to reduce the amount of time front desk staff spend searching for rooms during check in. It solves all possible movements based on reservation requirements, reservation and guest value and room availabilities, resulting in more optimal upgrades being granted to the right guests. It defragments the inventory, provides clarity of available rooms, and facilitates better upselling. More importantly, roomPulse reduces costs, increases guest satisfaction and revenues, and it makes employee tasks a lot easier too.

pulseLink is designed to automatically select the most optimal room available at the moment of check in directly within the PMS reservation screen. It enables agents to easily find and hold other rooms or increase the hold to have more time more time to offer an upsell.

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hospitalityPulse was designed by hotel technology and operations veterans tackling one of the most difficult problems hotels are facing: room assignment and its direct effect on guest satisfaction. Our patent-pending optimization algorithms, combined with an intuitive user interface enable hoteliers to assign the optimal room for every guest, every time, with consistent efficiency. Using the multi-dimensional FIRE engine, hoteliers can rely on providing the booker with the trueAvailabilityTM of room and feature combinations on the dates selected. roomPulse dynamically optimizes each room assignment in real-time, all the time. Visit us at

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