Webinar: How to Select a Hotel Revenue Management System

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7 March 2016
Starfleet Research

It's no wonder that hotels and resorts are coming to embrace the technology solutions that enable next-generation revenue management with unprecedented zeal. Yet, implementation of the right solution is only half the battle, and getting from here to there can be a daunting task for even the largest, most sophisticated hoteliers.

  • What key concepts are important to keep in mind with next-generation revenue management?
  • What buying considerations should influence the purchase decision?
  • How can properties maximize the value of the investment?
  • How can they drive continuous performance improvement?

Jeff Zabin, Research Director at Starfleet Research and an expert on benchmarking best practices in hospitality technology, will address these and many other key questions in a live webinar this Thursday. He will explain how top-performing hotels and resorts are achieving their desired business objectives with a new breed of revenue management solutions, based on the latest industry research.

Eric Stoessel, Vice President of Marketing at Duetto, will share his perspective on the benefits of a next-generation solution for maximizing hotel profitability. He will also share how success can be measured and provide examples of revenue management in action.

When: Thursday, March 10, 2016, 9 PST/Noon EST

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