The Hotel Yearbook 2036 breaks new ground, looks 20 years into the future

24 February 2016
The Hotel Yearbook 2036

Wade & Co., the Swiss-based publisher of The Hotel Yearbook, an annual compendium of expert opinion and insights on the future of the hotel industry, announces a brand new publication, and a radical departure from its normal format: The Hotel Yearbook 2036.

Instead of focusing on the near-term developments expected to have an impact on the industry's fortunes, The Hotel Yearbook 2036 will break completely new ground, taking a giant leap 20 years into the future.

"This new edition is like no other book ever published about the hotel industry," said author Woody Wade, who founded the Hotel Yearbook series in 2007. Written from the viewpoint of the year 2036, the book presents dozens of 'eyewitness reports' from the future: interviews conducted with fictitious hotel industry executives, consultants, experts – and guests – who all describe the world of 2036 from their own perspective, and in doing so, illuminate the dramatic changes that hotel companies had to confront between 2016 and 2036 to succeed. "By pretending that we are already in the future, and letting a number of movers and shakers from the year 2036 tell the story 'in their own words'," says Wade, "the reader gets some eye-opening insights about how the hotel business might evolve over the next 20 years."

"Looking 'back' from the vantage point of the year 2036, this book is able to posit some fascinating ideas about how the world, and the industry, might develop," said Frank Wolfe, CEO of Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP), the publication's main partner. "It's fiction – but plausible. And entertaining, too."

"The Hotel Yearbook 2036 gives us a peek forward at what's to come," said Michael Levie, COO of citizenM Hotels. "Twenty years ago, the dictionary didn't include 'OTA'; WiFi connectivity was just a discussion; phones were merely for talking… Much can change in two decades, and this book highlights some fascinating possibilities." The Hotel Yearbook 2036 is made available as a free download exclusively via HFTP's new

Henri Roelings, Founder & CEO of Hsyndicate, and co-publisher of The Hotel Yearbook, agrees: "If you work in the hotel industry, The Hotel Yearbook 2036 is one of the most imaginative – and thought-provoking – books you will read."

To say "Thank you" for making The Hotel Yearbook a success for ten years in a row, this very special 2036 edition is available free of charge as an e-book at

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