Hotel Yearbook 2015 explores the future of the hotel business

16 January 2015
Hotel Yearbook 2015

The Hotel Yearbook and Hsyndicate announce the publication of The Hotel Yearbook 2015, the 9th edition in this series, first published in 2007. Made up of editorial contributions written exclusively for The Hotel Yearbook by some 70 experts and opinion leaders from around the world, the publication focuses on the future of the hotel industry and the trends and innovative ideas that will have an impact on its development.

In addition to insightful articles and interviews featuring such highly respected industry leaders as Giovanni Angelini (former Shangri-La CEO), Vivek Badrinath (Deputy CEO of Accor), and Nicholas Clayton (CEO, Group Operations, at Jumeirah), this year's edition includes thought-provoking foresight from futurists Rohit Talwar and Ian Yeoman, and a round-up of key issues for 2015 from Cornell professors Glenn Withiam and Rohit Verma.

Rounding out the contents is an extensive series of mini-country reports written and compiled by the consultants of Horwath HTL from arounf the world. Each report gives a brief snapshot of the country's hotel business landscape in 2014 and then an insider's perspective on the outlook for 2015 and beyond – key developments anticipated, changes in the regulatory environment, expected moves by the market's most important players, etc. Altogether, 49 different markets are described, from the USA and China to Peru, Namibia and the Maldives.

Electronic distribution

The Hotel Yearbook 2015 is an e-book, available not only at the Hotel Yearbook web site ( but also via Hsyndicate's 25+ online channels. In addition, it is being distributed to the members of such organizations as HFTP, HSMAI and EHMA, as well as to the students, faculty and alumni of leading schools of hospitality management.

Focus is squarely on the future

The Hotel Yearbook's founder and publisher, Woody Wade, said, "The world is changing fast – we all know that. But how will it change for the hotel business? Since The Hotel Yearbook was first published nine years ago, its aim has always been to present the expectations and insights of leaders and experts who know the hotel business well, and give readers an opportunity to think about future industry scenarios that are developing."

Henri Roelings, President of Hsyndicate and co-publisher, added, "The hotel industry is innovating in many areas. And the business environment is evolving fast. Those two factors mean that a forward-looking publication like The Hotel Yearbook is a must-read for anyone in a managerial position in this business." Through Hsyndicate's distribution network, The Hotel Yearbook reaches a large global audience of the industry's decision makers.

Horwath HTL provides 49 individual market reports

James Chappell, Global Business Director at Horwath HTL, commented, "We've been working with the Hotel Yearbook for several years, and we're delighted to provide a series of brief but insightful country reports again for 2015. Our company's global reach enables us to give readers an easily digestible inside track on the key factors affecting important hotel markets around the globe, and the publication's excellent distribution platform ensures that they are seen and read by executives worldwide."

About The Hotel Yearbook

Published annually since 2007, The Hotel Yearbook is a compendium of high-level insights and ideas about the future of the global hotel business, written by and for the industry's leaders around the world. Focusing on strategic foresight and innovation, over 200 CEOs and other senior executives have contributed to the publication since it was founded.

About Hsyndicate

With an exclusive focus on global hospitality and tourism, (the Hospitality Syndicate) provides electronic news publication, syndication and distribution on behalf of some 750 organizations in the hospitality vertical. Hsyndicate helps its members to reach highly targeted audience-segments in the exploding new-media landscape within hospitality... channels of ever increasing importance which are difficult to reach through classic wire services like PRnewswire or BusinessWire. With the central idea 'ONE Industry, ONE Network', Hsyndicate merges historically fragmented industry intelligence into a single online information and knowledge resource serving the information-needs of targeted audience-groups throughout the hospitality, travel & tourism industries... serving professionals relying on Hsyndicate's specific and context-relevant intelligence delivered to them when they need it and how they need it.

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