Hotel Yearbook Special Edition on Digital Marketing provides insights from TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook

24 February 2014
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The Hotel Yearbook and Hsyndicate announce the publication of The Hotel Yearbook 2014 - Special Edition:

Digital Marketing, the first publication in the company's portfolio of forward-looking annuals to address this especially dynamic part of the hotel industry.

Made up of editorial contributions from over a dozen opinion leaders, the publication

focuses on the rapidly evolving digital marketing tools and techniques that are changing the way hotels and guests find each other. Search and meta-search, revenue and reputation management, and the unique characteristics of the social media landscape in China are among the topics covered.

Facebook, Google and TripAdvisor

Also included are exclusive interviews with three executives whose companies are

shaping the future of the hotel industry's capability to reach and attract guests: Lee McCabe and Rob Torres, the key executives responsible for developing the travel business at Facebook and Google respectively, and Stephen Kaufer, CEO of TripAdvisor. These three men s hare insights with Hotel Yearbook readers and discuss not only their companies' strategies but also some of the new products they are launching to bring hotels and guests together more effectively.

In the role of publication partner, HSMAI Foundation (Hospitality Sales and Marketing

Association International) helped the editors develop the publication's concept and content. "A quarter of the hotels we have surveyed are dedicating more than half of their marketing budgets to digital tools," says Fran Brasseux, Executive Vice President of HSMAI. "So this topic is vital to the industry's future success, and we were especially pleased to help make the publication a reality."

Focus is squarely on the future

The Hotel Yearbook's founder and publisher, Woody Wade, said, "Hotel industry

executives making marketing decisions need to understand how fast this landscape is changing. Since The Hotel Yearbook was first published in 2007, its aim has always been to give readers an opportunity to think about future industry scenarios that are developing. The theme of this special edition is a perfect example of this."

Henri Roelings, Founder & CEO of Hsyndicate, added, "No other area of the hotel

business these days is evolving so quickly, and has such a huge potential impact on the future success of the industry. This special edition is a must-read for anyone in a managerial position in the hotel business."

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