Spas In North America In 2020 - An increasingly integral part of hotel development

By Ralph Newman - Senior VP Spa Division at WTS International

29 March 2013

As in the rest of the world, the spa industry will face some interesting challenges in the next decade in North America. How will the industry cope? How could it evolve? RALPH NEWMAN is the Chief Operating Officer of Rockville, Maryland-based WTS, a spa consultancy, and here he shares his insights with us on the outlook for the ten years to come.

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Ralph Newman

Ralph Newman has been active in the spa, fitness and wellness industry since 1978. Joining WTS International in 1998, Mr. Newman oversees development and operations for WTS affiliated leisure properties. Mr. Newman received a BA from The University of Virginia and an MA in Exercise Science from George Washington University. He worked for the Department of Defense for over 11 years in management, educational and research capacities where he concluded his career in the public sector as an Assistant Professor at the National Defense University in Washington, D.C. In 1989, Mr. Newman joined Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts where he developed and managed their flagship spa and fitness facility at their Georgetown property in Washington, D.C. for almost a decade. He also worked on the conceptual development, spa design and fitness design for numerous other Four Seasons’ properties throughout the United States and Canada prior to joining WTS. Mr. Newman has been a frequent lecturer on design and operations of spas and health club facilities at industry conventions nationwide. Most recently, he moderated the spa panel at the Condo Hotel Conference.

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