The Future of Spa - Lisa’s wonderful world

By Susie Ellis - President of SpaFinder

22 February 2013

How could spa develop between now and 2020? What trends are at play, and how could they influence the shape of the business a decade from now? We asked SUSIE ELLIS, President of SpaFinder in New York and the founder of the Global Spa & Wellness Summit, to gaze into the future and describe the scenarios she sees. Her ideas make for some fascinating food for thought.

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Susie Ellis

Recognized as a driving force behind the evolution of the spa industry from a narrow market sector to the mega industry it is today, Susie Ellis, president of SpaFinder Wellness, is a prominent writer, speaker and analyst and recognized as a leading global authority on spa and wellness. Author of SpaFinder's annual Spa Trend Forecast and the popular Susie’s Spa and Wellness Blog, Ellis is the recipient of the prestigious International Spa Association's 2012 Visionary Award and holds a MBA from UCLA.