Offer Management - Optimizing Airline Ancillary Bundles Based on Customer Preferences Part 1 of 3: Data collection and customer segmentation

Sabre Corporation Blog · 13 Mar

Offer management is the process of selling the right bundle – airfare and air ancillaries – to the right customer at the right price at the right tim

GDPR: Quit Getting Scammed
GDPR: Quit Getting Scammed

Experience Hotel Blog · 27 Nov

Sorry about the grouchy title! But I am so sick of hearing negative comments about the GDPR that certain so-called “professionals” pass off as the tr

Why GDPR does affect hotels in the U.S.
Why GDPR does affect hotels in the U.S.

VENZA Blog · 31 Oct

What is the single biggest misconception on why GDPR does affect hotels in the US? I've heard people say: 'I don't have hotels in Europe so it doesn'

Choosing Hospitality Technology in a Post-GDPR World

Amadeus Hospitality Insight · 28 May

Keep your data safe with technology providers you can trust.

What is the Penalty for a GDPR Violation?

Beekeeper Blog · 21 May

Wait, What is GDPR? In May of 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect. The GDPR unifies the rules for processing persona

GDPR Redefines Industry Privacy Practices on a Global Scale

Smart Meetings · 22 Oct

Since taking effect in May, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has altered data management practices throughout the meetings industry

APIs, AI, getting hyper-personal and the human touch · 22 Oct

Whether you are focused on data, technology, marketing or RM the message from Day 2 of EyeforTravel North America was that you need to understand the

Letter from the HFTP Global President: At the End of the Year, We Reflect on the Best of the Year

HFTP Connect · 28 Sep

As we prepare to transition to the new HFTP Global board at the 2018 Annual Convention in October, I would like to take the time to reflect on my yea

From GDPR to Employee Engagement: What Hotels Need to Know

Beekeeper Blog · 13 Sep

Last year, consumers spent $1.6 trillion on hotel rooms worldwide. As global travel continues to grow, and with new GDPR compliance laws taking effec

What US Hotels Need to Know About GDPR Legislation

mycloud HOSPITALITY · 6 Sep

While many people in the United States have already heard about California legislation, which is similar to GPDR legislation, that has been taken int

[EBOOK] How to Get Your Hotel PCI and GDPR Compliant

mycloud HOSPITALITY · 31 Aug

The hospitality sector over the years has been the number one recipient of attacks and data security breaches. An estimated 14% of data related incid

Looking back three months: What's changed since the GDPR went into effect? · 30 Aug

Some marketers are still scrambling to become GDPR compliant, others are changing their martech stacks, and consumers largely don't notice a differen

DHISCO secures PCI certification and GDPR compliance · 30 Aug

DHISCO Inc., the world’s leading hospitality distribution company, today announced that the company achieved the two most well-recognized industry ce

GDPR, the New Regulation for Personal Data in 2018

mycloud HOSPITALITY · 27 Aug

GDPR is designed to give people better control over their personal data, so important question is does your hotel and management software comply with

How GDPR Compliance Can Help a Hotel be More Competitive

mycloud HOSPITALITY · 27 Aug

Ever since we entered the age of digital technology, the business landscape has been subjected to many changes. Internet technology has affected many

Centering Customer Data Privacy: Insights from Beekeeper's VP of Engineering

Beekeeper Blog · 23 Aug

As necessary and compelling as the GDPR regulation is, most companies might not recognize the value of the GDPR requirements when it comes to their b

The GDPR - The New Normal?

Revinate Blog - Key Trends in Hospitality · 20 Aug

Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is live, and the sky hasn’t fallen. So what happens next for hoteliers? We have some of the answer

Privacy vs security: first fines reveal shift in data protection landscape · 15 Aug

Over two months since ‘GDPR Day’, most organisations are still successfully processing personal data, but travel companies beware. With regulation no

Coffee Chat: APEX Hotels & HEBS Digital

Max Starkov | The HeBS blog · 24 Jul

HEBS Digital’s Executive Vice President Jason Price chatted with APEX Hotels’ Digital Manager Steven Howe, based in the UK, to discuss Steven’s caree

The GDPR compliance - The hidden benefits of compliant hotel

Hotelogix Blog · 27 Jun

Now that the GDPR compliance laws have been implemented, getting your hotel GDPR compliant has become a mandate. And as you are faced with this daunt

Overcome GDPR - A Law in Full Force
Overcome GDPR - A Law in Full Force · 25 Jun

Overcome GDPR - A Law in Full Force Please login to view the whole article - or subscribe here For a free two week trial to EyeforTravel OnDemand, pl

GDPR - 5 Last Minute Things That You Need To Do

TrustYou brainTRUST Blog · 18 Jun

You probably know by now that the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new implementation, meant to reinforce the protection of customer

GDPR Is Officially Here. Here's What You Need to Know

SevenRooms F&B Blog · 31 May

By now, you’ve probably heard the term GDPR. And gotten anywhere from 1 to 100 emails about it from the likes of Google, Facebook, & more. The compli

Trend Digest: GDPR compliance for hospitality

GuestRevu · 31 May

The 25 May deadline may have come and gone without GDPR police descending from black helicopters to claim €20-million fines, but that doesn't mean co

How Triptease prepared for GDPR

Triptease Blog · 30 May

By this point, you’ve probably seen so many (a) emails about GDPR and (b) jokes about emails about GDPR that you could be forgiven for never wanting

GDPR and Data Privacy Commitments - Cloudbeds has you covered Blog · 30 May

Now that the GDPR has gone into effect, we wanted to give you a final update on what Cloudbeds has done to safeguard your privacy as well as the priv