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  • HITEC Special: Does EU GDPR Affect U.S. Hospitality Companies?

    By Alvaro Hidalgo. The EU General Data Protection Regulation has set a path towards protecting personal data which many other countries will follow. In a global industry such as hospitality, it should be a primary objective to take the steps towards compliance.

  • HFTP Report: Hospitality Data Security — Strategy for Data Protection and Regulation Compliance

    This guide from Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP(R)) covers safeguards that can be implemented in hospitality businesses today, tips on how to continuously improve security and data regulation compliance.

  • HFTP GDPR Guidelines: Privacy Policies for Hotels

    This document offers points to consider in the development of a hotel’s privacy policy. In view of the multiple organisational and legal structures under which hotels operate, as well as the complexity of the third party landscape that may be part of the complete guest experience, this document serves as a guideline only.

  • HFTP GDPR Guidelines: Hospitality Guest Registration Cards

    This document offers recommendations for guest information collection on the guest registration card along with consent for use. It can be used as a guideline for loyalty cards, health data, export of data outside of the EU, privacy policies and direct marketing.

Mobile Communication Tools Connect Teams at InterContinental Miami

Beekeeper Blog·11 October 2018
With over 600 employees over 33 departments, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, Miami, FL sits in the heart of Miami’s downtown business district with a breathtaking view of Biscayne Bay. As a luxury bay-front property, the hotel is a popular destination for vacationers and business travelers alike; the property hosts events ranging from weddings to large conventions.

How an Internal Communications Tool Improves Construction Project Management

Beekeeper Blog· 9 October 2018
Proper planning is critical in the construction industry, however not every project will stay on the original timeline. As projects progress, the scope or deadlines are likely to change. Project management is more than revising deadlines, however. An often forgotten part of construction project management is keeping field workers current on any changes. An internal communications tool makes it easy for managers to keep field workers and independent contractors aligned and to clearly communicate project goals.

How to Engage Every Worker for a Superior Employee Experience

Beekeeper Blog· 4 October 2018
Lack of employee engagement costs companies over $450 billion every year. To elevate the employee experience and give employees a reason to love coming to work every day, you’ve got to make sure every single member of your team is included and engaged, a job made so much easier with a digital workplace.

How Mobile Solutions Complete Construction Jobs on Time and on Budget

Beekeeper Blog· 2 October 2018
On a construction site, there are innumerable moving parts: laborers, supervisors, materials, deliveries, machinery, tools, safety, subcontractors, just to name a few. The best way to stay on schedule and on budget is to adopt a mobile productivity app to manage project-related data and communication. A mobile solution complements the mobile nature of the job, and will facilitate real-time communication and organize workforce management tasks for cost and time efficiency.

Strategies for Success as a Digital Workplace Leader

Beekeeper Blog·27 September 2018
With the right leadership, a digital workplace can revolutionize your company. A successful leader will implement strategies that complement the internal communications technology to create a more transparent and collaborative culture, boost employee engagement, and encourage a more fluid internal conversation with their staff.

Beekeeper Communication Tools Improve Guest Service Scores at The Watergate Hotel

Beekeeper Blog·25 September 2018
Washington, D.C.'s world-renowned Watergate Hotel has 336 guest rooms and 20,000 square feet of event space. Having undergone a $200 million renovation, the historic hotel recently reopened with contemporary, luxury updates.

Beekeeper Productivity App Release Notes September 2018

Beekeeper Blog·20 September 2018
Happy Fall! Our Product Team has been hard at work over this summer making significant operational improvements to the Beekeeper platform. Read on to discover what’s new in the Beekeeper employee app experience, as well as what we have fixed.

Beekeeper Announces Innovation App Extension for Team Collaboration

Beekeeper Blog·19 September 2018
Beekeeper possesses numerous ways to recognize, poll, engage, and connect the mobile workforce and their office-based colleagues. We are pleased to announce an app extension designed expressly for a vital but often underutilized component of employee communication: sharing and voting on ideas.

Top Ten Hidden Costs of Not Going Digital

Beekeeper Blog·18 September 2018
The one mistake 47% of companies make that costs them billions of dollars every year is not having a digital internal communications strategy. A digital workplace can revolutionize an organization, save money, and make a company more competitive. All systems and processes function at maximum efficiency for an employee trifecta. Productivity, engagement, and experience all benefit from a digital workplace, and the success and savings ripple out to the rest of a company, all the way to the customer.

From GDPR to Employee Engagement: What Hotels Need to Know

Beekeeper Blog·13 September 2018
Last year, consumers spent $1.6 trillion on hotel rooms worldwide. As global travel continues to grow, and with new GDPR compliance laws taking effect, hotels need to keep pace in a constantly evolving industry. In order to stay competitive and build a productive team, every hotel should have a digital workplace handling internal communications.

Beekeeper Secures $13M Series A Extension Led by Atomico and Keen Venture Partners

Beekeeper Blog·12 September 2018
On behalf of Beekeeper, I’m thrilled to announce that we have secured $13 million in funding during our Series A extension round! This helps us continue our mission to better connect and engage non-desk workforces with an operational communication platform that is both simple to implement and use.

Beekeeper Announces ADP, Microsoft Azure, SAP SuccessFactors, and Workday User Sync Integrations

Beekeeper Blog·11 September 2018
Digital workplace integrations should make work simpler and more enjoyable. At Beekeeper, simplicity is at the core of our integration philosophy. Rather than reinventing the wheel and replacing brand name software solutions, our marketplace apps enable direct integration between existing HR workforce management and payroll systems with Beekeeper digital workflows.

How Mobile Technology Elevates Hotel Communication and Operations

Beekeeper Blog· 6 September 2018
Just as the hospitality industry builds memorable experiences according to guest needs, hotel communication systems and technology solutions should do the same for you and your workforce. A few weeks ago, Beekeeper teamed up with leaders from two of our business partners, Jos Schaap, CEO and Founder of StayNTouch and Erica Rich, Senior Hospitality Marketing Strategist at Revinate, to lead a webinar on how the hospitality industry can best leverage mobile technology in hotels.

How HR Can Best Demonstrate ROI for New Digital Workplace Tools

Beekeeper Blog· 4 September 2018
HR professionals are faced with the daunting task of successfully aligning workforces with the strategic mission and objectives of their organization. Suffice to say while managing costs. These priorities are often competing, yet they don't have to be. Data conveys the interconnected relationship between an internal communication strategy and organizational success.

Best Ways App Integration Improves Productivity

Beekeeper Blog·30 August 2018
Apps designed to boost employee productivity often have the opposite effect. Employees are buried under communication from too many apps, wasting an hour a day just switching between them.

Beekeeper Improves Employee Communication for Dentsply Sirona Manufacturing

Beekeeper Blog·28 August 2018
With a global team of more than 16,000 employees across 40+ countries, Dentsply Sirona is the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies. Demonstrating a commitment to innovation and education, the company’s 600 engineers and scientists continually test and deliver new products. Manufacturing a range of dental and oral health products, the company also fabricates specialty products in orthodontics, endodontics, and implants.

Best Practices for Creating Employee Feedback Checklists

Beekeeper Blog·20 August 2018
For companies across many industries, the proliferation of the “gig economy” has rendered employee retention and employee engagement bigger challenges than ever before. As the flexibility and control promised by contract work drives a mass migration to freelance platforms, measuring employee engagement, satisfaction, and aptitude at regular intervals throughout the year is essential. That’s why utilizing a team communication app to collect employee feedback tool can be an essential first step towards improving employee engagement.

Team Apps for Hotel Operations

Beekeeper Blog·17 August 2018
As Vice President of Operations at SIXTY Hotels, Christopher Horn brings an impressive range of hospitality industry experience to the role, focusing on discovering and executing hotel efficiencies, improving operations processes, and optimizing business growth at SIXTY Hotels’ locations.

Digital Trendsetters: How to Revolutionize Your Workplace and Your Career

Beekeeper Blog·15 August 2018
In business, and in life, change is the key to growth. But so many companies fear the unknown and stay rooted in the familiar, especially when it comes to internal communications.

How to Choose the Best Team Collaboration Software

Beekeeper Blog·14 August 2018
Adopting team collaboration software for your workforce is an important milestone. It signals to your employees that you are prepared to support them with the technology necessary to thrive in their role at your organization, and a commitment to improve communication with your workforce. It can also reinforce good faith among your employee base that your leadership team is armed with the necessary foresight to maintain a competitive edge using automation and digital workplace tools.

Best Ways To Boost Employee Engagement with Pulse Surveys

Beekeeper Blog· 9 August 2018
Pulse surveys are just like they sound: they take the pulse of your company’s workforce. They are a powerful tool in measuring and building employee engagement. Pulse surveys provide insight into the employee experience by routinely sending out short, customized questions through a team app, giving business leaders the information to develop data-driven solutions.

Best Workforce Management Practices to Elevate the Customer Experience

Beekeeper Blog· 7 August 2018
Think of workforce management as an ecosystem containing an organization’s multiple personnel functions such as scheduling, growth forecasting, and measuring employee engagement. Streamlining these processes maximizes efficiency, boosts productivity, and drives the customer experience. It starts by making the move to a digital workplace.

4 Steps to Ensure Successful Employee App Rollout and Adoption

Beekeeper Blog· 2 August 2018
After combing through research, sitting through demos, and obtaining budget approvals, your company has decided to move ahead with investing in an employee app. Despite the considerable time and effort expended in the research and decision-making phase, most workforce adoption hurdles companies encounter at this point are attributable to insufficient strategizing around the rollout of their new communication tools.

Beekeeper Unites 1 Hotels with Real-time Employee Communication

Beekeeper Blog·31 July 2018
As a nature and sustainability-focused hotel brand operated by SH Group, 1 Hotels knows that the hospitality business hinges on guest experience––and fond memories of their stay. From wooden room keys to 100% organic cotton linens, the hotel brand is elevating how we define hospitality by centering luxury and sustainability in every aspect of their company.

Top 10 Benefits of Digital Signage in Your Workplace

Beekeeper Blog·26 July 2018
The traditional group messaging strategy centered on a bulletin board has serious flaws: namely, notices get lost, important messages get missed, and there's no reliable method to track that your workforce is receiving vital company information. Digital technology has long since replaced bulletin boards as the go-to team communication tool, but did you know that digital signage is just as valuable to your digital workplace?

Beekeeper's Team App Cultivates a Thriving Company Culture for MOD Pizza

Beekeeper Blog·24 July 2018
With 6,000 employees and counting, Megan Hansen, SVP of People at MOD Pizza, knows firsthand how important it is to successfully connect a fast-growing, dispersed workforce of frontline workers. At a pace of opening approximately 100 stores each year over the past two years, MOD Pizza needed a digital communication solution that could scale and support the internal communication goals of the expanding company.


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