• What to Expect at HITEC Houston 2018: Elite Education, Exhibits, E20X and More

    HOUSTON: A booming cosmopolitan city that is home to more than 2 million Texans, NASA’s famous Johnson Space Center, and — in just two short months — the world’s largest hospitality exhibition HITEC®.

  • HFTP Report: Hospitality Data Security — Strategy for Data Protection and Regulation Compliance

    This guide from Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP(R)) covers safeguards that can be implemented in hospitality businesses today, tips on how to continuously improve security and data regulation compliance.

  • HFTP GDPR Guidelines: Privacy Policies for Hotels

    This document offers points to consider in the development of a hotel’s privacy policy. In view of the multiple organisational and legal structures under which hotels operate, as well as the complexity of the third party landscape that may be part of the complete guest experience, this document serves as a guideline only.

  • HFTP GDPR Guidelines: Hospitality Guest Registration Cards

    This document offers recommendations for guest information collection on the guest registration card along with consent for use. It can be used as a guideline for loyalty cards, health data, export of data outside of the EU, privacy policies and direct marketing.

Opt in (to better marketing): the real intent of GDPR

Flip.to Blog·16 May 2018
There’s only days left until the May 25th deadline for GDPR compliance. Since our primer last month, we’ve continued to put a lot of thought into the regulation, its role in the marketing landscape, and traveler-focused approaches. That’s also meant making observations on how marketers the world around are handling it, too. Today, we got a fresh face on camera—Max, one of our front-end developers—to share some of our thoughts about one of the more rigorous aspects of GDPR compliance: opt-in and consents.

The memory-making business: building lasting relationships with vacation rental guests

Flip.to Blog·10 May 2018
Vacation rental properties provide travelers with a taste of home away from home that they can experience with the ones who matter most. As you help guests make lasting memories with their loved ones, they’re creating stories they’re excited to share—with your property at the center. This is the perfect time to build lasting relationships with travelers, inspiring them to visit your property over and over again.

Integrating local experiences to differentiate your hotel

Flip.to Blog·24 April 2018
With travel inherently rooted in destinations, it’s vital for hospitality companies to provide customers with high-quality local offerings. In recent years, there has been an even stronger push for hotels to deliver more authentic and integrated experiences, perhaps due to the preferences of the Millennial generation and the advent of the social media age. Today’s travelers want more than just a place to stay; they want to truly connect with the destination. Hotels can satisfy this need by integrating local products and activities into their amenities and offerings.

GDPR: A primer for everyone in travel

Flip.to Blog·16 April 2018
GDPR. It’s a regulation that, in just over a month, will have a huge impact for marketers everywhere. While building compliance into our platform, we’ve gotten a ton of questions as to why it’s important, and how we’re handling the shift. To help, we’re raising awareness industry-wide with a primer on how it affects all of us in travel.

Flip.to on the road: What we learned at DMA West

Flip.to Blog· 4 April 2018
The lessons learned from DMA West were many. Aside from being introduced to the truly incredible city of Spokane (seriously, there is something for everyone, from great wine to arts & the outdoors—it’s on my radar for another visit!), the event brought together destination marketers on the front lines of where travel and tech are headed.

Stories that inspire: Team week

Flip.to Blog·30 March 2018
One of our core values: No minions here. We hire amazing people first, let them tell us what they’re good at, and then help them find their superpower. So as you may have guessed, team is important to us, and ours is made up of some pretty incredible people. So, last month, our whole team stopped by HQ in Orlando for a week of creative collaboration, coffee brainstorms, and a bit of fun. Here are some of our favorites moments from the week:

NAVIS Leaders Conference 2018: Hidden treasures

Flip.to Blog·23 March 2018
Earlier this month, we got to participate in the NAVIS Leaders Conference 2018 at the Tradewinds Resort in St. Pete Beach—just a short drive from Flip.to’s home base in Orlando.

Audiences and influencers: the good, the bad and the fake

Flip.to Blog· 2 March 2018
Reaching & inspiring quality audiences has always been a cornerstone of any effective travel marketing strategy. But now, more than ever, there are more factors to consider—from demographic, to conversion, to even the realness of the audience (all thanks to bots and “follower factories.”)

Introducing Invitations: Grow your largest team of storytellers yet

Flip.to Blog·21 February 2018
With Invitations, you'll spark new conversations with your warmest audience yet at a scale like never before. The post Introducing Invitations: Grow your largest team of storytellers yet appeared first on Flip.to Blog.

The hotel marketer's guide to the galaxy: Facebook's search for authenticity

Flip.to Blog· 6 February 2018
2017 was a year of ups and downs for Facebook. They faced some hard questions, rooted to perhaps a bigger quandary: What is the purpose of Facebook—and all social platforms? To quote Douglas Adams and the all-famous Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, I imagine it went something like this:

Better together: Fueling great partnerships

Flip.to Blog·29 January 2018
Here at Flip.to, our place in the industry is pretty unique. We get the chance to work with some incredible travel brands—and more importantly with the talented people behind them. While that includes hotels, resorts, vacation properties, destination marketers, and the like, it includes the wide array of folks we call friends and partners.

Flip.to on the road: property managers winning with OPMA

Flip.to Blog·28 December 2017
A big focus at Flip.to in 2017 has been better understanding the ins-and-outs of the vacation rental market. It’s a segment within our industry that faces all of the same, yet also entirely different challenges than other accommodations providers. Issues range from regulations and split ownership, to homeowners’ associations and conflicting marketing messaging due to third parties. Navigating that space adds layers of complexity that any operator could easily do without. When we learned about the Onsite Property Management Association (OPMA) and its efforts to advocate for property managers, we were immediately intrigued. Flip.to became members in short order and participated in our first OPMA summit in our hometown of Orlando this past November.

Hotel Tybee strikes Gold at 2017 Adrian Awards with Flip.to

Flip.to Blog· 6 December 2017
Customer success: we can’t stop talking about it. That’s because the results earned by travel brands on our platform are the biggest measure of our success. So, when other people start talking about it too? Well—we can’t help but celebrate. Hotel TybeeThat’s what we’re doing today with Hotel Tybee, who we’re proud to be recognized alongside for taking home a 2017 HSMAI Gold Adrian Award in Digital Marketing! Hotel Tybee’s success on the platform stood out among a crowded field of more than 1,100 entries.

Infographic: Classic Resorts nets a new channel of travelers by launching advocacy

Flip.to Blog· 9 November 2017
There are tons of reasons to switch on advocacy, and every story about getting started with Flip.to is unique. That’s because advocacy works for all types of hotels, and all types of travelers. By design, it helps your brand get introduced to the perfect audience in a big way.

Stories that inspire: Hunter's travel bucket list

Flip.to Blog·17 October 2017
I remember growing up it was nearly impossible to get our entire family to decide on a destination. That’s because we all had different ideas of the perfect getaway. In the end, my mom usually called the shots. Today though, I’m calling the shots (sorry, Mom.)

100 days of advocacy: massive, new audiences and travel stories shared worldwide for Thomas Beach

Flip.to Blog·28 September 2017
100 days of advocacy: massive, new audiences and travel stories shared worldwide for Thomas Beach We love helping hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals get introduced around the world thanks to their travelers. Guests relive their favorite moments, their friends and family learn about their candid experiences in the best way possible, and the properties earn warm introductions to new folks along the way. It’s a win-win-win for everyone.

Micro-influencers: why trust trumps ads

Flip.to Blog·19 April 2017
Micro-influencers can make a huge impact for your hotel marketing strategy—they’re trustworthy, authentic, and can even trump the influence of someone who has a large number of followers. Tune in as I share why:

Stories sell: how storytelling can increase hotel revenue

Flip.to Blog·12 April 2017
A pair of eyeglasses is just a pair of eyeglasses. That is until it’s a pair from Warby Parker. That’s because, for every pair sold, another is donated to a person in need. Suddenly, everyone who buys a pair is part of an inspiring story–one that unveils something meaningful about each person.

Marketing for vacation ownership: tips to step up your lead capture

Flip.to Blog·30 March 2017
Vacation ownership has evolved over time. It started with the idea of bringing your family to a resort and creating memories together year after year. Hospitality giants like Disney, Hilton, and Marriott took note and quickly helped grow the industry.

How to win guests at every step of the traveler journey in upcoming webinar

Flip.to Blog·14 March 2017
StayNTouch, innovators in mobile technology and Property Management Systems, have teamed up with travel industry and direct booking experts Fuel, and hotel advocacy platform pioneers Flip.to, for a joint webinar—‘The Evolution of Guest Expectations and How Hotels can Exceed the New Demand.’ The event will help hotels exceed their guests’ evolving expectations to build better guest relationships and drive more repeat business.

Storytelling: how to win travelers at every part of their journey

Flip.to Blog·13 March 2017
Hospitality and travel are two of the most experiential industries we’ll ever know. And yet, a survey of the marketing landscape in these two areas reveals a shortage of content that reflects just that—experiences that inspire people through candid moments that they can easily imagine themselves enjoying. This leaves would-be guests bouncing from site to site trying to piece together a narrative to which they can relate. Google has cleverly termed this “travel snacking” and the comparison couldn’t be more appropriate. Snacks are great, unless you’re hungry for a meal.

A guide to visual content for hotels

Flip.to Blog·23 February 2017
The cliché, “an image is worth a thousand words,” actually has a lot of merit to it. Studies have shown that images communicate a lot more than words in a lot less time, while triggering emotions and being easier to remember. As the web has grown to be more visually stocked, your guests are expecting a visual experience when they interact with your brand.

Wedding stories worth rekindling

Flip.to Blog·10 February 2017
Weddings are some of the most memorable experiences for your guests and their friends who choose your hotel to celebrate. It’s a day to be shared with the people they love, and the beginning of a lifetime of moments worth rekindling. Hotels often find themselves at the heart of these timeless moments. Couples turn to their hosts to deliver a memorable and thoughtful experience.

Flip.to and Fuel Partner to uncover hotel website essentials in new 2017 study

Flip.to Blog· 8 February 2017
It’s safe to say in 2017 that the importance of a well-designed and well-maintained hotel website cannot be overstated. A quick Google search will reveal ample research and data to validate that the website is arguably one of the most important weapons in a hotel marketers arsenal.

Stories that inspire: our favorite guest moments from January

Flip.to Blog· 1 February 2017
Every guest story is an opportunity for a hotel to unveil something new. Stories reach & inspire—they’re truly memorable, sometimes magical, and a lot of times, a bit of fun. In a way, we’ve fallen in love with guest stories, and every day see firsthand the impact they’re making for hotels. That’s why we’re sharing them with you! Check out a handful of our recent favorites below:

Stories matter: What hotels can learn from content marketers at large

Flip.to Blog·24 January 2017
“A marketing strategy where brands create interest, relevance and relationships with customers by producing, curating and sharing content that addresses specific customer needs and delivers visible value.” Notice that it’s more than just creating content to put in front of your guests. It’s creating effective content with a purpose—to educate and inspire.


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