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  • Meet Minneapolis: Travel to the Twin Cities this Summer for HITEC 2019

    We all know that travel can be a real hassle. So, what about a trip makes it worth packing up your suitcase, saying goodbye to your family for the next few days, fighting the airport and staying in a.

  • New Global Directors Join the 2018-2019 HFTP Board

    The HFTP 2018-2019 Global Board of Directors was installed during the association's 2018 Annual Convention and introduces new directors Toni Bau, Carson Booth, CHTP and Mark Fancourt. These extensive director profiles give insight into the distinguished professions and personal goals of HFTP's newest association leaders.

  • A Series of Must-Read Articles on Cybersecurity Produced by the HFTP Research Centers

    Data security remains a pressing concern and top priority for the hospitality industry. The HFTP Research Centers are dedicated to producing findings that can significantly aid hospitality businesses in their efforts to protect their guests’ privacy and personal information against potential cyber threats and attacks.

  • HITEC Special: Does EU GDPR Affect U.S. Hospitality Companies?

    By Alvaro Hidalgo. The EU General Data Protection Regulation has set a path towards protecting personal data which many other countries will follow. In a global industry such as hospitality, it should be a primary objective to take the steps towards compliance.

Why Hotels Should Adopt Mobile Key To Unlock A Great Guest Experience

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels·20 March 2019
While airlines and other travel companies have adopted mobile check-in as a standard solution, hotels have been slow to adopt mobile solutions that would help streamline the guest experience and solve the pain points around the check-in process. However, there is a clear demand for hotels to speed up the arrival process. Research shows that waiting more than 5 minutes to check-in leads to a 50% drop in guest satisfaction.

Redefining Luxury - Do Hotels Need To Reevaluate 'Luxury'?

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels·18 March 2019
A concept that we are frequently evaluating at 80 DAYS is luxury. We recently had a spirited discussion about what it means for a property or experience to be luxurious and whether or not it might be time for hoteliers to consider redefining its meaning.

Simplify The Role Of Revenue Management

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels·13 March 2019
It’s been nearly a decade since I stepped out of day-to-day revenue responsibilities at Wynn Resorts to launch Duetto. Our goal was to improve the daily lives of revenue professionals in the hospitality industry. Our initial objective was clear: give revenue teams the right data and resources, plus better tools to make more informed decisions.

Is Google The Only One Opening Doors To The Independent Hotel Room?

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels·13 March 2019
B2B travel conference organiser EyeforTravel has released a new free whitepaper that raises some tough questions about where to look next for hotel distribution.

How Can Your Independent Hotel Compete With Group Hotels?

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels·12 March 2019
Staying competitive is key to success. In the hotel industry, small independent hotels always have to compete with bigger brands or chain properties to attract guests, sell more rooms and to earn more revenues. The question here is that with their limited budget and reach, how can independent hotels beat their bigger rivals?

Think Like A Guest: Improving Brand Awareness, Guest Satisfaction And Loyalty With Avvio's Latest eBook

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels·11 March 2019
Global technology provider Avvio has released an eBook to provide hoteliers with the know-how to boost brand awareness and delight guests from the start of their booking journey.

How To Keep A Historical Hotel Relevant To Modern Travelers? Interview With Hotel Manager Henrik Lind

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels· 5 March 2019
We caught up with Hotel Royal Manager Henrik Lind to discuss his philosophy on hospitality, the hotel’s unique interior, and amenities that revolutionize the guest experience.

Hotelogix Launches Unified Marketplace Platform For Hotels With 75+ Integrations

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels· 5 March 2019
Hotelogix, a leading cloud-based Hotel Property Management System provider has announced the launch of ‘Hotelogix Marketplace’. This unified marketplace will serve as a one-stop shop for Hotelogix users to choose the right technology solutions for efficient hotel management.

How Hotels Can Choreograph More Personal Guest Experiences

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels·27 February 2019
Travelers today are increasingly drawn to more unique experiences. This presents hotels with a unique opportunity to cater to guests in new ways and become more than just a place to sleep. For example, we’ve already seen hotels experimenting in this realm by offering free rooms to guests who can unplug from personal technology on vacation and assigning guests personalized, color-coded rooms based on their mood at check-in. It’s clear that now, more than ever, hotels are striving to attract guests with new and exciting promotions and play a larger role in travel experiences.

What it Takes to Provide a 5-Star Customer Experience in the Hospitality Industry

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels·13 February 2019
After working with dozens of leading hotels, I’ve found that there is one thing that most successful hospitality brands have in common. They all provide a top-notch customer experience.

Why Increase Your Hotel's Visibility On Google Hotel Ads

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels· 4 February 2019
In today’s competitive hospitality industry, as a hotelier, it’s essential for you to get more traffic from Google as part of a strategy to attract direct bookings. Apart from helping you decrease your OTA dependency, it also helps you save on commission. Yes, we are talking about the importance of Google Hotel Ads (GHA) here. And to achieve this, you must increase your hotel’s visibility on Google Ads.

How to Improve Hotel Marketing to Create Customer Loyalty

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels·20 December 2018
Loyal guests are invaluable to marketers. Why? Because retaining customers costs less than attracting new ones. Customer loyalty speaks volumes about customer satisfaction, especially in an industry that faces increased competition.

Do's & Don'ts Of Social Media For Luxury Hotels

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels·14 December 2018
Social media for hotels can be difficult, and so, so subjective. Can you post about alcohol? Christmas if in certain countries? can you post pictures of guests or staff? What should you post in the first place? When we talk about luxury hotel marketing, it can get even more limited, despite being a pleasure to do. Let’s look at a few do’s and don’ts of social media for luxury hotels.

hoteliga PMS: 300% Bookings Increase For Live In Athens Vacation Rental Business

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels· 9 December 2018
The advantages of choosing the right property management system can be quite extraordinary for hotels and vacation rentals. Recently we spoke with Live in Athens short term vacation rental company based in Greece to get a better idea of how their chosen PMS system is making a huge difference for their business.

Is A Chatbot For Every Hotel?

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels· 7 December 2018
In the mid-2000s many hoteliers were suspicious of a machine that could manage rates and availability for their multiple online travel agencies (OTAs). Today these are better known as channel managers and have a pivotal role in a hotel’s operational efficiency.

3 Ways Independent Hotels Can Catch Up With International Brands

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels· 6 December 2018
It’s not a groundbreaking revelation but the competition between independent hotels and global brands is becoming increasingly unequal.

Philippines' Bed Box Hotel Adopts Hotelogix PMS to Automate Operations

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels· 5 December 2018
Hotelogix, a cloud-based Property Management System provider has announced the adoption of its PMS by Bed Box Hotel, Philippines. With Hotelogix PMS, the management at the property aims to streamline and automate its daily operations with ease.

Free White Paper: An Insider's Perspective on Marketing to China's Outbound Travellers

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels·27 November 2018
Since 2014, writings have always been on the wall – the unstoppable growth in Chinese outbound travellers. While the UNWTO even organized a Workshop in January 2018 on “Chinese Outbound Tourism Market”.

6 Steps In Cracking The Chinese Tourists Market

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels·14 November 2018
Since 2012, when China first claimed top spot as the largest single source tourist market for Asia-Pacific countries, their numbers have not diminished. When we consider just 8.7% (or 120 millions of China’s population) are registered with passports (as opposed to 36% in USA), Chinese tourist arrivals globally are expected to double in the next few years.

How To Sell More Rooms Via Last Minute Hotel Booking Apps

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels·24 October 2018
It is common knowledge that the hotel business is extremely time sensitive. A room unsold for a night, will be unsold forever. It’s done, it’s history. There is no way to recover from that loss. You could, of course, use different hotel occupancy strategies and find ways to make up for that loss, but very objectively speaking- the time sensitivity is immense.

Online Travel Agencies Looking Elsewhere for Growth; Why Hotels Need to Embrace Innovation

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels· 9 October 2018
Take note hotels and hoteliers – you need to start innovating to drive direct bookings. Online travel agents are active in their search for new revenue streams amid changing consumer trends, slowing levels of growth and the effect of the recent Package Travel Directive in the EU. Expect heightened M&A activity in the short term.

Air Canada, Expedia Group, and Accor Hotels among the latest travel brands to join the attendee list at EyeforTravel North America 2018

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels·26 September 2018
This year’s summit sees a huge focus on the customer experience: Is CX Hurting or Helping Your Brand? Understand how data, digital, and partnerships can revive your marketing strategy in 2018 and beyond.

Talking Brands & Growth: An Interview With Elie Younes, Chief Development Officer of Radisson Hotel Group

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels·26 September 2018
It’s been a rather busy year for the Radisson Hotel Group and their Executive Vice President & Chief Development Officer, Elie Younes.

You Don't Really Care About Your Guests

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels·25 September 2018
Not one hotelier really cares about their guests. Otherwise – the industry wouldn’t have let, Expedia, TripAdvisor etc. run roughshod over the entire marketplace. It wasn’t disruption – it was takeover. And you all gave up on your customers – you’ve let them be forced through a price driven ‘farmers market’ of decision making – completely out of your control.

Why Content Marketing is the Key to Successful Hotel Campaigns

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels·13 September 2018
If you are a bona fide netizen, perhaps you have come across with this phrase- ‘content is king’ which shows the dominance of content everywhere around the globe and it doesn’t matter which business you’re into – it holds a truth value for all businesses! Though content marketing used to just be a way to set yourself apart from your competitors, it has now become a necessity for any modern brand.

Five IoT Solutions That Can Improve Your Guest Experience Radically

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels·11 September 2018
Anticipating guests’ needs and creating personalized experiences is becoming the norm within the hospitality industry. Competition is fierce and in order to stand out, modern systems need to be implemented to provide the satisfaction the contemporary traveler requires. Take a look at our list of convenient IoT (Internet of Things) solutions that will significantly improve every hotel’s guest experience.


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