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  • HITEC Special: Does EU GDPR Affect U.S. Hospitality Companies?

    By Alvaro Hidalgo. The EU General Data Protection Regulation has set a path towards protecting personal data which many other countries will follow. In a global industry such as hospitality, it should be a primary objective to take the steps towards compliance.

  • HFTP Report: Hospitality Data Security — Strategy for Data Protection and Regulation Compliance

    This guide from Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP(R)) covers safeguards that can be implemented in hospitality businesses today, tips on how to continuously improve security and data regulation compliance.

  • HFTP GDPR Guidelines: Privacy Policies for Hotels

    This document offers points to consider in the development of a hotel’s privacy policy. In view of the multiple organisational and legal structures under which hotels operate, as well as the complexity of the third party landscape that may be part of the complete guest experience, this document serves as a guideline only.

  • HFTP GDPR Guidelines: Hospitality Guest Registration Cards

    This document offers recommendations for guest information collection on the guest registration card along with consent for use. It can be used as a guideline for loyalty cards, health data, export of data outside of the EU, privacy policies and direct marketing.

New Report: How Global Events Impact Travel

Koddi Blog ·26 September 2018
In our first research report series, Travel Index: Event Trends (2018 Issue 01), we explored the various impacts of significant events during 2016 through the first half of 2018 to identify meaningful travel trends that impact travel marketers’ campaigns.

Introducing Chad Baldwin, Vice President of Sales and Business Development

Koddi Blog ·15 August 2018
On the heels of winning a place on Inc’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America list, I sat down with one of Koddi’s newest team members, Chad Baldwin, to discuss his new role as Vice President of Sales and Business Development, and his focus on further enabling the company’s growth in 2018 and beyond.

The Trends Defining Millennial Business Travel

Koddi Blog · 1 August 2018
Business travelers are a notoriously mercurial and diverse demographic, and as we’ve explored in previous posts, they can be tricky to target due to their vastly divergent booking protocols and preferences. Adding to these challenges is the fact that millennials are poised to claim their place as the predominant corporate travelers, a change that will radically disrupt the industry.

Airbnb: What You Need to Know to Stay Competitive

Koddi Blog ·19 July 2018
The travel industry is always evolving, and as advertisers, we must keep up with those changes and strive to stay innovative. We aim to do that by not only staying up to speed on industry research but also by implementing various strategies based on that research.

Google Hotel Ads to Join Google Ads

Koddi Blog ·12 July 2018
This week at Google Marketing Live, Google announced that Hotel Ads will be joining Google Ads. You can find more details from Google’s announcement here. We were fortunate enough to have access to the alpha version of this product, and we’re excited about its potential.

Google Testing a New Search UI

Koddi Blog · 6 July 2018
Google is currently in the process of testing a new UI, in which the metasearch auction spot is now a part of the paid search ad space, replacing a paid search ad slot. Below, you can see a comparison highlighting the key differences between the previous layout and the new experimental UI.

Google Testing Similar Hotels Functionality in Hotel Ads on Desktop

Koddi Blog ·27 June 2018
While searching for hotels on Google Hotel Ads, users may find a new experience that shows additional similar properties. This experience appears to have replaced the previous view of “People also search for” with a massive facelift. From what we can tell, similar hotels shown are no further than 0.75 miles away and are within a 1-star rating of the initially searched hotel. The most impactful change of the updated user interface is callouts that show the same star rating hotel, in a similar area, for a less expensive daily rate.

Trivago's Small Market Test Could Prove Big Payoff for Suppliers

Koddi Blog ·25 June 2018
Recently, Trivago implemented a test across select small markets that could shake up how the auction will behave in the future. This test has created fixed positions for three out of the four top ad positions that are shown.

Koddi Offsite 2018: Celebrating and Learning in Hilton Head

Koddi Blog ·12 June 2018
It’s been said that if you want to really get to know someone, you should travel together. Last week, our team put that theory into action as we journeyed to Hilton Head Island for a three-day offsite. Although all our offices often meet together virtually, this was the first time in Koddi history that employees from Fort Worth, Ann Arbor, New York and Düsseldorf came together in person for a week of sharing, learning and celebrating.

Google Testing Variable Occupancy in Germany

Koddi Blog ·24 May 2018
An important distinction travelers make when booking a hotel room is the designation of how many people will be staying in the hotel room. Business travel tends to be single occupancy, where family/leisure travelers often have multiple occupants per room. All metasearch publishers except Google have offered an occupancy designation for a while. This can be an important indicator for hoteliers depending on what sort of travelers they are trying to target, and it’s important for the traveler since the room rate varies, typically, based on the occupancy.

What You Actually Need to Know About the GDPR

Koddi Blog ·16 May 2018
Whether you hung on every word of Mark Zuckerberg’s congressional hearing, or you routinely click “share” without a second thought, you can’t help but be aware that data collection has become a hotly contested issue worldwide. Enter the GDPR —or, the General Data Protection Regulation—a regulation implemented by the European Union that is poised to replace the Data Protection Act of 1998 later this month. So, what exactly does this legislation encompass, and how will it affect both your business and your browsing habits? Read on to learn more.

Introducing Hotel Campaigns on Google Hotel Ads

Koddi Blog ·27 April 2018
Over the course of the past few years, the travel industry has watched as Google has grown exponentially and become one of the leading hotel metasearch providers in the market. Today we’re discussing Google’s newest Hotel Ads product – Hotel campaigns. Google began the soft rollout of Hotel campaigns on March 8th, marking a major milestone in the ongoing evolution of Google Hotel Ads.

New Auction Experience Found on Trivago

Koddi Blog ·20 April 2018
Our metasearch partners have been devoting an increasing amount of effort to improving and testing new user experiences. Lately, we noticed a new auction experience on Trivago across several browsers. While this test seems to be available only in a handful of countries, it could mean changes are coming to other Trivago users soon.

Growing Brand Awareness with Tablet Hotels

Koddi Blog ·17 April 2018
We have the privilege of working with some of the most innovative brands in travel. Recently, we had the opportunity to partner with Tablet, a leading curator of boutique hotels who specializes in matching travelers with unique travel experiences. Together, we made metasearch a winning digital channel, expanding the brand’s reach and ability to share amazing experiences. Check out the full story here.

Google Testing Vacation Rentals Callout on Hotel Ads

Koddi Blog ·12 April 2018
Another week, and another set of new tests rolled out for the Google Hotel Ads user interface. Our analysts have spotted a new “Neighborhood” section, an update to the deal callout, and a callout that encourages users to look into vacation rentals.

Using Occupancy Data to Improve Metasearch Performance

Koddi Blog · 5 April 2018
A year ago, we first wrote about the power of occupancy-based bidding on the Koddi blog, and so today seems like the perfect day for a refresher on what occupancy-based bidding is and what has changed in the past year. What is occupancy-based bidding? Occupancy-based bidding is leveraging the occupancy data that you already own and the bidding tools available on metasearch publishers to shift your bids and budget to in-need markets and properties.

Driving Facebook Performance With Cross-channel Analysis

Koddi Blog ·29 March 2018
Facebook’s Dynamic Ads for Travel (DAT) has proven to be a successful product for advertisers since its inception in 2016. As competition for users with travel intent increases and scalability plateaus, advertisers continue to research ways to improve performance and increase booking volume while maintaining return on ad spend and all relevant KPIs. We took this challenge head-on, finding success leveraging data sourced from outside channels. With access to key metrics through the Koddi platform (booking window, device type behavior, etc.) we have been able to compete with, and in some cases, outperform metasearch publishers.

Google's New Look for Mobile Hotel Ads

Koddi Blog ·26 March 2018
“This year is going to be the year of mobile” is a talking point you have likely heard every year for the past five years, and the soothsayers of mobile continue to be right. It’s no surprise to anyone that mobile users continue to grab market share in all digital marketing verticals, and in no vertical is this truer than metasearch. With the rising demand of mobile, metasearch publishers are constantly testing to maximize the mobile user experience. Recently, we found a new mobile experience on Google Hotel Ads. The tested mobile interface on Google had a refreshed hotel listing page, a cleaner call out for pricing, an updated color scheme, and a clear designation when a hotel has a competitive price.

Highlights from ITB Berlin 2018

Koddi Blog ·20 March 2018
Earlier this month, over 110,000 trade visitors from around the globe gathered in Berlin for ITB Berlin (Internationale Tourismus-Börse Berlin). Our team attended the event, where we had the opportunity to meet with clients, discuss new trends with our key partners and learn more about the latest hospitality trends through insightful workshops. With more than 10,000 exhibitors from 186 countries and regions, it’s no wonder ITB Berlin is considered the world’s largest tourism trade fair. Our team logged many kilometers during the week while navigating the expansive maze of 26 halls on the exhibition grounds. When we weren’t meeting with partners and clients, we visited the stands belonging to destinations, hotels, tourism boards, tour operators, and airlines from around the globe. We also had the opportunity to attend some of the convention events and chat with other travel technology providers. Some of the major themes we heard throughout the week included the growth of experiential tourism, the breakthrough of artificial intelligence in hospitality and the potential of social media to drive more bookings.

How AMP for Email Could Change the Way We Book Travel

Koddi Blog ·13 March 2018
Advertising hotels through email have always been a tricky proposition. To do so effectively requires the dissemination of useful and attractive information, and the volatility of the space makes this a difficult challenge. Frequently changing hotel rates, availability and offers have historically limited a travel brand’s abilities to market via a static medium like email efficiently. With Google’s dynamic emails, that limitation could be lifted and may create new marketing channels.

Target In-Market Travelers with Trip Consideration

Koddi Blog · 6 March 2018
Facebook continues to add more to the toolbox for travel advertisers. The latest vertical solution, which uses general travel intent, is trip consideration. It helps travel advertisers reach users who are in-market to travel but have not decided on a specific destination. Leveraging this new feature is easy and can be very effective for travel advertisers. This solution is a great way to put a brand or direct response message in front of a user with travel intent as opposed to only using core targeting exclusively.

How to Prepare for Spring Break Bookings

Koddi Blog ·27 February 2018
In the next few weeks and all throughout March, schools across the US will be closing their doors for spring break vacation. There is usually a two-week traffic spike right in the middle of that period as a surge of last-minute bookers start to make plan and bookings. Popular spring break destinations see a 302% increase in clicks per day beginning March 1st.

Nostalgia Marketing in the Hospitality Industry

Koddi Blog ·20 February 2018
What if your vacation could truly transport you – not just to a new place, but rather to a past moment in time? In recent years, leaders in the hospitality industry have started to promote “nostalgia tourism” – trips that take travelers back to the “good old days” by allowing them to re-experience places and activities that they loved once before.

The Year of the Dog: Digging into China's Booking Trends

Koddi Blog ·16 February 2018
As a Taiwanese immigrant now residing in the US, I personally get into the “holiday spirit” during this time of the year. If you’ve heard that 2018 is the “Year of the Dog,” you may already know that another side of the globe is currently celebrating Chinese New Year, which is also called “春节” (Chūn Jié): a week-long traditional holiday for families to welcome prosperity, fortune, and happiness for the lunar new year together. In fact, it is one of the world’s most prominent and celebrated holidays, and a major holiday in China and its geographic neighbours, such as Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and many more.

Metasearch Defined: A List of Industry Terms for Travel Advertisers

Koddi Blog ·14 February 2018
On my first day at Koddi, I wondered if I would ever be able to grasp what seemed like an unending catalog of acronyms and unique terms that make up the metasearch vernacular. While the granularity of metasearch allows for some of the most in-depth and accurate reporting in the travel marketing space, as the industry continues to grow, so does the broad scope of terms used every day in metasearch reporting.

Google Updates the Travel Search Experience on Mobile

Koddi Blog ·10 February 2018
Earlier this week, Google launched a new update for its mobile travel platform which combines flight and hotel search into a shared navigation bar. In addition to this most recent update, late last year, Google gave a facelift to the hotel search filters as well as an update to how Hotel Ads were incorporated into the mobile search for users booking hotels on their mobile phones. These recent updates streamline the travel search on Google to be more of a one-stop-shop for the trip planning process.


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