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  • HITEC Special: Does EU GDPR Affect U.S. Hospitality Companies?

    By Alvaro Hidalgo. The EU General Data Protection Regulation has set a path towards protecting personal data which many other countries will follow. In a global industry such as hospitality, it should be a primary objective to take the steps towards compliance.

  • HFTP Report: Hospitality Data Security — Strategy for Data Protection and Regulation Compliance

    This guide from Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP(R)) covers safeguards that can be implemented in hospitality businesses today, tips on how to continuously improve security and data regulation compliance.

  • HFTP GDPR Guidelines: Privacy Policies for Hotels

    This document offers points to consider in the development of a hotel’s privacy policy. In view of the multiple organisational and legal structures under which hotels operate, as well as the complexity of the third party landscape that may be part of the complete guest experience, this document serves as a guideline only.

  • HFTP GDPR Guidelines: Hospitality Guest Registration Cards

    This document offers recommendations for guest information collection on the guest registration card along with consent for use. It can be used as a guideline for loyalty cards, health data, export of data outside of the EU, privacy policies and direct marketing.


Give yourself the time to be a Hotelier - The Power of Hotelogix Cloud PMS

Hotelogix Blog·22 August 2018
The dawn of the 80’s saw the rise of videos and the slow demise of the radio, which led to one of the greatest hits of that era, “Video killed the radio star”, by the Buggles. The song doesn’t welcome the change that motion pictures brought into the entertainment industry and is, in a sense, a sort of farewell to the radio, that was present in every home at the time. However, the takeaway from this is that some 30 years later, today, video has become the most popular medium of entertainment and information.

Use of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in the Hospitality Industry

Hotelogix Blog·17 August 2018
From developing hyper-personalized guest experiences to determining unrecognized revenue opportunities for the greater good, AI empowers innovation and growth. It does this by filtering information and deducing patterns into deeper actionable insights.

5 Factors to Prove That it is Time to Switch From Excel to a Cloud-Based Hotel PMS

Hotelogix Blog·16 August 2018
If you are still using Excel sheets to manage your hotel operations, you might want to sit back and take a serious look at all that you stand to lose out on. No, we don’t intend to sound sensational nor is this a hyperbole. But in the age of the cloud, where everything you need as a hotelier is available to you on a cloud based hotel PMS, subscribing to obsolete technology can be detrimental.

Download ebook : How well-strategized is your 'Book Direct' approach?

Hotelogix Blog·13 August 2018
As a hotelier, you really cannot avoid the influence of OTAs when it comes to getting indirect booking. But, looking at the hefty commission percentage you pay to your OTA partners per booking, it’s always advisable to explore various ways to acquire more direct booking that are commission-free.

How To Leverage a Cloud Based Property Management System For Your Hotel Chain

Hotelogix Blog· 8 August 2018
There has been a lot of talk about the pros and cons of on-premise and cloud-based Property Management Systems and have turned out to be the debate of the decade in the hospitality space. With even the leaders in on-premise systems slowly shifting their focus on developing their own cloud-based platforms, it’s safe to say that cloud has captured the industry due to the utility it brings in and the ability to grow in the space.

13 Features Every Hotel Web Booking Engine Must Have

Hotelogix Blog· 7 August 2018
Online hotel booking systems have redefined the hotel industry space. Not only have they made hotel reservations easier for guests, they have also made hotels more accessible to guests, regardless of the distance between the hotel and the prospective guests. All your reservation data is collected onto one platform, plus with a sharply-designed booking form, you also make the entire reservation process hassle-free for the bookers.

5 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Current Hotel Reservation System

Hotelogix Blog· 6 August 2018
Here’s some food for thought… One of the biggest ironies is that we, as a generation, are spoilt for choice but very few of us know exactly what we are looking for! Technology has brought us so many amazing gifts, over the past few decades, that some of us could get overwhelmed by it all and get lost trying to keep up.

8 Inspirational TED Talks Every Hospitality Professional Needs To Watch

Hotelogix Blog· 3 August 2018
TED talks have always been inspiring and motivating. As a trusted Cloud PMS partner to over thousands of hotels globally, we thought of compiling a list of hospitality-related talks given at various TEDX events. We believe, listening to these speeches can help you rethink, evaluate and restructure (if needed) your approach towards your hospitality business.

5 Burdens Hoteliers Can Get Rid of, With a Mobile Hotel PMS App

Hotelogix Blog· 1 August 2018
One of the greatest gifts that technology has given the world is the gift of being capable to work smarter as opposed to harder. It has given us the option to attain greater efficiency with lesser effort. And in the hospitality sector, one of the biggest boons of technology in the recent past has got to be the hotel management apps, especially hotel mobile PMS.

4 hacks to get more hotel reservation from your booking engine

Hotelogix Blog·27 July 2018
Have you ever wondered why OTAs give you more bookings? Why the average online hotel booking engine conversion rate stands at below 2% (Source) despite hoteliers spending on marketing and SEO activities?

Top 3 Tips to Increase Hotel Revenue Using Big Data Analytics

Hotelogix Blog·21 July 2018
With changing time and increased competition, many hotels now have started using hotel industry business insights to take relevant business decisions, ultimately to increase hotel revenue. However, are you one of those smart hoteliers who understands the importance of big data analytics when it comes to run your hotel business efficiently?

5 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Make Personalized Guest Experience Your Hotel's Niche

Hotelogix Blog·20 July 2018
“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.”

5 Uncommon Tips to Get More Online Hotel Guest Reviews

Hotelogix Blog·17 July 2018
We live in the age of the customer, and the sooner we embrace this fact the higher our chances of succeeding. In this age, customer feedback is one of the most important (if not THE most!) factors that can fuel your business. While this is true to all industries, it is more relevant to the hospitality industry. And no, we don’t expect you to take our word for it. Several studies conducted across the world vouch for the fact that hotel guest reviews are paramount to your business.

5 grave mistakes that sabotage your hotel revenue management efforts

Hotelogix Blog· 9 July 2018
Implementing the best procedures and practices of revenue management at a hotel to increase overall revenue is not an easy task. Especially, when the market is as fiercely competitive as it is today. Smart hotel revenue management is all about how efficiently you locate new revenue opportunities, optimize inventory/rate distribution and how well you analyze competitor pricing strategy, plus local market demand.

How To Use Data To Improve Hotel Operations & How a Cloud Hotel PMS Helps In This

Hotelogix Blog· 6 July 2018
In today’s digital era, Data is power. It enables you to gain competitive advantage in the market. Today, almost all industries grow by using data. Hotel industry is struggling hard to be in pace in this data driven business environment to manage hotel operations. When a Hotelier doesn’t know how to collect, analyze and put data into action to improve hotel operation, it becomes tough to survive, let alone strive.

5 ways to reduce no shows and cancellations at your hotel

Hotelogix Blog· 5 July 2018
Imagine this! It’s about midnight and your front desk staff is about to perform night audit and then call it a day. But a certain guest who has made a reservation has not yet turned up. You’ve waited all day but there’s been no correspondence from the guest. You know that it’s a classic case of “no-show hotel reservation” and it is a common occurrence in hotels.

Top 4 last-minute tips for hotel to increase fourth of July holiday occupancy

Hotelogix Blog· 2 July 2018
“46.9 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more away from home during the 4th of July holiday travel period.” (Source) Staggering… isn’t it! With stats on your side, hoteliers across America can really use this holiday to attract more guests and build their hotels’ brand. Wondering how you can boost last minute occupancy at your hotel for the upcoming Independence Day?

The GDPR compliance - The hidden benefits of compliant hotel

Hotelogix Blog·27 June 2018
Now that the GDPR compliance laws have been implemented, getting your hotel GDPR compliant has become a mandate. And as you are faced with this daunting task of managing your customers data to ensure that their data is protected, there are a few points that can help your business.

Tips and Tricks to Attract Foreign Guests to Your Property

Hotelogix Blog·22 June 2018
According to a 2017 report by Phocuswright, the global travel activity market is projected to reach $183 billion by 2020. This figure stood at $135 billion in 2016, with hotel industry’s share marked at 33%. Hotel industry is a crucial stakeholder in the travel ecosystem and its share is going to grow as the global travel market is also expected to expand. And as a hotelier, you must do everything possible to attract more international hotel guests to your property.

5 Screaming Out Signs That Your Hotel PMS Needs an Upgrade

Hotelogix Blog·19 June 2018
Regardless of the era, hotels have always had a way to manage their operations- be it registers, excel sheets, legacy systems or the more modern cloud-based Property Management Systems. For each ‘already existing’ system to be replaced with a newer, more relevant upgrade, necessity has played a huge role.

How independent hotels can increase revenue with a cloud-based Hotel PMS

Hotelogix Blog·13 June 2018
In this blog post, we will be discussing how independent hotels can reduce hotel operating costs with a cloud-based hotel management system. But since lowering costs directly relates to profits, we will also be looking into how to increase hotel revenue with a PMS.

3 Reasons to Adopt a Mobile Hotel PMS

Hotelogix Blog· 8 June 2018
Mobile devices have become an integral part of everyone’s life, both professionally and personally. They play the role of a catalyst between the user and the world they live in. In the hospitality industry, even though guests have been enjoying the benefits of smartphones, Hoteliers are usually restricted to workstations for much of their operations. But things are changing for good. Hoteliers today, can make use of Mobile Hotel PMS and Hotel management Apps to cater to their guests with utmost ease.

Hotel Remarketing Strategies and How it can Boost Your Bookings

Hotelogix Blog· 7 June 2018
In a competitive market, getting noticed is the biggest challenge for small and mid-sized independent hoteliers. The Internet is flooded with different types of hotels and everyone’s in pursuit of the top spot! Hotel remarketing is one of the most effective strategy you can use to grab the attention and convert the online user into a customer.

How to Get More Mobile Bookings at Your Hotel

Hotelogix Blog·29 May 2018
Over the last decade, mobile hotel bookings have definitely brought about a disruption in the hospitality industry. But surprisingly it lags much behind other prominent booking sources, like OTAs etc. 80% of all last minute bookings are done on Mobile devices. As more and more Hoteliers are liberating last minute inventory, it has become very important for Hoteliers to use technology to increase hotel bookings. As bad as 2 out of 5 mobile transactions for hotel bookings(source), are cancelled because of poor user experience. Hoteliers in the U.S lose a great amount of revenue every time a consumer fails to complete a booking via mobile devices.

9 Incredibly Easy Ways To Ensure Full Occupancy at Your Hotel

Hotelogix Blog·25 May 2018
One of the most persistent challenges faced by hoteliers is how to increase hotel occupancy. While there are several tricks in the book to achieve full occupancy, few prove effective in the long-run.

The Top 5 Essential Features of an Online Hotel Reservation System

Hotelogix Blog·24 May 2018
Finding the most suited online hotel reservation system for your property can be a herculean task, given the number of options one is presented with. This is why it is important to understand those features of a hotel reservation system that are absolute must-haves. But before that, it is essential to know the basic characteristics of a hotel reservation system, so you don’t confuse the basic features with the must-haves!


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