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  • Meet Minneapolis: Travel to the Twin Cities this Summer for HITEC 2019

    We all know that travel can be a real hassle. So, what about a trip makes it worth packing up your suitcase, saying goodbye to your family for the next few days, fighting the airport and staying in a.

  • New Global Directors Join the 2018-2019 HFTP Board

    The HFTP 2018-2019 Global Board of Directors was installed during the association's 2018 Annual Convention and introduces new directors Toni Bau, Carson Booth, CHTP and Mark Fancourt. These extensive director profiles give insight into the distinguished professions and personal goals of HFTP's newest association leaders.

  • A Series of Must-Read Articles on Cybersecurity Produced by the HFTP Research Centers

    Data security remains a pressing concern and top priority for the hospitality industry. The HFTP Research Centers are dedicated to producing findings that can significantly aid hospitality businesses in their efforts to protect their guests’ privacy and personal information against potential cyber threats and attacks.

  • HITEC Special: Does EU GDPR Affect U.S. Hospitality Companies?

    By Alvaro Hidalgo. The EU General Data Protection Regulation has set a path towards protecting personal data which many other countries will follow. In a global industry such as hospitality, it should be a primary objective to take the steps towards compliance.

Hospitality Digital Technology: Challenges, Priorities, and Buzzwords

Max Starkov | The HeBS blog· 6 March 2019
Today’s typical online travel consumer is exposed to more than 38,983 micro-moments in a 60-day timeframe and visits an average of 18 websites via multiple devices across eight sessions before making a hotel booking (Google Research).

Back to Basics: Search Engine Marketing

Max Starkov | The HeBS blog· 4 March 2019
Search engine marketing (SEM) is the act of improving the visibility of your website in the search engine results pages (SERPs). It incorporates search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) listings. SEM is a key advertising initiative, so here we’re diving into the PPC basics that you need to know.

Now Available: The Q1 2019 Hotel Marketer's Whitepaper

Max Starkov | The HeBS blog·14 February 2019
Now available for viewing and download, the Q1 2019 Hotel Marketer’s Whitepaper covers current trends and industry insights hoteliers should be paying attention to in order to have a strong digital presence. The whitepaper takes a deep dive into strategies that will help to reach different audiences.

The Mobile-First World Creates Tremendous Revenue Potential for Hoteliers

Max Starkov | The HeBS blog·13 February 2019
Hoteliers face a challenge in 2019: Creating and managing a robust digital presence in an increasingly mobile-first environment. This means investing in mobile technology and marketing that enables the best user experience while achieving maximum engagement, regardless of device. The explosion of mobile customer engagements creates a tremendous upside opportunity for smart hoteliers who invest in and take advantage of this rising tide of mobile-obsessed travel consumers.

Digital Inspo: What Creative Hotels are Doing Online

Max Starkov | The HeBS blog· 6 February 2019
Coming up with fresh and creative marketing initiatives is never an easy task. Hotels all over the world face fierce competition regardless of their destination. Utilizing creative ideas to attract guests can help hotels stand out in the crowd and help them to gain new and repeat visitors. Our new article series, Digital Inspo: What Creative Hotels are Doing Online, dives deep into a recent original campaign idea developed by a hotel brand.

How To Get The Most Out Of The New Google Hotel Search Interface

Max Starkov | The HeBS blog· 5 February 2019
A few months ago, Google began unrolling a new design for their hotel search results. With the updated design, they now display four hotels instead of three and have updated the filters available to the user, all in an effort to help people easily find the hotel that best fits their needs.

Product Spotlight: YouTube TrueView

Max Starkov | The HeBS blog·25 January 2019
The Problem Currently, YouTube is the second largest search engine out there. With over 1.9 billion logged-in monthly users, most users now prefer the platform over live tv. On mobile alone, YouTube reaches more 18-49 year-olds than any other broadcast or cable network. Often times, however, reaching this vast audience in a meaningful and engaging...

Coffee Chat: Triptease & HEBS Digital

Max Starkov | The HeBS blog·23 January 2019
HEBS Digital’s Brand Marketing Manager, Garrick Lee, recently chatted with the Founder and CEO of Triptease, Charlie Osmond, to discuss his career, the beginning of his company, and some of his favorite products that Triptease has recently developed.

Just Back From: Bangkok, Thailand

Max Starkov | The HeBS blog·15 January 2019
Known for ornate shrines and a vibrant city life, Thailand’s capital is an experience unlike any other. The city welcomes visitors from all over the world and it’s not hard to imagine why. HEBS Digital’s SEO team member, Iana Rivera, recently escaped to the legendary city and came back with insights on everything you need to know.

Insights from The International Luxury Hotel Association's INSPIRE SUMMIT '18

Max Starkov | The HeBS blog·11 January 2019
Each year, the International Luxury Hotel Association (IHLA) brings together hoteliers from all over the world to speak about current topics affecting the industry with tips and insights on building guest loyalty, increasing revenue, enhancing your hotel’s brand, and more. This year’s event focused on inspiring the luxury guest experience. Many presenters brought new and interesting perspectives on exceeding expectations of elite guests, while industry insiders described the influence of technology on the guest experience.

Learn from HEBS Digital Experts During Three Workshops at the 2019 HSMAI Digital Marketing Strategy Conference

Max Starkov | The HeBS blog· 7 January 2019
For more than 15 years, HSMAI’s Digital Marketing Strategy Conference has been where senior leaders in hotel marketing connect and engage in meaningful, thought-provoking conversations about the most important strategic issues facing the business today. The conference continues to provide hoteliers and their partners with practical information, insights, and strategies to drive revenue and engage guests – before, during, and after their stays.

Celebrating 2018: HEBS Digital & Serenata CRM Reflect on Another Successful Year

Max Starkov | The HeBS blog·18 December 2018
As the year comes to a close, HEBS Digital and Serenata CRM celebrate the many accomplishments of 2018, as well as the team members who made them possible. In the last 12 months, both companies were industry leaders in helping hotels around the world pave the way to digital success. Both HEBS Digital and Serenata CRM launched new products, innovated existing technology, and received multiple industry awards and accolades for award-winning advertising and marketing campaigns.

Employee Spotlight: Patrick, Team Lead Digital Media & Creative Strategy

Max Starkov | The HeBS blog·13 December 2018
I’m the team lead of the digital media and creative strategy department here at HEBS Digital. My department is responsible for launching, tracking, and optimizing all of our display media, paid social media, and metasearch campaigns for our clients. We are also responsible for leading the collaborative effort in strategizing multichannel campaigns.

Case Study: La Fonda on the Plaza Boosts Brand Awareness and Website Traffic with Sweepstakes Campaign

Max Starkov | The HeBS blog· 5 December 2018
La Fonda on the Plaza was launching their newest program called Artist in Residence – a city-sponsored initiative bringing Southwestern artists and live painting to the hotel lobby for guests to enjoy – and needed a creative way to bring awareness to the ongoing events.

Hotelier's Guide to Creating Special Offers

Max Starkov | The HeBS blog· 3 December 2018
Finding and booking the perfect hotel takes time. Beyond rate, hotel shoppers are looking at plenty of other factors, such as amenities, local activities, and nearby restaurants. Hoteliers can leverage these unique features by packaging them into special offers that will help travelers be sure that they’ve found the best deal.

Google: Your Most Important Hotel Distribution Channel

Max Starkov | The HeBS blog·30 November 2018
The latest whitepaper from Duetto (in partnership with HEBS Digital) focuses on how Google has evolved from a digital marketing medium to a major player in hotel advertising, loyalty, and distribution. Hotel operators need to be assigning the same importance to Google as they do to OTAs and their own websites. Those that don’t are going to be left behind.

New Zealand Based Heritage Hotels Launches New, Multi-Property Website on HEBS Digital's smartCMS(r)

Max Starkov | The HeBS blog·28 November 2018
Heritage Hotels in New Zealand is an experience out of the ordinary. A healthy indulgence, and a refreshing contrast, to everyday life. You might seek calm of Kaikoura, the bustle of the city in Wellington, a conference in Queenstown, or a party in Paihia. With Heritage Hotels, the experience is up to the traveler.

The Top 5 Things You Need to Know Now in Hotel Digital Marketing: November Edition

Max Starkov | The HeBS blog·26 November 2018
Staying innovative in your digital marketing strategy means staying up-to-date with the ever-changing digital landscape. From TripAdvisor evolving into a social travel platform with new research and sharing tools to Google Maps adding a follow button for businesses, learn more about the top things you need to know now in hotel digital marketing.

Top 5 Blog Posts Hotels Should Be Writing

Max Starkov | The HeBS blog·19 November 2018
The importance of having a blog on your hotel website can’t be stressed enough. In addition to serving as a platform to share informational and inspirational content to past, current, and future guests, blogs can enhance your inbound marketing efforts—driving traffic to your hotel website and attracting even more prospective guests.

Hotel El Ganzo Invites Visitors to San Jose del Cabo with New, Creative Hotel Website

Max Starkov | The HeBS blog· 7 November 2018
Hotel El Ganzo is far more than a hotel, it’s a headspace. The unique property worked with HEBS Digital to design a custom website that brings the creative aspects of their San Jose del Cabo hotel online, with a goal to attract artists, musicians, filmmakers, and more to the shores of the Sea of Cortez.

Now Available: The Q4 Hotel Digital Marketer's Whitepaper

Max Starkov | The HeBS blog· 5 November 2018
Now available for viewing and download, the HEBStrategy Q4 2018 Whitepaper Edition: The Hotel Digital Marketer’s Whitepaper, covers current trends and industry insights hoteliers should be paying attention to in order to have a strong digital presence. The whitepaper takes a deep dive into strategies that will help to reach different audiences.

The End of the Hotel Metasearch Model as We Know It

Max Starkov | The HeBS blog·31 October 2018
Price comparison engines, better known as metasearch engines or simply metasearch, have been around since 1995. Remember websites like BargainFinder, NetBot and Nextag? In travel, price comparison sites have been in existence since the early 2000s. Early flight metasearch entrants were SkyScanner and Kayak, followed by Momondo and Google Flights.

Just Back From: Havana, Cuba

Max Starkov | The HeBS blog·29 October 2018
Maybe it’s something they put in the mojitos, but a trip to Havana is unlike any other. I recently took a trip to the beautiful Cuban capital, where I was immersed in their local culture and discovered the historic city. Read on for the highlights of my time spent in Havana.

Product Spotlight: Countdown Banner + Promo Tiles

Max Starkov | The HeBS blog·25 October 2018
When running a limited time offer, it’s important to promote it throughout the duration of the sale on the hotel website. Visibility of the promotion and how much time remains are key factors when a website visitor is considering completing a booking. Often times, if the information the website visitor is not looking for cannot easily be found, they will leave the website without ever completing a booking.

The Top 5 Things You Need to Know Now in Hotel Digital Marketing: October Edition

Max Starkov | The HeBS blog·22 October 2018
As Q4 begins and the holidays approach swiftly, it’s time for hotel marketers to kick their digital marketing into high gear. From Google unveiling new search tools (perfect for travel planning) to Facebook adding new, festive holiday design elements to its ad platform, here are the top things you need to know now in hotel digital marketing to take your digital strategy to the next level.

Five Tips for a Successful Cyber Monday Campaign

Max Starkov | The HeBS blog·17 October 2018
It’s no secret: Cyber Monday is a huge opportunity for hoteliers to drive bookings. What began as a one-day online shopping holiday has, over the years, extended into Black Friday and Thanksgiving, with some brands promoting deals even earlier. As a result, consumers aren’t just searching for deals earlier, they’re also making more purchases over a longer period of time. According to Adobe Analytics, American consumers spent $19.62 billion online between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday in 2017, a 15% increase year over year.


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