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  • HITEC Special: Does EU GDPR Affect U.S. Hospitality Companies?

    By Alvaro Hidalgo. The EU General Data Protection Regulation has set a path towards protecting personal data which many other countries will follow. In a global industry such as hospitality, it should be a primary objective to take the steps towards compliance.

  • HFTP Report: Hospitality Data Security — Strategy for Data Protection and Regulation Compliance

    This guide from Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP(R)) covers safeguards that can be implemented in hospitality businesses today, tips on how to continuously improve security and data regulation compliance.

  • HFTP GDPR Guidelines: Privacy Policies for Hotels

    This document offers points to consider in the development of a hotel’s privacy policy. In view of the multiple organisational and legal structures under which hotels operate, as well as the complexity of the third party landscape that may be part of the complete guest experience, this document serves as a guideline only.

  • HFTP GDPR Guidelines: Hospitality Guest Registration Cards

    This document offers recommendations for guest information collection on the guest registration card along with consent for use. It can be used as a guideline for loyalty cards, health data, export of data outside of the EU, privacy policies and direct marketing.

Beekeeper Productivity App Release Notes September 2018

Beekeeper Blog·20 September 2018
Happy Fall! Our Product Team has been hard at work over this summer making significant operational improvements to the Beekeeper platform. Read on to discover what’s new in the Beekeeper employee app experience, as well as what we have fixed.

Beekeeper Announces Innovation App Extension for Team Collaboration

Beekeeper Blog·19 September 2018
Beekeeper possesses numerous ways to recognize, poll, engage, and connect the mobile workforce and their office-based colleagues. We are pleased to announce an app extension designed expressly for a vital but often underutilized component of employee communication: sharing and voting on ideas.

Top Ten Hidden Costs of Not Going Digital

Beekeeper Blog·18 September 2018
The one mistake 47% of companies make that costs them billions of dollars every year is not having a digital internal communications strategy. A digital workplace can revolutionize an organization, save money, and make a company more competitive. All systems and processes function at maximum efficiency for an employee trifecta. Productivity, engagement, and experience all benefit from a digital workplace, and the success and savings ripple out to the rest of a company, all the way to the customer.

From GDPR to Employee Engagement: What Hotels Need to Know

Beekeeper Blog·13 September 2018
Last year, consumers spent $1.6 trillion on hotel rooms worldwide. As global travel continues to grow, and with new GDPR compliance laws taking effect, hotels need to keep pace in a constantly evolving industry. In order to stay competitive and build a productive team, every hotel should have a digital workplace handling internal communications.

Beekeeper Secures $13M Series A Extension Led by Atomico and Keen Venture Partners

Beekeeper Blog·12 September 2018
On behalf of Beekeeper, I’m thrilled to announce that we have secured $13 million in funding during our Series A extension round! This helps us continue our mission to better connect and engage non-desk workforces with an operational communication platform that is both simple to implement and use.

Beekeeper Announces ADP, Microsoft Azure, SAP SuccessFactors, and Workday User Sync Integrations

Beekeeper Blog·11 September 2018
Digital workplace integrations should make work simpler and more enjoyable. At Beekeeper, simplicity is at the core of our integration philosophy. Rather than reinventing the wheel and replacing brand name software solutions, our marketplace apps enable direct integration between existing HR workforce management and payroll systems with Beekeeper digital workflows.

Hoteliers + Non-Desk Hotel Workers to Benefit from Beekeeper's $13 Million 'Series A' Extension

Beekeeper ·11 September 2018
Beekeeper, the leading communication and operations platform for connecting a hotel's non-desk workers across locations and departments, announced today that it has raised an additional $13 million as a part of its Series A extension round. Built from the ground up for secure, centralized operational communication on mobile and desktop devices, Beekeeper plans to deploy its latest round of capital by continuing to invest in hospitality market growth, innovation and its information security management system to maintain their ISO 27001:2013 certification. This will ensure the platform delivers a simple and elegant experience for hotel workers while maintaining the highest security levels.Atomico and Keen Venture Partners led the round with a diverse group of strategic investors including Samsung Next, Edenred Capital Partners (ECP), and Swiss Post who have joined Beekeeper's mission to connect the nearly 2 billion non-desk workers who have been forgotten when it comes to digitalization within companies. All existing key investors, including FYRFLY Venture Partners, ALPANA Ventures and, participated in the round as well.Aligning employees without email addresses or corporate devices with the entire organization in a centralized, secure environment is a major challenge. Seventy-five percent of the workforce currently use their personal mobile devices to communicate with co-workers, and the lack of proper operational communication tools has forced employees to use consumer-based workarounds like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Data privacy scandals by consumer giant Facebook and the launch of GDPR has emphasized the importance of data privacy and security."Atomico is proud to support Beekeeper as their innovative employee communication and operations platform, built specifically for the world's two billion non-desk workers, continues to succeed on a global scale," said Ben Blume, Principal at Atomico. "Over the last few years we've watched Cris, Flavio and the team build not only a world class product and culture, but consistently win some of the world's most well recognized corporations as clients across a range of industries from hospitality and manufacturing to retail and construction. It is a testament to our belief that big enterprise SaaS winners will continue to emerge from Europe.""Beekeeper plays right into the heart of the digital workplace trend," said Robert Verwaayen, general partner at Keen Ventures. "We believe that Beekeeper is on a path to become an indispensable collaboration tool for the 80% of the global workforce that has been largely forgotten by digital technology. The market opportunity, strength of the product and the talent of the team gives Beekeeper a real shot at becoming a meaningful giant in the mobile enterprise space."This round of capital will also be dedicated to the next evolution of Beekeeper's Marketplace and plug-in ecosystem. As the central employee touchpoint, Beekeeper has the unique ability to streamline internal communications and operational tools within one intuitive app that desk and non-desk workers can access in real time from their mobile phone. Through Beekeeper's integrations and out-of-the-box apps, corporations can consolidate operational tools and communications into a simplified employee experience - something that will be imperative as frontline workers are introduced to corporate technology, many for the first time.Christina Bechhold Russ, principal at Samsung NEXT Ventures said, "Non-desk-based workers are one of the most overlooked markets for digital services, yet they are estimated to have a mobile penetration rate of 84% and only continues to grow. Beekeeper enables employers with distributed workforces from manufacturing companies to retailers to seamlessly connect everyone in the organization and transform the way information is disseminated and shared. A strategic investment for NEXT, this is a great opportunity to support a fast-growing scale-up leveraging mobile devices to define the future of work."Beekeeper's new financing comes within a year of closing its Series A round and marks a time of rapid corporate growth. In the past year, Fortune 500 firms across the globe have adopted Beekeeper to improve internal communications and streamline operations. Beekeeper has also increased its user base by more than 500% and is currently being used in more than 137 countries worldwide.

How Mobile Technology Elevates Hotel Communication and Operations

Beekeeper Blog· 6 September 2018
Just as the hospitality industry builds memorable experiences according to guest needs, hotel communication systems and technology solutions should do the same for you and your workforce. A few weeks ago, Beekeeper teamed up with leaders from two of our business partners, Jos Schaap, CEO and Founder of StayNTouch and Erica Rich, Senior Hospitality Marketing Strategist at Revinate, to lead a webinar on how the hospitality industry can best leverage mobile technology in hotels.

Beekeeper Improves Employee Communication for Feather Falls Casino, Lodge & Brewing Co.

Beekeeper · 5 September 2018
To improve on the company's crisis communication plan, Turner set out to find much-needed technology that engaged employees and allowed them to communicate during an emergency. In June 2018, Feather Falls Casino, Lodge & Brewing Co. implemented Beekeeper, the "Most Innovative Technology of 2018," and the "People's Choice" for engaging hospitality workers who don't sit behind a desk and don't have access to work email."There's nothing like a natural disaster to expose communication flaws," Turner said. "When this incident happened, we realized that we had no way of notifying our employees about what was happening. We couldn't reach out to see if anyone needed help, if they had pets needing rescuing, or if they just needed a place to stay. All outlets, including the Casino, Lodge and Brewing Co., remained opened. Most of our employees don't sit in front of a computer; they're busy serving guests. While we have bulletin boards on the premises, we needed a more consistent and efficient way to reach the bulk of our employees in real time. It was an ineffective way to operate, and it left our employees feeling disconnected, especially those working the swing and graveyard shifts. We needed a fairer way to engage everyone, regardless of what shift they work."Several months passed, but my passion for Beekeeper never waned," Turner said. "I needed a miracle to get the solution . . . and I actually got one. Upon returning from an industry convention, our Director of Hospitality Mark Grover and the Front Office Manager Scott Nash couldn't wait to tell me about an amazing solution they discovered that could solve all our communication problems; they were talking about Beekeeper. Unaware that I had already demoed the system, we now had three associates advocating for Beekeeper. We presented General Manager Ed Gilbert with the following reasons why Feather Falls Casino, Lodge & Brewing Co. needed Beekeeper."Beekeeper enables the property to:Be transparent and inclusive - everyone gets the same information no matter what shift they work or what department they work in.Be interactive and encourage collaboration - information sharing and ideas.Empower employees - gives them a voice.Provide two-way dialogue between employees and management.Engage with employees who don't have computer access or email.Push out emergency information.Eliminate bulletin boards and posters in break rooms throughout the property.Recognize employees, get team feedback, share our successes, and acknowledge successes of others.Share information quickly and easily, including policy and safety information, and set read receipts.Send targeted information or messages to predefined groups or departments.Receive analytics and business intelligence to gauge the effectiveness of what we are doing.Onboard employees and send welcome messages to introduce new employees.Pin important documents for employees to access.Buzzing on BeekeeperSince going live, 89% of users are active on Beekeeper daily, Turner said. Feather Falls Casino created a group stream called "Casino Connect" that encourages two-way communication for anything that employees and managers want to post. Individual streams were also activated, enabling departments to post schedules, accolades for jobs well done, news about the hotel or department and more. Employees with flip phones or who have no way of downloading the app can view communication streams on TV monitors in break rooms."The feedback from employees has been amazing," Turner said. "We use Beekeeper to keep everyone informed about everything, whether we're posting pictures of new slot machines and posting discussions about new casino games that we are rolling out that week or detailing employee ticket giveaways and announcing employee events, awards or birthdays. We've even started a new video challenge called 'Meet the Hive in Five' where one department makes a video featuring an employee who answers five questions about himself or herself. Then that department challenges another department to do the same. It's a fun, social way to get to know employees better. This is just one of many ways that Beekeeper is making everyone feel part of the Feather Falls family.""We are so happy that employees at the Feather Falls Casino, Lodge & Brewing Co. are fully engaged with Beekeeper," said Corey McCarthy, Beekeeper VP of Global Marketing. "We often see it takes a high profile incident to discover the need for our product."When employees are connected, it makes them feel part of a unified family," McCarthy said. "This is so important for employee morale and delivering superior guest service. For employees to be truly happy, they need to have a voice. They also need to be recognized among their peers and rewarded for doing a great job. This ultimately creates loyalty, and it drives job retention. We are grateful that Rhonda Turner didn't give up on her dream to implement Beekeeper . . . she fought the good fight for the betterment of Feather Falls employees, and today, everyone is reaping the rewards."

How HR Can Best Demonstrate ROI for New Digital Workplace Tools

Beekeeper Blog· 4 September 2018
HR professionals are faced with the daunting task of successfully aligning workforces with the strategic mission and objectives of their organization. Suffice to say while managing costs. These priorities are often competing, yet they don't have to be. Data conveys the interconnected relationship between an internal communication strategy and organizational success.

Best Ways App Integration Improves Productivity

Beekeeper Blog·30 August 2018
Apps designed to boost employee productivity often have the opposite effect. Employees are buried under communication from too many apps, wasting an hour a day just switching between them.

Beekeeper Improves Employee Communication for Dentsply Sirona Manufacturing

Beekeeper Blog·28 August 2018
With a global team of more than 16,000 employees across 40+ countries, Dentsply Sirona is the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies. Demonstrating a commitment to innovation and education, the company’s 600 engineers and scientists continually test and deliver new products. Manufacturing a range of dental and oral health products, the company also fabricates specialty products in orthodontics, endodontics, and implants.

Best Practices for Creating Employee Feedback Checklists

Beekeeper Blog·20 August 2018
For companies across many industries, the proliferation of the “gig economy” has rendered employee retention and employee engagement bigger challenges than ever before. As the flexibility and control promised by contract work drives a mass migration to freelance platforms, measuring employee engagement, satisfaction, and aptitude at regular intervals throughout the year is essential. That’s why utilizing a team communication app to collect employee feedback tool can be an essential first step towards improving employee engagement.

Team Apps for Hotel Operations

Beekeeper Blog·17 August 2018
As Vice President of Operations at SIXTY Hotels, Christopher Horn brings an impressive range of hospitality industry experience to the role, focusing on discovering and executing hotel efficiencies, improving operations processes, and optimizing business growth at SIXTY Hotels’ locations.

Digital Trendsetters: How to Revolutionize Your Workplace and Your Career

Beekeeper Blog·15 August 2018
In business, and in life, change is the key to growth. But so many companies fear the unknown and stay rooted in the familiar, especially when it comes to internal communications.

How to Choose the Best Team Collaboration Software

Beekeeper Blog·14 August 2018
Adopting team collaboration software for your workforce is an important milestone. It signals to your employees that you are prepared to support them with the technology necessary to thrive in their role at your organization, and a commitment to improve communication with your workforce. It can also reinforce good faith among your employee base that your leadership team is armed with the necessary foresight to maintain a competitive edge using automation and digital workplace tools.
Article by Connie Rheams

Mobile Communication is Key to Employee Engagement & Retention

Beekeeper ·14 August 2018
With unemployment at an all-time low - 4% across all industries as of June 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics - employee retention is top of mind. The proliferation of available jobs in hospitality has sparked even more competition among hotels to attract and retain employees. An additional dollar per hour or free daily lunch is proving to be enough of an incentive for hourly employees to leave one property and move to the next.It's innately difficult to connect with hotel employees because in a 24/7 work environment, cross-team collaboration is near impossible. Daytime employees and managers rarely meet or communicate with those working the night shift or working part-time on the weekends. Factor in that on average, 83% of a hotel's hourly employee do not have a work email address and don't sit behind a desk, and the challenge to engage with those people responsible for touching and serving your guests heightens.Today, 43% percent of Millennials envision leaving their jobs within two years; only 28 percent seek to stay beyond five years, according to the 2018 Deloitte Millennial Survey. Gen Z respondents express even less loyalty, with 61 percent saying they would leave within two years if given the choice. So, how do hoteliers retain valuable employees - especially Millennial and Gen Z associates?Dr. Linda Herkenhoff, a professor in the Graduate School of Business at Saint Mary's College of California teaching Leadership and Organizational Behavior and Quantitative Analysis, says that to maximize employee retention, foster employee commitment and create a healthy workplace, hoteliers must understand how employees are perceiving the organization and at which stage during the employment lifecycle. In the Pre-Arrival Stage (before an employee accepts a position), job-seekers will research the hotel and form their own ideas about how this job will serve them if hired. Once hired, the Encounter Stage begins. It's here that the new employee is introduced to the organizational culture and determines if they want to engage with the hotel's culture or not. Then comes the Digital Metamorphosis Stage - the point when an employee is changed from an outsider to an insider that now fits into the organization. How long it takes to morph depends on the company's culture, the job position and the employee himself. Only when an employee gets through the Digital Metamorphosis Stage can employers maximize the employee's commitment to the organization. It's this stage when a hotel will achieve its lowest turnover because its people are committed to the beliefs of the organization.The key to reaching digital metamorphosis is found in "socialization." Learning the acceptable behaviors of the group will enable staff to be transformed from outsiders to highly-valued members of the organization. It's in this last stage that employees will find it inherently difficult to quit their jobs because they don't want to leave their friends behind or because they find themselves engaged in something more meaningful than making a little more money. The additional $1 per hour from the hotel down the street will mean nothing to them compared to their new-found identity of performing an important role within the organization - one that helps the company, each guest, and ultimately themselves.Metamorphosis is Achieved DigitallyThe best way to engage employees and get them to embrace a hotel's culture is to connect them digitally to the organization. Linking employees across locations and departments in real time via mobile or desktop devices will keep each person wanting to learn more about the company ... their department ... VIP guests who may be arriving that day or that week ... a new hire ... an incentive contest ... or even a new corporate policy. Digitizing the workforce will help companies improve internal communication and streamline business processes. It's an ideal way to connect non-desk workers to company news, updates and protocols; share crisis communications messaging; onboard new hires; and motivate existing employees and share their achievements. In other words, it keeps employees connected to management and each other.When hotels digitize their employee communications, it increases efficiency. Here are a few examples:A general manager wakes up in the morning, pours a cup of coffee, opens the hotel's communication app via his or her smartphone, tablet or computer and reads about what's happening throughout the day before getting dressed for work. Even if it's the GM's day off, he or she can remain connected to the hotel and can communicate with staff if needed.A human resources director holds a meeting to announce a new company-wide security initiative. After the gathering, he or she can use the communications app ask the team whether they found the information helpful. Additional questions that employees may have after the meeting can be asked and answered via the app. Employees who were not on duty when the meeting was held still get to weigh in and ask questions.A food-and-beverage director issues a new challenge: "Help Us Name Our New Employee Dining Room." Using the communication app as a survey tool, employees submit suggestions via the app. Names are narrowed down and the options are posted and shared via the app. Once out for a final vote, a name is chosen and the employee who submitted the name is recognized and rewarded.A housekeeping manager wants to communicate with team members while the property is closed following a natural disaster. She uses the mobile app to check on staff and discuss returning to work. The tool automatically translates the message into each recipient's native language.A front-office manager wants to introduce hotel staff to a new front-desk clerk who will be starting the next day. Information on the new hire, along with her photo, is shared via the communication app. When the new team member arrives the next day, she is greeted by name immediately by all staff who walk by. Co-workers who may share the same interests have something to chat about with the newbie, making her feel welcome and right at home.When colleagues are connected, it makes them feel part of the hotel family, thereby making it difficult to take a job elsewhere due to relationships forged. It engages employees at a basic level. It gives them a voice, rewards them for contributing to a cause and doing something good, creates loyalty, and drives job retention. It makes employees feel a part of something big, something important, something with a social conscience.On the low end, it costs a hotel approximately $4,000 to hire, train and uniform an employee. Just think how much money can be saved - and how many employees can be retained - with the right tools and processes in place.

Best Ways To Boost Employee Engagement with Pulse Surveys

Beekeeper Blog· 9 August 2018
Pulse surveys are just like they sound: they take the pulse of your company’s workforce. They are a powerful tool in measuring and building employee engagement. Pulse surveys provide insight into the employee experience by routinely sending out short, customized questions through a team app, giving business leaders the information to develop data-driven solutions.

Best Workforce Management Practices to Elevate the Customer Experience

Beekeeper Blog· 7 August 2018
Think of workforce management as an ecosystem containing an organization’s multiple personnel functions such as scheduling, growth forecasting, and measuring employee engagement. Streamlining these processes maximizes efficiency, boosts productivity, and drives the customer experience. It starts by making the move to a digital workplace.

4 Steps to Ensure Successful Employee App Rollout and Adoption

Beekeeper Blog· 2 August 2018
After combing through research, sitting through demos, and obtaining budget approvals, your company has decided to move ahead with investing in an employee app. Despite the considerable time and effort expended in the research and decision-making phase, most workforce adoption hurdles companies encounter at this point are attributable to insufficient strategizing around the rollout of their new communication tools.

Beekeeper Unites 1 Hotels with Real-time Employee Communication

Beekeeper Blog·31 July 2018
As a nature and sustainability-focused hotel brand operated by SH Group, 1 Hotels knows that the hospitality business hinges on guest experience––and fond memories of their stay. From wooden room keys to 100% organic cotton linens, the hotel brand is elevating how we define hospitality by centering luxury and sustainability in every aspect of their company.

Top 10 Benefits of Digital Signage in Your Workplace

Beekeeper Blog·26 July 2018
The traditional group messaging strategy centered on a bulletin board has serious flaws: namely, notices get lost, important messages get missed, and there's no reliable method to track that your workforce is receiving vital company information. Digital technology has long since replaced bulletin boards as the go-to team communication tool, but did you know that digital signage is just as valuable to your digital workplace?

GDPR Compliance Deadline Has Come and Gone; What Does it Mean for Hotels?

Beekeeper ·24 July 2018
SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance deadline has passed, and it now requires every hotel in the world to have guidelines in place that protect European Union (EU) residents' personally identifiable information against security breaches. While a lot has been discussed to help hoteliers become compliant, many are wondering "what comes next?" Dr. Amir Ameri, Data Protection Officer for Beekeeper, a GDPR-compliant developer of a digital workplace app hailed as the "Most Innovative Technology" for 2018 and the "People's Choice" by actual users and buyers, is providing answers to some of hoteliers most frequently asked questions.Q: How quickly will regulators levy major fines if a hotel or hospitality-related business is not GDPR compliant?A: Before a fine is levied, an offence must be established. This may be due to an incident impacting personal data of an employee or a guest or a defined regulatory audit. Hence, establishing an offence in this matter would require evidencing several criteria, performing audits, assessing the knowledge of the offender to the offence, i.e. establishing intent and the level of due diligence the offender had met. Taking all factors into consideration, previous court rulings in the EU have taken time to give a ruling in data protection and privacy matters. Article 83 states: "In any event, the fines imposed shall be effective, proportionate and dissuasive." This will be case dependent and influenced by the legal proceedings in the jurisdiction in question as defined by the regulatory body.Q: Will the GDPR regulation help or hinder future innovation?A: In my opinion, not only will GDPR regulation significantly help future innovation, but it will also establish an absolute maximum of the necessary level of "trust" required to have a flourishing use of any future innovation.Q: Will the GDPR regulation help or hinder my hotel's global marketing efforts?A: Understanding that establishing "trust" is the cornerstone of any successful marketing effort, there is nothing better than upholding a basic "undeclared human right" in any company's effort to commercialize their product. Adapting to new processes and marketing efforts will be necessary, but it's also addressing an important need in the minds of most consumers.Q: What do hotels need to do to maintain their opt-in-subscriptions? What will this mean to customer loyalty and bottom line revenues for the future?A: It is helpful if businesses/hotels recognize that personal data is not a free commodity and there is an ownership title associated with the personal data to the data subject. Safeguarding this is all GDPR requires. Incentives, or any form of compensatory measures of interest to the data subject, may result in maintaining a higher customer loyalty. It is important to note, however, that customer loyalty and bottom line revenues were only impacted for businesses/hotels with a model to use a "free commodity = personal data" to generate income. As we all know, in a free economy, this itself is considered an unfair distribution of resources and a disadvantage for a healthy economy and it is not tolerated in many countries.Q: What happens if there is a third-party breach? For example, a hotel uses WhatsApp to stay connected to their employees. What happens to that hotel if WhatsApp is not compliant? Is it liable for the breach or is WhatsApp solely responsible?A: One of the points that GDPR addresses clearly is the responsibility of each party in the processing life cycle. In this respect, although GDPR has a "pass through" approach, it is the responsibility of the controller to be transparent towards the data subject and manage such risks with the processors and the involved third parties. For example, having a data processing agreement in place between the involved entities, performing risk assessments and taking other risk mitigating measures are the norm in managing this type of risk. In the example stated, since the hotel is considered as the controller, certainly the hotel will be audited to establish whether it had performed its due diligence towards managing this risk or not. Basic assumption is that the data subject was informed and consented to in the first place to allow WhatsApp to have possession of their personal data. If not, clearly the hotel will be held liable in a first instance.Q: Understanding that GDPR is not a one-off compliance effort (like the rush to fix the Y2K Millennium Bug) and continuous changes will need to be made, is there a grace period on updates? Will there be a global schedule specifying when updates need to be made? How does a company know if it's up-to-date with all the recent regulations?A: GDPR is the law and became enforceable on May 25th, 2018. The grace period for meeting GDPR requirements started in April 2016, with a 2-year period allowed for compliance. Although, it has happened in the past that regulators have "extended" enforceability timelines, to date, I am not aware of any extension periods for the start of enforcement of GDPR.

Beekeeper's Team App Cultivates a Thriving Company Culture for MOD Pizza

Beekeeper Blog·24 July 2018
With 6,000 employees and counting, Megan Hansen, SVP of People at MOD Pizza, knows firsthand how important it is to successfully connect a fast-growing, dispersed workforce of frontline workers. At a pace of opening approximately 100 stores each year over the past two years, MOD Pizza needed a digital communication solution that could scale and support the internal communication goals of the expanding company.

Beekeeper Tech Talk Webinar Discusses Chatbots and Integrations

Beekeeper Blog·18 July 2018
If you missed our Beekeeper Tech Talk webinar, “How to Create the Ultimate Digital Workplace,” not to worry! Led by our Head of Marketplace, Alexander Jung-Loddenkemper, and Head of Customer Success North America, Mark Presto, key topics included an outline of current and future application integrations. At the end of this 30-minute webinar, be sure to listen to the Q&A where Beekeeper customers and attendees pose questions to our employee app experts.

How to Improve Operations Management With a Team Communication App

Beekeeper Blog·17 July 2018
When we hear the term, ‘digital workplace,’ we tend to focus on the benefits for frontline workers, but going digital is a great leadership strategy too. A team communication app can be a key component in this by transforming operations management through better connecting you with your staff, as well as streamlining and automating workflows.


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