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Connie Rheams Takes On Executive Role at Beekeeper

Beekeeper ·20 February 2018
SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- The global hospitality industry is doing a tremendous job of leveraging mobile technology to enhance the guest experience. What isn't being addressed is using the power of mobile to share real-time staff/hotel/brand/management company information with the 1.9 million front- and back-of-house hotel employees who don't sit at a desk or have a company email address. As such, Connie Rheams, named one of the most influential women in hospitality technology by HFTP (Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals), is undertaking the biggest challenge of her career: serving as the new Vice President, Hospitality, for digital workplace app developer Beekeeper."For the last five years, I've been talking about moving the needle on the customer experience," Rheams said. "Mobile technology is making great strides in ensuring that hoteliers stay connected to guests at every touchpoint along their journeys. At the end of the day, however, it's the employees who make the biggest difference in each guests' stay."What is lacking at most hotels is a mobile tool that gets the right information to the people touching the guest," she said. "It's the missing mobile link and a void in our industry. Sure, bulletin boards and TV monitors in the breakroom are okay, and so are printed memos hand-delivered by department heads, but it's not an ideal or effective way to communicate with employees who are working different shifts and who speak different languages."Workplace communications is an area that we can make the biggest strides for improving the guest experience, but it is also critical in creating strong employee engagement, reducing turnover and enabling a hotel company to become an employer of choice," Rheams added. "There are also integration benefits with existing operational systems. Hotels are using Beekeeper to merge payroll, scheduling, file sharing, task management, and other systems into the centralized Beekeeper hub. By linking non-desk workers with a hotel's operational systems, it creates a sense of belonging and trust, it increases engagement and loyalty, and it ultimately translates into better individual and team performances. I believe Beekeeper is the next frontier for hospitality. For me personally, it's a challenge of a lifetime that I eagerly accept. I look forward to promoting the benefits of connecting the employee to the company and its culture."Prior to joining Beekeeper, Rheams served as senior vice president and general manager of Indra North America, an SAP co-innovation partner for hospitality. She also held senior leadership roles at Pegasus Solutions, Sabre and American Airlines. Rheams holds a Master's in Business Administration from Southern Methodist University.The Buzz on BeekeeperBeekeeper is designed to help non-desk employees and geographically distributed workforces feel as if they were sitting right next to each other and to keep everyone in the company aligned. Companies with non-desk employees have a hard time keeping them in the loop with the rest of the organization. Beekeeper bridges this gap by connecting operational systems and communication channels within one secure platform that is accessible by mobile and desktop devices."Beekeeper is a rapidly growing technology; it's driving new mobile adoption trends and radically changing the way companies are connecting the world's two billion non-desk workers," said Cristian Grossman, Beekeeper CEO. "Hospitality is one of the industries where Beekeeper is building significant traction, and we're investing heavily to grow our business in this market. When we began looking for someone to spearhead our global hospitality growth, one name kept surfacing: Connie Rheams. Not only does she have 20-plus years of travel industry experience, including airlines, hotels, travel agencies and online booking platforms, but she truly understands the complete customer journey."Connie brings a true passion for driving innovation through technology, and she has an impeccable reputation for consistently looking for new opportunities to help hotel companies empower their organizations and deliver personalized end-customer experiences," Grossman said. "She's been exposed to the full technology eco-system in the hotel industry, and she understands how an application like Beekeeper can affect all the business processes across an enterprise. Connie has a successful track record of leading global expansion efforts, and we are eager to see the growth opportunities she will bring. We welcome her aboard."Rheams said she is equally as eager to lead Beekeepers customer expansion globally."I'm super excited, not just to join this amazing company, but to be representing a solution that brings a simple way right now to solve problems," Rheams said. "Beekeeper can be bought and turned on in about 30 days. If your hotel, brand or management company is ready to digitize its non-desk workforce, our team is eager to talk to you. This is really exciting."

The Clock is Ticking Towards GDPR Compliance; If Your Hotel is Struggling, Beekeeper Can Help

Beekeeper · 1 February 2018
In just a few months, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will require every hotel in the world to have guidelines in place that protect European Union (EU) residents' personally identifiable information against security breaches. Any hotel that does not comply after May 25, 2018, is risking heavy fines. Beekeeper, developer of a digital workplace app where operational systems and communication channels live within one secure and intuitive platform, announces that it is already GDPR compliant and its communication platform will protect company data."Our customers' right to privacy and ensuring that their personal data is secure, is Beekeeper's top priority," said Corey McCarthy, Beekeeper head of global marketing. "In April, we appointed Dr. Amir Ameri to the new position of Data Protection Officer, and he assembled a team to make sure every box got checked. A full year before deadline, we began assessing the impact of GDPR on Beekeeper. Today, we are proud to say that we are fully compliant. This was a labor-intensive undertaking, but our scramble is over. Companies still needing assistance can visit Beekeeper's GDPR Hub and follow our journey to compliance here."What Hoteliers Need to KnowHere are nine important facts that hoteliers need to know about GDPR:The GDPR is applicable to all hotels processing EU citizen's personal data, regardless of where it is located.Fines up to 20 million euros or 4% of annual global turnover (whichever is greater) may be levied in case of repeat and non-compliance to the regulation.EU citizens will have a right to approach the data protection authority of their choice when stating their complaint.Personal Data is defined with a wider scope, including social, mental, genetic, cultural, and economic data.The Right to be Forgotten will have an impact on hotel processes dealing with data collection, such as the purpose for obtaining the data. It will require advanced tools in dealing with search requirements.Privacy Impact Assessments will become mandatory and influence use of Privacy by Design principles to enhance both commercial and in-house developed tools, processes, and products dealing with Personal Data.Concept of Consent is reworked and made more stringent in its utilization.The Data Protection Officer (appointed internally or externally) becomes a mandatory role for any hotel or hotel company, or fines up to 10 million euros or 2% of global turnover may be levied.Incident Management and Notification for a data breach is standardized by the GDPR. A maximum of 72 hours is permissible before reporting becomes obligatory.Voice of Reason"GDPR is a far-reaching regulation and it has no limits to protecting personal data," Ameri said. "As a SaaS offering and recognized data processor, Beekeeper spent the last nine months implementing technical and organizational measures to ensure that our products and services will reduce risk for hoteliers significantly in the digital workplace."Ameri is an accomplished professional with more than 20 years of technical and leadership experience in operational risk management. He specializes in cybersecurity, data protection, and privacy fields in Swiss and international financial and banking sectors. After completing his Ph.D. dissertation in developing a framework for managing technology risks, Ameri completed his Master of Law to better position his understanding of the interaction between technology and legal and regulatory requirements."With the GDPR deadline on the horizon, hoteliers face a sprint of thorough internal evaluations to revamp policies around the collection, storage, or usage of EU resident personal data," Ameri said. "The financial implications of breaching GDPR are astronomical. We recommend mapping all data assets and appointing dedicated Data Protection personnel on a full-time or contract basis to properly oversee the adoption of high-caliber data protection processes and technologies."One of the best ways hoteliers can start their journey to GDPR readiness is by using a secure communications platform that is already compliant. Hoteliers with questions about implementing GDPR best practices should visit Beekeeper's GDPR Hub.

Beekeeper's 'Bee School' is Back in Session

Beekeeper ·24 January 2018
SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Employee engagement is a big buzz word in hospitality, but few hoteliers truly understand its meaning. It's not just about satisfying employees; satisfied employees are there to "get" something from employment, but engaged employees are there to "give" something to the organization and its customers. In hospitality, an engaged employee will do everything possible to ensure an exceptional guest experience. It's a notable difference between doing a job and doing a job over and above what is asked; a desire to only make himself/herself successful vs. making the employee, the company and the guest successful; making a mutual commitment vs. a personal one.Digital workplace app Beekeeper will kick off its 2018 "Bee School" educational series with a class titled "If not you, who? Cracking the Code of Employee Disengagement." Led by best-selling author and employee engagement expert Jill Christensen, the 45-minute online course will provide a four-step strategy to turn a disengaged workforce into a unified high-performing team, resulting in increased profits, customer satisfaction, productivity, and retention."If not you, who? Cracking the Code of Employee Disengagement" will be streamed on Wednesday, January 31st at 2:00 p.m. EST. To register for the free course, click here.When employees are engaged, their performance skyrockets and everyone benefits - guests, employees, managers, owners, etc. - including the bottom line," said Corey McCarthy, Beekeeper Chief Marketing Officer. "In addition, company success is assured, as we know the most profitable companies in the world have the highest levels of employee engagement. Here's the challenge: the people who have the greatest impact on employee engagement are the people who manage your employees - and believe it or not, it starts from the top."We are proud to open Bee School 2018 with this webinar on employee disengagement," she said. "In this course, participants will learn three critical things: 1) Why employee engagement matters, 2) Why traditional approaches will not move the engagement needle, and 3) How a new approach to employee engagement will enable hoteliers to re-engage their workforces and drive enormous levels of business success. We hope anyone concerned about this critical topic will commit some time to Bee School next week and continue their highly valued hospitality education."Employee Engagement ExpertChristensen, founder and president of Jill Christensen International, was hailed the "Top 100 Global Employee Engagement Influencer of 2017." A former Fortune 500 business executive, visionary change agent, and dynamic speaker, her career spans 13 industries and three decades, where she led Global Internal Communications at Avaya and Western Union. Christensen has helped thousands of leaders and human resources professionals improve business results by re-engaging employees. She is an international keynote speaker, holds a Six Sigma Green Belt, and is consistently rated among the top speakers at events she attends.She says building employee engagement is a four-step process:Get the right person in every chairCreate a line of sight (goal alignment)Build a two-way communication cultureRecognize people"Everyone is not as different as you may think," Christensen said. "At their core, people are wired the same way. For the most part, what motivates and inspires you, motivates and inspires me. What deflates and discourages you, deflates and discourages me. Very few people are motivated by money."In today's work environment, employees want to work for a company whose values align with their own," she said. "They want to know that what they do every day has meaning and adds value and that their voice is being heard. More importantly, they want to feel acknowledged and appreciated. The bottom-line is to engage employees, employers need to fulfill their basic human needs. It's simple, and it doesn't require doing more work than employers are already doing today. It just entails doing things in a better way; one that will drive massive levels employee engagement. Working smarter, not harder, to boost employee engagement is what we will discuss in this webinar."

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge Raises the Bar on Workforce Communications with Beekeeper

Beekeeper · 9 January 2018
SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- When the eco-chic 1 Hotels brand launched in 2015, it not only set a new standard for sustainability in design, but it significantly raised the bar in how management reaches and celebrates their entire staff. With the digital workforce platform Beekeeper at the hub of its internal communications operation, 1 Hotels is reaching every single employee with relevant messaging, engaging them and connecting them with one another. 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn Heights, located directly on Brooklyn Bridge Park overlooking the East River, is the most recent property to go live with "the hive.""Whether you're 18 or 85, it doesn't matter; people love to share," said Jason Brown, Director of People Operations for 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. "We believe that sharing starts at the top. If the General Manager is passionate about communicating with his or her team, and the department heads are of the same mind-set, then Beekeeper is the platform to use. We encourage our team members to use their cell phones for positive work-related communication, although not in front of guests or in guest areas. They use this tool to share their successes, and we use it to reward and recognize their efforts. It's a celebration of life. In a word, Beekeeper is contagious."Beekeeper digitizes the non-desk workforce by connecting operational systems and communication channels within one secure, intuitive platform. Beekeeper connects colleagues across locations and departments in real time via mobile or desktop devices, and includes an intelligent analytics dashboard to help companies improve internal communication and streamline business processes. Secure, automated, and relevant information is readily distributed, searchable, and measurable in one central hub for an efficient digitized workflow.1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge uses its custom mobile Beekeeper app to communicate daily arrivals, events, and other important information in real time to improve operations. The team also uses the app for onboarding, scheduling, task management, employee surveys, and crisis communications to ensure the entire organization is aligned.To Bee or Not to Bee?Here's how managers and staff at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge say they are using Beekeeper:"I can't image not having Beekeeper," said General Manager Cornelia Samara. "I use it from the moment I wake up to see what's happening throughout the day at my hotel and to read what's happening in the company. Beekeeper really helps me stay connected."The survey feature is very helpful," she said. "If we have an activity or hold a meeting, we can go back and ask the team whether they enjoyed it, if they found the information helpful, or should we could do something differently? When opening the hotel, we used the survey to help in naming our employee dining room. We narrowed the name down to five selections, posted the options on Beekeeper, and put it out for a vote."Brown said most of the workforce at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge doesn't have access to traditional forms of communication like email and text messaging, so instead, Beekeeper is used to instantly connect everyone. He said with Beekeeper, everybody has a voice, and everyone can participate. Beekeeper has shaped the brand's culture given everyone an identity."We've used Beekeeper for crisis communication," Brown said. "The team at 1 Hotel South Beach was impacted by Hurricane Irma recently. Beekeeper was used to communicate with team members while the property was closed. We used it to check on our staff and communicate with them about returning to work. We also use Beekeeper to onboard new team members and engage with them even before they start on their first day. New team members are introduced to the team via Beekeeper, and they can quickly get acquainted with co-workers."My favorite feature of Beekeeper is its accessibility across a variety of different devices," he added. "It can be accessed on a tablet, a smartphone, or a computer. We even have a communication monitor in our employee dining room where we can display feeds for team members to look at to see what's going on while they're having their break. Everyone can access it, and everybody can participate. Employee engagement is truly enhanced. I think turnover would be much higher if it weren't for Beekeeper."Ruggero Massetti, Director of Rooms, said at the beginning he was skeptical of Beekeeper, assuming it was another social media app that would distract his team members. As time progressed, however, he said he found Beekeeper to be an important operations tool."Beekeeper keeps all team members aligned and unified," Massetti said. "It helps us share all the information that is necessary for the hotel and for staff to do their jobs."Mark Hall, an engineer at the property, said: "We constantly have projects going on throughout the hotel, and we use Beekeeper to keep our employees updated about the status of those projects."Buzzing with Pride"1 Hotels is widely becoming known for its eco-conscious design, sustainable architecture, cause-oriented partnerships, and unrivaled service," said Corey McCarthy, Beekeeper head of global marketing. "Soon, we believe this brand will also gain acclaim for being one of the best hotels to work for, thanks in part to Beekeeper. Yes, our mobile app is ideal for enterprise communications . . . but it does so much more. Beekeeper enables employees' personalities to come alive. It gives them a sense of pride in their jobs, a voice among the organization, and a sense of belonging to an extended family."We are honored that 1 Hotels opened its doors with Beekeeper in Miami, Manhattan, and Brooklyn, and we look forward to growing right alongside them as they plan openings in 2018 in West Hollywood and Sanya, China, and in 2019 in Silicon Valley and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico."

Beekeeper Crisis Communications White Paper to Help Hotels with Non-Desk Workers Establish Best Practices and Foster Preparedness

Beekeeper ·12 December 2017
SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- In an ongoing effort to balance hospitality and security, the hotel and lodging industry is uniquely vulnerable to crisis, and notoriously difficult to regulate. The Las Vegas shooting that occurred on October 1, 2017, is a particularly formidable example of how a lighthearted vacation can quickly turn into a nightmare. Recent hurricanes experienced in Houston, Florida, and Puerto Rico also had a major impact on the hospitality industry. The same goes for the earthquake that struck Central Mexico in September, and the wildfires that ravaged Northern California in October. This string of events is a mere microcosm of the types of situations that can wreak havoc on any hotel business.To help hotel employees think quickly on their feet in moments of danger or conflict, workforce communication company Beekeeper has released a White Paper designed to help navigate the essential preparation measure hoteliers should engage to ensure cross-organizational readiness in the event of a disaster. "Hotel Crisis Planning and Communications" will explore how internal communications strategies can be optimized by technology. To download the White Paper, which includes tips for accessing vulnerability, mitigating risk, and establishing a hierarchy of communications, click here."The main goal of any hospitality business is to give guests the ultimate experience and make them feel welcome and safe during their stay," said Andrada Paraschiv, Beekeeper Head of Hospitality. "Unfortunately, there are always unpredictable behaviors that can be challenging for hotel employees to manage while upholding their code of hospitality. While hoteliers can't predict the unpredictable, they can have a crisis communications plan in place - especially when emergency communication can be particularly challenging for non-desk workers whose roles do not require or facilitate a constant connection to a traditional email inbox. This disconnection often leaves employees without an easy way to hear organization-wide announcements, coordinate schedule changes, and even get emergency payroll access. During national emergencies, the need for having a reliable, robust, and technologically elastic digital workplace app on board becomes painstakingly obvious."Beekeeper digitizes the non-desk workforce by connecting operational systems and communication channels within one secure, intuitive platform. In a worst-case scenario, an internal communications platform will enable employees to react appropriately and professionally, rather than being taken by surprise.In the event of a natural disaster, violent crime or even a non-violent threat such as fraud or information hacking, knowing how to effectively communicate with first responders is imperative, as well as maintaining a calm and collected attitude when fielding questions from out-of-town guests. This White Paper will help hotels establish a crisis preparation process that will quickly become a best practice.

Beekeeper Hospitality Webinar Series Wraps with a Lesson on 'Leadership and Followership'

Beekeeper · 5 December 2017
SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- In childhood, "Follow the Leader" was a fun and interactive game. In business, however, followership determines a person's livelihood and it can impact one's opportunity for advancement within the organization. Following the wrong type of leader can also be problematic. If the manager is too passive, employees may lack motivation to perform. If the leader is too aggressive, staff may lose self-confidence and end-up hating a job they were once eager to perform.In the last of her 6-course Hospitality Leadership Webinar Series, Dr. Linda Herkenhoff will deliberate on "Leadership and Followership." The 45-minute "Bee School" class, produced by workplace communication company Beekeeper, will discuss the importance of leading others to lead themselves. According to the renowned MBA professor and senior management expert, the rules of followership or "being guided and directed by a leader in the work environment," can have a direct correlation to employment success. Having the willingness to express ideas, the courage to assume responsibility and the courage to challenge those in authority are strong characteristics of followers who will make great leaders.Bee School Course No. 6 "Leadership and Followership" will be streamed on Tuesday, Dec. 12th at 2:00 p.m. EST. To register for the free course, click here."It's easy to find articles or take classes on leadership; after all, being the leader is what many people aspire to," said Corey McCarthy, Beekeeper Head of Global Marketing. "What people may not realize is that being an effective follower takes just as much skill as being a good leader - plus it takes a lot more courage. This course packs a powerful message for hospitality workers in both roles. Participants wanting to climb the corporate ladder will hear why it's important to be a resource for the leader and how followers can help leaders be their best. Establishing a relationship with the leader and viewing him or her realistically without criticizing will go a long way towards personal development and professional advancement. Participants will even learn that it's okay to disagree with the boss . . . occasionally. The best leaders were once exceptional followers."During the webinar, Dr. Herkenhoff will reveal "10 Rules of Followership" crafted by Colonel Phillip S. Meilinger, United States Air Force, and Dean of the School of Advanced Airpower Studies, Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama. Colonel Meilinger holds a BS from the US Air Force Academy,an MA from the University of Colorado, and a PhD in military history from the University of Michigan. A command pilot, he has served as a C-130 aircraft commander and instructor pilot in both Europe and the Pacific. After a tour at the Air Force Academy, he was assigned to the Doctrine Division of the Air Staff at the Pentagon.Here's are a just few of Colonel Meilinger's rules for followership:Don't blame your boss for an unpopular decision or policy; your job is to support, not undermine.Fight with your boss if necessary; but do it in private, avoid embarrassing situations.Accept responsibility whenever it is offered.Make a decision, then run it past the boss; use your initiative.If you see a problem, fix it."Calling someone a 'born leader' is complementary, but it is rarely accurate," McCarthy said. "At Beekeeper, we believe in 'developing leaders' by giving them tools that will direct their performance, keep them interested in work, and motivate their self-potential."We hope all those who participated in Bee School 2017 enjoyed the continuing education experience," she said. "The 2018 Hospitality Leadership Webinar Series will be announced soon."About the ProfessorDr. Herkenhoff is a full-time professor in the Graduate School of Business at Saint Mary's College of California where she teaches Leadership and Organizational Behavior and Quantitative Analysis. She serves as the Director of the Global MBA program where she supervises social service projects in countries at the base of the economic pyramid. These projects strive to balance people, planet, and profit.Her varied career includes 16 years as a geophysicist for Chevron, VP of Human Resources for EDS, and a consulting role for senior management at Bechtel. Additionally, she was the past Executive Director of Human Resources for Stanford University.Dr. Herkenhoff's university degrees include: B.S. in Geophysics from the University of Western Ontario in Canada, MBA from Saint Mary's College, Masters in Engineering from U.C. Berkeley, and a Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Management at the University of Western Australia.

Hospitality Leadership Webinar to Address 'Emotional Intelligence' in the Workforce

Beekeeper ·30 November 2017
SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Hospitality industry workers looking to hone their management skills in hopes of becoming better leaders and ultimately advancing their careers should plan to attend a webinar next week titled "Emotional Intelligence." Produced by workplace communication company Beekeeper, and led by renowned MBA professor and senior management expert Dr. Linda Herkenhoff, the 45-minute "Bee School" class will define EI as it relates to self-awareness, relationship management, self-management and social awareness. Dr. Herkenhoff will discuss how human emotions influence an employee's quality of work, personal health, achievement goals and self-esteem, and she will address how emotional intelligence can be leveraged to maximize employee productivity, enhance customer service, increase employee retention, foster employee commitment and create a healthier workplace.Bee School Course No. 5 "Emotional Intelligence" will be streamed on Tuesday, Dec. 5th at 2:00 p.m. EST. To register for the free course, click here. "Beekeeper's Bee School is designed for individuals looking to advance their careers and increase and hone their skills through continuing education by learning from an MBA professor without the monetary or time cost of pursuing an actual MBA," said Corey McCarthy, Beekeeper VP of Global Marketing. "This six-course series is really catching the attention of hospitality professionals. The response has been overwhelming; line managers through executives are looking to continue their education."Many have told us they are looking forward to the EI course specifically as they struggle to deal with challenging emotions among staff or peers," McCarthy said. "Constant negativity is a vicious cycle and is at the heart of most people's bad attitudes. Dr. Herkenhoff will reveal the cost of not recognizing these emotions, such as lost worker productivity, theft, sabotage and more."About the ProfessorDr. Herkenhoff is a full-time professor in the Graduate School of Business at Saint Mary's College of California where she teaches Leadership and Organizational Behavior and Quantitative Analysis. She serves as the Director of the Global MBA program where she supervises social service projects in countries at the base of the economic pyramid. These projects strive to balance people, planet, and profit.Her varied career includes 16 years as a geophysicist for Chevron, VP of Human Resources for EDS, and a consulting role for senior management at Bechtel. Additionally, she was the past Executive Director of Human Resources for Stanford University.Dr. Herkenhoff's university degrees include: B.S. in Geophysics from the University of Western Ontario in Canada, MBA from Saint Mary's College, Masters in Engineering from U.C. Berkeley, and a Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Management at the University of Western Australia.

Beekeeper Establishes Hospitality Division; Andrada Paraschiv Named 'Head of Hospitality'

Beekeeper ·31 October 2017
To meet the increasing demand for connecting non-desk hotel employees with corporate offices and each other, Beekeeper has established a Hospitality Division. Andrada Paraschiv has been selected to lead the group as Head of Hospitality. The former AccorHotels and FRHI Hotels & Resorts executive will use her internal communications expertise to ensure that the Beekeeper platform has the optimal feature set to serve and benefit the hospitality industry.Beekeeper digitizes the non-desk workforce by connecting operational systems and communication channels within one secure, intuitive platform. Beekeeper connects colleagues across locations and departments in real time via mobile or desktop devices, and includes an intelligent analytics dashboard to help companies improve internal communication and streamline business processes. Secure, automated, and relevant information is readily distributed, searchable, and measurable in one central hub for an efficient digitized workflow."It's difficult to find an individual who can work in the technology world and the hotel operations world with equal ease," said Christian Grossman, Beekeeper CEO. "Andrada's workplace communications experience at AccorHotels and FRHI will go a long way in spearheading our new Hospitality Division. In this role, she will be working with Beekeeper's internal teams to ensure that we have a product that is highly tailored and valuable for this industry, and that we offer great support to our customers to make the Beekeeper implementation in their company a success. We are thrilled to welcome her to the hive."Beekeeper AdvocateParaschiv became familiar with Beekeeper when deploying the solution at FRHI in 2013. As the company was transitioning and bringing Fairmont, Raffles and Swissotel under the FRHI umbrella, she said Beekeeper was extremely helpful in connecting the company's 45,000 employees globally and making them all feel part of one family. The platform enabled FRHI to win two international awards: The Internal Communication Award at the Employee Engagement Awards & Conference in NY (June 2015) and the Ragan's Employee Engagement Award (March 2016)."I'm a huge advocate of Beekeeper," Paraschiv said. "Not only is Beekeeper the No. 1 employee communications platform in the hospitality industry, used by clients in 137 countries, but it is critical in lowering turnover and making sure that employees deliver a great experience for the guests. Hotel employees do not have traditional desk jobs, so emails are quite ineffective and bulletin boards are still the way to go for internal communication at the property level. This does not resonate well with employees, especially Millennials. Beekeeper is successfully providing a tool to reach every single employee, via a web platform, mobile app and digital signage. Better yet, it's now integrating with other popular applications and seamlessly bringing other tools and information to the employees' fingertips, such as scheduling shifts and managing tasks in real time."Deciding to move to Beekeeper was easy," she said. "I knew the team and I believed in the product. Plus, working with a young technology company in the San Francisco technology hub is a unique entrepreneurial experience; it's fast-paced and has its own opportunities and challenges. As Head of Hospitality, I will continue working in an industry I love with people I enjoy, and I can share this effective tool with other hotel companies who may be struggling to communicate with non-desk workers."Impressive, Relevant BackgroundAt AccorHotels, Paraschiv served as executive director, luxury internal communications and engagement. She was responsible for strategy and implementation of internal communication for FRHI colleagues before and after the acquisition to drive change and employee engagement. She was also charged with establishing the engagement strategy for the brand's newly created Luxury Division (includes 500 hotels globally under Raffles, Fairmont, Sofitel, Pullman and Swissotel flags), and focused on educating and connecting colleagues on both FRHI and AccorHotels sides following acquisition. Prior to the acquisition, Paraschiv worked as executive director, communications & strategy at FRHI. As part of the company's human resources leadership team, she set-up internal communications to support the ONE FRHI vision. Paraschiv also served as FRHI director, business strategy, working closely with C-suite executives to write annual enterprise strategic and operating plans and more.Paraschiv also served as a consultant with McKinsey & Co. She holds an MBA from the Wharton School and an MA in International Studies from the Lauder Institute at University of Pennsylvania.

Renowned MBA Professor Teams with Digital Workplace App Beekeeper Delivering Free Business School Insights to Front-Line Workers

Beekeeper ·17 October 2017
SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Digital workplace app Beekeeper today announced that registration is open for its inaugural webinar course, Bee School. Beekeeper's Bee School initiative brings knowledge on workplace dynamics and behavior out from behind the paywall of an MBA certificate, ensuring that managers in non-desk industries can lead their teams to unprecedented success.The weekly 45 minute sessions will commence November 7, led by Dr. Linda Herkenhoff of St. Mary's College of California. Over the span of six weeks, course participants will gain valuable insights on how to keep employees motivated and engaged at work, as well as how to build and navigate inclusive work cultures.The launch of Bee School marks an important extension of Beekeeper's mission to pave the future of work for employees at all levels, empowering managers to be better leaders and arm non-desk workers with the tools they need to thrive in the face of rapidly emerging technology.Complementary to Dr. Herkenhoff's Bee School curriculum, Beekeeper's flagship workplace app helps address the unique team dynamics that managers of non-desk workforces face every single day. For employees working on the front lines who may have intermittent access to technology throughout the day, having a manager armed with the right communication practices steeped in behavior science training becomes mission critical.Enrollment instructions and a week-by-week curriculum breakdown is available on Beekeeper's website.About the ProfessorDr. Linda Herkenhoff is a full-time professor in the Graduate School of Business at Saint Mary's College of California where she teaches Leadership and Organizational Behavior and Quantitative Analysis. She serves as the Director of the Global MBA program where she supervises social service projects in countries at the base of the economic pyramid. These projects strive to balance people, planet, and profit.Her varied career includes 16 years as a geophysicist for Chevron, VP of Human Resources for EDS, and a consulting role for senior management at Bechtel. Additionally, she was the past Executive Director of Human Resources for Stanford University.Dr. Herkenhoff's university degrees include: B.S. in Geophysics from the University of Western Ontario in Canada, MBA from Saint Mary's College, Masters in Engineering from U.C. Berkeley, and a Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Management at the University of Western Australia.

Beekeeper Poises for Global Growth with Prominent Staffing Changes

Beekeeper ·12 October 2017
SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Beekeeper, a workplace communication company focused on connecting non-desk workers and their employers, is announcing internal promotions and adding new talent to further support it swift growth and corporate directional changes. Cristian Grossmann, CEO, has appointed Corey McCarthy, former VP of Marketing North America, to VP of Global Marketing, and Andreas Slotosch, former Vice President of Global Marketing, to Vice President of Growth. In addition, Bobbi Frioli has joined Beekeeper as Vice President of Sales.Beekeeper is the developer of an award-winning digital workplace platform that digitizes the non-desk workforce by connecting operational systems and communication channels within one secure, intuitive platform. Beekeeper connects colleagues across locations and departments in real time via mobile or desktop devices, and includes an intelligent analytics dashboard to help companies improve internal communication and streamline business processes. Secure, automated, and relevant information is readily distributed, searchable, and measurable in one central hub for an efficient digitized workflow."Due to the increasing demand to connect geographically-distributed workforces and non-desk employees with corporate offices and each other, Beekeeper is growing at a rapid rate," Grossman said. "Companies are turning to us to bridge the communications gap by implementing one powerful platform that connects their operational systems with the communication channels their employees are using and accessing most -- namely mobile and desktop devices. Our platform is designed for employees who work shifts, don't sit at desks, and do not have corporate email addresses. With Beekeeper, companies can easily reach, connect and engage these employees to create innovative ways of working."Andreas and Corey have done a tremendous job in positioning Beekeeper for success, and adding Bobbi to the team will further support our sales efforts," he said. "Each are passionate about connecting people through technology, and together they will continue helping companies increase productivity through improved digital communication and employee engagement."Hospitality ConnectionMcCarthy is an entrepreneur, marketer, and speaker. As Beekeeper's head of global marketing, she dances on the fine line between art and science to share Beekeeper's mission to connect the world's two billion non-desk workers, generating leads that will ultimately lead to meeting the company's growth goal. Previously, McCarthy ran the media assets for Lodging Hospitality, part of a $1.56B publishing company."Beekeeper has tremendous potential for making fundamental shifts in the way hospitality teams and other industries rely on and communicate with non-desk workers," McCarthy said. "The impact that our company has on the lives of front-line workers is not to be underestimated. Beekeeper is changing people's lives for the better, and that inspires me to work hard each day and bring the same opportunities to others."Digitizing this workforce niche is happening quickly, and it's a movement that McCarthy said she is excited to champion. Reaching this massive population will take scale, and that effort is shaping the new direction of Beekeeper."Short term, we are focusing on the hospitality industry to create the best mix of features and operational integrations to optimize the employee experience at the hotel property and up the chain to senior management," she said. "Long-term, we are looking to keep our product ahead of the curve when it comes to trends to and optimize for Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technology we see coming on the horizon."Start-Up SavvyBeekeeper tapped Slotosch four years ago for his start-up expertise; he co-founded numerous web startups and led business development for several international companies, including Oracle. He holds a Master's degree in Business & Economics from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland."At Beekeeper, we care about every single employee - not just within our organization, but those working at businesses around the world," Slotosch said. "By connecting the disconnected within companies, we are having a real impact on the lives of millions of people, making their daily work a lot easier. It gives me and my team members a profound sense of accomplishment, and it's probably the No. 1 reason I love being part of this hive."Slotosch said this new role will give him the opportunity to combine his technical background with his proven marketing skills. Ultimately, he hopes his skillset will have a strong and continued impact on the future of Beekeeper."Not only will I focus on increasing awareness of Beekeeper in a global market, but as VP of Growth, I will spearhead initiatives that bring us closer to the goal of connecting non-connected workers," he said.High-performing Sales LeaderFrioli is a proven leader in worldwide sales and channel development. She has extensive experience managing global sales teams and has worked for enterprise, security and mobile software companies. Her stellar track record of increasing sales revenue and developing strong sales teams makes her a perfect fit for Beekeeper."Beekeeper not only has an impressive founding team, but I was 'wowed' by the caliber of people they hired to form this organization," Frioli said. "As Corey and Andreas focus on global marketing and international growth, I am thrilled to be taking the Beekeeper message to my sales channels in the Americas. Joining an organization with such a cohesive team and message is rewarding, and I am proud to get the buzz started about the need for this exceptional workforce communications tool."Frioli said that although awareness is growing in select markets for technology that targets non-desk workers, she plans to make some noise and drive awareness in the hospitality and manufacturing industries. Her goal is to direct attention to Beekeeper's value and the operational benefits this single-channel platform brings in communicating with all employees . . . no matter where they may be."I'm excited to be at the forefront of a movement to ensure people are heard and engaged within their organizations" she said. "I'm even more happy to join the Beekeeper team."Join the BuzzFortune 500 companies across the globe have adopted Beekeeper to empower employees regardless of role and location. New clients include hospitality giant Mandarin Oriental, retailer Dollar General, and food manufacturer Seaboard Foods, as well as Heathrow Airport, Gate Group and Dnata in the transportation sector.Beekeeper has also increased its user base by more than 500% and currently serves hourly workers in more than 137 countries."There are endless opportunities for making operations more simple and efficient, all while keeping your teams more engaged and happy to come to work," Grossman said. "Our global team is intact and ready, willing and able to bring your company into the hive and communicating effectively with all employees."

Beekeeper Introduces Custom Integrations, Bringing Chat and Operations Under One Hub for 2 Billion Non-Desk Workers

Beekeeper ·12 October 2017
"The ability to integrate our HRIS with Beekeeper has been instrumental in automating administrative processes that were time-sensitive." Claudia Scherrer Domingos, Head of HR, Domino's PizzaSAN FRANCISCO, CA -- While many workplace tools specialize in peer-to-peer, top-down, or bottom-up communication, it is rare to encounter a workplace app that tackles all three. Running on the belief that an intuitive user interface (UI) and open communication builds cross-organizational trust, Beekeeper's award-winning digital workplace application has been connecting dispersed non-desk teams across a variety of industries since 2012.Today, the company announced its latest platform expansion, adding the capability for information technology teams to integrate open application program interface (API) operations tools directly into its Beekeeper communications hub. Keeping employees connected to the organization at large, as well as to each other, Beekeeper aims to digitize the 83% of employees worldwide who do not sit behind a desk.Beekeeper's integrations enable companies to design and implement highly customized digital workplace platforms for their non-desk employees. Organizations can use Beekeeper APIs to merge their existing operational systems like payroll, scheduling, file sharing, task management, and beyond, into the centralized Beekeeper hub that their employees use to communicate throughout the work day. This creates a simplified, secure, and easy-to-use tool where anything a particular worker needs to excel in their daily routine is stored in one convenient location."When we talk about how artificial intelligence will impact the future of work, we often think in terms of automation swapping out humans for algorithms," said Flavio Pfaffhauser, Co-Founder and CTO at Beekeeper. "But for industries such as hospitality, construction, and restaurant services, successful workforce digitization means breaking down the friction and barriers between people and operations, allowing transparency and clear communication to build strong workplace culture."Beekeeper's off-the-shelf integrations are completely user-ready from the get-go, easily accessible within the Beekeeper Marketplace. For organizations with deeper technological resources, the Beekeeper Developer Portal is a gateway to even deeper channels of customization. Expanded APIs and resources available on the Beekeeper Developer Portal open up endless possibilities for IT teams to streamline operations for good."The ability to integrate our HRIS [Human Resources Information System] with Beekeeper has been instrumental in automating administrative processes that were time-sensitive," said Claudia Scherrer Domingos, Head of Human Resources for Domino's Pizza. "Now we can directly associate the employee data with the pre-defined groups. This enables us to effectively target all groups, making communication more relevant to the reader. We also don't have to worry about updating employee information in multiple places and additionally can target our internal communications."With Beekeeper's new custom integrations suite, non-desk workers become instantly linked with the operational tools and people they need to thrive. In creating a sense of belonging and trust, increased engagement and loyalty leads to higher organizational commitment, ultimately translating into high individual and team performance.

The EU's New Personal Data Regulation Could Put Your Hotel at Risk - Quickly Assess Your GDPR Liability With These 31 Questions.

Beekeeper ·25 September 2017
Because of the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield approved by the EU Commission and U.S. Department of Commerce in 2016, U.S. companies will be held accountable to GDPR compliance standards and can be prosecuted in European courts, leaving U.S. companies exposed. Despite GDPR's quickly approaching enforcement date, it is reported that a surprisingly large portion of executive officers in the U.S. remain in the dark about the level of exposure and dire fiscal impact GDPR could have on their businesses.Amir Ameri, VP of Global Risk & Compliance at digital workplace technology company, Beekeeper, has compiled a list of 31 essential questions every global business leader must ask themselves to assess their company's readiness to meet GPDR compliance before May 2018.https://beekeeper.io/gdpr-compliance"Executives now face a sprint of thorough internal evaluations to revamp policies around the collection, storage, or usage of EU resident personal data. The financial implications of breaching GDPR are astronomical," says Ameri. "We recommend mapping all data assets and appointing dedicated Data Protection personnel on a full-time or contract basis to properly oversee the adoption of high-caliber data protection processes and technologies."On the heels of the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield designed to protect the transfer of personal data from Europe to the U.S., GDPR will have serious impacts that will cause a ripple effect worldwide - especially the travel and tourism industry. Hospitality companies not only need to be aware but also take the proper steps to meet GDPR compliance standards. Gabrielle Griffith, Director at compliance consultancy BPE Global, stresses the importance of internal due diligence across your organization ahead of GDPR's enactment."Any company doing business with EU entities is affected," Griffith states. "For example, global companies that maintain a website to solicit sales from potential EU customers will be subject to GDPR requirements."Furthermore, Griffith urges global organizations to see these regulations as an opportunity to elevate and align Corporate Compliance."We challenge global companies to look at the new GDPR regulations as an opportunity to align Corporate Compliance at a high level. There are several sectors of international compliance for global companies: trade, antitrust, anti-corruption...GDPR compliance is the newest learning curve," Griffith says. "Global companies need to scale and train immediately to ensure seamless GDPR compliance come May 2018. Companies must develop an offensive strategy that streamlines all areas of your company's compliance."With GDPR's compliance deadline just around the corner, it is crucial that all global companies demonstrate rigorous investment in the personnel and policy changes required to securely store and manage personal data. A cross-organizational security assessment will not only keep your business GDPR compliant, but also work to reduce the risk of a future breach.

Digital Workplace App Beekeeper Launches Inline Translation Feature for Inclusive Collaboration

Beekeeper ·18 September 2017
Hospitality, manufacturing, and agriculture industries are especially diverse workplaces that often include 25 or more different languages and dialects. Beekeeper built inline translation into the platform to increase universal comprehension of internal messaging, as well as optimize overall translation costs. The highly anticipated feature will help teams elevate diversity standards, run their businesses with greater agility, and better manage globally dispersed hospitality workforces. Beekeeper CTO Flavio Pfaffhauser stresses that in addition to developing a more inclusive, connected culture, inline translation will yield immense company growth."Our clients have noticed a significant improvement in daily operations and employee engagement by connecting non-desk workers to the entire organization through our communication platform. Inline translation is the next evolution of the application. It is an imperative tool for building an inclusive workplace, granting the essential internal visibility employees need to thrive, grow, and culturally integrate." Pfaffhauser says, "This feature seamlessly integrates within Beekeeper, designed to minimize the employee learning curve and reduce admin overhead."When multiple languages are spoken in the workplace, text translation may be the most reliable form of communication. As a tool specifically designed to thrive in dispersed, fast-paced non-desk work environments, Beekeeper translation is primed to support a complex mosaic of language and culture. To learn more about the feature functions and benefits of inline translation, visit http://www.beekeeper.io.

Why communication and operational system integration is a game-changer

Beekeeper Blog· 8 September 2017
Email is still the most common form of communication in the corporate environment, which doesn’t bode well for the 80% of the workforce that comprises non-desk employees. As many as 83% of non-desk employees don’t have corporate email addresses, leaving them out of important conversations and making critical information unattainable.

5 Ways to Recognize Your Frontline Employees This Labor Day

Beekeeper Blog· 6 September 2017
Labor Day is more than just a day off work for office employees, it’s a dedication to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It’s an annual tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength and prosperity of our country. Frontline employees are the backbone of the labor force, but with high consumer demands, many don’t get the opportunity to take Labor Day off.

5 Ways and Tools to Improve Internal Communications in Your Hotel

Beekeeper Blog·31 August 2017
In the hotel industry, success is driven by happy, loyal guests. To drive loyalty through guest satisfaction, staff must go above and beyond customer expectations. Without exemplary internal communication, providing guests with consistently excellent experiences is next to impossible. Every day, guest requests get lost in the shuffle, announcements go unheard, and hotel lobbies are chaotic without proper communication channels. As a hotelier, the last thing you want is to have clumsy operations because your team doesn’t have the tools to communicate well.

How MediaMarkt Uses Beekeeper to Support Innovation and Communication

Beekeeper Blog·24 August 2017
MediaMarkt is Europe’s largest retailer for consumer electronics and puts a large emphasis on innovation. Every MediaMarkt store allows customers to try out and compare products, making it the perfect place to learn about the latest technologies and evaluate them before purchasing. With such a large percentage of frontline employees who don’t have corporate email addresses, internal communication can be challenging.

10 Must-Have Collaboration Features for Non-Desk Employees

Beekeeper Blog·23 August 2017
Workstream collaboration tools are becoming the latest trend—and for good reason. Clear collaboration is crucial across all teams and locations, especially for companies with a large percentage of non-desk employees. Office workers have been collaborating digitally for years, and there has been a recent surge in non-desk workers joining the collaborative process to bring entire organizations together in a more cohesive manner. Many companies are closing the communication loop with workstream collaboration platforms. We explore what you should prioritize when finding a solution to digitize your non-desk workforce.

Hospitality Events You Can't Afford To Miss

Beekeeper Blog·17 August 2017
Events play a key role in the strategic positioning and profitability of hospitality organizations. Hotel executives attend conferences to make deals, spread brand awareness, find new technology, create partnerships, and discover the latest industry trends. There are a lot of hospitality events out there, but not all are created equal. Some give you more bang for your buck and others are geared for specific needs. It’s important to do your homework before you invest time and money. We’ve attended numerous hospitality events and narrowed the list down to eight of our favorites to alleviate some of the work for you. Alas, here are hospitality events hotel executives can’t afford to miss and our reasons why:

Three Ways to Engage Hourly Workers

Beekeeper Blog·15 August 2017
There are many organizational differences between salaried (exempt) and hourly (non-exempt) employees, so trying to engage them in the same way doesn’t always pan out. It’s likely your hourly staff won’t respond the same way your salaried staff will. A study by the Wilson Group found that these two groups of employees simply have diverse values in the workplace.

Product Release Notes August 2017

Beekeeper Blog·10 August 2017
It’s that time again! Time to announce the latest features and improvements we’ve been working on since the last product release notes. Here’s what you can start using this month!

Break down communication barriers with new inline translation feature

Beekeeper Blog· 8 August 2017
Our clients have spoken and we’ve listened. We’re thrilled to announce our newest (and most anticipated) feature—inline translation! This feature, available on both web and mobile versions, allows Beekeeper users to have any post or comment translated in their preferred language with a simple click. It supports 30 languages including Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Italian, Arabic, and many more.

Why workstream collaboration is the best thing you haven't heard of yet

Beekeeper Blog· 4 August 2017
There is a lot of terminology floating around when it comes to workplace productivity apps. We won’t inundate you with all of them, but we do want to give you the inside scoop on an emerging work style you’ll be hearing more of: workstream collaboration. Intrigued? If you haven’t seen it pop up yet, you will. You’ll be happy to be one of the earliest on the scene when you discuss it with colleagues and industry leaders at the next networking event or cocktail party you attend.

How to Create Valuable Digital Signage Content for Your Employees

Beekeeper Blog· 1 August 2017
Digital signage content is extremely useful for any hotel to keep employees informed and operations running smoothly. It’s typically looped on TV’s in hotels’ break rooms and cafeterias where it can be easily viewed by every employee. It’s an effective way to share company updates, best practices, new protocols, safety alerts, colleague recognition—the use cases are endless. However, it is regularly outdated or irrelevant, and therefore ignored.

How Will Brexit Impact GDPR Compliance in the UK

Beekeeper Blog·28 July 2017
The EU is taking personal data security to new levels with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set to go into effect on May 25th, 2018. This leaves global businesses approximately ten months to set their data privacy and security policies in line with the strict GDPR compliance, or face crippling fines of up to 4% of annual global revenue or $20 million Euros (17,882,635.20 British Pounds), whichever figure is greater.

How to Create a Successful Digital Workplace

Beekeeper Blog·19 July 2017
There is a lot of talk about the “digital workplace,” which is the virtual equivalent to the physical workplace and encompasses all the technologies companies use to accomplish their goals. The digital workplace is an employee portal which includes operational systems like payroll, to core business applications like email and virtual meeting software.


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