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    By Alvaro Hidalgo. The EU General Data Protection Regulation has set a path towards protecting personal data which many other countries will follow. In a global industry such as hospitality, it should be a primary objective to take the steps towards compliance.


Customer Reviews Help GuestRevu To Walk Away As Winners In Hotel Tech Awards

GuestRevu ·14 February 2019
Winners of the 2019 HotelTechAwards have been announced, following four months of review collection and analysis, and GuestRevu's leadership team is overwhelmingly proud to see the company listed as the top hotel technology for both Reputation Management and Guest Feedback.This announcement comes after Hotel Tech Report unveiled the 10 Best Places To Work In Hotel Tech and winners of their People's Choice Awards last week, both of which prominently featured GuestRevu as well."Every company thinks that they are good at what they do," says company Co-Founder and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Francine Heywood, "but to be acknowledged with awards and accolades that are based entirely on how our users feel about the products and services that we provide means the world to us."That the Awards, run annually by Hotel Tech Report since 2017, are based on feedback from thousands of users across hundreds of hospitality technology companies is particularly significant to Francine and GuestRevu CEO, Chris Alexandre, who started GuestRevu with the aim of helping hoteliers to listen to, learn from and earn from their guests with the help of feedback. Placing as the top technology in both categories that represent the services that GuestRevu provides goes to show that this aim is not only being met, but surpassed."GuestRevu is a company that lives and breathes its mission," says Hotel Tech Report Co-Founder, Jordan Hollander. "They won several categories in the HotelTechAwards because they let their clients speak in an unfiltered environment about their products and services. GuestRevu won the reputation management category for its work helping hotels with online reviews -- who could be a better partner at helping your hotel with online reviews than the company in the space with the best online reviews?"The reviews that the company got throughout the four-month data collection period speak for themselves:"Excellent work tool, and excellent way of highlighting issues... which we are then able to deal with quickly to remedy," explains a CEO* in the United Kingdom. "GuestRevu does everything we need."Properties in countries as far spread as Sierra Leone, Poland and the United States agree, describing the company as "a must have for all hotels", a "great tool for an actionable overview of guest sentiment", and a "great product with excellent customer service -- a winning combination"."Getting direct feedback from our guests through the GuestRevu platform has really improved not only the way we deliver services to them, but also our direct interactions with our very high level of repeat guests," says a Group Commercial Director in Zambia."GuestRevu is the perfect tool to gain the information required on guest experience," explains a General Manager from the United Kingdom.And how does Chris feel seeing the in-pouring of reviews, and hearing this kind of feedback about a solution that has been on the market for under five years? "It has been fantastic to read each review, and to understand how we are meeting and exceeding our clients' expectations. It's incredibly fulfilling for me personally, as well as for our whole team, to know that our product is delivering such value to our clients," he explains. "And we've noted all the comments, both the raves and the constructive criticism, and are looking forward to addressing them all, and seeing GuestRevu go from strength to strength."*During Hotel Tech Report's feedback process, reviewers have the option to submit their reviews anonymously or provide their details to the relevant technology partner. Hotel Tech Report only shows anonymised data to the public, but does provide an option for technology companies to see who left the reviews, and respond accordingly.Want to see GuestRevu's award-winning guest feedback and reputation management solutions for yourself? Click here to request a demo with one of our world-class Sales team.

Customer Reviews Help GuestRevu To Walk Away As Winners In Hotel Tech Awards

GuestRevu ·17 January 2019
Winners of the 2019 HotelTechAwards have been announced, following four months of review collection and analysis, and GuestRevu’s leadership team is overwhelmingly proud to see the company listed as the top hotel technology for both Reputation Management and Guest Feedback.

5 Properties That Embrace the Appeal of Barefoot Luxury for Travellers

GuestRevu ·11 October 2018
At a glance, the phrase ‘barefoot luxury’ sounds like an oxymoron. Where bare feet bring to mind homeliness, childhood and comfort; luxury evokes a sense of elegance, wealth and class. It seems counterintuitive to meld the two into an offering that suggests both comfort and elegance, but that is precisely what barefoot luxury is.

5 Online booking pitfalls and how to avoid them

GuestRevu · 8 August 2018
Why does your hotel have a website? There are a number of reasons of course – brand awareness, online reputation, you had some really great photos taken a while back – but ultimately, its to get people to book at your hotel.
Article by Lara Salomon

Catching MICE with guest feedback

GuestRevu · 1 August 2018
Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (or MICE) are fantastic ways to up your bookings, particularly over quiet seasons, and can generate income year on year when managed successfully. But it is the feedback that you receive year-round, together with the feedback received at such events, that will make sure that your offerings are adequate and ready for MICE.What MICE can bring to your hotelAs a growing industry, with a global projected value of over $1,245 billion within the next five years, MICE present a perfect opportunity for venue and accommodation providers who are able to offer the whole-package and exceed expectations for lodging, dining and entertainment to make the most of the expanding market.Properties that find success hosting MICE will not only benefit from the immediate income generated, but will have the opportunity to benefit repeatedly in the future if they meet or exceed delegates' expectations. This may come in the form of repeat business from companies organising their private functions or those responsible for hosting a variety of public events.And it's not only the organisers who will be impressed either. A property that is not only able to accommodate hundreds of guests at a time, but still provide excellent service and facilities to each of them in turn will benefit from the best that word of mouth can offer. Delegates will be likely to return not just for the next year's event, but for trips of other natures as well.How can guest feedback (and a guest feedback partner) help?When done right, MICE can be an excellent form of income, repeat direct bookings and the loyalty of hundreds of guests all in one fell swoop. But when filling your property to capacity, there is also the potential for small issues that may have gone unnoticed during regular operations to become stumbling blocks, and result in less-than-impressed delegates, and another venue being booked for the following year.This is where guest feedback, and a great guest feedback collection partner, is instrumental in establishing delegate's preferences, finding out what your property's strengths and weaknesses are, and making improvements backed by data.Personalisation made possible through pre-stay questionnairesNo one wants to be treated as just a head in a bed, however, providing a personalised experience to hundreds of guests at a time can be challenging to say the least.The feedback that you can receive from pre-stay questionnaires will be invaluable in this instance -- providing you with details about the delegates before they arrive, and the opportunity to accommodate preferences from the start, rather than learning them during the course of their stay. This makes accommodating meal preferences and food allergies much easier, for example, as arrangements can be made in advance.Accommodation providers also have the opportunity to provide a more personalised experience for delegates of similar MICE events in future, as they can garner a better understanding of the particular needs for each event. For example, if a hotel were to host an annual art exhibition, each year they would be likely to encounter similar enquiries regarding lighting, installation and equipment. Though the staff may not be well versed in the world of art, they can have answers for such questions prepared before the delegates arrive.It's not just about a place to sleep, but a great room can certainly helpAny stay at a property is about more than just the room that you provide. But between meetings and conferences, and the slew of talks, presentations, engagements and networking that fills a delegate's itinerary, coming back to their room for relief and relaxation will be a vital part of any MICE delegate's stay. It's here where the feedback that you have received from previous guests can leave you reassured that it's nothing but relief and relaxation that delegates will find.With the right feedback questionnaire, you can find out not only what a guest's overall impression of their room was, but what their sleep quality was like, how happy they were with its cleanliness, how comfortable the room was in general, and more. Questionnaires provide scope for in-depth feedback, and provide hoteliers with the opportunity to stay on top of even the smallest details. It's these small details, after all, which can compound when a service is being provided to hundreds of guests simultaneously. Suddenly a water pressure issue which one guest alluded to in their survey, for example, is being exacerbated by every guest in your property attempting to take their ten-minute break to freshen up.By noting guest feedback about room quality, you can ensure that all of your rooms are up to standard, and ensure that delegates are comfortable not only in the public spaces that your property provides, but even more so in the rooms that you offer.Teaming work with leisureThough delegates may attend MICE events for business, the idiom of "all work and no play" rings true, with such events often branching beyond their business nature. It is this, in part, which often results in MICE being held in destinations further afield, encouraging delegates to attend not only for a meeting, conference or exhibition, but for an experience.However, you do not need to be in an exotic destination to provide delegates with an experience -- one can be created in any environment with the help of the right feedback.Food and beverage: With the global trend of authentic food and culture on the rise, sourcing ingredients from local providers and offering seasonal menus will provide an experience that delegates from other areas are unlikely to find elsewhere. Keeping an eye on food-related feedback throughout the year can help you to make sure that you put your best foot forward when hosting events by highlighting your most popular meals.Tour operators: While you may be accustomed to your neighbourhood, delegates are unlikely to be. Offering tours, or teaming up with local tour operators can give insights into your area, and asking for feedback can give you fuel for providing MICE organisers and delegates with recommendations for enhancing their experience.Transfers: Knowing that delegates will often be arriving from far and wide, MICE organisers will often favour accommodation that is easily accessible. Offering transfers to and from the airport will be of advantage to any provider looking to host these kinds of events. Feedback can help you to take this one step further by offering transfers at regular intervals to local areas that guests often visit.From sourcing local ingredients for your restaurant, to teaming up with local businesses, engaging with your community and encouraging your guests (delegates and otherwise) to do the same will pay dividends as it will result in an experience rather than simply an event that delegates will quickly forget.Using the right technologyFeedback can not only be improved by technology such as pre- and post-stay automated surveys, but it can also assist with determining which technologies may be needed in future.With the growth of the MICE sector, the technological requirements that they expect accommodation providers to offer are growing as well. Where in the past a conference may have needed nothing more than a spacious room, a projector and a screen (or blank wall) to be successful, it is now a common occurrence for conferences to require quality connectivity for reaching remote delegates, for example.Feedback can help hoteliers determine where their technology priorities should lie. Connectivity may, for example, be perfect, while your check-in procedure is too time-consuming. Investing in self-service check-in technology in this instance could allow for MICE delegates to be allocated their rooms more efficiently. It is the feedback that you get from guests that will show you where your priorities for upgrades and improvements should lie.Monitoring all aspects of your propertyOperating at full capacity can easily put strain on any property, but a great feedback system can be an invaluable asset in assuring that no aspect of your property cracks under the pressure.With questionnaires that address each aspect of a guest's stay, and dashboards that show service levels across every area of a property, or even a group of properties, it becomes easy to pinpoint areas that can be improved, and work together to improve the overall experience of every guest. And when experiences are consistently great for individual guests, properties are better prepared for hosting events that will see hundreds of excellent experiences.From assisting with personalisation, to informing operational decisions, to monitoring your property from top to bottom, feedback can help any property to prepare for operating at full capacity and providing an excellent experience to hundreds of delegates at a time, and see MICE investing in your property by returning year on year.

Trend Digest: Serving A Growing Market With Serviced Apartments

GuestRevu ·26 July 2018
The hospitality industry constantly evolves to accommodate (and provide accommodation for) new market segments and trends in travel. Two of these trends in recent years have been the need for longer-term stays and the desire to experience local culture. The resulting evolution for the hospitality industry has been an influx of serviced apartments and aparthotels.

Marketing your hotel to Chinese FITs

GuestRevu ·19 July 2018
With China making up more than 18% of the world’s population, one would think that marketing to a Chinese audience would be a piece of cake. But as Cho Wong points out, that couldn’t be further from the truth. As Managing Director of Compass Edge Europe, he helps hospitality professionals overcome the daily difficulties involved in attracting Chinese travellers to their properties.

Use Instagram To Get Direct Bookings With FOMO

GuestRevu ·12 July 2018
With 52% of Facebook users admitting that their friends’ photos inspired their travel plans, it’s abundantly clear that Fear Of Missing Out, or FOMO as the young’uns are calling it these days, is real, and if you aren’t taking advantage of it, you’re missing out on a great opportunity.

Trend Digest: Self-service tech in hotels

GuestRevu ·28 June 2018
Hospitality professionals are now operating in an age where user-friendly customer- and guest-facing technology is everywhere (thanks in large part to the omnipresence of mobile internet connectivity) and traveller demographics are increasingly made up of a new cohort of digital-native consumers.

Are you attending Profitable Beds in Pubs London?

GuestRevu ·27 June 2018
The inn may be a British institution, but many publican-cum-innkeepers struggle to ensure that their accommodation is as profitable as their food and beverage offerings. Guestline’s Profitable Beds in Pubs event aims to help professionals in this hospitality industry niche to flourish.

How Varied Is Your Hospitality Vocabulary? [quiz]

GuestRevu ·21 June 2018
Just like any sector, the world of hospitality is full of industry-specific terms that we use all the time. And no doubt all the KPIs, ADRs and OTAs that sound like Greek to the average outsider is totally in your wheelhouse.

The Impact Of Award-Winning Guest Feedback [Interview]

GuestRevu ·14 June 2018
Being selected as the Best International Hotel not once, but twice in as many years would be an incredible feat for any property in any awards programme. But to Eugenia Danilikhina, the honour is all the greater when it’s feedback from guests that earns the top spot.

Catching MICE with guest feedback

GuestRevu · 7 June 2018
Does the thought of hundreds of guests descending on your property, filling the rooms, restaurant, halls and lobby sound like a dream, or a nightmare? On the face of it, it can seem like a wonderful opportunity for meeting targets, but small cracks that may appear during the day-to-day running of a property can spread and break under the pressure of MICE.

The currency of trust, and the power of partnerships

GuestRevu ·31 May 2018
“Trust is earned,” says Francine Heywood. “You can’t develop it without a genuinely good product.”

Trend Digest: GDPR compliance for hospitality

GuestRevu ·31 May 2018
The 25 May deadline may have come and gone without GDPR police descending from black helicopters to claim €20-million fines, but that doesn't mean compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation is optional.

GDPR in 3 minutes for hotel marketers [video]

GuestRevu ·24 May 2018
With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect tomorrow (25 May 2018), we know that many hotel marketers are wishing for a magical way to ensure their marketing procedures are compliant. So, we searched far and wide for the mystical GDPR Genie, and put together this quick video with all of the advice that he has for marketers who want to make sure that their everyday activities comply with the data protection standards.

The guests are the judges as 2018 BoHo Awards winners are announced

GuestRevu ·22 May 2018
Following months of baited breath, the winners of the Boutique Hotel Guests Experience Awards 2018 were announced at an Awards Ceremony held at The Montcalm Royal London House on 21 May.

How to make the most of Facebook's ad audience targeting [infographic]

GuestRevu ·22 May 2018
With Facebook's incredibly powerful ad targeting, 21st century marketers can do just that, and more, without breaking the bank (or their bank manager's heart).Such a detailed and powerful tool can be a bit daunting to get to grips with, however, which is why we have put together a couple of handy slides with all the basics any hotel marketer needs to know to start getting their hotel's ads in front of exactly the right people.

Uniting space, staff and guests through art with ARTIQ [interview]

GuestRevu ·17 May 2018
Hotel art suffers from an unflattering stereotype – that of the inoffensive but unmemorable image, only called "art" by the most generous definition of the word. Decorators are cognisant that their choices should appeal to (or at least not revolt) as many viewers as possible, and hence they err on the side of benign-but-bland still life caution.

Hotels have the social edge: 4 Steps to take it further

GuestRevu ·10 May 2018
Although organisations of any kind can increase brand awareness and attract new customers with social media, businesses that cater to travellers have an edge because of the nature of the services they offer.
Article by Lara Salomon

The anxious traveller -- how you can help

GuestRevu ·19 April 2018
I'm hardly alone in my anxieties. In fact, Skift dedicated an entire annual magazine to what they call "permanxiety" and how it affects travellers in this day and age, particularly travellers who have far more reason to be concerned than little, old me. Every guest, young and old, whether travelling for business or leisure, will have anxieties that you can help them with, with very little effort on your part.What is permanxiety?"Every decade birthed some new technology, social transformation or global turmoil that left people feeling as though they lived in a world-historical peak of tension and noise. Faced with that, what kind of person wouldn't be anxious?" -- New York TimesThe term permanxiety, coined by Skift, goes beyond travelling and hospitality and refers to the state of permanent anxiety that the world finds itself in. While they may have coined the phrase, they are hardly the first to notice the trend. From W.H. Auden's 100-page poem entitled "The Age of Anxiety", to Freud's diagnosis of anxiety neurosis, people have been noticing a tendency towards anxiety for decades. And yet, according to the New York Times, what was once referred to as the Prozac Nation (the USA) is now the United States of Xanax, with anxiety disorders becoming more prominent than depression.What could be to blame? According to them: "Push notifications. Apocalyptic headlines. Rancorous tweets. Countless studies have found links between online culture and anxiety." But, since anxiety has been around for a lot longer than online culture, it could be a symptom rather than the cause itself. Those push notifications, those harrowing headlines and tasteless tweets, they're all making people so anxious because there is so much uncertainty surrounding them."What might make human beings less anxious, it seems, is having a firmer sense of what in the world is happening and what's likely to happen next." -- New York TimesAnd while anxiety may be permeating throughout our daily activities, from work-lives to home-lives and everything in between, Skift is particularly concerned about how it affects the travel industry, and how accommodation providers and other hospitality professionals can help travellers by addressing anxieties before they even set in.Where do accommodation providers fit in?With flights to catch and time constraints, on top of concerns about accessibility, security and connectivity, there are a lot of potential anxiety-traps for travellers to be wary of. But, no matter who the guests are, or the reason for their visit, accommodation providers have the opportunity to turn what could be a stressful, anxiety-filled situation into a pleasant one.Some may opt to do so by offering guests an escape from the anxiety-inducing atmosphere that they are used to, providing an opportunity for a digital detox. Wellness tourism is on the rise as a popular trend, and offering guests alternatives to their technology-reliant routines could be seen as a welcome break.On the other hand, some providers may opt for the opposite approach, providing guests with excellent connectivity to ensure that business travellers or those who find relief from their FOMO (fear of missing out) online are able to do so without barriers like slow speeds, intermittent signal or exorbitant data charges.And while some guests may appreciate a digital detox, and others may relish the great WiFi, there is an option that accommodation providers can offer which will give any guest respite from their anxiety: simply being well prepared, and letting their guests know what to expect."It's hospitality that's genuine, intuitive, and accommodating that really sets travelers' nerves at ease when they walk in the door -- and that's sometimes much harder to find than a fancy hotel spa." -- SkiftOne of the biggest causes of anxiety is uncertainty, and that is something that hospitality professionals can easily address at every stage of a guest's journey, from booking to staying with you.From the very beginning, you can make sure that your website gives potential guests as much information as it can. Some ideas include:Providing details about accessibilityListing your menu so that people with allergies or special diets can be reassured or make alternate arrangementsShowing travellers your hotel's amenitiesHighlighting popular activities in your areaProviding information about shuttles, taxis, hiking trails, and other ways of getting around your areaBeing transparent about policies and pricingThese will all mean that when a traveller decides to book, they know exactly what to expect from their stay, and their minds can already be set at ease.Once a guest has booked, there are even more opportunities for stopping anxiety before it starts! A confirmation email can go a long way to easing anxieties by listing details such as:The particulars of the reservationCheck-in and check-out timesDetails of the room that has been bookedThe services that you provideDirections to the propertyThe options that a guest has for getting to youWhere your guests can find you on social mediaThe bill for the reservation, and details of other charges that might be incurredFrom there, you could send them pre-stay questionnaires to make sure that their stays are as personal as possible, or you can let them know the best ways to contact you if there is anything that they need.Finally, making sure that your guests have as little to be anxious about as possible will often mean training your staff to be as accommodating as they can, particularly to those with disabilities or who have religious beliefs or cultures that they're not familiar with."It's a constant challenge for hoteliers to ease the concerns and anxieties of their guests. The process, however, starts with strong training and compassion for others." -- Deanna TingTravelling in the age of permanxiety can be stressful for any guest from any background -- there are so many opportunities for things to go wrong! But, as accommodation providers, you can ease that anxiety without hiring a yoga instructor or investing in the fastest WiFi. Easing anxiety can be as easy as updating your website, keeping in touch with your soon-to-be-guests, and making sure that staff are compassionate and accommodating as far as possible.

The art of an enriching guest experience [interview]

GuestRevu ·19 April 2018
From greeting visitors to his parents’ guesthouse at the age of 10, to making travellers staying at The Anam in Cam Ranh, Vietnam feel at home, Herbert Laubichler-Pichler’s life has revolved around making guests feel welcome. We got the opportunity to speak to the hospitality veteran about how he provides his guests not only with a holiday, but also with an enriching local experience.

How the Coaching Inn Group uses guest feedback tech to motivate excellence in their team

GuestRevu ·12 April 2018
With high staff turnover in the hospitality industry, and sometimes multiple sites to manage, staff motivation can be a challenge to even the most experienced managers. UK based hotel-operator The Coaching Inn Group have come up with a unique approach to motivating excellence in their staff across their properties which is paying dividends in the long run.

The anxious traveller - how you can help [checklist]

GuestRevu · 5 April 2018
I struggled to sleep on the Thursday before Easter weekend. My mind was working overtime going through all the things that might go wrong — Would we get lost on our way to the hotel? Would they cater to vegetarians? Would we arrive and discover a mistake with our booking? Had I packed everything that I would need? By the time my alarm chirped to life, I was exhausted. Not a great way to start a weekend away.

Trend Digest: Accessible hospitality for all

GuestRevu ·29 March 2018
It should come as no surprise that a great experience can leave a guest with memories to last a lifetime, and that the memories of a terrible experience can last just as long. When it comes to guests with disabilities, there are all too many tales of terrible experiences to be told. From awkward staff who don’t know how to treat those with disabilities, to not having enough rooms, or ones that are ill-equipped, there are a lot of opportunities for things to go wrong when you are catering to less-able-bodied guests. But when a property does get it right, they are often rewarded with loyal guests, who not only return often, but become evangelists for the hotel that treated them just like every guest wants to be treated — as more than a head on a bed, but as a person with their own needs

TripAdvisor makes further changes to its algorithm in 2018

GuestRevu ·27 March 2018
TripAdvisor is continually fine-tuning the way that its algorithm ranks accommodation, activities and restaurants in order to show travellers the most popular options in their chosen areas. These algorithmic changes, however, are usually small and seldom have easily noticeable effects. However, the most recent updates to the algorithm have seen some properties' rankings shifting substantially.


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