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  • Meet Minneapolis: Travel to the Twin Cities this Summer for HITEC 2019

    We all know that travel can be a real hassle. So, what about a trip makes it worth packing up your suitcase, saying goodbye to your family for the next few days, fighting the airport and staying in a.

  • New Global Directors Join the 2018-2019 HFTP Board

    The HFTP 2018-2019 Global Board of Directors was installed during the association's 2018 Annual Convention and introduces new directors Toni Bau, Carson Booth, CHTP and Mark Fancourt. These extensive director profiles give insight into the distinguished professions and personal goals of HFTP's newest association leaders.

  • A Series of Must-Read Articles on Cybersecurity Produced by the HFTP Research Centers

    Data security remains a pressing concern and top priority for the hospitality industry. The HFTP Research Centers are dedicated to producing findings that can significantly aid hospitality businesses in their efforts to protect their guests’ privacy and personal information against potential cyber threats and attacks.

  • HITEC Special: Does EU GDPR Affect U.S. Hospitality Companies?

    By Alvaro Hidalgo. The EU General Data Protection Regulation has set a path towards protecting personal data which many other countries will follow. In a global industry such as hospitality, it should be a primary objective to take the steps towards compliance.

How to be a killer revenue manager

Net Affinity | Conversion Optimisation for Savvy Hoteliers· 7 February 2019
You're a fabulous revenue manager already, we're well aware of that. But our industry moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could stop learning, improving, and building on your existing skills!

New surroundings at Net Affinity

Net Affinity | Conversion Optimisation for Savvy Hoteliers·18 January 2019
New year, new us. We love the start of a new year, not because it's an opportunity to change yourself but rather, it's an opportunity to better yourself. Improve. Grow. Build on who you already are, and what you've achieved already. Here at Net Affinity, we recognise the importance of constantly evolving, and right now, ...

How to Choose the Perfect Booking Engine

Net Affinity | Conversion Optimisation for Savvy Hoteliers·14 November 2018
As useful as they are at publicising your hotel, no hotelier appreciates the chunk of commission that OTA’s swallow up. From many of our previous posts you can find guidelines on how to drive direct bookings, but first things first- you need a booking engine.

Dublin Skylon Hotel: The Strategy that Increased Revenue by 61%

Net Affinity | Conversion Optimisation for Savvy Hoteliers·25 October 2018
The Client: Described as "a little gem" and highly commended by previous guests, the Dublin Skylon Hotel was originally built in 1967 by PV Doyle and purchased by life-long hotelier Brian McEniff in 2002. Its convenient location, luxurious accommodation and sophisticated bar and restaurant makes this four star hotel the perfect destination to unwind after ...

Bloomfield House Hotel: How a New Site Led to a Quick Return

Net Affinity | Conversion Optimisation for Savvy Hoteliers·18 October 2018
Nestled by the picturesque Westmeath Lakelands, The Bloomfield House Hotel flawlessly combines traditional Irish hospitality with four-star luxury. This family-owned property offers the perfect escape with its charming surroundings and modern facilities. With previous guests proclaiming that they “could not fault a thing”, the highly commended Bloomfield House Hotel caters for everyone- from those seeking an indulgent pamper at the Leisure Club & Spa to those looking for a fun family break.

Device Trends: How is Your Guest Booking?

Net Affinity | Conversion Optimisation for Savvy Hoteliers·17 October 2018
From claims that it is “the most dominant device,” to being “great for website visitors, but not buyers,” there’s no denying that everyone’s talking about mobile when it comes to device trends. If you search device trends on Google, statements such as these are often regurgitated from article to article.

Iveagh Garden Hotel- Their Success with Sustainability

Net Affinity | Conversion Optimisation for Savvy Hoteliers·27 September 2018
Designed with the intention of creating Europe’s first sustainable hotel at the heart of Dublin City, the McGill family has achieved just that with the Iveagh Garden Hotel. Needless to say, since opening its doors in February 2018, the hotel has received a fantastic response. Most notably, its mention in TIME Magazine’s 2018 World’s Greatest Places.

Mobile First- How to Master Google's Changes

Net Affinity | Conversion Optimisation for Savvy Hoteliers·20 September 2018
With nearly 60% of online traffic being on mobile, it’s no wonder that Google is prioritising mobile-optimised websites on its search pages. Unless Google finds your website mobile-friendly, other sites will be given preference over yours in first-page search engine results page (SERP) website rankings. Have you ever ventured onto the second page of Google search results? We haven’t either. Follow these guidelines and make sure your website passes Google’s ‘mobile-friendly’ test.

Have a Hotel Website That You Can Be Proud Of

Net Affinity | Conversion Optimisation for Savvy Hoteliers·21 August 2018
Creating a website can be a daunting task. There are a lot of steps to be taken and decisions to be made. From wire-framing to choosing a framework, a lot a mistakes can be made that lead to regrets further down the road. However, in today’s technology-driven world, an effective, compelling hotel website is crucial for attracting guests.

Maximise your Hotel's Packages and Profits!

Net Affinity | Conversion Optimisation for Savvy Hoteliers·16 August 2018
We are all well aware of the benefits of hotel packages. Think about it- have you ever booked a hotel purely on the strength and nature of its promoted offers? They are key for attracting the deal-seeking traveler! However, with all of the noise in today’s online world, it can be a struggle to emphasise your packages. Michael Porter, an academic known for his business strategy theories once said- “Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it’s about deliberately choosing to be different.” In order to be truly effective with regards to your hotel’s acquisitions, your packages must stand out from the rest. Keep reading to discover how to create and promote well-received, profitable packages.

Enhance Your Forecasting Strategy

Net Affinity | Conversion Optimisation for Savvy Hoteliers· 2 August 2018
The ability to forecast demand accurately is the base of all successful and effective revenue management strategies. Forecasting allows your hotel to assess potential risks and opportunities, anticipate future demand, price accordingly and align resources to maximize revenue.

6 Ways Of Optimising Your Data Use

Net Affinity | Conversion Optimisation for Savvy Hoteliers· 2 August 2018
When potential guests arrive at your website, ensure that it is different from the dozens they’ve just visited. Focus your hotel’s online activities on data-driven decisions and make your website a haven of carefully-selected images, content and rate plans.

What are Bumper Ads and Why Does Your Hotel Need Them?

Net Affinity | Conversion Optimisation for Savvy Hoteliers·31 July 2018
The inconvenient drag of a 30 second ad before a minute long Youtube clip is no more. Great user experiences require new formats, and so the 'bumper ad' has been born. Bumper ads are the 6 second video formats that are saving the longest 30 seconds of any consumers time.

Optimise the efficacy of your Revenue Manager

Net Affinity | Conversion Optimisation for Savvy Hoteliers·26 July 2018
It’s challenging being a Revenue Manager. Be it in a large city-centre hotel or a small countryside hotel, Revenue Managers face similar challenges & stresses. Too much to do, too little time. Many of these challenges come from client demands, but today we’re discussing the internal challenges faced by a Revenue Manager. These are generally a little easier to fix than external factors and can have a big impact on a Revenue Managers efficacy and efficiency.

Enticing the Experiential Traveler- an economical guide.

Net Affinity | Conversion Optimisation for Savvy Hoteliers·24 July 2018
The phrase ‘experiential travel’ is spreading like wildfire around the tourism industry today. Technology has created a world where we can watch others fulfilling their travel bucket lists at any time, anywhere. We are exposed to more travel opportunities and therefore expect more. In order for your hotel to be remembered and to stand out from the crowd, you need to market it as an experience rather than a product and, as obvious as it sounds, make your potential customers aware of this.

Choosing the Right Channel Manager

Net Affinity | Conversion Optimisation for Savvy Hoteliers·19 July 2018
The hotel distribution landscape is becoming more and more complex. We know that the ideal revenue management practice is selling the right room to the right guest at the right time and price on the right distribution channel. However, as more channels are introduced to the market, it’s getting increasingly difficult to manage every channel individually while at the same time maintaining the high level of customer service that guests expect and deserve.

Break Out of the Ad Clutter

Net Affinity | Conversion Optimisation for Savvy Hoteliers·18 July 2018
Today, we are exposed to so many advertisements on so many platforms that unless they stand out, we are immune to them. Ditch the generic content and imagery and make your Ad captivating, original and appealing! Follow these design guidelines to receive a great reaction.

Employee Series #2- Our Client Services Director Gemma

Net Affinity | Conversion Optimisation for Savvy Hoteliers·12 July 2018
It is time for the second post of our Employee Series! This week we’re giving you an insight into the knowledge and expertise of our Client Services Director, Gemma.

Take the Minimalist Approach

Net Affinity | Conversion Optimisation for Savvy Hoteliers·10 July 2018
It is said that it takes seven seconds to make a good first impression. The moment that you encounter with a stranger, it is those seven seconds in which you determine whether they are likable, trustworthy or someone to be avoided completely. The same method applies to your hotel's website.

Getting Your Business Mix Right

Net Affinity | Conversion Optimisation for Savvy Hoteliers· 5 July 2018
Before you can get your business mix right, you first need to know what your business mix is. As an eCommerce Manager, I ask the hotel in each meeting what their business mix is. Every Revenue Manager, General Manager and Sales & Marketing Manager should know this information. There should be clear targets set for each market segment for the year. These targets should be for both occupancy and average room rate (ARR). The hotel’s business mix gives all departments a clear picture of the hotel’s target market and how well they are doing to achieve budget. Below are a few steps to follow that will help you optimise yours.

Why Your Hotel Needs a Video Marketing Strategy

Net Affinity | Conversion Optimisation for Savvy Hoteliers· 3 July 2018
Video is quickly becoming one of the most popular digital content formats. In a mobile-first world, video ad formats allow advertisers to reach their audience with highly targeted messaging across social media platforms and various websites.

The Challenges of a Rebrand

Net Affinity | Conversion Optimisation for Savvy Hoteliers·28 June 2018
Taking on a rebrand is an exciting, yet challenging experience for any company, especially a hotel. With brand loyalty and recognition playing such a key role in your property’s business, a rebrand can be particularly challenging. As long as you have all your bases covered and have taken all the most important elements into consideration, your big move will be a breeze.

How to prepare a brief for your web agency

Net Affinity | Conversion Optimisation for Savvy Hoteliers·24 June 2018
So, you have decided you need a new website. You are now left with a daunting to-do list and a long string of questions. One of the questions most commonly faced is how to explain to the web design agency what you want- if you even know yourself yet! Here are a few key pieces of information that will help create a straightforward brief for your web design agency and give you the kick-start you need for this journey.

Why Revenue Management and Marketing Must Align

Net Affinity | Conversion Optimisation for Savvy Hoteliers·21 June 2018
Today, every hotelier knows that the modernisation of revenue management and marketing strategies is fundamental. However, what is less known is that to really see a boost in your revenue you must align them. The task of the marketing team is to generate demand through connection with potential guests.

Employee Series #1- Our Design Manager Dan

Net Affinity | Conversion Optimisation for Savvy Hoteliers·19 June 2018
Here at Net Affinity, each individual member of our team is bursting with knowledge, passion and skill that needs to be shared. That’s where our Employee Series comes into play. We will be giving you an insight into the expertise of our team members through interviews on various topics with them!

Millennials don't join loyalty programs but are great social advocates

Net Affinity | Conversion Optimisation for Savvy Hoteliers·14 June 2018
Millennials are commonly described as the generation with a desire for new experiences. Spontaneity and adventure are two integral parts of Millennial living. This is a great prospect for hotel businesses, but a less positive one with regards to customer loyalty.


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