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Green Vacations

WORLDHOTELS ·17 April 2019
Frankfurt - Sustainable travel means high environmental standards, social redistribution of tourism revenues, and respect for human rights. The world needs more travellers to be sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint on the planet. Green travel starts with finding an ethically correct travel destination. To help with the travel planning and to celebrate Earth Day on April 22, WorldHotels put together six green destinations for 2019.NetherlandsWhile the Dutch national colour may be orange, the Dutch pride themselves on green initiatives. The country is working hard to reduce air pollution and carbon emissions, improve waste management and clean up its rivers. Since 1989, the Netherlands have a National Environmental Policy Plan in place. It's not surprising that a country known for its windmills is a leader in renewable energy. Trams and subways run on green electricity, canal boats use natural gas and other sustainable fuels. The Netherlands has more than 35,000 kilometres of bike paths. City trips and sustainable tourism; it may seem a strange combination, however, Amsterdam is an ardent supporter of cycling, the city has more bikes than people. Due to their high CO2 emissions, airplanes do not have a reputation for being eco-friendly. Therefore, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is working hard towards a policy that is as sustainable as possible.Hotel Tip: The Duin & Kruidberg Country Estate in Santpoort/Amsterdam offers its own honey from bees that live in the nearby Zuid-Kennemerland National Park. On the hotel grounds, the hotel has two charging stations for electric cars and two more for electric bicycles.New ZealandGreen and clean New Zealand - it's a cliche for a reason. New Zealand demonstrates a commitment to sustainability: the topics of environmental protection and sustainability are highly rated politically, the government announced to ban single-use plastic bags by July this year. Eco tourism is quite synonymous with the country. New Zealand offers 13 national parks to preserve the environment and nearly 30 per cent of its the country's total area is protected as conservation land. New Zealand is particularly active in species conservation. Through innovative rescue programmes, the country is bringing endangered wildlife back. There is also an active biotech community in New Zealand, which has taken on the task of promoting the bio economy.Hotel Tip: Stamford Plaza Auckland in Auckland offers various sustainable practices, from eco-friendly products, energy efficient sensors to donating lost property to Auckland city mission. It also has a clean towel policy and no service option for guest in place - so guests can help to cut down on washing. Furthermore, the hotel selects suppliers who shows commitment towards sustainability and mostly orders stock from nearby and local supplier to reduce its carbon foot prints.SingaporeSingapore is Asia's greenest city due to its ambitious environmental targets and its efficient and innovative approach to achieving them. It sets the standard amongst other cities with the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint, which outlines the country's national vision and plans for a more sustainable Singapore. Experts in technology, urban design, and city planning collaborate to re-think traditional ways of doing things and to devise ways to protect the environment for future generations. The country is committed to improving its amount of energy consumed for its GDP by 35 per cent by 2030. Solar will be the most reliable renewable source given the country's year-round tropical climate.Hotel Tip: Luxurious hospitality and eco-consciousness go together at Carlton City Hotel Singapore, Singapore. The hotel encourages its guests to reduce their ecological footprint and to be part of their environmental-friendly practices, such as reusing their linens and towels, maintaining a recommended room temperature and minimizing waste.EcuadorAs a paradise of biodiversity, Ecuador is particularly concerned about protecting its natural resources. Some 300 species of mammals have been recorded in Ecuador, from the rare Andean spectacled bear to more than 100 species of bats. The "Plandetur 2020", the roadmap to 2020, defines 78 projects for sustainable tourism development in Ecuador. The main objective is to develop tourism in harmony with nature conservation and the well-being of the population, making optimum use of all resources.Hotel Tip: Hotel Oro Verde Cuenca in Cuenca switched to long-lasting LED lights to reduce electricity use. Furthermore, it encourages guests to reuse towels and sheets. In its Gourmet Deli, the hotel switched from disposable plastic tableware to environmentally-friendly products for takeaway orders. In the bathrooms, guests find bulk liquid dispensers instead of mini bottles, which is eco-friendlier and reduces plastic waste.DenmarkCreating a green and sustainable society is one of the key goals for Denmark. Denmark's society used to be based on fishing and agriculture and that is why Danes still feel connected to their country and the water surrounding it. Their respect for nature makes the country a frontrunner in promoting sustainable practices. Samso island is worth visiting as it has been 100 per cent carbon neutral, relying entirely on renewable energy such as wind, solar, and biomass energy since 2007. Copenhagen's biking culture is one of the many initiatives, that make the city green and sustainable. The city is a pioneer in recycling, upcycling, renewable energy, mobility, smart city solutions and green transformation.Hotel Tip: Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center in Copenhagen is environmentally certified by Green Key. The hotel reduces its waste, demands that their suppliers provide services and products which fulfil the requirements of Green Key, use goods which have the lowest possible strain on the environment and ensures that all taps are fitted with water saving devices. Because of this measure, guests experience a pleasant flow of water, but only use around half the water that normally comes out of the taps. Furthermore, the hotel only uses cleaning products, soaps and shampoo that are environmentally certified and washes the linen at an environmentally certified laundry.SwedenFollowing Australia, Sweden was the second country in the world to introduce an ecotourism charter. Besides its breath-taking nature, Sweden is known for its ambitious environmental awareness. Sweden is a pioneer when it comes to electric mobility. Its CO2 emissions are below the European average. The fact that the Swedes care about nature is also evident in the nature reserves and urban gardening. Sweden's waste balance is particularly exemplary: 99 per cent of all waste is recycled or further processed. In many Swedish towns' tourists find E-busses and stations where bicycles can be hired. Sweden also set up 'Nature's Best', Europe's first eco-label. It assures the quality of tours run by eco-certified tour operators around the country. Stockholm is one of the greenest cities in the EU and the first city that won the European Green Capital Award in 2010.Hotel Tip: Gothia Towers in Gothenburg has identified several focus areas in which it has an impact on people and the environment - from cleaning and shipments to food and beverage. The coffee served at the meeting place is ecological and Fairtrade. Gothia Towers also puts strong emphasis on its social commitment: During its annual Christmas campaign, the hotel collects Christmas gifts which are distributed by Gothenburg Rescue Mission to children.

Business Travel Trends for 2019

WORLDHOTELS ·28 February 2019
Frankfurt - The corporate business industry is an important component of the tourism industry and the economic development in destinations. This year, a general climate of economic stability, more direct flight options and a robust international meetings sector will bring tremendous growth to the industry and generate millions in revenue. Driven by emerging technologies and shifting habits,corporate travel is experiencing a fundamental change in the way the traveler is served. Here are some forecasts and predictions, provided by WorldHotels, that will shape the business travel sector this year.PersonalizationCorporate travel is mainly about complying with company policies. But a new mindset is emerging when it comes to traveling for business: Standard traveling processes are not enough anymore; a personalized approach is expected. Travel companies must put people, not policies, first. Not only on private holidays but also on business trips, brands need to offer personalized services. Data, business intelligence and analytics will help to improve the customer experience this year and need to be applied at every step of the customer journey. It starts with recognizing corporate travelers automatically when they dial in from a known number. Using past traveler behavior makes it possible to offer truly unique travel products and services. A personalized trip affords the corporate traveler a stress-free travel experience that's perfectly suited to his preferences. Travel managers and human resource leaders will also benefit because personalized travel experiences will increase employee value proposition and help with recruiting and retaining effortsBusiness or leisure? Both.As workforces fill up with millennials and Generation Z workers, business travel expectations and habits are changing. The newer generations are interested in blending business and leisure travel. The lines between work and life are increasingly blurry and the so-called bleisure trips are on the rise and are likely to continue growing in popularity. Improved travel policies will give the possibility to combine business with leisure this year. This trend will come with the benefits of increased satisfaction and a reduction in stress for travelers.ExperiencesAlong with the growing focus on bleisure travel, there is a spotlight on experiences this year. Not only leisure but also corporate travelers want to soak up local culture. Experiential travel is the buzzword; today's travelers appreciate a local experience instead of sitting in a meeting room all day. Staying active, exploring the area and making the most of their time instead of rushing their stay and leaving as soon as possible is the business travelers' motto of 2019.Business traveler well-beingTraveling for work causes stress and can put a strain on people's lives. In 2019, health and productivity of employees on the road will have top priority. Today's corporate travelers need more flexibility and personalization when they travel. Hotels often don't let people check in until late afternoon, which makes it impossible to freshen up and prepare for a meeting. Sometimes travelers even have to head back home at night, because the company did not book an overnight stay. That is why more hotels will start offering day-rates for corporate travelers. Whereas in the past the focus was only on costs, now it is also on traveler satisfaction.RobotsIn the past years, the travel and hospitality industries have been introducing robotic technologies. Today's travelers demand convenient and fast self-service opportunities. In the hospitality industry, robots greet guests, offer check-in and check-out, perform room services, show guests around, provide information and deliver luggage. Robots can work 24/7/365 without holidays and breaks, they don't demand salary. However, they cannot adapt to unanticipated situations and cannot replace human sympathy and emotions. The hotel industry is a people's industry; however, robots will take over more tasks this year.Self-BookingCorporate travelers have started to demand a sense of autonomy; they would like to choose their own flights and accommodation in accordance with their preferences. With mobile booking and accommodation such as Airbnb, corporate travelers can plan their own trips hassle-free. 2019 will see an increase in demand for flexibility. Millennials will account for nearly half of travel spend in the next years and will emerge as a pre-eminent force in travel consumption. Corporate travel policies need to accommodate their travel needs and attitudes and expand self-booking options.Artificial Intelligence (AI)Artificial intelligence can identify the personal touches that draw potential guests to a hotel and tailor experiences to them. With the ability to streamline processes, optimize and personalize experiences, AI will create a more guest-centric hospitality this year. AI will be used more frequently for customer support. More and more companies will use chatbots to interact with customers and deliver responses. AI draws conclusions based on behavior and feedback and the more it works the smarter it will become. It helps to analyze preferences and requirements of corporate travelers and then provides personalized recommendations. This year will bring a lot more innovation in the field of AI. Artificial intelligence is a greater trend towards meeting employee expectations, not just business demands. It is one of the key technologies this year to increase user adoption and delight.The Internet of Things (IoT)Now is not the time to discount the IoT as old news. In fact, it's not yet done changing how businesses run. This year a range of new technologies to improve efficiencies, to minimize disruption and to meet increasing traveler expectations will be introduced by airlines, hotels and travel sellers. Big data, process automation and the internet of things will improve the guest experience. The Internet of things offers wide opportunities and allows smart devices to communicative through the internet. More and more hotels will use it to control light, air-conditioning and heating systems to the guests' preferences, even to control coffee machines. The Internet of things technology is also capable to issue warnings on the necessity of replacements. It can facilitate check-in process by sending electronic keys to smart devices. IoT solutions will roll out fast in the hospitality industry this year, making it smarter every day.

The Reach Of OTAs Can Be Addictive - Interview with Franco Sterl, Director E-Commerce of WorldHotels

WORLDHOTELS ·16 October 2018
The arrival of E-commerce has transformed the way hotels sell rooms and online sales have become a crucial part of the business. With the industry being dynamic and trends continue to change every year, in this interview Franco Sterl talks about E-commerce trends, the threat of OTAs and the direct booking landscape.You have been in the business for the past ten years. What is the biggest change you have seen?The biggest change in the last years is related to technology and automation. Unfortunately, the hotel industry has always been quite slow in adapting new technologies and being at the forefront of innovations. This is now changing. More and more hotels and chains are counting on new systems, technologies and innovative concepts to enhance the digital guest experience and to let travelers interact in modern ways with their brand. Nowadays, it is not only about offering a good in-house experience, it is about offering a great and unique experience throughout all stages of travel, including the booking process! How do you picture the future of independent hotels in the online environment?All great innovations and new technologies require a substantial investment of time, money, knowledge and manpower. From my perspective, these are the biggest pain points of individual hotels when it comes to digital innovations and solutions. I am sure that more and more solutions will be tailored to the specific needs of individual hotels. The potential is huge!Which are the most important E-commerce trends for 2018 that hotels should be aware of?In my opinion, there are two important trends to be aware of: Personalization and "Mobile is key". Modern travelers expect a personalized experience and want to feel unique. To fulfil this need, hotels must rely on digital solutions, on solid/high-quality data warehousing and on well-trained staff. A well-balanced combination of these elements is the key to success for hoteliers. Hoteliers have to offer guests a seamless and unique mobile experience. This may sound old-fashioned, but reality shows that a lot of hotels don't even have a dedicated mobile version of their website. Everyone in the industry needs to understand the growing importance of mobile device usage.You are now 100 days in your position. How are you planning to expand WorldHotels' digital marketing capabilities?When I started, my first priority was to build up a strong E-Commerce team with a global setup to serve our hotels with knowledge, guidance and local expertise. The consultants now work closely with our hotels to get the maximum out of their websites and booking engines. We recently finalized our brand-new E-Commerce solution for hotels, which focusses mainly on the following areas: Web Audits, Consultation, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization and modern tracking tools to convert traffic into bookers. What do you expect the OTA and the direct booking landscape to look like in 2020?I am sure that the landscape will look more balanced. OTAs will still play an important role in the digital distribution world, but the share of direct bookings will recover. The latest developments and studies have proven that the fight against increasing dependencies on third party distribution suppliers is yielding positive results. Hotels need to keep focusing on their own strengths and channels. This is the only way to escape this vicious circle.How do you see the online independent hotel industry in the next five years?Hopefully much stronger! Individual hotels can learn a lot from the big players and from other industries. They just need to do their "online-homework" and the results will be visible very quickly. Independent hotels are the ones giving hotel markets a personality - they can reap the benefits of the digital world. Do you think OTAs are a threat for hotels?Yes and no. OTAs can bring great benefits to the distribution landscape of hotels but the usage is also connected with some major risks. OTAs have a reach that an individual hotel will never have. This reach and power can be addictive! Being addicted always means that it is hard to get out of the dependency. Hotels always need to use these channels wisely and in a restrictive manner. Only by controlling these channels very tightly, can they be a great benefit for individual hotels. The focus should always be on your own distribution channels.Do you expect Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp will become important future distribution channels?I believe that these channels will play an increasing role in terms of lead generation for hotels. Instagram and Co. are the new hotel brochures with a very high level of credibility. These channels allow guests to get real insights and to interact with hotels and brands. It is very important that hotels actively manage these channels and spend time with social activities because these channels play an important role within the travel decision process.Which are the three key points revenue and E-Commerce managers should keep at the forefront of their minds?Guests are people and not a set of data. Switch sides and look at things from the guest perspective, be always up-to-date and keep up to date with technology.

Storytelling is not an option anymore, it is who you are

WORLDHOTELS ·11 July 2018
People have been telling stories for thousands of years and still stories have a powerful effect on people. But how does successful storytelling work in the hospitality world? In the interview, Geoff Andrew explains why storytelling is particularly important for independent hotels and which hotels he believes have already perfected storytelling.Why do you think every hotel needs a good story to tell?With the growing influence of social media on people's booking decisions, hoteliers need to communicate as storytellers to stay relevant online. Travelers tell stories about hotels on social media and rating platforms. We can't control these conversations; however, we can influence them by bringing our own story into the game. The more interesting the story is, the more it will be shared and the more visitors will come to the hotels' booking channels. A story carries the promise of a good guest experience. It builds the canvas to something the guests will come to experience for themselves; to become part of the story. By carefully creating anticipation, we turn our audience from observers into guests.How do you help your hotels with storytelling?In today's competitive environment, only unique stories can connect with guests. That is why we have launched the "Start with WHY" program. We adapted our program from the bestselling author Simon Sinek, who asks: "Why do you get up every morning?" A hotel must therefore ask itself: "Why should people come here? Is it really just because of a certain rate and my great location?""Start with WHY" helps hotels create, explain and deliver a unified experience that reflects the local taste, brand values and brand promise. In the one-day kick-off workshop, the general manager, the owner and various team leaders - from department heads to concierges and bartenders are invited. In this workshop, we ask our hotels the following questions: What's your hotel about? What should your guests say when they leave the hotel? Then, the team has to create and develop a statement, which must undergo a 360-degree test. They could develop a statement like: Every day luxury. Upon creating a statement, the hotel continues to develop the meaning with questions like: Which facilities/environment do you need if you want to experience 'Every day luxury'? What kind of employees and what kind of management do you need to successfully implement it? The whole process goes through four to five phases, and it can take up to one and a half years before the new statement is permeated at all levels. Until now, around 140 of our hotels have already discovered their "WHY" in our workshops. Why are stories so important today?For years, independent hotels had no chance against major brands. That has changed. Today, hotels need local authenticity and a good story. And independent hotels are built for that. There is a direct relationship between guest ratings and turnover. A Cornell study has shown that even small improvements - for example from 7.2 to 8.3 points - allow a rate increase of five to six percent. In other words, hoteliers can increase their rates without making compromises on demand. With a good and authentic story, they can improve their guest ratings. Can you give some examples of particularly successful storytelling?The Royal Park Hotel in Rochester, Michigan has perfected storytelling. "Start with WHY" has helped its team to become living reflections of their hotel's "WHY." By allowing all departments of the team to participate in the workshop, everyone had a voice. The "Start with WHY" program can have an extreme impact on hotels when it comes to evolving and strengthening a hotel's inner culture. Royal Park Hotel has not only dissected their own hotel DNA, but has developed a new "inside-out" approach when it comes to sales and marketing. Their storytelling has had a positive effect on the property and the staff morale. The staff has taken a more active role in learning and sharing the story of the hotel and its surrounding community. The result of this? They received excellent reviews from their guests: they felt that "the staff went above and beyond"!There are also hotels in Europe who have seen great improvements after going through the "Start with WHY" workshop. Hotel Balmes in Barcelona achieved a visible growth of positive, personalized guest reviews in which the employees were mentioned as a key element to the success of their holidays. As a result of this, its ranking on TripAdvisor went up by 79 places. In terms of revenue, ADR increased by 8%, obtaining a much better RevPar.Do hotels need a rich history to be a successful storyteller?They don't. Of course, it is easier if they have one. The Courthouse Hotel in London, for example, is a former Magistrate's Court which once hosted trials of celebrities such as Mick Jagger and John Lennon. They already have a great story and therefore can sell easily. However, even if a hotel does not have such a story, there will always be something to narrate. The story does not need to lie within the hotel, maybe the story lies within the surrounding area or the community. Hotels should ask their employees for ideas and suggestions, they often know best what makes the hotel stand out. It is not necessarily about the history of the hotel, but the people who work there. People define the experience, and experience is the marketing. It is also about the values, that are embraced at the hotel - if hoteliers can consistently communicate what is important to them at their properties, they are delivering a solid story, and a great experience.Storyteller is probably one of the oldest professions of all. How do hotels become an expert in modern storytelling? Be authentic - this is the most important element. Telling an impressive story that has nothing to do with the hotel will destroy credibility from the outset. Hoteliers should not pretend to be someone other than themselves. They need to speak in a way that suits their hotel and their ideal guests. Naturalness gives a story a strong appeal. Stories are the emotional glue that binds people to the hotel. Therefore, it is important that a hotel website gives a clear idea of what the guest will experience in the property. Does the website open the door to dreaming? If not, it's time for the hotel to tell its story. It is also important to tell the truth - people will know when someone is not being honest. The worst thing for a hotel is to be known as a dishonest brand. Storytelling experts know why they do what they do and what the purpose of their hotel is. The "Why" is the key to impressive storytelling. Hoteliers need to find out what makes the hotel special and create exciting stories about their special "Why". In today's world, storytelling is not an option anymore, it is who you are.

Three New Hotels Join WorldHotels' Portfolio

WORLDHOTELS ·26 June 2018
Frankfurt -- WorldHotels is welcoming three new hotels to its portfolio. A boutique retreat on Mykonos, a historical, luxury hotel in the center of Paris, and a modern city hotel in Singapore's Chinatown, these new WorldHotels properties provide authentic guest experiences for both leisure and business travelers.Hotel Saint James Albany, Paris, FranceIn a classic building facing the landmark Tuileries Garden, the chic and elegant Hotel Saint James Albany offers luxurious comfort and relaxation in sophisticated surroundings. It's just a five-minute walk from the shops and boutiques of the stylish Avenue de l'Opera and ten minutes by foot from the Louvre Museum. Guests enjoy upscale dining in the grand Tivoli Restaurant, eat al fresco in the tree-lined courtyard or enjoy tapas, afternoon tea and cocktails in the wood-panelled bar. After a day of city exploration, what better way to rejuvenate than to kick back and be pampered at the hotel spa "Deep Nature", complete with indoor pool, steam room and gym. Mykonos No5, Mykonos, GreeceOn a hilltop overlooking the beautiful Mykonos town across the azure Aegean Sea, this sensational boutique hotel offers privacy and exclusivity close to the crystalline waters of world famous beaches such as Ornos and Aghios Ioannis. It's just a ten-minute' transfer from Mykonos International Airport or a 15-minute drive from the island ferry pier. Picture minimalist luxury, a gentle summer breeze and the relaxing sound of waves - these are the foundations of this chic oasis. Add to that image sea-view massages on Bali beds, candlelit fine dining around an outdoor pool and sipping cocktails as the sun slides gently below the horizon. Featuring balconies that open to magnificent Aegean views, the elegantly understated rooms offer all the modern amenities.Dorsett Singapore, SingaporeAt Dorsett Singapore, heritage meets modernity: The hotel, with its modern architecture and full-glass building facade, is located at Singapore's historic Chinatown precinct. The hotel offers modern and comfortable accommodation; all rooms have a minimum size of 22 sqm and some even include balconies overlooking a koi pond. Guests can relax in the hotel's landscape roof garden, in its outdoor jacuzzi and at the well-equipped gymnasium. Dorsett Singapore belongs to the Asia-based hotel group Dorsett Hospitality International.

Global MICE trends to look for

WORLDHOTELS ·18 May 2018
Frankfurt -- The MICE industry is an important component of the tourism industry and the economic development in destinations. The industry is still growing at a tremendous pace and generates millions in revenues. With the industry being dynamic and trends continue to change every year, Anke Ebinger, Director of Sales Central Europe, WorldHotels and Ganessan Suppiah, WorldHotels' Regional Vice President of Sales - Asia Pacific discuss the latest trends and predictions for the MICE industry as a whole. Here are some forecasts and predictions for 2018, provided by WorldHotels.New technologies have been transforming the travel industry. Which technological trends will be impacting the MICE industry this year?Anke Ebinger: Gone are the days, when venues only needed to provide an overhead projector. Now, venues not only need to provide high speed internet connection, but also virtual assistants. Technologies, like virtual reality, artificial intelligence, etc., will affect the travel experience. Virtual and augmented reality, web casting, live streaming and video conferencing are not considered luxury, they will become increasingly important. It is essential for venues to stay updated with these trends in order to stay at the top of the game.Ganessan Suppiah: We also see that apps become key features of events. Event apps provide easier registration and offer a conversation both before and after the event. Simplify is the buzzword for 2018. Everyone in the MICE industry will ensure that the guest's journey is easy and efficient. It is not all about AR and AI, this year will also be about enhancing the human elements of events. Technology will help to personalize experiences; it won't replace the human interaction, but will enhance it. At WorldHotels, we expect an increase in virtual attendance at events. Therefore, venues need to provide opportunities for online attendance and intervention, so people inside and outside the venue can participate. 360-degree images and virtual reality on Youtube, Facebook and Periscope will become important for event promotion this year.Anke Ebinger: An important topic this year will be the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), that comes into force this month. It will come with a lot of challenges but also opportunities to improve data quality and transparency.What are the most requested destinations for 2018?Ganessan Suppiah: There is an increase in business coming to the countryside. A lot of organizers look for venues that provide tranquil settings. Go local is another trend, that we can see. People are looking for authentic relationship and behind-the-scenes experiences with local experts. They want to actively participate in the communities they visit.What do MICE venues need to offer in order to be successful this year?Anke Ebinger: Standard conference halls and regular buffet food are no longer sufficient to please and satisfy our clients. Unique experiences count. Spa treatments, team building, cocktail courses, venues need to offer fun activities alongside the serious business focus. For the younger generations, work is life and life is work. Therefore, meetings should not be dull, but provide offerings activities and meeting spaces to lure the guests. Venues that provide exciting new experiences will have the most ROI.Ganessan Suppiah: We see that demand has clearly shifted from traditional venues to more personalized places. Events need to be more experiential. Organizers want tailor-made experiences with a unique flavor. Flexible meeting spaces are near the top of every participants' wish list. Venues need more than just to provide a space for an event, they need to create the overall personalized experience for the client. People do not want a cookie-cutter approach, they value individuality. Therefore, flexibility is a must these days to organize the event to specific requests.What about the expectations from the younger generations. Do they differ?Ganessan Suppiah: Organizers need to create more interaction and involvement from the audience. Younger generations do not fancy traditional speakers anymore. Interactive elements are critical; people prefer engagement to instruction. Activities, greater collaboration among people and information exchange sessions will become more important this year.Anke Ebinger: Generation Y and Z are more conscious of wellbeing and health; therefore, wellness will become a much higher priority. Fresh and healthy food instead of biscuits and cakes, strong emphasis on brain food, this is a trend which we experience already. Catering will also no longer be only a facility to be provided at a venue, but it will be something to impress the guests. Boring food sets an overall boring tone to an event. Organizers expect the latest innovations in food and we expect to see this trend develop and become more creative. More and novel concepts will delight guests this year. Food needs to be Instagram-worthy.About the intervieweesA veteran of the hospitality industry for over 30 years, Ganessan Suppiah has served WorldHotels for over 11 years and was recently promoted to Regional Vice President of Sales - Asia Pacific. Suppiah has been a driving force of the Sales department when he first started off as the Director of Sales for Australia and New Zealand in 2007, before moving to the United Kingdom for his new role as Regional Director of Sales for the UK, Ireland, Nordic and Russia in 2016. In his current role, Suppiah leads all sales strategies and initiatives in the region, out of his base in Sydney, Australia.Anke Ebinger joined WorldHotels in 2000 as Key Account Manager Central Europe. In her current role as Regional Director of Sales Central Europe, she is leading the Worldhotels Sales Force for Germany, Austria & Switzerland. By building long-lasting relationships and networking with corporate clients, Consortia partners and MICE buyers and implementing marketing strategies, organizing custom-tailored activities, analyzing trends and results they ensure driving revenue to 350 Worldhotels members worldwide.About WorldHotels CollectionNewly relaunched, the WorldHotels Collection delivers proven soft brand solutions for a curated global offering of over 350 of the finest independent hotels and resorts. Founded by hoteliers dedicated to the art of hospitality, only WorldHotels curates the best independent properties around the globe, each reflective of the locale by offering intuitive service, and a refined sense of character. WorldHotels' proprietary 'Start With Why' philosophy helps each hotel identify their unique set of assets that distinguish and elevate their guest experience and revenue generation performance from the competition. Geared to both business and leisure travelers, the WorldHotels Collection is classified into three tiers allowing guests to select the offering that meets their needs: WorldHotels Luxury, WorldHotels Elite and WorldHotels Distinctive.

WorldHotels expands focus on digital expertise and services

WORLDHOTELS · 2 May 2018
Frankfurt -- WorldHotels, a global sales, marketing and distribution company is further strengthening its online focus by appointing Franco Sterl as Director E-Commerce. Sterl, who joined the group this month, will be based in Berlin, Germany.Two years ago, WorldHotels introduced World Online, a program designed to drive additional direct bookings to independent hotels and the appointment of Sterl is a further indication of the company's commitment to expanding its digital marketing capabilities. "We are very glad to welcome Franco to our group. Franco's priorities will be to grow the WorldHotels E-Commerce team, to maximize the production through our member hotels' own websites and ultimately position WorldHotels as a key partner for our members' digital marketing needs. With his proven track record in the online world, Franco will help Worldhotels to expand the groups' focus on digital expertise and services", says Geoff Andrew, CEO of WorldHotels.Sterl is a digital expert with more than 10 years' experience working with global hotel groups and chains. Most recently before joining Worldhotels, Sterl worked as Director of Digital Marketing & eCommerce and Member of the Executive Board at Leonardo Hotels Europe in Berlin, where he restructured the former E-Commerce department and successfully introduced the "NYX by Leonardo Hotels" brand on the European market. He has also served as eCommerce Manager at B&B Hotels GmbH, where he managed the eCommerce department and the strategic management and development of the company website."E-Commerce at WorldHotels shows great potential in terms of optimization and growth. My goal is to increase the E-Commerce offerings for WorldHotels member hotels and to develop strategies to lead the group forward", adds Sterl.

Eight New Hotels Join WorldHotels

WORLDHOTELS ·15 February 2018
The Woodlands Resort, Houston, U.S.This relaxing family resort and conference center is set in 28,000 acres of natural forest. In addition to 60,000 square feet of conference space, the resort offers various facilities including the Forest Oasis Lazy River & Waterpark, two championship golf courses, a 21-court tennis academy, over 160 miles of hike and bike trails and five restaurants.Al Nahda Hotel and Resort, Muscat, OmanSurrounded by mango trees on 30 acres of serene gardens, the luxury boutique resort & spa offers perfect peace and tranquility away from the hustle of the city. Guests relax in the lush gardens, the opulent spa, and the lagoon-style pool flanked by palm and citrus trees.Dunes by Al Nahda, Muscat, OmanThe Dunes by Al Nahda resort offers ultra-luxurious accommodation amidst the spectacular dunes of Wadi Al Abiyad. Featuring sublime tranquility, guests feel that they are a million miles from civilization. Guests dine under a diamond-clear desert sky at the open-air Fleur Restaurant and Dune Bar and indulge in exclusive treatments at the sumptuous Sand Spa.Dorsett Grand Chengdu, Chengdu, ChinaThis elegant hotel offers 550 spacious guestrooms and is renowned for its spectacular city views. Bright, contemporary styling is embellished with subtle Oriental accents, and the luxurious bathrooms come with refreshing rainforest showers.Dorsett Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaAt the heart of the city's business, shopping and entertainment district, the chic Dorsett Kuala Lumpur provides superior accommodation. Ideal for both business and leisure travelers, this slick high-rise hotel offers a multitude of amenities including an outdoor, fourth-floor swimming pool, a gym and the latest, high-tech business facilities.Fleming's Express Hotel Frankfurt, Frankfurt, GermanySet in a superb city center location next to the main train station, the Fleming's Express Hotel Frankfurt offers a relaxed vibe and all the modern comforts guests would expect from an upscale urban hotel. The hotel is also within walking distance to the financial district, the exhibition and congress center.The Kunlun Jing An, Shanghai, ChinaSet within the heart of Shanghai's business and entertainment area, The Kunlun Jing An provides sophisticated luxury. Besides its ultra-convenient location, the hotel offers a range of amenities including a fantastic array of dining options, a swimming pool and a state-of-the-art fitness center. Dorsett Grand Subang, Subang Jaya, MalaysiaThe Dorsett Grand Subang is an elegant hotel; a 35-minute drive away from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Light floods into the spacious columned lobby, reflecting off the polished marble floor and adding a sleek sheen to the hotel's interior. The 478 comfortable rooms and suites feature relaxed decor. All have floor-to-ceiling windows, some with pool or lake views, along with complimentary WIFI.

Hospitality Meets Digitalisation

WORLDHOTELS · 1 February 2018
Frankfurt -- The hotel industry is seeing significant digital transformation. With a new generation of travellers who want innovation and technology in their rooms, many hotels put technology first. From robots in the lobby to free mobile phones in every room - Worldhotels properties around the world keep up with the digital economy. Here are 16 hotels that are embracing the latest trends in hospitality. Free mobiles phones at Hotel Opera Zurich, Zurich, SwitzerlandHotel Opera Zurich is one of the first hotels in Switzerland to offer free mobile phones in all rooms. The phones can be used in- and outside of the hotel and offer free internet access, free national and international calls. This service is particularly useful for international guests, including business travellers. Furthermore, they work as local guides by offering local insider tips. Due to a butler service button, devices provide information on services in the hotel such as restaurants. Furthermore, the hotel offers an online check-in via smartphone and laptop for their guests. Soon they will also guests will also be able to use their smartphones as their room keys.The Chinese hotels Hongqiao Jin Jiang Hotel in Shanghai, The Royal Garden in Kowloon, the Lan Kwai Fong Hotel in Hong Kong, The Singapore hotels Carlton Hotel Singapore, The Carlton City Hotel Singapore and Goodwood Park Hotel as well as the following French hotels also added smartphones to their rooms: In the Parisian hotels Kube Hotel Paris, 1K Paris and Villa Pantheon mobile devices are also free to use.Robots at Dorsett Shanghai, Shanghai, ChinaThey are fun, informative and interactive: Dorsett Shanghai has welcomed two high-tech additions into its hotel guest service team. The two robots are equipped with voice and touch screen and provide information on hotel facilities and the neighborhood. During They also entertain during event break time with song and dance performances.High-tech personal assistants at ACME Hotel, Chicago, United StatesA high-tech personal assistant waiting in the room? The ACME hotel Chicago fulfils the dream of tech-savvy guests. Upon check-in, guests find the voice-controlled Amazon Echo waiting in the room. Voice activated by "Alexa, Ask Acme," the Amazon Echo provides intelligent personal assistance, including room service, information about the weather, traffic and ACME's free morning coffee delivery, setting alarm, extra pillows, music via a Bluetooth connection and maintenance requests. ACME even offers more extra's for the techy-inclined, like Hot-Spots To-Go, keyless entry into their room via a mobile key app, Snap Chat Spectacles and Apple watches that guests can check out for free.In-room tablets at Hotel Damier, Kortrijk, The NetherlandsIn every room, Hotel Damier offers tablets at their guests' disposal. Guests can use them to call for room service, play games and access the weather channel. Hotel staff can directly send messages and push offers to their guests via the tablets.More hotels that offer tablets or iPad minis in each room are dana hotel and spa, Chicago, United States, FOUND:RE Phoenix, Phoenix, United States and The Woodlands Resort, The Woodlands, United States.

Worldhotels Announces Significant Expansion Plans

WORLDHOTELS ·15 November 2017
Frankfurt -- Worldhotels, a global sales, marketing and distribution company, with over 350 independent upscale and luxury hotels in 50 countries, announced significant expansion plans at its International Leadership Conference 2017."Our goal is to add more than 150 independent upscale and luxury hotels to our portfolio within the next five years." says Geoff Andrew, CEO of Worldhotels. "To support this growth, we are expanding our membership development teams, our global sales force and our e-Commerce resources. In 2018, we will implement a comprehensive rebranding initiative with a new logo and three redefined brand collections. We are also piloting a powerful new CRM platform to help our member hotels improve their customer reach and drive more direct bookings."At its annual International Leadership Conference, Worldhotels gathers hoteliers and senior industry experts to discuss current and future issues in the hospitality industry. This year's conference took place at the Fleming's Selection Hotel Wien-City in Vienna, Austria. Its theme was "Stronger Together". The 2017 Leadership Award was presented to Gene Kornota from Rebel Hospitality whose organization is positioned at the forefront of hospitality trends.Frank Camilleri, General Manager of Worldhotel Cristoforo Colombo says: "The Leadership Conference is the one date in my diary, which I will never cancel. It is the ideal opportunity to exchange ideas with Worldhotels' partners from all over the world and to meet the Worldhotels' top management in an informal but effective environment. At Worldhotels, you know you are being listened to, and that your views will be taken on board for further consideration."Hartmut Schroder, Managing Director der HMG Hotel Management & Servicegesellschaft mbH & Co KG adds: "The Leadership Conference is a social gathering within the Worldhotels family, where tradition and innovation are lived out. It is the perfect place to exchange ideas and to develop and promote mutual interests and projects."

Eight new Hotels join Worldhotels

WORLDHOTELS · 9 November 2017
Frankfurt -- Worldhotels is welcoming eight new hotels to its global portfolio. From a boutique hotel in the 7th arrondissement in Paris, to a luxury 5-star accommodation in Shanghai, these new Worldhotels provide authentic guest experiences for both leisure and business travelers.Hotel Juliana, Paris, FranceHotel Juliana is located on a quiet street in the heart of Paris, only half a block from the Seine riverfront. Beautiful artwork, extravagant chandeliers and statues from around the world decorate the interior of the intimate Art Deco hotel. All rooms and suites offer plenty of luxurious comforts including espresso coffeemakers, Japanese toilets and Jo Malone toiletries.Rooms from 250.00 EUR per double per nightHongqiao Jin Jiang Hotel , Shanghai , ChinaThe Hongqiao Jin Jiang Hotel is located strategically between downtown and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. The hotel is inspired by a timeless European-Oriental appeal. Multiple dining options include a restaurant on the 27th floor with astounding city views, as well as, five other award-winning restaurants and bars.Rooms from 97.00 EUR per double per nightBai Hotel Cebu, Cebu, PhilippinesNestled between the bustling cities of Mandaue and Cebu, Bai Hotel Cebu will open its doors soon. With its ultra-modern amenities and facilities, the hotel offers everything for the discerning business traveler. Over eight different dining options cater all culinary needs, including authentic Japanese dishes, a steakhouse and the Twilight Roof Deck with spectacular views.Rooms from 67.00 EUR per double per nightIH Hotels Milano Watt 13, Milan, ItalyIH Hotels Milano Watt 13 with its minimalist, artistic vibe is within easy reach of the historic city center and all the main attractions of Milan. The hotel offers spacious and soundproofed rooms which are elegantly furnished and decorated in subtle, calm tones. The modern lobby showcases contemporary art.Rooms from 62.00 EUR per double per nightHotel Erzgiesserei Europe, Munich, GermanyA 5-minute drive from Munich's central train station, the modern Hotel Erzgiesserei Europe provides a tranquil oasis on a quiet street close to the charming Old Town. The relaxed atmosphere continues at the hotel's international restaurant and its summer terrace. Some of the rooms have balconies or a terrace.Rooms from 92.00 EUR per double per night including breakfastARTE Seminar- und Konferenzhotel, Olten, SwitzerlandSurrounded by shops and restaurants and close to the banks of the Aare River, the ARTE Seminar & Konferenzhotel features a modern vibe and superb conference facilities. The hotel allows easy access to the surrounding cities of Basel, Bern and Zurich. Featuring colorful, art-inspired decor and box-spring beds, its trendy rooms provide a peaceful retreat.Rooms from 126.00 EUR per double per nightPoint Hotel Ankara, Ankara, TurkeyArt plays a big role in the decor of Point Hotel Ankara. Over 200 exhibits enhancing the hotel's public areas. Guests start the day with breakfast and a side order of panoramic city views from the top floor restaurant. A perfect night's sleep is guaranteed in the soundproof rooms thanks to its complimentary chillout CDs and 101 Secrets to a Quality Sleep guides.Rooms from 68.00 EUR per double per nightWarwick Hotel Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, United StatesThe perfect blend of yesterday and today, the Warwick Hotel Rittenhouse Square features sleek decor and furnishings, vibrant colours, and modern technology within in a historic building. Everything says 'impressive' at this legendary downtown hotel, from the classic limestone facade to the grand, two-story lobby, and from the designer decor to the huge, 24-hour fitness centre.Rooms from 116.00 EUR per double per night

Independent Hotels: The Masters Of Storytelling

WORLDHOTELS ·10 October 2017
Frankfurt -- Worldhotels is home to more than 350 independent hotels. Hotels, which want to keep their individual character and identity. With 47 years in the industry, the group is not only a strong partner for independent hotels but also offers business and leisure travelers an easy gateway to authentic and local experiences. In this interview, Geoff Andrew, CEO of Worldhotels, speaks about developments, trends and the advantages of independent hotels.Why do independent hotels gain more and more popularity over big brand chains?It is so much easier than ever before to access independent hotels and because of the many reviews online, people are more confident to book them. Furthermore, the preferences of guests have changed. Today, guests prefer hotels with character; hotels with a story. While chain brands struggle to define an experience, independent hotels were built for providing unique stories. They are the masters of storytelling.What are the main challenges faced by independent properties today?Today, independent properties are experiencing a triple squeeze: Established hotel chains experiment with "independent" concepts for younger travelers. In the next years, even more "fake" independent brands will emerge. This will impact independent properties worldwide. Since the online world is becoming more and more complex, hoteliers need online strategies to drive business to their hotels. OTAs are putting a lot of pressure on them. A good website is key. However, just having a website is not enough anymore. Independent hotels need to be visible across social media channels. They also need to observe and respond to (negative) online reviews. Low online awareness means low visibility in the eyes of potential guests and therefore lower bookings. Furthermore, independent hotels need to confront the sharing economy. Home-sharing services such as Airbnb are taking market share away from them. However, the sharing economy should not solely be viewed as a threat. Hotels need to think about what they can learn from Airbnb. Authenticity and local experiences are the buzzwords.Which expectations do today's guests have and how does the hospitality industry react?Traveling like a local: this is the mindset of today's guests. They want to go to bars and restaurants where the locals hang out. Because of this, many hotels have restructured their lobbies to create places where tourists, locals and business travelers mix and mingle. Regionality becomes important as well: from regional design to cosmetics and food. Many hotels have jumped on the bandwagon by showcasing local artists and offering regional dishes. Today's guests value authenticity and individuality over standards and consistency. A five-star guest review that reads 'Beautiful but Boring' is a disaster; boring is a highly dangerous review. Therefore, it is not as easy as it used to be to fulfill the expectations of guests. The most successful hotels think about how they want their guests to feel and integrate this feeling into every service they provide.Worldhotels was set up 47 years ago, how has the industry changed since then?The hotel industry is constantly changing. Today's trends are commodities tomorrow. What was a luxury option yesterday is a standard expectation today. Travelers will always enjoy high standards, but the emotional component is becoming a priority. Travelers are looking for lean luxury. It is no longer just about pampering yourself, about five-star hotels and big screen TVs; it's about connecting. Experience is the new luxury! Guests thirsts for experiences; they want a story to take home. Today's travelers express their identity through the stories attached to their journey. They have seen and experienced a lot. With design and premium products only, hotels cannot impress their guests anymore. This used to be different and easier.Let's talk about trends. What will change in the hospitality industry within the next years?There are several trends which are emerging: There will be an intense focus on loyalty within the next years. Loyalty is the backbone of a hotels' master strategy. The industry needs to redefine what hotel loyalty is to adapt to changing consumer behaviors and expectations. That is why Worldhotels will introduce a new loyalty program called "The List" next year. Hospitality is a people's industry. Human encounters are more important than ever before. However, these have been neglected in the past years. Tips from the concierge, cocktail recipes from the bartender: when you look at the online reviews you realize that hotel staff is looming large. That is why hotels will put the human factor back in focus. As human encounters are getting more and more important, hotels will put more emphasis on communal areas. The advantage that they have over Airbnb is that they can offer places where people - travelers and locals - can gather together. Digitalization is an important topic as well. It is still in the early stages of development. There is so much room for innovation; obviously, not every hotel will equip its rooms with Amazon Echo smart speaker devices, but we will see more and more on-demand technologies. In the future, technology will drive the guest experience. Big data will play an important role as well and will change the face of hotel management. Now that there are enormous datasets available, it's up to us to know what to do with that information. Hoteliers will start using this data to deliver personalization.

The Caesar Hotel London is Honoured by Worldhotels

WORLDHOTELS · 9 February 2017
Frankfurt -- Worldhotels has awarded The Caesar Hotel with its Experience Creator Award. Thomas Griffiths, Executive Vice President the Americas, and Christina Spykerman, Regional Vice President Sales and Marketing Asia Pacific, presented the award at the Worldhotels' Annual Conference in Moscow, Russia.In his speech, Griffiths praised the hotels' excellent services. He said: "The Caesar Hotel creates a family feel within the workforce. This feeling is transmitted to their guests to make them feel like they never left home." Spykerman added: "The Caesar Hotel has implemented their why, their reason of being, into its culture and reviews it every six months to ensure that their core values stay alive. This journey has led to many great reviews on Trip Advisor and drove them to win the International WOW Awards.""The Caesar family is incredibly honoured to have received this award. It is a reflection of the customer driven focus we aim for by having a happy and motivated workforce. The implementation of the Worldhotels WHY programme has only compounded our core beliefs and given us the drive to succeed further", said Lee Melville, General Manager of The Caesar Hotel.The Experience Creator Award was created by Worldhotels to honour the work of remarkable hotels who deliver fantastic experiences to their guests. The award is traditionally presented at the Worldhotels' Annual Conference, an annual event held by the hotel group for its hotel members.The Caesar Hotel is a chic hotel located on a quiet residential street in the heart of Bayswater in London, just a few minutes' walk from Paddington, Queensway, Lancaster Gate Stations and Kensington Gardens. Situated in a recently revamped Victorian building, The Caesar Hotel suffuses modern design and Old London elegance.

Worldhotels Acquired by Associated Luxury Hotels

WORLDHOTELS · 7 February 2017
Strategic Acquisition Combines Worldhotels and Associated Luxury Hotels International (ALHI),The Number-One Independent Global Hotel Sales Organization in North America, To Significantly Expand the Global Footprint and Services for Both Global Sales, Marketing and Hospitality OrganizationsFrankfurt, 7 February 2017 - Parent company Associated Luxury Hotels has significantly expanded its global footprint, its collection of member hotels and resorts, and its worldwide sales, marketing, distribution and hospitality services with the acquisition of Frankfurt, Germany-based Worldhotels. The acquisition adds to Associated Luxury Hotels' growing portfolio of Global Sales Organization (GSO) and hospitality services providers - the company already owns and operates Associated Luxury Hotels International (ALHI), the leading independent GSO serving the North American meetings and incentive marketplace for over 30 years. Like Associated Luxury Hotels' ALHI, Worldhotels is a highly respected, leading global group consisting primarily of independent upper-upscale and luxury-level hotels and resorts and independent hotel brands around the world. Worldhotels' primary focus is on the transient travel sectors, meetings and loyalty solutions. Associated Luxury Hotels and ALHI are headquartered in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A., and Worldhotels will remain headquartered and based in Frankfurt, Germany. As private operating companies, the terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed.The acquisition represents a timely and unique opportunity to increase Associated Luxury Hotels' competitiveness and profile with the addition of remarkably complementary, membership-based service offerings and a geographically diverse network. Worldhotels will remain focused on the individual business traveler (IBT), leisure and meeting sector solutions and expertise for its 75,000 rooms among 350 member hotels and resorts around the world. ALHI will continue focusing on the North American meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions (M.I.C.E.) marketplace for its membership of more than 250 luxury-level independent hotels and resorts totaling 138,500 rooms, plus their Global Luxury Alliance members across the globe. ALHI had already announced to its members that it plans to establish "ALHI boots on the ground," augmenting its ALHI GSO sales team into Europe in 2017. Both ALHI and Worldhotels have been exploring means of expanding their geographic reach, talent pool, market penetration, and tactical deployment, making this strategic combination beneficial to both organizations and their memberships.According to Associated Luxury Hotels Chairman, David Gabri, the company will operate ALHI and Worldhotels as separate divisions, initially keeping the memberships and operations of each organization separate as it evolves incremental benefits and synergy to each. Based on the unique market positioning of individual hotels and resorts within Worldhotels, some select member hotels and resorts may be invited into the ALHI membership portfolio for the benefit of the customers and accounts around the world. Worldhotels' portfolio, like ALHI's, features city center business hotels, historic grand landmark hotels, lifestyle hotels, boutique hotels and exquisite resorts. Most of Worldhotels' member hotels and resorts are outside of America, with major concentrations in Europe and Asia-Pacific regions.Strategic Hotel-Centric Combination Benefits Both Brands & Customers"Bringing together these two highly respected and established companies enables us to better serve the evolving needs of our member hotels, resorts and emerging brands, plus their management and ownership groups," said Gabri. "I believe the members will appreciate our hotel-centric, hotel-experienced approach in supporting their properties. Additionally, this combination will eventually greatly benefit the broad base of customers we serve in the meetings, convention and incentive, as well as the business travel and leisure travel sectors. Member hotels of both companies and their guests will benefit from the expanded access, markets, and global sales and marketing capability of a proven and passionate client service approach with a broader global footprint.""With this strategic acquisition, Associated Luxury Hotels is preparing to become more valuable to hotel owners and operating companies as a significant, full-service 'soft brand' that provides GSO sales with broad-reaching reservations connectivity solutions to market their distinctive, unique and independent properties to transient segments and M.I.C.E. planners worldwide," said Gabri. "Since we formed our company in 1986, we have been focused on being the very best GSO resource for our exclusive member hotels and resorts, as well as serve valued clients and organizations with such an amazing portfolio of distinctive, quality-focused properties and services. The addition of Worldhotels to our organization is an exciting and logical expansion of that mission."Gabri added, "Together ALHI and Worldhotels will create a powerful combination to provide guests, members, and M.I.C.E. planners a comprehensive sales and marketing infrastructure and an expanded array of services that will effectively compete with the world's biggest hospitality chains. These two companies have very common and complementary characteristics. Both serve independent brands and properties across the globe. Worldhotels are known for their distinct ability to penetrate corporate travel accounts, transient sales and consortia, while ALHI has built a reputation as experts in the M.I.C.E. arena. Worldhotels' portfolio is mostly outside of North America while ALHI's is currently predominantly within North America. We believe this is a formidable combination where 1+1 = 3; for the benefit of members and accounts we serve."Associated Luxury Hotels Chief Commercial Officer Adds Role as Executive Chairman of WorldhotelsIn conjunction with the acquisition, Gabri announced that Associated Luxury Hotels' Chief Commercial Officer Tom Santora will assume the additional role of Executive Chairman of Worldhotels, where he will oversee the strategic direction for Worldhotels. Worldhotels' highly respected and talented Chief Executive Officer Geoff Andrew, who is continuing as CEO, will lead Worldhotels and its organization of 140 sales professionals and expert staff globally, from the headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.According to Santora, the acquisition accelerates the path for both companies to lead the market in providing clients and members a powerful sales and marketing infrastructure and expanded array of services that effectively competes with the world's biggest hospitality chains. "In contrast to the mega-brand conglomerates, the ALHI and Worldhotels' portfolios consist primarily of authentic and unique independent hotels and resorts that are prized for their distinctiveness, individuality and character, which are highly sought after by today's travelers," he said. "As the M.I.C.E., business travel and leisure markets demand extraordinary localized experiences over accommodations and sameness, the two portfolios stand prepared to provide comprehensive sales, marketing, distribution and hospitality services for independent hotels and resorts worldwide, and are ideally positioned to serve this need."Andrew added, "We are very enthusiastic about this new partnership with Associated Luxury Hotels. Our mission is to Empower True Independence and we see tremendous opportunities to deliver against that goal and drive more business to our members. Together we will undoubtedly be the premier provider of hospitality services to independent hotels around the world."For more information, visit, and Associated Luxury HotelsAssociated Luxury Hotels ( is the parent company of Associated Luxury Hotels International (ALHI) and Worldhotels. With the acquisition of Worldhotels, the highly-respected Associated Luxury Hotels has significantly expanded its global footprint, its collection of member hotels and resorts, and its worldwide sales, marketing, distribution and hospitality services. As the owner and operator of ALHI and Worldhotels, Associated Luxury Hotels is now an even more valuable hospitality resource for owners and operators of independent upper-upscale and luxury-level hotels and resorts, and independent hotel brands around the world. Associated Luxury Hotels is now a significant, full-service "soft brand" solution which provides an expanded array of Global Sales Organization services with broad-reaching reservations connectivity solutions, a powerful sales and marketing infrastructure, and an impressive geographic reach. The company is headquartered in Orlando, Florida.About ALHI, with 250 Hotels & Resorts + Alliance MembersALHI (, the leading independent Global Sales Organization serving the North American meetings and incentive (M&I) marketplace, provides one-call local access for its distinguished membership of more than 250 luxury-level hotels and resorts, collectively comprising 138,500 rooms, plus a Global Alliance partnership including 23 luxury cruise ships appropriate for M&I programs,and Destination Management Companies (DMCs) in 100-plus locations worldwide.ALHI, effectively, assists M&I planners in the U.S. and Canada with their M&I programs in the U.S.A. and in more than 90 other countries worldwide. The member dues-funded ALHI GSO has been serving its clientele with an unparalleled variety of M&I solutions around the globe for more than 30 years. Offering extensive GSO sales services throughout the United States and Canada at no cost to M&I customers, ALHI provides valuable services, expertise, local connectivity, market intelligence, and account advocacy.ALHI provides a team of experienced, proven and knowledgeable sales professionals to serve as advocates for M&I clients via full market one-call professional GSO sales assistance and access to ALHI's distinctive hotels, resorts, and venue resources for M&I programs of any size and scope worldwide. ALHI helps M&I customers best achieve their objectives and budgets, with exceptional venues, vital insights, and responsive service to enhance the ease and success of their programs.

Elite World Hotels Opens New Hotel In Istanbul

WORLDHOTELS · 2 February 2017
Frankfurt -- Elite World Hotels chain, which has been operating in the Turkish tourism industry for over 15 years, announced the opening of Elite World Europe, the largest hotel of the chain. This five-star hotel will open its doors on February 2, 2017. This new signing will accompany the existing five properties: Elite World Prestige, Elite World Istanbul and Elite World Business in Istanbul, Elite World Van in Van and Elite World Marmaris in Marmaris.Elite World Hotels is part of Worldhotels, a global brand that brings together some of the world's most unique independent hotels. Worldhotels' CEO Geoff Andrew: "I have personally visited this hotel and it is a stunning addition to the Worldhotels portfolio, especially for the business and MICE markets. We are delighted that our partner Elite World Hotels is continuing to add high quality hotels into the market offering the very best in independent, authentic hospitality."Elite World Europe is located five minutes away from Istanbul Ataturk Airport and 25 minutes from the city center. It operates a brand new "Business to Happiness" approach, which puts the concept of happiness at the center of service and underlines it with the slogan "If the mood is good, all is good". Chain General Manager Unsal SINIK says: "We define service at Elite World Europe Hotel in a very specific way. We go beyond satisfied customers; we make them smile."With 58 suites, 401 rooms and eight meeting rooms, Elite World Europe offers the latest technology and comfort for congresses, seminars and meetings. With its two ballrooms, that are 925 and 995 square meters respectively, its botanical garden and its outdoor pool it is also an ideal choice for weddings, invitations and cocktail parties.

Nordic C Hotel is now Hotel C Stockholm

WORLDHOTELS ·24 January 2017
Frankfurt -- The Nordic C Hotel in Stockholm has announced plans to change its name to Hotel C Stockholm. For the past six months, the hotel has been working on a new brand stamp. "From January 1st, 2017 we will affiliate to Worldhotels and the name change is part of our rebranding process", says Per Keller, General Manager of Hotel C Stockholm."Anyone can offer a fresh, clean and up-to-date hotel. So what makes us different? Two words: Stockholm & Service. We think that travelers not only want to spend time in the hotel, but also want to discover the city they are staying in and not just the classic tourist sights. That is why we want to provide expertise knowledge on how to discover the hidden gems and thrills of Stockholm. For us true service is making sure our guests leave Stockholm with the intention of coming back soon to discover more", explains Keller."We are delighted, that Hotel C Stockholm shares its trust in Worldhotels' distinctive business model. We will offer them the exposure and commercial strength of an international chain, whilst leaving them full operational freedom", says Geoff Andrew, Chief Executive Officer at Worldhotels.Travel agents can find the Hotel C Stockholm under the newly created UU chain code. All other Worldhotels' partner hotels can be found under the WW chain code.Hotel C Stockholm, Stockholm, SwedenHotel C Stockholm is located in the heart of the city. Staffs' encyclopedic knowledge coupled with insider tips of personal city favorites offer unique experiences to guests looking for the real Stockholm. All 367 rooms display photographic art showing the city's most striking locations in different seasons. Hotel C Stockholm even offers the world's first permanent bar made of ice, the ICEBAR.

Six new hotels join Worldhotels

WORLDHOTELS ·19 January 2017
Frankfurt -- Worldhotels is welcoming six new hotels to its global portfolio. From a city hotel in Madrid, to a spa hotel in Beijing, these new Worldhotels provide authentic guest experiences for both leisure and business travelers.Hotel Villa Real, Madrid, SpainThe elegant and sophisticated Hotel Villa Real is housed in a classic 19th-century property, opposite the Congress of Deputies. Ancient artifacts from Roman and Syrian history are showcased throughout the hotel's wood-paneled lobby, corridors and bedrooms. The East 47 Restaurant and Bar is inspired by pop artists like Andy Warhol.Rooms from 104.00 EUR per double per nightSavigny Hotel Frankfurt City, Frankfurt, GermanySet in a tranquil area close to the financial district of Frankfurt, the Savigny Hotel Frankfurt City, is less than a ten minutes' walk from both the central train station and the congress and exhibition center. Many cultural and historic highlights are also within walking distance. The hotel offers an idyllic garden and has 155 spacious rooms, which are cozy and modern furnished.Rooms from 68.00 EUR per double per nightThe Kunlun Beijing, Beijing, ChinaOn the banks of the Liangma River, the Hotel Kunlun is within 30 minutes' drive of Beijing Capital International Airport and Tiananmen Square. From the marble-columned lobby to the revolving rooftop restaurant, the hotel boasts a range of state-of-the-art facilities. Highlights include 14 restaurants and bars, a spa offering 17 treatment rooms and a fitness center with an indoor pool.Rooms from 175.00 per double per nightAmeron Parkhotel Euskirchen, Euskirchen, GermanyJust outside of Cologne, Bonn and Dusseldorf, the hotel is the perfect place to discover the Eifel national park which holds a variety of cultural highlights and activities for the whole family. In this hotel, nature meets business and spa. Guests can enjoy top-to-toe spa treatments and relax in one of the saunas or whirlpools. For business travelers, the hotel offers various function rooms.Rooms from 69.00 EUR per double per nightHotel C Stockholm, Stockholm, SwedenHotel C Stockholm is located in the heart of the city. The staffs' comprehensive knowledge, coupled with insider tips of personal city favorites, offer unique experiences to guests looking for the real Stockholm. All 367 rooms display photographic art showing the city's most striking locations in different seasons. Hotel C Stockholm, even offers, the world's first permanent bar made of ice, aptly named, the ICEBAR.Rooms from 99 EUR per double per nightHotel del Parque, Guayaquil, EcuadorSet amidst the exotic greenery of the Guayaquil Historical Park, this beautiful boutique hotel is a historic 19th-century property. The peaceful riverside oasis features traditional Ecuadorian furnishings and offers sophisticated elegance with a colonial vibe. Guests can partake in cultural experiences such as chocolate tasting, coffee roasting and wildlife walks in the tropical grounds.Rooms from 291.00 EUR per double per night including breakfast

Worldhotels Expands in South America and Europe

WORLDHOTELS ·23 March 2016
Worldhotels has welcomed 13 new hotels in South America and in Europe to its global portfolio in the first three months of 2016. The new additions are comprised of six hotels in South America and seven in Europe - and include hotels in new Worldhotels destinations.Worldhotels expands for the first time into the destination of Ecuador by joining forces with the Oro Verde Hotel Group, a luxury hotel chain with properties located in the most important cities of the country. As part of the agreement, five Oro Verde Hotels have joined Worldhotels' global network: Hotel Oro Verde Cuenca, Hotel Oro Verde Manta, Hotel Oro Verde Machala,Hotel Oro Verde Guayaquil and the Unipark Hotel in Guayaquil. Another strategic partnership with Elite World Hotels in Istanbul will bring two more additions: the Elite World Business Hotelas well as the Elite World Europe Hotel, whereof both hotels are located in Istanbul.Further new affiliates include Hotel Morrison 114 in Bogota, Columbia; Hotel Prealpina in Chexbres, Switzerland; Hotel de la Rose in Fribourg, Switzerland; Hotel Christiania Teater in Oslo, Norway; the Bohinj Park Eco Hotel in Bohinjska, Slovenia and the Courthouse Hotel London. The sister property Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch will follow in joining Worldhotels with its estimated opening in April.All hotels share their trust in Worldhotels' distinctive business model, which offers independent hotels and local hotel groups the exposure and commercial strength of an international chain, whilst leaving them full operational freedom. In addition to that, the hotels rely on Worldhotels' global sales office footprint to help them expand their international reach."We are excited to welcome these high-quality additions into our group", says Geoff Andrew, Chief Operating Officer at Worldhotels. "We are strategically developing our portfolio to add new key destinations and reinforce destinations with high potential."

Worldhotels unveils strategic initiatives for 2016

WORLDHOTELS ·29 February 2016
Worldhotels has announced a detailed outlook on the group's three core strategic initiatives for the year 2016 during its annual conference held in Hamburg. The overarching concept for 2016, "Tell your Story," was also introduced to over 300 participating hoteliers who were hosted at the Grand Elysee Hamburg, one ofWorldhotels' 450 affiliate hotels.2016's three strategic initiatives were centered on opportunities that enable affiliate hotels to better position themselves to the rest of the world:'Start with Why': With the first initiative 'Start with Why',Worldhotels encourages all affiliate hotels to go through a rigorous process of discovering the hotel's core underlying distinctions and to tell their personal story to the rest of the world. This is done through honing in on key aspects that makes each hotel distinct and unique and uncovering a story that beckons to be told. This narrative could stem from the hotel's architecture, an anecdote from a long-time staff or even historical facets of the hotelWorld Online: As the world evolves and shifts online, it has become vital for hotels to develop cost effective online solutions, and digital sales and marketing strategies to better attract the masses primarily, operating on the World Wide Web. World Online represents a clear and effective digital marketing strategy to help maximise direct online revenue and minimise cost with the assistance and services of Worldhotels' partners: Nsight, a rate and revenue management company and TrustYou, a reputation management company.The Co-operative: For 2016, Worldhotels has set aside a fund to support affiliate hotels that are willing to invest in select co-operative sales and marketing initiatives. This initiative aims to group hotels that function similarly and can be classified under the same umbrella to receive Worldhotels' support both financial and advisory, under the banner of "Stronger Together".Besides these three core strategies for 2016, two new programmes: World Luxury and The Worldhotels Nin Hao Guest Programme were also introduced during the conference in Hamburg. World Luxury represents an initiative that supports individual luxury properties targeting travellers who perpetually indulge in affluent opulence and seeks the most experiential of moments. The Worldhotels Nin Hao Guest Programme aids hotels in establishing a better understanding of Chinese culture and travellers and allows hoteliers to enhance services and offerings to suit this audience and cater to this ever expanding market.Every year, the eagerly anticipated Worldhotels' annual conference is held at a different location and kicks off the new business season. This year saw over 350 hoteliers, sales representatives and industry experts from all over the world participate at the event. Established in 1971, the conference is an institution for Worldhotels and has been so for over 45 years. Not only does it provide hoteliers with global market travel industry updates and insights into market trends, the assembly also offers participants an opportune place and time to network with industry professionals and fellow peers from Worldhotels.

Worldhotels and JF Capital Advisors Create Joint Strategic Partnership

WORLDHOTELS ·11 December 2014
Under the agreement, JF Capital Advisors will provide financial consulting and investment advisory services for hotel owners whose properties are Worldhotels affiliate members. JF Capital Advisors will assist hotel owners in raising equity and debt capital for a variety of needs including development, acquisitions, refinancing and renovations."Our new strategic partnership with JF Capital Advisors is a great opportunity for our current and future affiliates who need access to the constantly changing capital markets," said Thomas Griffiths, vice president, Worldhotels-The Americas. "Whether they need to raise capital for renovations, refinancing or other growth opportunities, JF Capital Advisors will be our partner to provide personalized, high-quality service to help them meet their needs and grow their business."Worldhotels is a global group of independent hotels offering a comprehensive range of services that includes global marketing, sales, training, ecommerce and state-of-the-art technology. With a collection of almost 500 hotels in 250 destinations and 65 countries, Worldhotels backs independent hotels with the power of a global brand while preserving their individual character and unique identity."We are extremely excited to bring our services to Worldhotels' member properties," said Jonathan Falik, CEO, JF Capital Advisors. "Our team has completed over $25 billion of acquisitions, dispositions and capital markets transactions in the hospitality sector. We look forward to bringing our extensive expertise to the Worldhotels growing portfolio of hotels."

Worldhotels launches its global loyalty programme "Worldhotels Peakpoints"

WORLDHOTELS ·26 May 2014
Worldhotels, one of the leading groups for independent upscale hotels worldwide, has announced the launch of its global loyalty programme "Worldhotels Peakpoints". Available at all of the groups' almost 500 hotels in 65 countries worldwide, Worldhotels Peakpoints is one of the first all-virtual global loyalty programmes in the hospitality industry.The programme is free of charge and guests receive 300 welcome points upon enrolling to the programme at In addition, they benefit from every eligible stay as they receive 2 points for every Euro spent on room revenue. Collected points can be exchanged for vouchers, which can then be redeemed at all hotels within the group - without restrictions.From 1st July until 31st August, guests seeking additional points, can book the group's popular "World Treats" rate, which comes with breakfast and double Peakpoints. This special rate can be booked for a minimum stay of two nights at at any other booking channel."The launch of our group-wide loyalty programme is an important milestone in the history of Worldhotels", says Paulo Salvador, Worldhotels' Chief Marketing Officer. "Worldhotels' Peakpoints' simplicity, transparency and all-virtual approachwill set it apart from other loyalty programmes, thus making it very attractive for our guests".The programme will have three distinct levels, allowing guests to accelerate their earning power: Members of the Silver level receive an additional 10% in points, Gold members increase to 25% more points, and Navigator members receive 50% more points.About Worldhotels:Worldhotels is a global brand that brings together some of the world's most unique independent hotels. With the tagline "Where Discovery Starts", it targets savvy travellers whoseek an authentic and local experience when choosing a hotel. Worldhotels now offers almost 500 hotels in 250 destinations and 65 countries worldwide.With over 40 years of excellence in the industry, the company's mission is to provide access to luxury and upper upscale hotels of character and distinction. Each hotel in the Worldhotels portfolio has been carefully selected to ensure it meets the group's strict quality standards. Each hotel is measured against over 1,000 quality criteria every year.Guests can also earn miles for each stay thanks to an extensive list of airline partnerships including 26 frequent flyer programmes by the world's premier international carriers such as Singapore Airlines, Air France, Cathay Pacific, Qantas, Lufthansa, and United Airlines, which are just some of the partners that make earning miles with Worldhotels easy.Through a comprehensive range of services that includes global marketing, sales, training, e-commerce and state-of-the-art distribution and technology, Worldhotels backs independent hotels with the power of a global brand while allowing them to retain their individual character and identity. In addition to its classic "affiliation model", the group offers independent hotels a "full licence" branding solution which is the perfect alternative to standard franchise contracts

Worldhotels welcomes first branded hotel in Milan: Worldhotel Cristoforo Colombo

WORLDHOTELS · 3 March 2014
Worldhotel Cristoforo Colombo is located in the heart of the city, right on Corso Buenos Aires - one of Milan's most frequented shopping streets - and offers 119 recently refurbished guest rooms, state-of-the-art meeting facilities, its exclusive Hado SPA and the renowned L'Uovo di Colombo restaurant.With this high-quality addition, Worldhotels is strengthening its presence in Milan, where it currently represents five hotels, all true ambassadors of authentic Italian hospitality. The group sees great potential for growth in Italy and aims to expand its portfolio in other key destinations in the country."Worldhotel Cristoforo Colombo perfectly complements our strong base of hotels in Milan and Italy", says Robert van der Graaf, Regional Vice President Full Licence EMEA at Worldhotels. "We are looking forward to working closely with the hotel to deliver maximum results, and as a consequence, also support the entire destination."Antonio Viscardi, Owner of Worldhotel Cristoforo Colombo, adds: "We were looking for a strong partner in the upscale segment, who could strengthen our position in the international market, without interfering into our day to day operations. Worldhotels' unique branding solution was the perfect fit. It allows us to capitalise on the group's strong brand recognition and exposure, while leaving us full freedom to operate in line with our own strategies."Worldhotels' unique branding solution is an ideal alternative to standard franchise contracts. The fee structure for this model is extremely competitive as it is based purely on brand performance in total room revenue delivery. It is therefore the perfect solution for owners of upscale and luxury hotels looking for maximum commercial support, highest feasible returns and least possible operational restrictions. Of the group's portfolio of almost 500 hotels worldwide, already 20 are fully branded under the Worldhotels identity, two of them in Italy: Worldhotel Ripa Roma in Rome and Worldhotel Cristoforo Colombo in Milan.

Detroit's Royal Park Hotel Becomes Worldhotels' Latest Deluxe Affiliate

WORLDHOTELS · 2 August 2013
Worldhotels today announced that the Royal Park Hotel is the newest member of its Deluxe Collection. Ideally located in the suburb of Rochester, Mich., the Royal Park Hotel is one of Detroit's most iconic hotels and is the premier choice for both business and leisure travelers. Worldhotels is one of the leading groups for independent hotels."It is our pleasure to welcome the Royal Park Hotel into our Deluxe Collection," said Tom Griffiths, vice president, Worldhotels-The Americas. "The authentic hospitality provided by the staff at this one-of-a-kind hotel is a welcome addition for Worldhotels guests who appreciate the warmth that accompanies this luxury boutique experience."Situated in a prime location just blocks from the city's downtown, the hotel offers guests a small town environment while being close to major businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, and venues for professional sporting events and world-class entertainment."We offer a place where privacy, luxury and comfort are unparalleled and where personal service is elevated to a fine art," explained Jay Haratsis, general manager at the Royal Park Hotel. "Joining the Worldhotels family with its many added benefits will simply enhance our already superb guest offering."Guest rooms offer oversized king or double beds, complimentary high-speed Internet, spacious work desks, premium cable television and L'Occitaine bath products. Hotel amenities include full concierge services and complimentary morning coffee served in the Library, along with local and national newspapers. In addition, guests have access to valet and underground parking, jogging trails, a putting green, bocce court, bicycle rentals and fly-fishing in nearby Paint Creek.For dining, the Royal Park offers a variety of options, ranging from formal to casual, including the Brookshire Restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Elliott's Lounge features a wide variety of food and beverage options, including draft beers and creative cocktails. Royalty Tea is offered in the Gallery on select days. During warmer weather, lunch and dinner are served on the Terrace overlooking Paint Creek. The hotel also offers 24-hour in-room dining. With numerous room configurations and flexible meeting space, the Royal Park Hotel offers an exceptional setting for meetings, conferences and special events. The hotel's Royal Grand Ballroom can seat 720 guests for dinner and accommodate up to 1,100 guests for a reception. Event planners also have access to professional, state-of-the-art audio-visual services and technologies, business and secretarial services and wireless Internet in all meeting rooms. As part of Worldhotels, the Royal Park Hotel is easy to book via telephone, online or through 450,000 travel agent terminals worldwide--as easily as with hotels and resorts affiliated with large franchise operations. In addition, guests can earn frequent flier miles through the company's participation in 25 airline programs around the world, including Delta, American Airlines, U.S. Airways, United Airlines, Air France and Lufthansa.Other advantages include participation in advertising, promotions and public relations campaigns, as well as exposure at industry events and trade fairs attended by Worldhotels. Specific advertising materials include a page in the Worldhotels' hotel/resort directory, a listing on, and inclusion in print ads to capture the atmosphere, amenities and unique essence of each property.In addition, more than 30 sales and reservation offices staffed by 80 employees worldwide work hard on behalf of all Worldhotels' properties to create and sell special programs for business and leisure travelers. For reservations or information, visit .

Worldhotels Reports 20 Percent Growth in 2011

WORLDHOTELS ·15 February 2012
Worldhotels is looking back on an exceptionally successful 2011, reporting a 20 percent increase in room night production compared to 2010, as well as the addition of 70 new hotels and 11,000 rooms to its growing portfolio.According to Managing Director Robert Hornman, growth was seen across all reservation channels, especially with Worldhotels' Internet booking engine Resmaster (up 25 percent) and OTA direct bookings (up 55 percent). He added that production through Global Distribution Systems also remains on the rise and showed an increase of 21 percent."We extensively research different markets, business segments and channels in an effort to provide our hotels with the best tools possible for growing their businesses," Hornman said. "It's great to see the continued growth of the new online channels. However, I am especially pleased with our production in the traditional GDS, which reconfirms our strength as a sales-driven business. We also significantly increased our market share with travel management companies."Hornman said another key factor in Worldhotels' success in 2011 was the focus on emerging markets. "We invested a great deal of effort into emerging markets, such as Russia and Brazil, and have been rewarded with substantial growth."Worldhotels' strategy for 2012, which was presented to its hoteliers at the company's Annual Conference this January in London, focuses on achieving faster distribution, higher sales and stronger marketing."Our results in 2011 are very positive and show that we were able to reach and even surpass our ambitious goals. Naturally, we are aiming to go even further in 2012, therefore we have named our new strategy Stronger, Faster, Higher," explained Hornman.Worldhotels' portfolio consists of nearly 500 properties in 250 destinations and 65 countries across the globe. The group plans to add 80 new affiliate properties in 2012. Worldhotels is also expanding its line of branded hotels, and has just announced the first Worldhotel in the Netherlands, the Worldhotel Grand Winston The Hague - Rijswijk.For reservations or information, visit For the most up-to-date news follow Worldhotels on Facebook and Twitter.

Worldhotels Displays Real Time Rates and Availability of Independent Hotels on Google Maps and Google Places

WORLDHOTELS ·25 February 2011
Worldhotels is the first hotel group to enable independent hotels to display their real time rates and availability in relevant search listings on Google Maps and on related Google Place pages. The revolutionary new feature is available as a pay-per-click advertising module connected with the group's booking engine Resmaster, which is powered by Trust International, the leading global CRS for hotel chains and representation companies. The first independent hotel worldwide to test the new functionality is the Worldhotels property Georgian Terrace in Atlanta.Google's service allows users to simply enter their desired arrival and departure dates in Google Maps and find the best prices and check availability in real time. The Worldhotels Resmaster system enables independent hotels to display the pricing information of their own Web site next to the prices of advertisers such as online travel agencies and drive potential bookers directly to the hotel's own booking engine.The service is available now on Google Maps and Google Place pages on many of Google's domains in the Americas, Europe and Asia. With this new distribution channel, Worldhotels offers independent hotels a cost-effective, efficient way to drive bookings to their own Web site."We are proud to be the first hotel group to be able to offer this revolutionary new functionality to our hotels together with Trust International," says Robert Hornman, Managing Director of Worldhotels. "This valuable tool will drive qualified traffic directly to our affiliate hotels."For reservations or information, visit Photographic material is available in the "news & press" section of or from Patti Winger of Peridot Group, Inc. at For the most up-to-date news follow Worldhotels on Facebook and Twitter.

Worldhotels launches its first branded hotels

WORLDHOTELS ·20 December 2010
Worldhotels, the leading group for independent hotels, is proud to present its first branded hotels in Germany and Kazakhstan, the Worldhotel The Rilano Munich, the Worldhotel The Rilano Hamburg and the Worldhotel Saltanat Almaty. To be launched in January 2011, they will be the first of the group's 450 hotels to display the Worldhotels brand prominently in the hotel name, exterior signage and at various points of the property. The Worldhotel The Rilano Munich is located in the popular district of Schwabing, just 10 minutes from the city centre and close to the Allianz Arena, the Olympic area and the BMW World. With 700m2 of conference facilities, it is ideal for meetings and events. The four star superior hotel features 150 fashionably furnished rooms, all with flat screen TVs and ergonomic work stations. Guests will enjoy sleeping in specially designed Rilano beds which were developed together with the leading German manufacturer Muhldorfer and boast high-quality mattresses, duvets and an exquisite selection of pillows. Culinary highlights are the bar Coffee Fellows, the Restaurant mamma minuti as well as the modern Jazz restaurant where guests can study the menu and place their orders with stylish iPads and a specially created Rilano App.Spread over six floors with 170 rooms, the Worldhotel The Rilano Hamburg is situated in the Finkenwerder district, beside the river Elbe. All rooms in the four star superior hotel are decorated in natural colours such as beige, soft vanilla and woody dark brown and offer amazing views of the river. Guests can enjoy the sauna and fitness area with solarium free of charge. In addition, the hotel offers five modern conference rooms with air-conditioning and state-of-the-art technology. The popular Fusion Bar serves exotic cocktails and a wide selection of wines. Another highlight is the excellent restaurant River View with a summer terrace boasting spectacular views of the luxury cruise liners and impressive container ships passing by on the Elbe. The new four star Worldhotel Saltanat Almaty is scheduled to open in January and is located in the historical heart of Almaty, Kazakhstan, within walking distance of famous sights such as the Republic Square, Central State Museum and Presidential Palace, and just three kilometres from the main train station and 15 kilometres from the airport. The building has been completely renovated and features 60 modern rooms, all of which are decorated in warm colours and fresh design elements and offer panoramic windows, air conditioning, free wireless Internet and in-room print, scan and copy amenities. Additional facilities include a restaurant with summer terrace, lobby bar and fitness centre complete with state-of-the-art cardio and muscle exercise equipment. "Our first three branded hotels perfectly represent everything Worldhotels stands for", says Robert Hornman, Managing Director of the group. "They boast excellent facilities for leisure and business guests to work, sleep, dine and unwind, whilst at the same time featuring a great location and a unique style and atmosphere." Jandos Kumekbayev, General Manager of the Worldhotel Saltanat Almaty, says: "We are very proud to be among the first branded hotels of Worldhotels and we are looking forward to benefiting from the wide range of sales, marketing, e-commerce and technology assets that the group has to offer."Holger Behrens, Director of Rilano Hotels & Resorts adds: "We are excited to become part of the global Worldhotels portfolio with two branded hotels. We will benefit from the international exposure of our hotel and our guests will enjoy the same incentives that the large chains offer, for example frequent flyer miles from 18 airline programmes, which will give our hotel an additional competitive edge."The new branding solution of Worldhotels was introduced in September and is the ideal alternative to standard franchise contracts. For a competitive all-inclusive annual fee, four- and five-star hotels competing against global chains can now brand themselves as a Worldhotel and benefit from the impact, support and strong return on investment of a global brand while still maintaining their unique identity. By 2013, the group plans to have added 50 branded hotels."Our focus is on guest experience and quality, not on standardising hardware", says Robert Hornman. "Our hotels offer premium facilities for discerning business and leisure travellers as well as a unique ambience and design. We believe that standards don't have to mean standardisation."


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